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June 30, 2008

Landis Loses: TAS-CAS rejects Floyd Landis' final appeal. See the TAS-CAS website for full reward.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 2: The first week hands out a boatload of points to rookies and veterans alike: Americans are in the top two, Canadians in the top four, and the Australian has his work cut out for him. Make your picks inside.

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First Class?:
Excellent baseball writer Joe Posnanski proposes a question:
"If you could start over, who would make up your Hall of Fame first class?"

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June 29, 2008

Title IX, Curse or Blessing?: Title IX opened a door for women in athletics. Its impact has been great, and has led to more and more opportunities for women to excel. Particularly at the high school level, I have seen many young girls become confident young ladies from their participation in athletics. Many feel that Title IX has led to decreased opportunity for male athletes. In this article, the author raises many valid questions concerning the way in which Title IX is interpreted.

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3,494 and counting.: The baseball-seeking savant from Manhattan has tricks galore to help him snare a prized souvenir at a major league game, like lowering his glove on a string to pluck up a ball resting far below on the warning track during batting practice. Or his “fumbling with a slice of pizza” ploy to sneak past an usher and move closer to the dugout.

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Dodgers beat Angels without a hit.: The Dodgers became the fifth team in modern major league history to win without getting a hit. Because they didn’t have to bat in the ninth, the game doesn’t qualify as a no-hitter.

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Best soccer/football goal celebrations, 1: and 2. YouTube warning There's some very entertaining clips involved. I hope y'all enjoy them.

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June 27, 2008

Barry Bonds offers to play for free.:
My opinion on Bonds is no secret, however I noticed this tidbit in the paper yesterday and have been meaning to post about it. Barry Bonds' agent has offered his services to all 30 teams, at a pro-rated salary of the league minimum (at this point, about $200,000 total), even offering to play for free by donating that salary to buying tickets for the game; his trial date isn't until next March, so he would not be prevented from playing.

Despite this, apparently Barry's agent has received no interest, bolstering claims that the league is colluding to prevent him being hired.

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The Best Deadline Deals of the Wild Card Era.: In Pictures. (SI)

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June 26, 2008

An Ode to Baseball Cards: Like the game itself, they enhanced your bond with your dad. There were few things that brought me more joy as an 8-year-old then when my father would return from a trip to the store with two packs of ’78 Topps, and I still remember him sitting on the floor with me in my bedroom and helping me sort my cards so that traded players were with their new teams. Maybe I’m overly sentimental — okay, I am overly sentimental — but the memory is my version of Ray Kinsella’s catch with his dad.

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You can't do without Shaq!: Noted rapper Shaquille O'Neal, (8 albums, 1 platinum, 5 gold), goes freestyle on Kobe. Despite Shaq claiming that it was done in fun, Deputy O'Neal is being fired coast to coast.

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Astros' Shawn Chacon Suspended After Fight with GM: Houston Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon has been suspended after a physical altercation with general manager Ed Wade in the team's dining room. "He started yelling and cussing," said Chacon, recently demoted to the bullpen. "... I grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground. I jumped on top of him because at that point I wanted to beat his [butt]." Team owner Drayton McLane said Chacon will never pitch for the team again: "You can't defy authority."

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June 25, 2008

The ultimate soccer pick-up game this evening (5:30) in Manhattan.: Steve Nash putting an all-star group together for a pick-up soccer game for charity.

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Let's Play the Feud!: On Sunday night's broadcast, Joe Morgan suggested (once again) Ernie Banks' career statistics were inflated by the "basket" in Wrigley's outfield. This being Joe Morgan, the basket was installed in Banks' final year with the Cubs and accounted for, at most, 6 of 512 career home runs. This being Joe Morgan, Cubs fans will have to get in line behind a number of computers before they hear an apology.

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Remi Gaillard, soccer prankster (video): In celebration of Euro 2008, public prankster ... Rémi Gaillard made the following video of himself using the urban landscape as a soccer pitch. He scores goals into an occupied ambulance, trash cans, a trash truck, a police station entrance, a second storey window, a drive thru window, a fountain, a monument, a lighting structure, a manhole (heh), a pizza vendor truck, all with victims in attendance.

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June 24, 2008

Melrose Place now in Tampa: Barry Melrose was hired as coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday, returning to the NHL after 12 years as a television analyst because he wants to be "on the inside again."

