May 03, 2002

Derby Day!: Even occasional punters follow the "Fastest Two Minutes in Sports". I love the ponys, but it's become an old guy sport-- old guys with hats, and cheap cigars, for the most part. They say there is no real favorite in this year's race, but the favorite never wins, anyway, and is just a horse to bet against. Who do Sportsfilter folks like? And where exactly does one buy White Owls these days?

posted by outside counsel to other at 12:37 PM - 2 comments

Request for Parole will win. I pick like I pick ever year, based solely on the name. Unfortunatly the last time this worked was for Unbridled.

posted by corpse at 01:51 PM on May 03, 2002

and it didn't work this time either. I'm glad I don't bet on horse races.

posted by corpse at 02:39 PM on May 06, 2002

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