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I bleed StL Cardinal red
Most memorable sporting event: No, it wasn't McGwires 69 & 70'th home run game. It was a NHL regular season game between the Blackhawks and Blues, where for reasons unknown, Bob Probert stood in front of the Blues net and totally unprovoked (and right in front of the ref to my amazement) took a two-handed injury intended chop slash at Vincent Riendeau, the Blues goalie. After he was ejected on a game mis-conduct, 'Bob the cocaine addicted Goon' took 1-1/2 vctory laps around the ice at the old St Louis Arena/Checkerdome. At a bare minimum, 500 beers were thrown on him and the chant of 'Probert Sucks' was so incredibly loud, homeowners near the 'old barn' reported on the next days sports newscasts they could hear it a block away. It lasted for over five minutes while the cleanup crew and the Zamboni tried to return the ice to a playable condition. Unforgettable.

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When is enough "enough"?: Hoping to put a definitive end to a simmering controversy, China was asked to provide additional documents that prove that five of the six team members were old enough to compete at these games. Although they had already provided these documents several times before, due to a website claim that the Chinese gymnasts were underage, the inquiry persists. Sour grapes for the Americans? Many international commentators think so.

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US softball team denied gold; Ueno dominant: Losing for the first time since 2000, the U.S. softball team was denied a chance for a fourth straight gold medal Thursday, beaten 3-1 by Japan. Yukiko Ueno, Japan's remarkably resilient right-hander, shut down the Americans and handed them their first loss since Sept. 21, 2000 at the Sydney Games.

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Baseball Hall of Famer YAZ hospitalized : BOSTON - Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, the last player to hit for the Triple Crown, was hospitalized for tests Tuesday after experiencing chest pains. The popular Yaz was an 18-time All-Star and spent his entire career in Boston, taking over left field for Ted Williams in 1961 and playing through 1983.

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Liukin wins gold, Johnson silver in gymnastics : BEIJING - Nastia Liukin won the gold medal in women's gymnastics Friday, beating teammate and friend Shawn Johnson. Liukin, whose father was a double gold medalist for the Soviet Union 20 years ago, finished with 63.325 points, more than a half-point ahead of Johnson, the reigning world champion. Johnson finished with 62.725. Yang Yilin of China won the bronze medal.

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Gold, patriotism and revenge spur on the Games : For most Olympians the question of motivation is a simple one -- it is all about the glory of gold. "The medal around my neck was my motivation," said Britain's Rebecca Adlington simply after winning swimming gold in the 400 meters freestyle on Monday and it is the most commonly cited driving force.

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Swedish hockey fans delay match with dildo downpour

Only interesting posting in the last three months. Freakin' love everyone's sense of humor, especially the Swedes in general! I knew there was a reason I am so proud of my partially Nordic heritage. If you can't laugh here, logoff, whine on a conservative Republican website for hours, and please don't come back. If you are willing to provide your female partner with alternative enjoyment on occasion, it is your duty as a man to know what is what with dildos. Nothing gay about being a servicable lover to any woman with toys, especially if she is into it. Too funny!

posted by knowsalittle at 09:52 AM on October 31, 2008

Is William Shattner the new head of marketing for the Blues?

Ever since Ron Caron left the Blues have been hapless (Webster's Dictionary definition: destined to fail) Let Brett Hull leave, screw Curtis Joseph, goodbye Chris Pronger, etc.... Bring in KK and Osgood and tell us about payroll problems, sell the team to a bunch of useless greedy multi-millionaires who don't care the least about WINNING hockey, whine about the share of concessions ($8 beer, $5 soft drinks and WATER, and $160 jerseys you assholes) and then ask me what I will pay for a ticket? I was a season ticket holder for 4 years from 1995-1999 and a partial season ticket holder for 3 years after that. Here is my offer....send me $5000 and I promise to spend it on Blues tickets....NOT!

posted by knowsalittle at 09:18 AM on October 04, 2008

What's missing from instant replay? Tony Verna has the answer.