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Updated Fantasy Euro 2008 standings : I'm a little late on this, but I thought I'd post this before the semifinals start tomorrow. [More Inside]

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June 23, 2008

George Carlin: (Late) Sports Authority: Mourning the passing of the ultimate arbiter in the "Is it a sport or not?" debate. Also reference his famous comparison between baseball and football.

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Who is going to replace Tiger Woods?: Say, did you hear Tiger Woods is out for the year? Some folks have been talking a little bit about it here and there. Anyhoo, Tiger's absence from the last half of 2008 means there's suddenly a vacancy on the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Who's going to get the nod? We offer up some potential choices:

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Paul Ince is Blackburn's new manager and first black English manager in EPL.: Frenchman Jean Tigana with Fulham and (Dutch/Surinamese) Ruud Gullit with Chelsea and Newcastle are the only other two black managers to have managed in the Premier League. Ince will be officially presented as Blackburn's manager on Tuesday.

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Candace Parker Dunks As Sparks Top Fever: ESPN.COM:Candace Parker had dunked in college, and she finally broke out the big move in the WNBA. The Sparks' star slammed one home with 33 seconds left in Los Angeles' 77-63 win over Indiana on Sunday. I love to watch this sport, but unfortunately we will have to see alot more of this if the WNBA is to survive.

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June 22, 2008

Free Diving Making a Big Splash: Pearl divers and sponge fishermen have been doing it for thousands of years: swimming into the depths and holding their breath underwater for longer than many people might think possible.

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NHL not too worried about new Russian league's impact.: A new Russian hockey league is set to begin play in September and looks ready to offer top dollar for big names like Malkin. The NHL isn't really worried about talent poaching...yet.

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June 21, 2008

Scott Kalitta killed in crash at Englishtown.: The NHRA said the 46-year-old Kalitta — the 1994 and 1995 Top Fuel season champion who had 18 career victories, 17 in Top Fuel and one in Funny Car — was taken to Raritan Bay Medical Center in Old Bridge, where he died a short time later. (Video)

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Eight Wimbledon Matches Might've Been Tanked in 2007: The Sunday Times of London serves up a scorcher: "Eight matches at Wimbledon have been reported to the tennis authorities on suspicion that their results have been fixed by professional gambling syndicates." Hints are dropped, but no players are named. Five of the losers are playing in this year's men's singles.

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Thrashers hire Anderson as coach: John Anderson waited so long to become an NHL coach that when it finally happened late Thursday night he went to his room and cried.Friday, when the Thrashers made his hiring official, Anderson made it clear those were tears of happiness from a man who thinks he can do in Atlanta what he did for the team's top minor-league affiliate in Chicago: Win. In total, he coached 13 minor-league seasons, 11 with the Wolves, before getting his first NHL job. He doesn't plan to wait nearly that long to win his first Stanley Cup.

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Bench Warmers: “It’s called dead money,” says industry consultant Marc Ganis of Sports Corp. Limited. “It’s the single most illogical part of the signing of players.” And while it’s tough to figure a precise number – how much of the $126 million the Giants spent on pitcher Barry Zito, who was banished to the bullpen after a string of weak performances, would be considered dead money, exactly? – there is “far more” of it lining unproductive players’ pockets than there used to be, according to Ganis

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June 20, 2008

Cito Gaston's coming back!: The reeling Toronto Blue Jays fired manager John Gibbons on Friday and replaced him with former manager Cito Gaston, the man who led the team to its only two World Series titles. The Jays also fired coaches Marty Pevey, Ernie Whitt and Gary Denbo. Gaston, who has been special assistant to the president and CEO, had a 681-635 record as manager during his earlier stint. Joining his staff will be first base coach Dwayne Murphy, third base coach Nick Leyva and hitting coach Gene Tenace.

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The 4th Annual chicobangs Memorial SpoFi CFL Pick ’Em: Yes, TBH, someone did say "football". Three-down football north of the border, chock full of maple syrup, rouges, and end zones the size of your grampa's farm. Sprint, don't jog, into this thread and make your picks inside.

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The World's Greatest Athlete?: The Journal sought to identify the world's greatest athlete with an approach that, while not completely scientific, took a number of measures into account. A panel of five sports scientists and exercise physiologists was given a list drawn up by the Journal of 79 male athletes. Candidates had to be active in their sport and among the all-time best.

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June 19, 2008

Red Wings' boozy confession: We jacked up the Stanley Cup.: And no, the dent wasn't "slight."

