March 29, 2002

Should men coach women in collegiate sports? : (NY Times link, free and no-hassle registration required) This is an interesting issue and a very good article covering both sides. What do you think? How about, should women coach men in sports?

posted by msacheson to general at 08:26 PM - 2 comments

I think the job should always go to the most qualified individual.

posted by catatonic at 08:57 PM on March 29, 2002

I'm with catatonic. If men are capable, give them the job. If women are capable, give them the job. It would appear that in women's college ball, both are capable. Unlikely a woman would be able to recruit in the men's game any time soon, unfortunately, but obviously women can coach if given the tools and opportunity, just as men can recruit and succeed in the men's game. (Now, Gail Goestenkors couldn't coach tonight but maybe that's a different thread. Grrr. I hate the end of March...)

posted by tieguy at 10:10 PM on March 29, 2002

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