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July 31, 2004

Beirut (Beer Pong).: The most anal set of rules for a drinking game. But I guess you need that for a game played by drunks. Sport or not?

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Giambi health mystery solved : (or so we hope). Not a parasite, not an infection, it's supposedly a benign tumor.

No comments from the team about whether he did have a parasite at one time or not; I guess it's a lesson that when you find a problem, you haven't necessarily found the problem. Here's hoping he gets better soon.

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The end of Mike Tyson?: That might be it, folks. As a fighter - mercurial. As a story - sensational.

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July 30, 2004

worldcup2002 to the white courtesy phone please...: Our Dodgers have shipped off Mota, Lo Duca, and Encarnacion to Florida for Penny, Choi, and Murphy. Charles Johnson has been brought on to replace Lo Duca. Steve Finley, and maybe, dare I say maybe Randy Johnson could be on their way as well. And I ask, Where in the hell did all this come from?! Who? Whuh?

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Barefoot Long Jump: (flash). Waste the final five minutes of your work week trying to best my 13.8m jump.

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July 29, 2004

Kenyon is a Nugget.: Kittles has been traded to the Clips. Richard Jefferson is not happy. Jason Kidd is rehabbing, and his new backup? Jacque Vaughn. Nets fans are cancelling season tickets. Have the Nets regressed back to their laughingstock days? Is this still a playoff team?
(various reg. req'd. bugmenot people...)

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July 28, 2004

The last straw. : Mets are officially fed up with Shane Spencer.

(why am I not surprised that the other yahoo involved in the earlier "off-field incident" was Karim "swing first, figure it out later" Garcia?)

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Big Unit in Pinstripes, perhaps Starting by Friday?: With El Duque joining the ever-growing list of Yanks either injured, on the DL, or about to go on the DL, a move for a bona fide starter is more urgent than ever. According to this article, it will be a 3-way deal involing the Padres along with the yanks and the Diamondbacks.

Hmmm...didn't I recently suggest hereabouts that it would take the special Brian Cashman touch to make a deal come to fruition?

The 31st is right around the bend. Watch for a flurry o flast-minute deals!!

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July 27, 2004

He said it once, he said it twice. : Carmelo Anthony guarantees a gold for the US in men's basketball. Any takers?

(Me, I'd bet against them, but not a large amount of money, 'cuz I don't know enough about who's out there to have a sense of who would beat them. If there's a lock for a gold for the US in basketball, it's the women. Now that's a dream team!)

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Cricket, the truly original American sport.: According to this article, cricket was enjoyed widely in the US prior to baseball becoming the favourite past-time of the masses.

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July 26, 2004

Famous anus:: In sports world medical news reminiscent of George Brett's hemorrhoidal issue during the 1980 World Series, an exhausted Jason Giambi is being tested for entamoeba histolytica, a parasite that embeds itself in the intestinal lining and can cause fatal illness.

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.: The art of cricket sledging.

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Who always makes the correct call during a game?: The ref packing a pistol.

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Masters of the Mic: takes a look at the best broadcasters in the booth. Who are you favorite announcers in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, Tennis, Golf, and everything else

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Can't win for losin'. : Serena Williams drops another final, this one in the JPMorgan Chase Open, part of the US Open series (a sort of road-show of smaller tournaments leading up to the US Open in Flushing Meadows starting at the end of August). The winner, a newly resurgent Lindsay Davenport, defeated both Williamses in the tournament, which is quite the reversal of fortune.

I only saw it from the end of the first set, but I saw Serena make a lot of unforced errors and fail to win service games (sometimes by whopping margins), and Davenport play a lot of rally points to set up some winners that Serena didn't even try to reach. After Wimbledon, I predicted that Serena would be loaded for bear in the US Open, but she's gonna make a liar out of me if she doesn't pull things together.

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July 25, 2004

Rebirth of a nation: how the 1954 World Cup final brought Germany back to life.

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A very American tour of duty: A little more on Lance.

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Ricky isn't running anymore.: (Miami Herald link, registration required) In a shocker, Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams has told the Miami Herald that he's week before training camp begins. Between Ogunleye's holdout and now this, it's going to be a very, very rough season for the Dolphins.