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Vous êtes des assassins!: It is perhaps the most famous, often quoted phrase in Tour de France history, shouted by Octave Lapize to onlookers as he struggled over the Col d’Aubisque in the 1910 Tour. A fascinating look at the early days of the Tour and the controversial decision to include massive climbs in the Pyrenees. (via)

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Top of the World!: Garnett has since left his losing ways behind and helped engineer the biggest turnaround in NBA history, turning the Celtics from a laughingstock to a champion. Tuesday night, it became clear that—just like losing did—winning has made Kevin Garnett completely insane.

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Five More Years of Notre Dame on NBC: The broadcast network has reached a deal to broadcast Notre Dame football for another five years, ending in 2015. Seven games will be played at home in South Bend, plus one at a neutral site airing in prime time. The once-dominant Irish have fallen on hard luck in recent decades, going 3-9 last season and losing nine straight bowl games.

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AFI names its top 10 sports movies: Two boxing movies "Raging Bull" followed by "Rocky" at the top. Also two baseball movies in top 5.

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June 18, 2008

The Decline of Commentary: in cricket, but probably applicable to all broadcast sports. Osman Samiuddin takes ex-players to task. A well-considered rant.

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Pitcher really don't like an ump? Have your catcher duck and hit him in the face!: On a high fastball, high school catcher ducks as the ball hits ump right on the mask (youtube link).

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Tiger Woods reportedly to miss rest of season : Tiger Woods will miss the rest of the season because of a left knee that will require more surgery, a person with knowledge of the decision said Wednesday.

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Larionov, Anderson lead Hall of Fame inductees: Igor Larionov and Glenn Anderson were both elected yesterday to the Hockey Hall of Fame as players. Joining them as members of the class of 2008 were long-time junior hockey executive Ed Chynoweth, who passed away this spring, and was chosen as a builder, and former linesman Ray Scapinello, who was elected in the referee-linesman category.

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Ring it up! Celtics crush Lakers for 17th title: There were legendary Celtics sitting in the stands, with names like Russell, Havlicek, Heinsohn, Maxwell, Ainge, and White, who could all tell stories about the days when they touched the NBA championship trophy, sprayed champagne on each other, and watched Red Auerbach proudly puff on a victory cigar. After a 22-year wait that included the retirement of Larry Bird, lots of lean years, and the death of Auerbach, the Celtics have new legends named Pierce, Allen, and Garnett, who now can tell their stories about touching the trophy, spraying champagne, and wishing Red were here to witness it.

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June 17, 2008

As the Apple turns...: Willie Randolph is out as manager of the New York Mets, fired in the middle of the night 2 1/2 months into a disappointing season that has followed the team's colossal collapse last September. In the middle of the night? Seems pretty cold.

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June 16, 2008

Seattle Mariners (finally) fire GM Bill Bavasi.: For weeks the indisputable worst team in the majors, the $117M Seattle Mariners have finally made a major personnel change by firing General Manager Bill Bavasi today. Many in the media predicted such a shakeup should the Washington Nationals, who came into Seattle with worst record in the NL, complete the sweep of the Mariners in Seattle this weekend.

In his 5 years as Seattle GM including 2008, Bill Bavasi guided the Mariners to a last-place finish in every single year but 2007, where the 88-74 Mariners finished 2nd. The fervent Mariner blog community, who have demanded front office firings for a long time now, are already advocating for his replacement.

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An Instant Classic: - Single link YouTube post. "Unbelievable. I knew he'd hole it."

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June 14, 2008

Did somebody say "Football?": I don't care if somebody said it or not; it's on like Donkey Kong. SpoFi Fantasy Football leagues await you inside.

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Upon further review, He's out!!!: MLB Pushes for some form of instant replay.

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June 13, 2008

An Instant Classic: "A rivalry between the league's two most storied franchises -- with some of the game's biggest names and biggest moments -- now has its biggest rally. No team had ever overcome more than a 15-point deficit after the first quarter, and Elias Sports Bureau said it was the biggest comeback in the finals since 1971. One thing's for sure, it will forever be remembered in the annals of Celtics-Lakers lore."

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June 12, 2008

An incredible collection of photos: from yesterday's Turkey vs. Switzerland rain-soaked Euro 2008 match, courtesy of Alan Taylor's phenomenal photoblog at the Boston Globe.

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Brian Budd passes away: The Toronto-born, raised-in-Vancouver Budd was best known for his remarkable athleticism he displayed in outshining much higher-profile professional athletes in winning the ABC Sports World Superstars contests against NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and Olympic stars three consecutive times between 1977 to 1979. Budd, a striker and target man with Canada's World Cup soccer team, scored two goals in seven appearances for Canada, also had a lengthy career in the defunct North American Soccer League.

