June 03, 2008

IPL hits for six with faster, sexier cricket (NPR audio link).: The Indian Premier League scores a resounding succes by juicing up cricket with a new league featuring shorter games, snazzy teams and even cheerleaders (imported from Europe and the US). All hail the Bangalore Royal Challengers, Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians, and Deccan Chargers!

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Cheerleaders from the Hyderabad v Delhi game.

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:47 PM on June 03, 2008

Do I detect some built-in rivalries when the Kings take on the Super Kings or when the Royals face the Royal Challengers? Seriously, it all sounds like fun. I still know very little of cricket, but hopefully I'll be able to catch some of this in the states.

posted by bender at 01:29 PM on June 03, 2008

Mumbai Indians?! I am appalled! How dare a sports franchise trivialize such a great people. I sense a protest. Wait, what were we talking about again?

posted by Chargdres at 01:57 PM on June 03, 2008

The IPL has been a small revolution for cricket, not just in terms of the game on the field, but also off it. It demonstrates the growing economic dominance of India, where the IPL can offer huge salaries to the world's best players, affecting other forms of cricket in other places. The problem for the ICC (the governing body) is to balance the income stream from the IPL with maintaining the traditional elements of the game, including regular international and domestic competitions. So far it's been apparent as a scheduling problem, but it could go much deeper than that.

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When I saw this being set up, I thought, this is either going to completely rock or fail on a massive level. I'm really glad it looks to be working out. If the money and interest is there, then details like scheduling and logistics can probably be worked out. That's where effective management comes in. So far, though, so good.

posted by chicobangs at 08:49 AM on June 04, 2008

Yeah, I think it will keep going, as international Twenty20 probably will. Test matches are safe, as there is too much tradition associated with them, even though no-one may be actually watching. However, the days of 50 over one day cricket are probably numbered.

posted by owlhouse at 09:34 AM on June 04, 2008

Chargdres: Mumbai Indians?! I am appalled! How dare a sports franchise trivialize such a great people. I sense a protest. Yeah, that was rather unimaginative. I woulda gone with the Mumbai Maharajahs or something like that. But, hey, nobody asked my Indian pro cricket team naming consultancy. Well, at least it's an accurate use of "Indians."

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:47 AM on June 04, 2008

Houston Texans, anyone?

posted by bender at 02:04 PM on June 04, 2008

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