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May 31, 2002

Thank you refs: A huge game from Shaq and home town officiating even the NBA West Finals.

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"Once they saw us, it didn't matter. They recognized us anyway, and they were ruthless.: I've been around the league in playoff situations -- Los Angeles, Utah, Sacramento and Seattle. Fans are fanatic. I understand that. But this was different. This was a lot of hatred -- a lot of hatred. The biggest thing that bothered me was going after a 3-year-old." -Joumana Kidd, on the vile behavior of some Boston fans in Game 4. To be fair, some Nets fans did something equally horrible, holding a sign in Game 5 which read: "Will Somebody Stab Paul Pierce?" (In case you didn't know, Pierce was almost fatally stabbed in a night club about a year ago) And what was with the crazed, beer swilling Carolina woman who was berating Maple Leaf Corey Cross while he was in the penalty box during that playoff's Game 5?

The first two examples border on criminal intimidation, in my opinion. I know where I go to watch hockey, the ushers would never stand for the behavior in Boston, New Jersey, or Carolina. Shouldn't these venues hold their fans to a higher standard than this? And just what the hell is wrong with these goon fans?

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The NBA's future - in the hands of international scouts: [nyt reg req] "In 1983, eight international players were listed on opening-night N.B.A. rosters. This season, 52 international players from 31 countries played in the N.B.A. ...The recent conference semifinal series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Kings featured eight foreign players.... Of the 10 players named to the N.B.A. all-rookie teams, five were foreign-born, including the Spaniard Pau Gasol, the rookie of the year." Much more interesting.

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Biggest World Cup upset since Cameroon vs Argentina, 1980.: And they didn't have to hack the other side to pieces to do it :)

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World Cup is finally here! Senegal scores the first goal of the year against France. Good start to the cup in my opinion.

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Beckham's Beck! er, Back!: But it could matter more in terms of morale than scoring, given his popularity in Japan, which has already effectively shifted a portion of Japan's home field advantage and given it to England. Of course, not all Brits are being given quite the same welcome...

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May 30, 2002

Ken Venturi finally retires.: This is the last week of the love fest for departing CBS golf announcer Ken Venturi. This sounds like a great thing, but every year he seems to be retiring, only to come back. So don't be shocked to see him back. The only thing notable to come from Mr. Venturi, 71, recently was his drunk driving arrest last year. He used the cliched, but still hilarious line, "don't you know who I am." Lanny Wadkins will take his place in the booth. What do you think about that?

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Rangers shortshop Alex Rodriguez was thrown out of Wednesday night's game for giving umpire Greg Gibson an "intimidating look" as he ran off the field. Is there a pro sport that gives its on-field officials more power to be stupid than Major League Baseball?

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May 29, 2002

Its not only NBA that has astounding comebacks this week..: 25-0 down to the Wales team in the Welsh national stadium (the Millenium stadium, Cardiff), and completely outclassed at half time, Barbarians end up winning the game 25-40. Must've been a team talk and a half.. What have been the most memorable sporting comebacks you've seen?

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THIS: used to be the highlight of Tom Tolbert's career. Now he's an NBA commentator on the rise. I strongly disagree with Chucky Brown's assessment of Tolbert. Tom has been a pleasant surprise. He's given the dismal NBC team a boost. I hear that he's on the short list for ESPN's NBA team for next season. Who are your favorite sports announcers/commentators - and why?

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Blazers' Randolph arrested on underage drinking charge: A .08 blood level is like, one beer? Can we spell "Racial Profiling?"

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MVP on steroids: Former major leaguer Ken Caminiti says he was on steroids when he won the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1996, and alleges that steroids are widely used in baseball. Not that that's a shock.

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May 28, 2002

The 13 levels of losing: by ESPN's Bill Simmons, is a little too intricate and complicated, but he recounts a lot of memorable losses.