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Tick Tock ... the CFL clock is ticking!!!: DrJohn, where are you? The CFL season is just around the corner, and like a heroin addict, I need my fix of CFL Pick 'Em!!! Are we runnin' the same game this year? Who's in?

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June 11, 2008

Scolari is new Chelsea coach, effective July 1.: Looks like Avram Grant was a stopgap until they found a big name. Now they've found one in the current Portugal coach (who also won something called the World Cup as Brazil's coach in 2002), who's doing quite well at the Euro 2008 championship right now.

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Crooked ref claims NBA fixes games: Tim Donaghy, ex-ref convicted of betting on games, claims referees pressured to call fouls by league and sometimes do so on their own. NBA denies it.

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" of the most ungentlemanly, sneaky, just plain rotten things I've ever seen...":
On April 11, 1975, the New England Whalers and Minnesota Fighting Saints set a WHA record with a bench clearing brawl that resulted in 217 minutes in penalties. (In a playoff game.) To commemorate the occasion, the Whalers released a 7" single featuring Bob Neumeier & Bill Rasmussen's gleeful blow-by-blow commentary of the fight. The audio is actually kind of amazing.

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June 10, 2008

Newbie with great seats observes the game.: Curt Schilling gets great court-side seats and shares his observations as a sports star, but basketball novice (after some comments about the Red Sox).

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June 09, 2008


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Wiimbledon crowns top 'tennis' champs: “Women, free beer and video games,” Participants play in the second annual Wii Tennis tournament at Barcade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Students push teacher to reach Olympics: You've heard about sports stories that are too good to be true. This one is too good not to be true. A whimsical bet with students propels this teacher to a date with a hammer in Beijing.

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Why sports documentaries are no longer one-dimensional fan-fests.: A new breed of sports documentaries are receiving critical acclaim. Following in the footsteps of Hoop Dreams are films like Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait and now, Tyson.

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June 08, 2008

Robert Kubica wins the Canadian Grand Prix.: Robert Kubica becomes the first Polish driver to win a Grand Prix, scoring BMW's first ever victory in the process. His teammate Nick Heidfeld made it a BMW 1-2 after Lewis Hamilton ended his and Kimi Raikkonen's race in a bonehead incident in the pitlane. A year ago, Kubica was lucky to leave Montreal with his life. This year he leaves it leading the drivers championship by four points. What a difference a year makes.

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Nadal wins 4th straight French Open in a rout.: Rafael Nadal put on a clinic against World #1 Roger Federer to match Bjorn Borg's record for consecutive victories at Roland Garros. He was so dominant, he felt he had to apologize to Federer for the result.

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June 07, 2008

Sports Broadcasting Legend Jim McKay Dies: Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport. . McKay, longtime host of ABC Wide World of Sports, RIP.

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2008 NHL Playoffs Confidence Pool: After some delay the standings have been updated and the final results are in.

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You got Rondo'd.: In just his 2nd year in the NBA, Boston Celtic Rajon Rondo has won the hearts of many. He is featured on the homepage of Reebok with this latest campaign. Yet the national announcers on Thursday often refered to the struggles of Rajon and that the fans are up and down on his play. So what do the fans really think about Rajon in general and in the playoffs?

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June 06, 2008

CBC fumbles negotiations on Hockey Night theme: A lowball offer by the CBC to buy the Hockey Night in Canada theme song from its composer prompted the temporary collapse of year-long negotiations and a national furor Thursday over the future of the iconic anthem, the man in charge of its copyright says. For many Canadians, the stirring “dunt-da-DUNT-da-dunt” that has opened each broadcast of Hockey Night since 1968 is pure Canadiana — as deeply woven into the national fabric as Tim Hortons and the great game itself.

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Steve Yzerman shows class in front office: Class. Nothing but class.

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June 05, 2008

Kicking It: The Movie (QuickTime).: [via coudal] In the summer of 2006, while the football world's attention was focused on Germany, thousands of players around the globe were training hard and competing to be part of ... The Homeless World Cup. ... 500 homeless players from 48 nations would ultimately be selected to represent their country in Cape Town, South Africa—coming from such disparate parts of the world as war torn Afghanistan, the slums of Kenya, the drug rehab clinics of Dublin, Ireland, the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, the overflowing public shelters of Madrid, Spain, and the unforgiving city of St. Petersburg, Russia ... The film follows seven players ... as they confront the daily challenges of life on the streets, battle drug and alcohol addiction, and fight for the right to be recognized as human beings. ... From shattering misconceptions about the homeless to seeing people living at the edge of society discover that they also can be winners, the film shows in a real and powerful way that sports can and does change lives. This completes my soccer trifecta for today. Amen.

