March 01, 2002

Is it March already? Ah, yes, the madness begins. Here's CBS SportsLines projection of the field of 65 (last year they nailed 64 out of 65 schools invited); it includes a nice explanation for the inclusion of each team. And here's their projection of the seeds.

posted by jacknose to basketball at 02:40 PM - 3 comments

Not that this probably matters to most of the known universe, but I wouldn't be so quick to pick Montana State in the Big Sky. They still have a huge game left with Montana. And just because the tournament will probably be here (Bozeman) doesn't guarentee the Bobcats squat. This was a close season in a lot of conferences, and the Big Sky is definately one of the closest.

posted by Wulfgar! at 04:00 PM on March 01, 2002

It's easy to get 64 of 65 right when you update things as the conference tourney's progress. They've already changed their 'automatic bid' for the Atlantic Sun from Georgia State to FAU. If I was allowed to change things after the fact, I'd be able to pick the entire House of Representatives too :)

posted by tieguy at 04:31 PM on March 02, 2002

So that's how they do it. Well, if that's true, they're pretty lame for missing 1 out of 65.

posted by jacknose at 04:40 PM on March 02, 2002

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