June 09, 2008

Students push teacher to reach Olympics: You've heard about sports stories that are too good to be true. This one is too good not to be true. A whimsical bet with students propels this teacher to a date with a hammer in Beijing.

posted by irunfromclones to other at 12:08 PM - 4 comments

try this link: http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_9527322?nclick_check=1&forced=true

posted by myshtigo at 01:02 PM on June 09, 2008

Thanks for the improved link myshtigo! I just thought anyone who knows anything about sports is registered on Mercury News. tongue in cheek

posted by irunfromclones at 02:00 PM on June 09, 2008

Wow, an actual reason to be interested in the hammer throw, cool! I hope he makes the team.

posted by captaincavegirl at 08:03 AM on June 10, 2008

Super awesome story. I will be following this story for a while I think....

posted by adammcd at 05:33 PM on June 10, 2008

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