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The World Cup of 1958 never happened! :

Swedish TV will air a documentary on Wednesday about a group called "Konspiration 58" [only swedish], claiming that the football (or soccer for ye usians) World Cup of 1958 (held in Sweden) never took place; it was supposedly staged in the US on closed arenas. It all was a cold war publicity stunt by the western powers to spread the new medium television world wide. A thing that little Sweden did not have the technical competence to pull through.
The idea and the pictures are wonderful, and soccer is more important than the moon landing. Link lifted straight from kuro5hin.

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May 27, 2002

Baseball's desperation grows - Sleepovers the latest attempt to lure fans.: On June 8-9, 250 people can watch a night-day doubleheader that begins with a game against the Montreal Expos followed by a movie, an overnight stay on the Comiskey Park outfield grass and a game the next afternoon. Seating, or rather, sleeping, room has almost run out for the $250 tickets. ''We tried to create a totally new and unique White Sox experience,'' says Rob Gallas, White Sox senior vice president of marketing and broadcasting

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May 26, 2002

Valentine: 'It will be very difficult for us to hit him': The New York Mets have been waiting for Roger Clemens to pitch -- and bat -- at Shea Stadium ever since he beaned Mike Piazza two years ago. It looks like they might get their chance when the New York Yankees visit in three weeks. But Mets manager Bobby Valentine is fearful that all the attention will make it hard for his team to get revenge. ''It means it will be very difficult for us to hit him in the neck because of all the buildup,'' Valentine said Saturday

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The one they had to win: The Kings blow it in LA

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Helio Castroneves wins a contested Indianapolis 500.: "Paul Tracy passed Castroneves on the next-to-last lap but race officials said a yellow flag had come out seconds earlier." Ummm...can't they check the film?

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May 25, 2002

The greatest fourth quarter comeback in NBA history: as the Celtics overcome a 21-point deficit to win.

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Cremated remains dropped on Safeco from plane:
The ash-filled container bounced off the roof and fell into the street. As, usual, Hargrove's quote is a work of art: "That would be my luck. Somebody would drop my ashes and miss.''

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What Roy Keane said: to Mick Mcarthy wasn't very nice. An overview of the weeks shenanigans can be found here. Can't wait for the real shooting war to start. Jeez, I have to put this in the soccer category it looks like. Nasty.

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May 24, 2002

David Robinson to retire after next season.: Godspeed, Admiral. After next season, it's full steam ahead to the Hall of Fame.

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World Cup meets the Weblog: How many more will pop up.

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Let's Get Ready To Bumble!: ESPN's Bill Simmons hilarious provides some very funny running commentary for Wednesday night's Celebrity Boxing II.

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May 23, 2002

Golf legend Sam Snead passed away today.: Snead was famous for his straw hat, cocky grin and homespun humor in addition to his sweet swing. A fellow player once said, "Watching Sam Snead practice hitting golf balls is like watching a fish practice swimming."

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The Unruly Fan's take on this year's NBA Draft.: Will Ming end up in Houston? Probaby not. (via Sound the Sirens)

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Shawn Green hits 4 HRs in a game, goes 6 for 6 : in one of the most incredible offensive days any hitter has ever had. If you watch carefully, ESPN might even mention something about this on Baseball Tonight...

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Miniature Golf game.: Uses Flash. Good way to waste/spend 10 minutes.

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Is the CART Fed Ex series dead?: After the defection of Penske and Honda to the IRL, signs point to yes. If the turnout of top rate CART drivers on this year's Indy roster is any measure, there may only be one American open-wheel racing series very soon, and it may turn left only.

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May 22, 2002

Giambi Looking for Some Brotherly Love.: Jeremy goes to Philadelphia for backup outfielder John Mabry. Meanwhile in Chicago, Mark Prior, the "best college pitcher ever" (as proclaimed by Baseball America), shows his stuff for the first time against the Pirates. Sheesh, talk about pressure.

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New York Post columnist Wallace Matthews has posted his Mike Piazza column on SportsJournalists.Com, a site that's a resource for sportswriters and people interested in joining the profession.

