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LeBron James Taunts Cavs Over Historic Loss

Christ, what an asshole.

Seriously, this choke-artist man-child is like the Sarah Palin of the NBA. What exactly is Cleveland paying karmic retribution for- your own self-aggrandizing, melodramatic exit from the franchise?

posted by hincandenza at 04:16 PM on January 13

Agree 100% with the sentiment, but I liken him more to AlGore, loved by the media and those that hold themselves better and more knowing than regular joes, yet rejected by the people. Palin is more loved by the everyday person and despised by elites and media types.

posted by tnip23 at 01:52 PM on January 14, 2011

Sidney Crosby: The Most Underrated Player in the NHL

Underrated, really? I'd side more on the overrated side. Sid is an incredibly skilled skater, scorer, passer, but not all around hockey player. Ovie scores, passes and hits. Sid takes some hits, but does not deliver them. I'll take a guy that plays both ends, scores, assists, and hits over someone like Sid. If you're truly looking for underrated, look no farther than Mike Richards.

posted by tnip23 at 07:22 PM on November 22, 2010

Everyone has a cousin in Miami, now they have a Marshall too

As a broncos fan, I really think this is the best we could expect to get for this guy. Too many troubles, and the Holmes deal did us no favors. Mmmm, Brandon and south beach, one strike away from a season long suspension. Parcells is usually good with these guys, but he ain't the coach and an all time record contract for this guy??? As much as it will hurt to lose his talent, I don't think I'll miss the lack of commitment to the team. Gl Miami.

posted by tnip23 at 03:51 PM on April 14, 2010

Arena League Purposely Avoided California

Ok, i thought I was done and this will be my last post. Buuuttt. cjets, how in the name of anything you consider sacred can you blame Californias problems on lack of taxing? I agree that direct democracy is no way to run a nation, that is why we are a representitive republic. However, I also live in a blue state (PA) and envy cali's binding referendums and recalls, as here as elsewhere, we have a ton of corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle. I guess you value services and gov't control more than personal freedom. I think money is better spent in the hands of those who earned/created it, gov't does neither. You and others here may label me a right winger, I am a libertatian, a true liberal, who believes in less gov't at every level. Leave me alone so I can become the best that I can and do what I want as long as I don't hurt anyone else. I don't believe in trading freedom for security or comfort. That's what Reagan and many conservative's espouse until they get into social issues.

Gov't interference via taxes and regulation to support gov't programs,entitlements, and over the top enviromental concerns has put California in the situation they are in. Across the board tax cuts have raised revenue every time they have been tried on a national level, whether it was JFK, Reagan, or the evil GWB. To blame under taxation on Californias problems is folly.

Finally, I only wish the best for any man, woman, and child, as I believe most people do. I just believe the way for that to happen is for all of us to have as much freedom to pursue happiness as possible, and that doesn't happen when you have a few "elites" dictating on high what is best for us, instead of letting us live our lives and determine it for ourselves. Some are always going to be better off than others, gov't can let us free to determine our fate or try to fix us and make us all equal, equal in misery that is. Life isn't fair, but it's a whole lot fairer if the individual can decide how to live his life and not the gov't.

edit-now i se yerfatamamams post about libertarians and can only beg to differ. I believe in the 2nd amendment applying to citizens and I don't really care about pot, but it is a plant--should we criminalize it? However the libertarian viewpoint is the antithesis of thinking you're smarter than everyone else. It instead espouses that each person should decide their own life direction with as little interference from the gov't as possible. Maher represents the Progressive point of view, as does our current POTUS, the progressives have always believed that an elite few know better and they should decide for everyone else. That is a pov on the tyranny side of the spectrum, while libertarianism falls closer to the anarchy side.

posted by tnip23 at 06:43 PM on April 08, 2010

Arena League Purposely Avoided California

A lot of arguments here, a few staw men, a few good one's. I'll respond to a couple while I have the time and then I am done. I don't think I am going to convince anyone that values gov't services over individual liberty to think any different, so it's only a vain pursuit.

rcade--your first statement on Somalia, ridiculous, irrelevant, straw dog and not applicable to the discussion.