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July 24, 2004

Swamp Soccer.: It's like football, but it's played in a swamp. A bit like watching Derby County playing at the Baseball Ground in the 70's. (via Sensible Erection)

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July 23, 2004

Armstrong punishes a personal enemy: Lance Armstrong wouldn't let Filippo Simeoni, almost 3 hours behind him in the general classification, join a breakaway. Simeoni is a key witness in the pending trial of Italian sports doctor Michele Ferrari, with whom Armstrong has worked in the past. He also has announced his intention to sue the American over a July 2003 article in the French newspaper Le Monde, in which the five-time Tour winner was quoted as saying that Simeoni had "lied." Is it good behavior for a champion to air personal conflicts during competition?

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No next year, and no.7: says TDF official. Armstrong's entourage denies the statement. Lance is unavailable for comment. I'm confused.

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July 22, 2004

Keeping up with the Joneses (and ex-Joneses).: C.J. Hunter, admitted steroid user, Olympic shotputter and ex-husband of Marion Jones, tells federal investigators he shot her up with THG, HGH and other illegal stuff at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

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French Police recover body of dead Tour de France spectator.: The 64 year old apparently fell about 40 meters to his death while watching part of the Alpine section of the race. Meanwhile, Lance takes stage 17 and extends his lead.

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Olympics controversy timeline: The BBC tracks controversy at the Olympics since the outset of the modern Games.

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Blame Canada: Calling the conflict in Iraq the "stupidest war ever," Toronto Blue Jays player Carlos Delgado has been avoiding "God Bless America" during games.

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July 21, 2004

Grab your socks!: SpoFi EPL Fantasy League 2004-2005 is open for business. (details inside)

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David Millar - A cautionary tale: Anyone interested in cycling should read this article from the Guardian (UK).

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July 20, 2004

Trading Places:: PG Edition. Van Exel for Dale Davis and Dan Dickau. Eric Snow for Kevin Ollie and Kedrick Brown. Who's running your team now?

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The Miracle League.: I just heard about this on local sports talk radio. I had never heard of it until now, even though it was founded in the Atlanta suburb of Conyers, and it is a pretty good story, growing exponentially in the last couple of years.

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Coming to America!: An interesting and positive piece about football in the US

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From Athens to Athens: LIFE magazine photos from more than a century of Olympic competition.

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July 19, 2004

Floppy to the Lakers?: The next move Kobe makes as GM.

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The best part of the year is creeping closer.: Andy Katz lists his 50 best teams for the upcoming college basketball season. Could be a banner year for the (new, watered down) ACC, with 3 of the top 4, 4 of the top 10, and 5 in the top 15.

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A two-week-long private party for thousands of hard-bodies: Sex and booze at the Olympics.

We tried to talk, which wasnít very successful," says Buechel, "and then we started to drink, which was much more successful." And? "It was very beautiful," he says. "A beautiful international incident."

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July 18, 2004

WHA Draft: The WHA held its free agent draft yesterday and its amateur draft today. Simon Gagne was the top free agent pick while 17 year old Sidney Crosby was the first amateur taken. I wonder how many of the players who were selected in either draft would actually play in the WHA, assuming any WHA games are played at all.

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MLS Fantasy standings, 7/18/04: BillSaysIAmNumberOne: After a weekend in which there were three draws and two wins but no changes in the standings, I have for the moment claimed the top of the table. Who'da thunk it?

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Win an Open Championship with Todd Hamilton!:
Another year, another "Who the heck are you?" champion. Is this a good thing for golf (ratings-wise) or would they have been happier if the Big Easy had won his 2nd Open Championship in 3 years?
BTW, my fpp title references this.

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July 17, 2004

Why bullfighting sucks: "When I first came to Spain I had this idea that bull fighting was this sort of 'traditional' sport where once a year or so they would kill a bull or two and that it was okay," writes the American weblogger Russell Beattie. "But it's not like that at all."

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Italian team training for Euro 2004: [MPG] Amusing Guardian ad

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Stop my country's nuclear weapons program? Check. What's next? Buy a Premiership football club.: Libyan leader and international fashion plate Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (also father of the latest and sexiest member of Saddam Hussein's legal defense team) is thinking of buying newly-promoted Crystal Palace. This may not be as far-fetched as you think. Palace chairman Simon Jordan wants a way to cash out of Palace after taking them to the Premiership, and Gaddafi has done this before: He's part-owner of Juventus. Yoiks!

