August 11, 2008

Gold, patriotism and revenge spur on the Games : For most Olympians the question of motivation is a simple one -- it is all about the glory of gold.
"The medal around my neck was my motivation," said Britain's Rebecca Adlington simply after winning swimming gold in the 400 meters freestyle on Monday and it is the most commonly cited driving force.

Quest of Gold? Hell yeah! Patriotism? Of Course! Revenge? If you only lose one time every 104 matches, just what is your revenge factor? Misty May-Traynor and Kerri Walsh have been gliding through their 'pool' much like Michael Phelps flows through his. Arguably(?) the most dominant team in the world at their sport, MM-T and KW continue their dominance over the last 6+ years again in Beijing. Only the number of events limits the number of gold medals this team could win. I would really like to see a 4 person SV team in the near future. Only by limiting the amount of space the Dynamic Duo has would control their dominance.
The best is simply the best. No medals so far this year (no opportunity yet), but is there really a question? Barring injury, gold awaits.

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OK, It has been three rounds since my original posting. No rponses: no wonder. Prelims: a joke. Fisrt win in the 16; straight sets. Next up: the two best contenders until the finals Germany vs Brazil. We shall see...

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Branaugh and Youngs win again. It could possibly come to a showdown against two American teams.

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Both into the semi's....has MMT-KY lost a set yet?

posted by knowsalittle at 04:42 AM on August 17, 2008

So finally, one of the American teams finally loses....'whatever' according to members of SpoFi. I get it.

posted by knowsalittle at 10:06 AM on August 17, 2008

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