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May 21, 2002

‘I’m not gay,’Mets’ Piazza says: Piazza’s sexual orientation became an issue Monday when the New York Post suggested Valentine’s remarks about gays in an upcoming magazine article could be a prelude to one of his players saying he is homosexual. The newspaper said that, "There is a persistent rumor around town that one Mets star who spends a lot of time with pretty models in clubs is actually gay and has started to think about declaring his sexual orientation." Looks like the rumor was accurate about everything but the gay part!

posted by srboisvert to baseball at 10:22 PM - 17 comments,: the "Onion" of the sports world. Enjoy a few good laughs.

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"I know at times I come across like a Neanderthal or a babbling idiot, but I like that person..I'm Tyson, I'm a tyrannical titan " : [NYT reg req] All will be watching on June 8, and he will be $ 35 million richer. The fascination lives on.

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World Cup Warrior, a fun little game from the BBC World Cup website, is available to play now. Beats their Winter Olympics snowboarding game (Ace Powder's Mountain Mayhem) by a country mile.

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May 20, 2002

CNNSI's Peter King may cover football for a living, but he's got a real good take on why the baseball labor issue is disgusting, annoying, and not a little unlike Israel-Palestine.

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NBA Draft.: "The trick is to hopefully get out of here and not be here next year," said Bulls general manager Jerry Krause, whose team was in the lottery for the fourth straight year. (Note to Krause: resign.) >>> Congrats to the Rockets. Will they trade their pick? Will Francis still be the "Franchise" (think Jayson Williams)? Or will they go for Yao Ming? Here are some early entry candidates.

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May 19, 2002

War Emblem on Verge of Triple Crown Glory.: With the death of the great Seattle Slew this is the first time there has not been a living triple crown winner. There have been 11 triple crown winners since 1919, and for the most part their roads to glory were just as unlikely as that of War Emblem. But Bob Baffert has been here before, in 1997 and 1998 with Silver Charm and Real Quiet, and failed to win the Belmont and the triple crown. War emblem has the speed, but does he have the bottom? Three times a charm?

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May 18, 2002

Weird sports memorabilia: "A wad of gum chewed by Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Luis Gonzalez was auctioned on the Internet for $10,000."

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May 17, 2002

Oh. My. God.: Controversial Wests Tigers winger John Hopoate has been suspended for 12 weeks after being found guilty by the NRL Judiciary of poking his fingers up the anuses of three North Queensland players.

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My new home page (for the next 2 months): I'm afraid the Yahoo-FIFA drones will puts me to sleep (if the televised game times don't do the job properly) Anything better out there?

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May 16, 2002

Pitino Proud Of Celtics:
Rick Pitino has nothing but praise for Jim O'Brien and the Celtics, who have turned things around since he quit last season and are in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Then again, Pitino always said he'd have the C's at a championship level in five years. Then he left town and everyone dubbed him a charlatan.

Well, five years after he came to Boston, here they are. Celtics-Lakers anyone? This train is bound for glory...

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Goooooooooooooal!!!! Last night's Zinedine Zidane super-strike to win the Champions League Final was amazing and will be ranked as one of the all time greats. What's your nomination for greatest ever goal? A selection of goal videos is available here to help you decide (sorry, opens an annoying new window).

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May 15, 2002

David Feherty may be the funniest commentator in sports today.: At least concerning golf, that's for sure. But he also loves hockey, which is strange for an Irishman living in Dallas. (An Irishman in Dallas is strange in and of itself, anyhow.) Check out his archives for more laughs, or buy his latest book.

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Doctor: Hingis may be forced to stop playing: Hingis' mother, Melanie Molitor, confirmed that her daughter was undergoing tests in Zurich. She said the damage may have been caused by the shoes that Hingis wore for tennis from the age of 11 until three years ago.Thanks mom, for keeping my sponsors happy !

