July 14, 2004

Shultz Against the World: This is your chance to sit on TSN's panel of experts and make your voice heard. Site visitors can vote for their picks for this week's CFL games, and then see how the world's picks measure up against Shultz's picks. I wouldn't mind seeing this idea extended to other sports.

posted by DrJohnEvans to football at 09:39 AM - 4 comments

Wow, I've never seen a CFL post on here before (although I've never really browsed through the archives). Unfortunately, I keep getting a 404 error when submitting my picks so I won't be able to oppose Shultz's pick of Edmonton over Hamilton.

posted by Stan Fields at 12:04 PM on July 14, 2004

Huh! I was able to submit mine earlier. Hmm.. and now it tells me that I voted earlier, so it seems to be okay. Yeah, I was intrigued enough to post it because of the novelty of the "against the World" idea, but the fact that it's a CFL post doesn't hurt. Or, given the number of comments so far, maybe it does.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:38 PM on July 14, 2004

Canadian content comment filler to the rescue! Wave the flag proud, boys. And Edmonton is a no-brainer over Hamilton. I'm making it Smooth Jimmy's Lock Of The Week.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 03:30 PM on July 14, 2004

Soccernet has an expert versus fan of the round matchup for the EPL. They get people writing in from all over the globe, fans of more than just ManU and Liverpool too.

posted by billsaysthis at 06:12 PM on July 14, 2004

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