Less than 99% of the calls will require review under the new ruling. WHATEVER..BLAH...BLAH...BLAH.. .SSDD

posted by knowsalittle at 12:14 AM on August 30, 2008

NFLPA Director Gene Upshaw Dies

Not a fan either, but repectful of anyone who dedicates nearly 50 years to his profession.

posted by knowsalittle at 10:49 PM on August 22, 2008

US softball team denied gold; Ueno dominant

Thanks everyone for their useful comments about posting, but this thread was about an incredible performance by an athlete that may have been one of the finest in Olympic team sport history. It seems only l l b and BoKnows got it. I am sure to sound defensive at this point, but the truth of the matter is that the sector of this posting wasn't "posting methods", it was Olympics.

PS. Please bring back the simple link, bold and italics selections during comments. I asked earlier to have an explanation of the HTML tags, but it was ignored.

posted by knowsalittle at 09:06 PM on August 22, 2008

NFLPA Director Gene Upshaw Dies

It was primarily about the players desire for free agency. The season's third week was cancelled outright, and the dreaded 'replacement players' were used in weeks 4-6. Only about 15% of the NFLPA members crossed the strike lines to play before ownership agreed to return to the bargaining table. Two years later a court supplied the ruling allowing for a rule-laden free agency in the NFL.

posted by knowsalittle at 03:14 PM on August 21, 2008

NFLPA Director Gene Upshaw Dies

No doubt some of Upshaw's motives had to be in question with regard to the health claims issue. In the OTL story on ESPN a while back, I will say that his arguement seemed weak, contrived, and surprising that he seemed to personally, not just professionally, support the denial of many of the claims. At least under Upshaw, the NFLPA never cost us half a season or more over contract negotiation strikes/holdouts/lockouts.

posted by knowsalittle at 12:00 PM on August 21, 2008

US softball team denied gold; Ueno dominant

I did edit the headline. My point was about Ueno and I mentioned her in it and the lead did not. I was lambasted in the past for over-editorializing when I did as you suggest. I will remove the dateline from now on. Thanks for cleaning this one up and deleting the other post so many took offense to.

posted by knowsalittle at 11:50 AM on August 21, 2008

US softball team denied gold; Ueno dominant

I propose that Ueno's performance in the medal rounds of the Softball tournament is the #1 performance by any athlete in a team sport so far in these Olympics. Absolutely incredible stamina and mental toughness, along with some good fielding and timely hitting for support, made her unstoppable. Team USA did hand over at least one run in the Gold final game with poor fielding, but Ueno was able to strand runners by team USA when it mattered.

posted by knowsalittle at 10:42 AM on August 21, 2008

NFLPA Director Gene Upshaw Dies

Few individuals come along who have the physical skills to be an all-time great at their position, and also the genius to lead a major powerful union like the NFLPA. Gene dedicated his entire life to football, physically and mentally for decades. Pancreatic cancer is ruthless. RIP Mr. Upshaw.

posted by knowsalittle at 10:37 AM on August 21, 2008

The USA gold rush is on....

I had no intent to anger the international scene on SpoFi. Sorry for being the US cheerleader. I thought that Johnson and Liukin finally NOT being ripped off in the individual judging, the US getting to the gold medal round in Men's volleyball, a new appearance in Waterpolo for the US in the medal round, and an unknown kid winning gold in wrestling would spur some conversation.

posted by knowsalittle at 07:00 AM on August 20, 2008

The USA gold rush is on....

Please delete.

posted by knowsalittle at 06:45 AM on August 20, 2008

The USA gold rush is on....

I just looked back over the last 12 postings in SpoFi, and it is curious to me that I found: (3) purely American interest postings (3) International postings (2) postings ripping American baseball managers and Tennis players for their actions (1) Humerous posting about American Basketball players indiscretions (2) Insightful political postings and (1) OH....why have your opinion and I have mine.

posted by knowsalittle at 02:30 AM on August 20, 2008

The USA gold rush is on....

We value your opinion drood....sorry for the fist pumping. Just really happy we are doing so well in events we weren't supposed to win. Good for GB and their medal haul! Lack of class accepted; but winning bunches of medals is still fun, no matter what you say.

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When Cal Ripken wants your autograph, the discussion is over (to me anyway). MP is one of the greatest athletes of our time, and his decision to submit to ALL testing is a testimony to a culture and objective that Cal could have easily passed. Two of the worlds greatest athletes together on the same page with no regrets and no secrets....wadda want??? seriously...what else is there?...I mean REALLY...Fishboy rules!

posted by knowsalittle at 01:43 AM on August 20, 2008