July 09, 2004

Clemens, Johnson -- WHAT ABOUT BENSON!?!??: In today's NY Daily News there's an article by Bill Madden (he's a reliable, credible writer, as opposed to anything one might read in The NY Post) suggesting that The Rocket might be back in pinstripes before the trading deadline, and that Randy Johnson would welcome the opportunity to conclude his career in pinstripes, at a contender. And opposing his former teammate Schilling. But what about Benson? Doesn't he make more sense for The Yanks, long term? And, as always, with just three weeks and one day until the deadline, watchout for a surprise deal, a great move, perhaps a three-team sort of swap, engineered by Yanks GM Brian Cashman. He's the cool maneuverer who makes things happen.

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Jayson Stark says the Yankees don't have the prospects to get Benson, so a 3 way deal might be their only hope to get any front line pitchers this year. IMO, Benson is this year's Jeff Supan...and by that, I mean last year's Jeff Supan.

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Yanks GM Brian Cashman. He's the cool maneuverer who makes things happen. Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? They say this cat Cash is a bad mother-SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

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This article is total BS. It's ridiculous. They're also citing "sources familiar with Johnson's thinking" about Randy saying he'd go to NY. Benson sucks, that's why the Yankees aren't chasing him. He's been nothing but overhyped and overrated since he came up to the bigs. I don't want him.

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Has to be a 3-way deal, the Yankees are tapped save for Navarro.

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Benson is one of those pitchers that just never lived up to expectations, due to injury and inconsistancy. If there're two things that the Yankees do not need, it's more of that. Besides, forget Kris, what about Anna?

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Ah, the Houston disAstros. You know, I really thought they'd win the NL Central this year. Really. Does anyone here think Roger would allow himself to be traded? Wouldn't he just retire? It was my understanding that the only reason he came back for Houston was that it was his home team and Andy Pettite is his lover.

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Well, the question is whether or not Roger would turn down the chance to play half a season with the Yankees (or maybe Boston) and nab another one of them World Series rings. He has a sweetheart deal with the Astros right now and really has nothing left to prove for his first-ballot hall of fame career. With a better team, he may increase his chances of moving into the top ten in career wins (he needs 8 more to be tied for tenth) but unless the Astros give up on their season, he'll probably get that in Houston. From what I hear, though, Clemens has become a cult figure in Houston and seems to be enough of a draw that he may still sell tickets if the Astros finish out another disappointing season.

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How much would you pay? Don't answer yet! Not only do you get Kris and Anna Benson, you'll also be picking up a corps from Benson's Battalions! I have to agree with Bernreuther here. Kris Benson never fufilled Peter Gammons' overblow hype of him. Flashes of brilliance do not an ace make. I can't see Clemens going anywhere else, but when has he ever kept his word? Thinking about him coming back to the AL East makes me wonder: how much longer could he pitch this effectively? 45? 50?

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somebody introduce a web designer to anna benson, stat!

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Clemens moving makes no sense to me; if he did, I'm betting it would be a catastrophe. Yes, he's doing well this year, but dontcha think not having to travel has a ton to do with that? He doesn't wanna be in New York, and he's past the age of willingness to suck it up.

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Johnson's on his way out of Arizona I think. Whether its to Anaheim (likely), the Dodgers, the Yankees or Boston... rotoworld.com Randy Johnson got into a dispute with Luis Gonzalez at the conclusion of his outing against the Giants tonight. It's unclear if punches were exchanged, but something interesting happened when Johnson and Gonzalez got together in the tunnel as Johnson was en route to the clubhouse. Gonzalez committed an error that led to three unearned runs in the fifth inning and resulted in a short outing for Johnson (6 R, 3 ER in 5 IP). Jul. 10 - 12:30 am et

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Who's up for a SpoFi meetup in Vegas in, say, September? Another thing Anna needs to learn is the definition of biography! Favorite things to spend money on != biography.

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