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Retired slugger says he plans to write tell-all book: A day after announcing his retirement from baseball, Jose Canseco told ESPN Radio's Dan Patrick on Tuesday that he plans to write a tell-all book that will "name names" about Major League Baseball regarding women, steroid use and more. Include a how-to chapter and it should sell like hotcakes!

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Alex the magic man: does it again!! I dare say that he has been the difference between the Leafs two past post season exits, and the 2 current post season successes. Can you say 'Happy Golfing Devils"

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May 13, 2002

Did anyone expect: Sacramento to win in 5? Because I sure didn't...My question is this: Will Cuban break up the group this summer and are the Kings underrated?

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Jose Canseco Retires.: Yep, he's packing it in. One of my favorite baseball players. Everyone else picks on him but not me. If some AL team had the good sense to plug him in their lineup, he'd hit 260 with 35 HRs as a DH, but I think he's a little tired of gettng his chain jerked.

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Choking at the bowl.: "After polling some of the country's pre-eminent urologists, we discovered that, surprise, Thad isn't alone. Men experience stage fright at ballpark urinals all the time. In fact, the problem is so common that urologists have a reassuring, pat-on-the-butt-sounding name for it: choking at the bowl. There are three reasons why ballparks cause men to choke-two physical, one psychological."

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May 11, 2002

Team No Boundaries: is the first all-female US climbing team to attempt Mount Everest. (They're sponsored by Ford) One of the women, Alison Levine has passed a more daunting challenge: "I once sat through a Duke basketball game at Carolina."

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May 09, 2002

Kazoos and pennies in a jar?: What about the Sacramento fans banging cowbells directly behind the Mavs' bench at Arco Arena? Incidentally, I heard that Cuban was thinking about buying cowbells and distributing them at the game.

I'm sure this is in the best interest of the NBA and its' players, but it doesn't seem fair that one side can do it and the other can't.

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Crying? That's not in the game plan.: Life in a 10-years-old-and-younger select traveling baseball league.

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England World Cup squad: - Goalkeepers: David Seaman, David James, Nigel Martyn, Defenders: Rio Ferdinand, Sol Campbell, Gareth Southgate, Wes Brown, Danny Mills, Ashley Cole, Wayne Bridge, Martin Keown, Midfielders: David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, Kieron Dyer, Nicky Butt, Owen Hargreaves, Joe Cole, Strikers: Michael Owen, Emile Heskey, Teddy Sheringham, Robbie Fowler, Darius Vassell


[As requested, from MeFi]

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May 07, 2002

Nixon, Castillo fined & suspended. Rupe sneaks away with a fine. : First Rupe hits an ump and two Red Sox. Nixon throws a bat at the pitcher. Castillo hits a Devil Ray. The ump finally warns both dugouts. Discipline was deserved, but this seems blatantly one-sided.

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WWF title goes to World Wildlife Fund.: Vince McMahon's entertaining group of part wrestlers/part actors will henceforth be referred to as the "WWE".

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Griese Monkey Falls Down.: A spokesman "would not say if alcohol was involved on Sunday." I'll fill you in. Of course it was. This fella drinks more than Kid Rock at a barbeque on his Michigan ranch on the 4th of July. Griese would probably have been driving home, so it may have been good this happened. I don't want to be anywhere near this buffoon on the road.

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ESPN's Offseason Overview: They'll analyze all of the NFL teams over the next eight weeks. So far they've done the Cardinals and the Seahawks, and predict how they'll do in the NFC West. (Not good.)

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Tim Duncan, MVP: (NY Times link). Kidd's stats probably came up just short.

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Peter Ebdon clinches the title of Embassy World Snooker Champion in a "brilliant and tense" match. The final was, as usual, between two British Players. Does anyone outside of the UK care about Snooker?

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Fergie goes nuts! Poor old Sir Alex, the pressure and the mockery must be getting to the fella.