Secondly saying they fought a war against a tyrannical gov't over taxation and saying it was fought over taxation without representation is the same thing. tyrannical being the key word.

I agree that a parents only tax would increase my burden, but would be fairer than a property tax. A fairer solution, if you agree that society as a whole benefits from a good education system, is an education tax spread equally among all individuals and business' instead of just on the backs of those who own a house or piece of land.

bperk--I basically agree with your first argument on the issues of the constitution and states rights. The issues of property tax and education are ones the federal gov't should have no say over. I still maintain that the founders from everything they said and fought for would not favor a property tax, but either way it is a state and local issue. Just on the grounds of fairness/morality I disagree with any tax that allows the gov't to take a person's bought and paid for home, for non payment of a tax on that home.

Also, I am pro individual and pro-freedom, not pro-business. California, NY, NJ, and all the high tax/high reg./big spending states get just what they deserve when they have these self-inflicted fiscal crises. I don't believe any business is too big to fail and the same goes for states. The AFL is in plenty of other states that don't have cali's unfriendly regulations.

posted by tnip23 at 04:51 PM on April 08, 2010

Arena League Purposely Avoided California

tommytrump?? Maher, not leftist??? Watch his show lately? He is to the left of Michael Moore.

tahoemoj: Not a constitutional expert, nor do I need to be. Just study the federalist papers, the constitution, and the founders and tell me how a group of people who placed extreme value on private property rights and fought a war against a tyrannical gov't over taxation would be for property taxes.

I'm not a member of any tea party group or am I playing a hand here, just expressing what I know and believe. I do believe in public education, not in federal funding of it or of using property taxes to pay for it. Constitutionally, education is a state and local issue and that's where it should be handled. I simply do not care for the way it is funded in many cases and for the federal intervention in a state's issue.

posted by tnip23 at 02:05 PM on April 08, 2010

Arena League Purposely Avoided California

Yerfatma--the terms tea party and teabagger are completly different. The tea party movement is a non-partisan movement taking their name from the original boston tea party carried out by the Son's of Liberty in reaction to tyrannical taxation. The term teabagger was adopted by some snarky, leftist, Keith Olberman, Bill Maher types as an insult to those they disagreed with in the tea party. Teabagging is a sex act, Tea partier would be the correct term.

Rcade, I see nothing ridiculous about believing that once I purchase something with my hard earned $, that it should be mine and not the gov'ts. Read your history of the founding of our nation. The founders valued the right to private property very highly. The preamble was to include the rights to life, liberty, and private property. However because of the concern that some slave owners would take this to mean that a human being's ownership could be considered a God-given right, it was changed to "pursuit of happiness". The founders would have neve abided a property tax or many of the inumerable, truly ridiculous taxes we have in this country today.

Also I have a huge problem with prop. taxes going to public education. Education was never intended to be run by the gov't. Still if we must have public education (which I believe we now must in some form), the only fair way to pay is for a tax on parents such as myself. However, I suppose this "extreme" constitutional approach would require too much personal responsibility for some

posted by tnip23 at 12:34 PM on April 08, 2010

Arena League Purposely Avoided California

cjets, with all due respect, to blame cali's problems on a prop. that limits the gov'ts ability to confisicate it citizens money and not blame the true root cause of the problems facing cali and every state and federal gov't in fiscal difficulty, overspending and overregulation; is either disingenuous or coming from a point of view that disrespects the rights of the individual. You mentioned property taxes like they are a panacea for what ails your state,Really? so the cali legislature would somehow become more fiscally responsible if they had more money to spend? How anyone views property taxes as anything more than a unconstitutional gov't intrusion into the lives of it's citizens is beyond me. Property taxes in essence tell you the citizen that you do not own your own home, the gov't does and unless you pay them a fee once or twice a year, they will take it.

I applaud any individual or business like the AFL who avoids high regulation, high tax, states like cali, if for no other reason, to send a message to their legislators that their policies need to be changed.