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Bill Bavasi, helping:: "They may not know how to play the game well, they may not know how to hold each other accountable, they may not know how to fight hard," he said. "But they are playing hard. They are trying hard." It's June 5, y'all, and the Mariners . . . looking good!

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16 nations vie for Euro 2008 title beginning June 7.: Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Greece, Russia, Spain, Spain, Sweden. Who's your pick to win it? Who will be the surprise team? Where can we watch live in the US for free at home (or can we)? Get the ball rolling inside.

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Mark Hughes is new Manchester City manager.: The former Manchester United star and Blackburn Rovers manager takes over from Sven-Goran Eriksson. The article also mentions that Hughes was non-committal on the impending purchases of Brazilians Ronaldinho and Jo. The next Manchester derby should be a rousing affair, with Hughes going up against old boss Alex Ferguson. Meanwhile, with Hughes' move, Chelsea loses yet another candidate to replace the departed Avram Grant. And Blackburn appear to be in no hurry to fill Hughes' spot, with candidates such as Sam Allardyce (late of Newcastle and Bolton) lined up.

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NHL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Stanley Cup Finals round results.: Who attained glory? Who attained Costanzahood? Find out inside!

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June 04, 2008

What franchise has the best run of players at one position in history?: Batter's Box says it's Left Field for the Red Sox, but plenty of other arguments appear in the comments.

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David Stern Explains Late NBA Start Times: "That's what you jerks want.": It's not advertising dollars, it's the insomniac nature of NBA fans that's driven the NBA to schedule even weekend games to start at 9PM EDT.

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Johnson says he'll return medal: Olympic great Michael Johnson says he was "shocked" by former teammate Antonio Pettigrew's doping admission and will return the gold medal the two of them helped the United States win in the 1,600-meter relay at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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June 03, 2008

Fantasy Euro 2008: Anyone else up for Fantasy Euro 2008? I realize the time is short, but let's get it going. Details inside

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Mourinho to Inter Milan, targets Chelsea trio.: The Special One lands at Inter, and speculation is he will go after Essien, Drogba and Lampard.

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IPL hits for six with faster, sexier cricket (NPR audio link).: The Indian Premier League scores a resounding succes by juicing up cricket with a new league featuring shorter games, snazzy teams and even cheerleaders (imported from Europe and the US). All hail the Bangalore Royal Challengers, Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians, and Deccan Chargers!

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Ortiz goes on DL: "His wrist will be immobilized in a cast for two weeks, and if it is healed by then, it should take about two weeks for Ortiz to get back into playing shape. Manager Terry Francona said it is "very unlikely" Ortiz will require surgery."

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June 02, 2008

WuChess: Where hip-hop meets chess.: Like the Wu-Tang Clan? Like Chess? Awwww yeah - this is the site for you. Play live chess with people from all over the world and get your learn on. lets you get knowledge from REAL chess masters online, or train in chambers against the computer to refine your skills. Create your own chess clans to see who can build the highest ranking. Play in tournaments for prizes, or just for the joy of flexin' ya mentals. They also donate part of their revenues to Hip-Hop Chess Federation ("Using chess, music and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and non-violence). Now you can be a Grand Master in rap, chess and kung-fu. This is too cool.

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Junior Mint: The enduring popularity (and ubiquity) of the 1989 upper deck Ken Griffey Jr. Card: When Griffey hits home run No. 600, don't look for the value of Upper Deck No. 1 to skyrocket. After all, there's likely a card in circulation for every person living in the city centers of Cincinnati and Seattle. That sheer quantity, though, does mean that the lasting image of Ken Griffey Jr. won't be anything he does on the baseball field. It will be a picture of an overjoyed teenager in an airbrushed Mariners hat.

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Ahh yes Great success!!!!: Most people who are familiar with heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko know that he's Ukranian. What's less widely known is that Klitschko was actually born in Kazakhstan. What are his views on Borat

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The Gym Teacher Who Once Ruled An Empire: The story of Joe Molloy who went from Managing General Partner of the Yankees to gym teacher in Tampa, Florida.

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9.72: Usain Bolt breaks WR in the 100m.

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