June 23, 2008

George Carlin: (Late) Sports Authority: Mourning the passing of the ultimate arbiter in the "Is it a sport or not?" debate. Also reference his famous comparison between baseball and football.

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"Gymnastics is not a sport because Romanians are good at it. It took me a long time to come up with that rule, but goddammit, I did it." We'll miss you, George.

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Baseball is a nineteenth-century pastoral game. Football is a twentieth-century technological struggle. Baseball is played on a diamond, in a park. The baseball park! Football is played on a GRIDIRON, in a STADIUM, sometimes called SOLDIER FIELD or WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM. Baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life. Football begins in the fall, when everything is dying. In football you wear a helmet In baseball you wear a cap. Football is concerned with downs. "What down is it? Baseball is concerned with ups. "Who's up? Are you up? I'm not up! He's up!" In football you recieve a penalty. In baseball you make an error. In football the specialist comes in to kick. In baseball the specialist comes in to relieve somebody. Football has hitting, clipping, spearing, piling on, personal fouls, late hitting, and unnecessary roughness. Baseball has the sacrifice. Football is played in any kind of weather: Rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog...can't see the game, don't know if there is a game going on; mud on the field...can't read the uniforms, can't read the yard markers, the struggle will continue! In baseball if it rains, we don't go out to play. "I can't go out! It's raining out!" Baseball has the seventh-inning stretch. Football has the two-minute warning Baseball has no time limit: "We don't know when it's gonna end!" Football is rigidly timed, and it will end "even if we have to go to sudden death." In baseball, during the game, in the stands, there's kind of a picnic feeling. Emotions may run high or low, but there's not that much unpleasantness. In football, during the game in the stands, you can be sure that at least twenty-seven times you were perfectly capable of taking the life of a fellow human being And finally, the objectives of the the two games are completely different: In football, the object is for the quarterback, otherwise known as the field general, to be on target with his aerial assault, riddling the defense by hitting his recievers with deadly accuracy in spite of the blitz, even if he has to use the shotgun. With short bullet passes and long bombs, he marches his troops into enemy territory, balancing this aerial assault with a sustained ground attack that punches holes in the forward wall of the enemy's defensive line. In baseball the object is to go home! And to be safe! "I hope I'll be safe at home!" He made me really laugh.

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rip, george. i hope you know now in death, what you didn't in life. and i hope you are with the great joe pesci as you wished.

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These are the 7 words we will all say: We Love You and We Miss You. Rest in Peace, George.

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Being a Sports related area and in tribute to George; let's not forget this nugget offered up as an adjunct to the "Seven Words": "You can't really say Balls on TV,,,unless, it's in the context of a sport...for instance... You might hear Curt Gowdy say..."Roberto Clemente has two balls on him!"... BUT, you'll never hear..."I think he hurt his balls on that play...don't you?...He's holding em' by God!" Thanks for the memories George and Rest in Peace.

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My jaw just dropped when I read this news yesterday. The man was a legend.

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. Nice link, I started to highlight my favorite parts, but I would have ended up copying and pasting over half of the article.

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Thanks for posting all those bits. That was the best way to remember a truly unique voice and talent. One great thing about George is that he left us all with such a rich body of comedy. We only got short changed in the fact that he was taken before his time. I'll bet he had a bunch more stuff to make us laugh. .

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He has to be my all time favorite comic and when i read the news i couldnt understand how it was possible he was gone. I can say that i dont remember a show I have seen where you didnt get your moneys worth. I know this a sports forum but to limit his work to just that would be a crime. He was truly a comic genius and will be deeply missed. Tnip touched on it earlier, I'm sure he is with Pesci.....Because remember....Pesci gets resaults. :)

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A true comedic legend. He will be missed. .

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And here's a partial score,,, Notre Dame 6

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He reminded me so much of my late father with his opinion on golf. And I love the football/baseball comparison. My son just go into George about 6 months ago, hooray for Youtube! Deleted from our address books (in 6 weeks) but never deleted from our hearts. Rest well, George, where ever you are.