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July 16, 2004

5 Ks in One Inning!: Some guys have all the luck. And then there's this minor league pitcher from Lancaster, CA, with no luck at all.

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SpoFi Fantasy Baseball League Update: Sportsline edition. The leader for the fourth week in a row is jerseygirl! But only by a mere 1.5 points. [Complete standings inside]

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Frost was target,: Danton pleads guilty. Wolfmeyer pleads innocent. Prosecutors to allow time to be served in Canada (in prison, not in Cold Lake). Hockey fans wondering when Frost will be arrested for being creepy as hell.

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July 15, 2004

Le Monde: which has previously leveled doping accusations at Armstrong, on Thursday ran an interview with three-time Tour winner Greg LeMond, who suggested he doubts his fellow American is drug free. "Lance is ready to do anything to keep his secret," LeMond was quoted as saying. "I don't know how he can continue to convince everybody of his innocence."

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Defcon 2 Jerk Alert: Kobe asks the Clippers if they are willing to play 10 or 12 games a year at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, which is closer to his Newport Beach home than Staples Center. [via CB]

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Field of Broken Dreams.: The "beautifully naÔve" one-time major-league prodigy from small town Missouri, Jeff Stone, talks about his own legend.

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Follow the Open: , live play by play commentary courtesy Sean Ingle and the Guardian.

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Edwards' positive test means that the every athlete on the podium in [the 2003] World 200m has now failed a dope test: Does it make it harder to care who wins in athletics these days, given that six months later an alarming proportion of "athletes" have to hand back their medals?

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July 14, 2004

The Premiership kicks off in one month.: I'm just saying. It's never too early to start speculating, trash talking, and, btw, who's setting up the Fantasy Leagues? (Not me.)

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The MLS officially announces expansion squads.: Utah and Mexican club Chivas (location: SoCal, city TBD) will both receive teams. How to build a club when the first game will be in 8.5 months? ESPN's Marc Connelly has some ideas. Also, do we really need to dwindle the talent-pool in the MLS further? Will this be good or bad for the league as a whole?

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Roger and Me: Why I hate the greatest pitcher of all time.

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The purging of coaches continues.: The ten-and-a-half games out of first Astros finally dump Jimy Williams, reportedly replacing him with Phil Garner.

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What would you pay for the ball that Beckham missed the penalty with? : Reports are surfacing that the lucky Spaniard who caught the ball is getting bids upwards of $12 million for the fated ball.

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Shultz Against the World: This is your chance to sit on TSN's panel of experts and make your voice heard. Site visitors can vote for their picks for this week's CFL games, and then see how the world's picks measure up against Shultz's picks. I wouldn't mind seeing this idea extended to other sports.

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Andy Van Hellemond Resigns in a Cloud:: "... Van Hellemond had borrowed cash from on-ice officials he supervised, raising a possible perception of conflict of interest in handing out plum playoff assignments."

If there's anything to this, both he and the league have some 'splaining to do. He's been one of the moral pillars of the league for decades.

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July 13, 2004

The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip: Jim and Andrea Siscel just wrapped up a 55,604-mile tour of every major- and minor-league ballpark in the United States and Canada, a project that took nearly three seasons to complete. They created a trip website as they went.

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Bend it Like Beckham Carlos: 3.4 MB mpg video of an amazing 1998 penalty kick by Roberto Carlos, and analysis of the shot's physics. [via AskMetaFilter]

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Carter to Dallas?: Okay, okay. It's a NY Daily News link. And the proposed deal is complicated as all hell. But still, intriguing no?

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Are British middle-distance runners starving themselves?: Being overweight causes problems for athletes because the body must needlessly supply energy and oxygen to fuel surplus fatty tissue. Lose the extra weight and oxygen goes instead to the working muscles, enabling faster and more efficient running, Dr Hulley says. But it is easy to overstep the mark.

"There is a very thin line between an optimum racing weight for athletes and becoming too thin," she says. "Lose too much weight and you start to lose muscle mass. You become too weak to train, more prone to viruses and injuries like stress fractures and your performance goes downhill sharply."

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Some NBA rules regarding Free Agents, rookies, trades and signings: from Mark Cuban's weblog. An interesting one... "If you acquire a player in a trade, you may trade that player straight up for another player immediately. If you wish to package that player with another and make a trade, you must wait 60 days."