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May 06, 2002

Washington Warriors?: The Washington City Paper is speculating that the Redskins will be changing their name [via Slate]

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The practice of stripping victorious athletes of their clothing is becoming a tradition. I wonder sometimes if U.S. sports will eventually be plagued by the same hooliganism that is commonplace elsewhere.

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Brown tired of Iverson?: Is this for real? I thought that the Sixers were just a second scorer away from getting a higher seed. Are Iverson's missed practices hurting the team or Brown's feelings?

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May 05, 2002

Hawaii wins NCAA Men's Volleyball Championship!: Granted, it's an obscure sport to many, but this first men's NCAA championship has created a great deal of excitement here in the islands.

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May 04, 2002

The second round of the NBA Playoffs begins tonight with the Mavericks visiting the Kings (though ESPN already has the Spurs up three games to two over the Lakers). Who do you like in all four matchups?

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Unstoppable?: The Lakers are the first team in any major sport to win 19 out of 20 playoff games. Can anyone stop them this year?

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May 03, 2002

"I normally don't do interviews with women unless I fornicate with them....: I think Jesus would have a drink with me...I'm just like you." Mike Tyson's crazy rambling.

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Derby Day!: Even occasional punters follow the "Fastest Two Minutes in Sports". I love the ponys, but it's become an old guy sport-- old guys with hats, and cheap cigars, for the most part. They say there is no real favorite in this year's race, but the favorite never wins, anyway, and is just a horse to bet against. Who do Sportsfilter folks like? And where exactly does one buy White Owls these days?

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Is this column written in English?: I've given up on trying to read Ralph Wiley's columns. Run-on sentences, slang and jive-talk coupled with obscure references and nonsense make his columns unreadable.

Here's a quote from his recent piece on how to fix the Knicks: "Then this proposed Knicks team won't contend to dethrone Shaq/Kobe until LeBron has three years under his belt and/or Yao figures out his butt from a hole in the ground and/or Jason figures out he's not God because he was Chosen by Duke, but just another good one who must play with passion to separate himself from the NFL pack, like Baron does (love him -- take him over Jase right now, which is saying a mouthful)."

What the heck does that mean? And while we're at it, how exactly are the Knicks going to get Baron Davis from Charlotte/New Orleans? Ridiculous.

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May 02, 2002

Back to Back homers. Back to Back Homers.: What is up with the softball game in Chicago? Not to mention, Mike Cameron added two more himself. Bring out the juiced ball theory because I don't think this is the last time this will happend this year.

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troy aikman lands top analyst spot on fox. : while countless booth personalities languished behind madden/summerall for decades at cbs and fox, troy only had to wait a year.

sorry fellow cowboy fans, but it looks like summerall really is going to announce most of the cowboys games. sigh.

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Another college coach has a resume problem.: This time it's Vandy's new women's basketball coach, who earlier in his career submitted a resume showing a master's degree he didn't earn. As a reporter, I'm guessing that these things aren't becoming more common, but media outlets are just looking at resumes more these days.

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Yankees Suck: "Seattle Mariners fans who tried to wear 'Yankees Suck' T-shirts during a three-game weekend series against New York were told to turn their shirts inside out, take them off or leave."

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May 01, 2002

F1's most famous privateer passes on.: Rob Walker, probably my favorite Road & Track writer (next to Peter Egan), and the most successful private-entry Formula One owner ever, passed away yesterday. (Better article on also available.) For those of us who follow F1, a great bit of history -- and underdog success -- has now been lost to us.

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Online voting for the All-Star Game starts today. : Last season, 2.2 million online votes were cast by 1 million fans, up 25% from the previous year. This year they are sure to see even larger numbers as online ballots are now also available in Japanese and Spanish. So, who are you voting for?

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Kentucky state legislators to Louisville hoops: you will play Western Kentucky!: "Hours after the Kentucky Senate passed a budget bill that includes a provision requiring the University of Louisville to play a men's basketball game at Western Kentucky University next season, U of L officials agreed to resume negotiations for a game to be played in Nashville, Tenn." Nothing like government in action.

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