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Deleted from our address books (in 6 weeks).... I remember that line from his last HBO show. Funny stuff. He was definately a genius.

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About remarrying after a divorce, he said, "I'm never going to get married again. I'll just find some woman I don't like and buy her a house." Fortunately, I did not take his advice, but it is a great example of wisdom in his humor. RIP, George.

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Carlin was...well...I can't add much to what's been written here, but something happened yesterday at soccer camp I'd like to share. Of course we give all the kids new soccer balls for camp and one of the kids said "These balls are slick." I told him not to worry about it, that they would break in and besides, "You can't pick your balls during a game anyway." The double entendre hit me immediately and I just looked up at the sky, smiled and winked. A couple of 12 year old boys also got it and were doing there best not to bust a gut. .

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"You can't pick your balls during a game anyway." George would have been proud. RIP.

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I had to break the news to my children that Filmore had died. Some day when they are older, they can get to know Filmore's other side. .

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And yet Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia still draw breath... This planet sucks.

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Good job Texas, I laughed my ass off! As a coach of the same age in baseball, and soccer, He could'nt have written it better> R. I. P. George. There will never be another.

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All the good ones are dead: Belushi Kaufman Pryor Hicks Hedberg and now Carlin The world is a less funny place now.

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Hicks and Carlin were my personal heroes. Hicks especially. (Still depresses me that he died on my birthday.)

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(Still depresses me that he died on my birthday.) It probably didn't brighten his day either.

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Carlin, Hicks and Kinnison are gone. But Emo Phillips, Gilbert Godfrey and Judy Tuneutta are still hear plaugeing us. Maybe George was on target being an atheist after all.

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Don't forget about Carrot Top!

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"I like sports because I enjoy knowing that many of these macho athletes have to vomit before a big game. Any guy who takes a job where you gotta puke first is my kind of guy." Carlin was my favorite comic, by far, a brilliant wordsmith. I was godsmacked hearing of his exit. I find it quite off-putting, though, that there are members here who would prefer the early demise of other people. To put it gently, that's very unsportsmanlike.

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And lest we forget, "shoot is just shit with two o's in it!" texan_lost_in_NY, I think if he would have been there, he would have laughed.

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Well, he was sure he wouldn't be up in heaven making that goofy-ass face as he looked down upon us, and I agree. The best way for one to become immortal is to create a body of work that will be remembered long after one's death, so...here's to one of the immortals!

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See ya George. I miss you

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"All the good ones are dead: Belushi Kaufman Pryor Hicks Hedberg and now Carlin" don't forget Foxx!

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don't forget Foxx! Or Prinze.

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Or Bruce. Or Radner. Or Hartman. Or Farley.

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For the past few days on HBO, they've been showing a Carlin stand-up marathon from 9-1. I don't know how long they are going to have this special but it's been bittersweet watching these classic routines.

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Who can forget "you can prick your finger, but don't finger your prick. Ohh no!"? George Carlin was a comic genius, the likes of which we won't see soon; maybe never again. His ability to disect the language of American culture was unsurpassed. The greatest accolade I have heard in the last three days was this: "George knew what the f&$% he was talking about, everytime he spoke.". A more true statement statement has never been spoken. Ode to a TRUE icon of America. Someone should copy this and send it to millions of Americas worldwide......

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If any of you get the chance, there was a program on the History channel not long ago called, "The History of the Joke". It was hosted by Lewis Black and featured many of today's top comics. (Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, etc...) Quite frequently during the show, it would cut to an interview with Carlin about how he prepares his material. It was very interesting stuff. I don't think they broadcast that show often, so be on the look out for it. I enjoyed it, I hope you all do too.

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Introduced to Carlin through the Dr. Demento radio show. "A place for my stuff." The Baseball Football comparison. One routine concerning food in the refrigerator. Wordplay classics. Tonight "Saturday Night Live" is replaying their very first program from 1975. George Carlin was the host .

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