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"We're all just guys." : Mike Ditka says he's seriously contemplating a run for the U.S. Senate.

(He says a lot of other things, too, all about as simple-minded and oafish as you'd anticipate. "You can't be too extreme here, and you can't be too extreme to the other side." Strike me blind if I lie.)

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July 12, 2004

Rob Pelinka. Agent. Fall Guy: We discussed Carlos Boozer's renegging on his deal with the Cavs. Now comes news that his agent has resigned over the debacle. Is this a case of an agent caring about business ethics or an agent looking to save his ass from being blamed and subsequently screwing his other clients in future negotiations?

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Johnson's latest pitch: He's open to a trade.: After a week that saw a lot of speculation and denial, as well as a reported argument between he and a teammate, Randy Johnson confirms he would be open to a trade but has not been asked to waive his no-trade clause by the DBacks, yet. During the media session, he debunked rumors that he'd prefer to go to Anaheim because he has a home nearby. His condition is that the team he'd be traded to would have to have "[good] chance to win. That's the only way." Later when asked about a trip to Boston's North End, Johnson commented, "I was really torn between the Boston clam chowder and the Manhattan clam chowder".

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: Tim Montgomery and Marion Jones both failed to qualify for the Olympics in the 100 meters. Very interesting...

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July 11, 2004

Rolling... in my 5.0 with my rag-top down, so my hair can blow.: Shaq and Dwayne on the beach. But, is it worth it?

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Secrets of Where Are They Now: Sports Illustrated tells the stories behind some of their Where Are They Now stories. This year's issue (login required) catches up with Hoop Dreams' Arthur Agee & William Gates, Dick Butkus, Steve Cauthen, Lenny Dykstra, Marvin Hagler, Tony Mandarich, Scott Norwood, Robert Parish, and Carl Yastrzemski.

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USA vs Poland at Soldier Field in Chicago tonight!!: Anyone else going? I'm going! Can't wait. Though I heard that Poland is bringing their "C" team. At least 80% of the players called up have never been capped. After that, its the Fire vs New England...but i don't know if i am going to stay for that. Depends on how expensive the beer is!

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July 10, 2004

Moneyball Exposed as a Hoax!: Thanks to the work of one hard-working Dallas Morning News columnist, baseball's long nightmare is over. Bill James is a fraud and "One good scout is worth more than 100 numbers-crunchers." Evidence for this claim? One of the Rangers scouts did a good job during the Carl Everett deal. BugMeNot info for DMN

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July 09, 2004

Clemens, Johnson -- WHAT ABOUT BENSON!?!??: In today's NY Daily News there's an article by Bill Madden (he's a reliable, credible writer, as opposed to anything one might read in The NY Post) suggesting that The Rocket might be back in pinstripes before the trading deadline, and that Randy Johnson would welcome the opportunity to conclude his career in pinstripes, at a contender. And opposing his former teammate Schilling. But what about Benson? Doesn't he make more sense for The Yanks, long term? And, as always, with just three weeks and one day until the deadline, watchout for a surprise deal, a great move, perhaps a three-team sort of swap, engineered by Yanks GM Brian Cashman. He's the cool maneuverer who makes things happen.

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Pigpile on wheels. : Huge crash in the last kilometer takes out all but the frontrunners. The film of the remainder straggling in is just incredible. They look like my neighborhood kids after they've been racing downhill. (FWIW, Lance fell earlier on, but wasn't hurt...dunno yet if he was involved in the crash at the finish)

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July 08, 2004

Boozer to the Jazz.: 6 years, $68 Million. Initially the Cavs had a 6 year $40 Million dollar deal set in a verbal agreement. Which is now, apparently, null and void.
more inside...

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Joe wants out of Town?: Try Thornton under contract across the pond.

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Dynamo Seeking $2 Million for Ovechkin: Alexander Ovechkin, picked number one overall by the Washington Capitals, has one year left on his Moscow Dynamo contract. Ovechkin wants to play in the NHL this season, and the Caps sure as hell want him to play this season, but Dynamo wants at least $2 million to release him. You are Ted Leonsis, what do you do?

