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Big Unit in Pinstripes, perhaps Starting by Friday?: With El Duque joining the ever-growing list of Yanks either injured, on the DL, or about to go on the DL, a move for a bona fide starter is more urgent than ever. According to this article, it will be a 3-way deal involing the Padres along with the yanks and the Diamondbacks.

Hmmm...didn't I recently suggest hereabouts that it would take the special Brian Cashman touch to make a deal come to fruition?

The 31st is right around the bend. Watch for a flurry o flast-minute deals!!

posted by DeanLand to baseball at 01:46 PM on July 28, 2004 - 18 comments

5 Ks in One Inning!: Some guys have all the luck. And then there's this minor league pitcher from Lancaster, CA, with no luck at all.

posted by DeanLand to baseball at 04:40 PM on July 16, 2004 - 5 comments

Clemens, Johnson -- WHAT ABOUT BENSON!?!??: In today's NY Daily News there's an article by Bill Madden (he's a reliable, credible writer, as opposed to anything one might read in The NY Post) suggesting that The Rocket might be back in pinstripes before the trading deadline, and that Randy Johnson would welcome the opportunity to conclude his career in pinstripes, at a contender. And opposing his former teammate Schilling. But what about Benson? Doesn't he make more sense for The Yanks, long term? And, as always, with just three weeks and one day until the deadline, watchout for a surprise deal, a great move, perhaps a three-team sort of swap, engineered by Yanks GM Brian Cashman. He's the cool maneuverer who makes things happen.

posted by DeanLand to baseball at 12:49 PM on July 09, 2004 - 13 comments

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Famous anus:

Prednisone is a very strange drug. In some ways it is a wonderdrug, the pharmacure for all sorts of ailments. But on the other hand, the side effects are debilitating and can have serious contraindications. Prednisone is used in various instances, sometimes to offer the exact opposite response. Immune supressant in some cases, yet it also can stimulate the immune system when used in tandem with other pharmaceuticals. In some cases it is blended with dosages of toxins, to force the immune system to jump-start and act in overload, in order to effectively fool the body into action. Steroids are a slippery slope. Some of the side effects are lasting. I know this from within my own family's experience. And on another topic within this discussion, I cannot imagine other MLBer taking any sort of delight in Giambi's ailment. Giambi isn't the type to alienate other players (like, say Pedro does, or Piazza the hothead), and this could be way more serious than what is already known. Wait, I take that back. Maybe Jason Varitek is acting as though he's happy over it, thinking that'll get the Red Sox to play better. And also that visitor's bullpen Fenway attendant from last year, he's probably happy if he hears that one of the Yankees stubbed a toe.

posted by DeanLand at 01:44 PM on July 28, 2004

Famous anus:

FIRST let me say that as a die-hard yankee fan, Giambi has been a major letdown. He has hands of stone, feet of concrete, and should just accept that he is a DH, and not meant to play the field. SECOND it is ok for the Yanks to have mediocre hitting Tony Clark at 1B while Giambi is out. Clark is an exceptional fielder. His bat has power, even if he is hitting in the low 200s. He also has superb clubhouse presence, a major asset on that team. THIRD, this is a health issue. Can you imagine the fear Giambi must have? They test him for cancer, for oddball diseases, for very dangerous virus strains and potentially fatal rare disorders. All that money doesn't mean anything when one's life is on the line. Although I'd love to see him shipped back to the A's where he could make a difference, I have compassion for him. He is living a nightmare. There is one thing, though . . . . others with this malady have recuperated. Could it be that he stopped taking steroids and his immune system is shot? Does this mean maybe he will go on Prednisone (a scary drug, in the steroid family) to get healthy? Egad, a nightmare doesn't even begin to describe it. I hope the guy gets healthy soon.

posted by DeanLand at 06:07 AM on July 28, 2004