You told the other poster to "shut up and learn the situation" maybe you should tone it down a little ("teabaggers" nice homophobic insult there) and take some of your own advice, learn a little.. about basic economics, individual liberty, and the principles the USA was founded on. (hint, the right of every citizen to be overtaxed and overreggulated are not among them)

posted by tnip23 at 07:49 AM on April 08, 2010

George Carlin: (Late) Sports Authority

rip, george. i hope you know now in death, what you didn't in life. and i hope you are with the great joe pesci as you wished.

posted by tnip23 at 07:59 PM on June 23, 2008

Five More Years of Notre Dame on NBC

nothing like mentioning the irish to bring the haters out. i'm an NFL fan primarily, the only college i'll watch is Notre Dame. nice to know they'll have their own network for a few more years.

posted by tnip23 at 01:49 PM on June 19, 2008

Chargers Beat Colts, 28-24,

wow, what a no-show game for the colts. I know it's not right, but I have nothing to root for except injuries in the AFC championship game featuring the two most classless teams in the NFL. I almost always root for the AFC in the SB, but this year it's Go NFC, hopefully Favre and the Pack.

posted by tnip23 at 07:36 PM on January 13, 2008

Steve Downie at it again.

the league office who is ever more concerned with making the game a more gentile sport About time somebody kicked the Jews out of hockey. posted by The_Black_Hand at 11:54 AM CST on January ROFL, very funny black hand, i had a couple too many rangpur and tonics when i posted that, wasn't my only spelling error either. genteel makes more sense as other than matt schneider, i couldn't name any jewish players in the nhl.

posted by tnip23 at 07:30 PM on January 07, 2008

Steve Downie at it again.

tnip, like Howard_T stated, there have been 6 incidents involving the Flyers. The same amount for the rest of the league combined. This isn't Flyer bashing. These are facts. where the men on the ice handle any issues We all know there are "fighters", or "tough guys" on each team. Jason Blake is not that player for the Leafs and Downie knows that. Regardless, Flyer fans should be embarrassed by the cheap plays. posted by BoKnows at 7:20 PM CST on January 6 i was embarressed by last yrs. performance. downie is what he is, a marginal player who has to push the envelope, as do the flyers to be competative. i don't care if the style of a minority (and it is a minority) of flyers players offend the delicate sensibilities of opposing hockey fans as long as it results in wins. look at the flyers, they have no true enforcer, it takes a team effort to take up the slack.

posted by tnip23 at 08:01 PM on January 06, 2008

Steve Downie at it again.

Bullshit. It was that way until they added the Third Man In rule and tie downs and all that other stuff in hopes of cleaning up the image of the sport in the US. All of that has led to the dirty play we see now. Who is going to deal with this on ice and how? How would the Bruins have addressed what the Flyers did to Patrice Bergeron? Blown out one of the best Flyers' knees? Everytime we have an example of dirty play, someone pops in to talk about political correctness and "pussification". Nonsense and dosh, sir. posted by yerfatma at 6:31 PM CST on January 6 nonsense and dosh is a new england area fan complaining about anything within the past sports year. 16-0 with a cheating coach, sox title, celtics great start, bruins playing well, good BC season... honestly, i didn't see the bergeron hit so i can't comment, i'm just tired of constant flyers bashing and whether you will admit it or not a constant movement towards pol. corectness, "pussification", or "soccerization" or whatever you want to call it in all sports.

posted by tnip23 at 06:45 PM on January 06, 2008

Steve Downie at it again.

I don't think trying to poke someone's eye out or having a go at someone's head comes under the category of "borderline." in the heat of the battle it happens. downie is a borderline player in a borderline sport doing what it takes to win. not what you'd teach your children, but what happens in gladiator sports. i'm sure the new NHL will punish him, (although i have yet to see the play in live speed) i just want league offices and the despicaple humans that are sports officials to have less say in sporting events. the flyers have made a nice adjustment this year and the games i have seen have been determined by legal play on the ice. a prime example was the 8-2 win over the pens that became a fight fest in the 3rd, not because of anything the flyers did but because of the frustration of the losing team. again, this is hockey, not soccer, play on, fight on.

posted by tnip23 at 06:36 PM on January 06, 2008