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Book deal: for Sharapova? Here's an excerpt from the treatment: "I paddled, and paddled, and paddled, and paddled, and paddled, and paddled, and paddled, and paddledÖ"

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Be vewy, vewy quiet... they're playing baseball: In traditional Veeck fashion, Silent Night at Brockton Rox's Campanelli Stadium when over without a lot of noise as the home team silenced the visiting Aces 3-2.

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Tour de France blog.: Saw this via Thought you bike-buffs might like it. Aside from the expected coverage, you get offbeat stuff like Sheryl Crow, racing bike enthusiast. Enjoy.

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July 07, 2004

FIFA ranks USA at #7: This is the highest the USA has ever been ranked by FIFA. Still at #15 in the Elo Ratings, though.

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Participants in the ASG Homerun Derby announced.: One more from each league will be picked. Looks good so far, but who is missing? Is Giambi even going to be healthy enough? Does Bonds not take part?

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July 06, 2004

Copa America Starts Tonight: Euro2004 had all the glitz, all the media coverage. But I bet you that the Copa America is more exciting. It may not have full strength squads, it may not have the world superstars, but it has a exciting quality all its own.

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MLS Fantasy Update, 7/6/04: Rise of the Goddam: Still in third but getting closer, goddam rides a strong effort by LAs Chris Albright to get closer to Star Fucker's still-leading Blammos. However unless Jonny Walker stops being a sieve, she will be facing a challenge to get a higher spot.

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Rudy T!: Rudy Tomjanovich became the second most prominent American to be offered a position of leadership Tuesday, after John Edwards. Of course, Edwards only has to prepare himself on issues of national security, health care, the economy and the environment. Rudy T. might have to coach Kobe Bryant.

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Through the cobbles. : Armstrong survives the third stage, now fifth overall; Ivan Mayo crashed, got shook up, and lost nearly four minutes.

(2.4 miles of cobblestones? Talk about excessive...but that's the Tour de France for ya)

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Hasek: Unless the guy who checked into the Kanata hotel last night was actually Kevin Weekes in a Dominik Hasek disguise, the Sens will be confirming the signing of Hasek in, oh, six minutes. Is there anything left to discuss anymore?

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July 05, 2004

Terror war fears foil US cricket bid : Seems like a shame for the growing number of cricket fans in America although probably just as well for the smooth running of the tournament.

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Gagne Blows: After 84 consecutive saves, LA's Eric Gagne streak finally ends against the Diamondbacks, His last blown save was August 26, 2002, also against Arizona.

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Federer high on grass: The Guardian offers a flowery recap of Sunday's men's final at Wimbledon. "If the real Roger Federer did not return in his full peacock colours, there was enough iridescence glinting off his racket to down [Andy] Roddick."

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K stays: Duke fans may now exhale.

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Mavs owner lets his guard down: Mark Cuban, who may be the best owner in pro sports at communicating with fans, explains in great detail why he let Steve Nash go. "Itís a question Iím going to hear for a long time."

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Rough old town: Eamon Magee, former holder of one of the more obscure boxing titles has been bottled, shot and finally had has shins broke clean in half with a baseball bat. And Tyson thinks he had it rough.

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July 04, 2004

One Man Hitting a Golf Ball Across Mongolia: More at the New York Times: "he has divided Mongolia into 18 holes. The total fairway distance is 2,322,000 yards. Par is 11,880 strokes."

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Πιστεύετε στα θαύματα? Ναϊ!: Like the USA at Lake Placid, Greece pulls off the most improbable run at Euro2004.

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July 03, 2004

Sharapova dominates Serena in final: Teenager Maria Sharapova stunned defending champion Serena Williams 6-1, 6-4 in the final Saturday to become the first Russian to win a Wimbledon singles title.

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July 02, 2004

Better late than never? : It should have been on a February night in 2002, before a crowd of thousands in Salt Lake City. Instead, Beckie Scott (CAN) finally received her Olympic gold medal in a relatively small ceremony on June 25, 2004. At least they didn't mail it to her.

The wrong shall fail and the right prevail, maybe, sometimes, eventually...

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A truly Canadian look at the Greek team: Yes, the Greeks are the Euro 2004 equivalent to the NHL's Minnesota Wild: "If Greece is crowned European champions, you can expect a slew of other teams to adopt the 'trap', a development that could have serious ramifications on the sport of soccer if the current state of the NHL is any indication."

