March 04, 2002

Elvis Has Left The Building, I Mean Field.: Elvis Grbac is retiring instead of moving his family again. Is Elvis just wimping out, or is he the new poster child for family values?

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I don't know if I buy this. Even with his poor play in Baltimore, he's still in the top half of QBs in the league. He'll probably take a year off so the memory of his bad season fades a bit.

posted by owillis at 06:29 PM on March 04, 2002

I'm sure he feels like retiring...the Ravens really yanked the rug out from under him. I can't decide what's better, if this was baseball, Elvis would be around for the length of his contract, be regarded as an idiotic signing, and the Ravens would languish under it's misguided spending. In football, they get to release pretty much whoever they want, pay a small cap penalty and spend the money they just saved to stay competitive. Suddenly I'm getting warm fuzzies for the Pirates and the Brewers. I have to say it every time we get near the subject: Yet another feather in the cap of Offensive Genius Brian Billick!

posted by pastepotpete at 07:00 PM on March 04, 2002

Grbac was the classic case of a quarterback searching for the right team. He had his weaknesses (as illustrated by the past season), but had the necessary skills to be successful. I would love to see how Favre's career would have turned out had he spent a year with the Ravens. Grbac was just another promising QB who wasn't lucky enough to find a team with a chemistry that suited him.

posted by ttrendel at 02:21 AM on March 05, 2002

Very few teams have a chemistry that makes 18 int's suitable.

posted by Scottymac at 02:29 AM on March 07, 2002

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