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George Carlin: (Late) Sports Authority


posted by Sprdave32 at 05:42 AM on June 24, 2008

Sports Broadcasting Legend Jim McKay Dies

What a very very cool and great guy.... "The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat" .

posted by Sprdave32 at 08:22 AM on June 08, 2008

Maddux becomes ninth pitcher in MLB history to reach 350 wins

As I hear it, Greg has moved on from hookers to first born males ...just a rumor however. His obscene God complex is a fearsome thing to behold. Oh, BRB someone's knocking at the door.....

posted by Sprdave32 at 05:44 PM on May 12, 2008

Formula One president caught in Nazi bondage orgy scandal.

Dude...... WoW, I really don't know what to say to that. wait... wait... I know! Sausages!! Sausages!! (the ability to speak German and emulate the Furror no longer available with Bud Light)

posted by Sprdave32 at 09:30 PM on April 11, 2008

Ultimate Fighting Robs The Cradle

Martial arts for self defense = bullshit This is way better than actual parenting for keeping kids off "the streets" = bullshit Better they beat the hell out of each other in a controlled environment like a cage than in the school yard = bullshit Cage fighting is just like Tae Kwon Do = bullshit Parents always make the best decisions regarding the raising of their children = bullshit Anything else = ...bullshit ;-) I do hate biased articles though ...the Today Show piece they just did was a bit better. Did anyone notice the kid whose headgear had been knocked off and was gushing blood from his nose in one of the background shots....

posted by Sprdave32 at 09:24 AM on March 29, 2008

Get a Vasectomy, Enjoy More Roundball

uummmmmm... yeeaaahh... not a friggen chance..... (I still need to get to the fridge!)

posted by Sprdave32 at 05:29 PM on March 11, 2008

Pedro Martinez, Juan Marichal filmed at cock fight

Night Shift keeps coming to mind but I can't be sure "Midnight Cowboy" maybe? I've never seen it but I think it was one of "those" movies. My cock is overly aggressive ...I'm considering therapy, for him.

posted by Sprdave32 at 06:32 PM on February 08, 2008

Heat awarded do-over against Hawks

I agree that the result could definately effect the Heat's postseason chances and it is always a travesty when a technical or officiating error has season changing repercussions. On the other hand there is no possible way to recreate the dynamics surounding the last 52 seconds of that particular game, thus rendering the outcome of the do-over questionable. Again, I'm not a fan of either team ...in fact I'm not much of an NBA fan at all any more. I am a fan of Shaq's though; he and Duncan and a few others are the only ones left from pro basketballs glory days.

posted by Sprdave32 at 07:35 AM on January 12, 2008

Heat awarded do-over against Hawks

I'm not entirely convinced that this healthy for proffesional sports in general. With the current groundswell of criticism for pro officiating this may well open a can of worms that should remain sealed. I realize that it was not the officiating crew that made the mistake but most will not acknowledge the difference. I firmly believe that once a game is in the record books ...leave it well enough alone. 100% fairness and accuracy in anything of a competitive nature is impossible and we have managed to live with and accept that reality till now. Next thing you know we will be flying pro teams all over the country to reply the final seconds of controversially called games. Of course I could be overreacting a bit ;-) Acctually now that I've written this diatribe I realize that I probably don't really give a damn....

posted by Sprdave32 at 06:11 PM on January 11, 2008

RIP Sir Edmund Hillary


posted by Sprdave32 at 06:00 AM on January 11, 2008

Casualties of the NFL:

I'm welling up ....there are so many sad stories like these in the world, and I'm exposed to them frequently, but it would take some pretty thick skin not to be moved by this article. Just 1/100th of the salaries of todays players would more than take care of all of these guys for the rest of thier tortured lives. It is a sad, sad state of affairs....

posted by Sprdave32 at 08:45 AM on November 17, 2007

I Am Bill James and I Am Smarter Than You.

I'm sorry to have to put it so bluntly but I couldn't even bring myself to finish reading that piece of crap. Unfortunately, if there was any satirical humor to be found, it was lost in the rediculously overdone attempt at ...well I don't really know what it was... Of course, I'm sure the author has a hearty "Fuck You" in mind for me, lol.

posted by Sprdave32 at 04:53 PM on July 19, 2007

Cougars win first NCAA game in 24 years.

It's a dead link BMW... the Cougars are a fun story though.

posted by Sprdave32 at 06:46 AM on March 18, 2007

Really cool Sports business

WTF ...was this your idea Duke?

posted by Sprdave32 at 05:22 AM on August 04, 2006

'American sports are played with the hands. Using your feet is for commies'.

Hey rmiller8171, as far as the Super Bowl being a world championship goes ...I'd love to see the Rhine Fire take on the Steelers next year..... cmon

posted by Sprdave32 at 05:47 AM on April 03, 2006