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The Tour de France: The worlds greatest sporting event starts tomorrow and Lance Armstrong is going for an unprecedented 6th win, although not if the those cheese eating surrender monkeys have anything to do with it! As is traditional, we have a nice juicy drugs scandal to keep us interested. It will be interesting to see how a fit Tyler Hamilton does. There is all sorts of cycling related nonsense here

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DBacks ax Brenly: after an 11 game losing streak. You know the season is in full swing when the manager firings start. Who else is on the hot seat?

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SpoFi Fantasy Baseball League Update: Sportsline edition. The leader for the second week in a row is jerseygirl! She's totally ruining my attempt to dominate both leagues. I will prevail though. [Complete standings inside]

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Flash Friday: Driving Mad: Like golf and duck hunt combined.

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"Forget the Olympics...: the European Soccer Championship is the truest expression of international relations in sports." [The New Republic, requires registration]

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Sad news:: Manute Bol, the NBA big man with a big heart, has been injured in a car accident (the cab driver died and Bol was somehow thrown from the car). Time and time again, he has put himself into humiliating circumstances, for public spectacle, to raise money for relief of his war-torn home country, the Sudan. This is truly sad news, but hopefully he will recover. Are there any charities he specifically supported? For more information on the human rights crisis occuring in the Sudan right now, check out Sudan: The Passion of the Present.

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What? no Yankee Red Sox thread?: The Sox and Yanks played another classic game tonight. The Yanks won in an extra inning struggle that left the Sox deflated. Is the Sportsguy right, is there something wrong with the Red Sox? Oh yeah, Jeter made a sick play diving into the stands.

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MetroStars get a home: Following Columbus, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago, the MetroStars annouced a plan to build a 25,000 seat soccer-specific stadium in Harrison, NJ.

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July 01, 2004

Steve Nash back to Phoenix.: Dallas Mavericks free agent guard Steve Nash reached a verbal agreement Thursday night to sign with the Phoenix Suns,'s Marc Stein has learned. Nash and agent Bill Duffy, according to league sources, received an offer from Phoenix on Thursday -- believed to be a five-year package worth more than $65 million with a partial guarantee for the sixth season -- and brought it back to the Mavericks. Mavs owner Mark Cuban, sources said, declined to match the offer.

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Wood. Ball. Chin.: Discuss.

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Lakers looking at Coach K?: We've heard just about every scenario involving the Lakers, inventive or ridiculous. But Coach K? This is from waaay out of left field.

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My girl. : Talkin' bout my girl. I haven't wanted to jinx her, but I've been following her progress as closely as possible, finally catching her match vs. Ai Sugiyama. The girl is not only cute, but she has tons of game, speaks like winning is the most important thing to her(not endorsement deals from Revlon), has a great tale of rags to riches, and she's only 17.

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The Baldy bows out...: Perhaps the first football referee to become a star in his own right -- not just for his, um, distinctive appearance, but for his sheer professionalism and good judgement -- Pierluigi Collina referees his last international match today, the Czech Rep. vs. Greece semi-final. FIFA and UEFA age regulations necessitate his retirement; but Collina's rumoured to be considering a move to the Premiership when similar age-caps force him to retire from Serie A. Has any other official had as much personal affection from players, coaches and fans -- or as much of an impact on his/her sport?

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But...: what about character? Suns make a big play for Kobe Bryant after cleaning house of all the problem players over the last few years... After trading so many talented, troubled players, and getting little in return, why go after a talented and very troublesome player now? What's the deal with the NBA? (You can go to Jeff Benedict's segment on June 28th and listen to a tape of the show over RealPlayer)

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Classy: Very cool move by Calgayr Flames Goaltender Roman Turek. He want's a cup and likes playing in our hockey mad city. Check out how happy the fans are in Cowtown who were riding him REALLY hard this season in light of his payment vs. perfomance at .

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Where did I put my wallet?: NBA Free Agency officially starts today. And for all those wondering whether any offers would be tendered to an athelete facing possible life imprisonment: That didn't take long did it?

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NHL Summer '04 - Free Agent Fest: As the free agency deadline elapsed last night, there were some surprising candidates that made it to unrestricted free-agency(Zhamnov, Recchi, Shanahan, Bondra, Kariya, Kovalev, and Lindros) along with the expected signings. The prize of the class, imho, Zhamnov.

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