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Anyone know or have a list of the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL owners? I can't recall seeing one oneline, but usually Forbes lists what the franchises are worth and who the owners are, but find the $2.95 for an article that may or may not have what I was even trying to figure out. Not sure if this is even worthy of posting to the locker room.

posted by brent to navel gazing at 10:42 PM on October 23, 2002 - 1 comment

Back to Back homers. Back to Back Homers.: What is up with the softball game in Chicago? Not to mention, Mike Cameron added two more himself. Bring out the juiced ball theory because I don't think this is the last time this will happend this year.

posted by brent to baseball at 10:27 PM on May 02, 2002 - 7 comments

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BOS-NYY Game 4 thread

David Ortiz just ended it at 1:30 AM. They live until later today.

posted by brent at 12:28 AM on October 18, 2004

Randy Johnson throws a perfect game.

What a performance! Great job by the fielders early on to make some key outs. Some weren't too far from being a hit. Bautista, Tracy, Cintron being the most useful. 1 vs. 27 men and he owns them all.

posted by brent at 09:02 PM on May 18, 2004

Graduation rates among the Sweet 16

I'm a stat in the article. % of Overall men's student body who graduate from the University in 4 years. Never figured that would happen. These stats always remind me of the saying along the lines"all that can be counted counts and all that can't be counted should count." If you WANT to get the degree you will work towards it. Finishing in 4, 5, 10 years. Vince Carter being an example who went and finished years later. The scholarship and sports only provide an entry key, the rest is up to the individual.

posted by brent at 10:16 PM on March 25, 2003

Who is Texas paying? And who did Kentucky, Arizona and Kansas forget to pay?

I like the West. Finally people can say it is not the weakest. It seemed in previous years, the South was the strongest. This time it is the weakest. I like the Midwest and East balance where most of the upsets will be. 5/12 games should be better than last years.

posted by brent at 11:26 PM on March 16, 2003

Hell freezes over!

Yeah rcade! I was laughing at that too, and could just imagine that he was getting directions "Zoom in, zoom in, NO YOU IDIOT! Don't run in, THUMP!" As for the game, that last int touchdown cost me $100. Why not just take a knee? The game wasn't in doubt. Just running up the score did me no good, but a congrats to the Bucs.

posted by brent at 07:16 PM on January 28, 2003

College Basketball Tips Off Tonight

Marquette Gold....errr Warriors. Make way for the Madness. March, it can't be that far away. Goes looking under the cap for teams, looking for "bubble" predictions, 5-12 matchup history, and hopes NIT does not really stand for Not Invited Tourney.

posted by brent at 06:56 PM on November 14, 2002

“We’re attempting to find skates and equipment to fit him.”

Reminds me of the saying I have taped up at my desk Anyways by Mother Theresa.

posted by brent at 07:37 PM on November 13, 2002

Is Tice Toast?

Yes he is. I go with Lebeau first. Maybe a shakeup in Arizona to salvage something for the few fans that show up.

posted by brent at 07:56 PM on October 01, 2002

Marino in '84. Bledsoe in '02.

How many teams really needed him? Certainly you can figure 10-15 were already counting on that position being filled with a dependable/reliable quarterback. Some were figuring on a qb rotation to begin with, but why throw in what many viewed as a high priced veteran? Granted Rob Johnson, Doug Flutie, Van Pelt in Buffalo makes it an obvious home. Plus all that money Cincy has in qbs. The Bears were an obvious choice in my book, with Booker, White, and Robinson with a solid run game with Thomas, and battles with Favre would ignite more of the Packers/Bears rival. But, as for the Skins. They sure look like a mess at that position. Maybe Snyder will wise up and sell the team.

posted by brent at 07:55 PM on October 01, 2002

Can Baker Make a Comeback in Boston?

I don't know if it will hurt the C's. They are a two man team, trying to find a constant third scorer. Pierce and Walker will carry you so far. Give them an option and maybe you win a series, but with the Lakers all but given the titles for the next couple of years, why bother? Maybe a deal to ship Baker back to Milwaukee and somehow get Robinson to play out East? As for the PG problem, I'm not so sure something can't be made for a deal later with Dallas, say a T. Hardaway or a J. Vaughn of Utah to bring back a Kansas connection if at all possible?

posted by brent at 10:06 PM on July 23, 2002

Shawn Green hits 4 HRs in a game, goes 6 for 6

No, I just happen to beleive now that the single season home run record has fallen in a short period of time, the 4 homer game "record" is going to fall, and more than one (now two) will come close this year. McGwire took down Mantle after some period of time. Bonds took down McGwire much faster. It took over a decade to accomplish it since Mark Whiten, but rather than saying "You won't see this happen for another decade," a prediction that came true faster than I could of guessed happened within a month. Now if you were to say the odds of this happening were x then I would fall for the gambler's fallacy. Maybe a back-to back-to back homer run in the same inning by one team then I'll beleive I have some kind of insight.

posted by brent at 04:06 AM on May 26, 2002

Shawn Green hits 4 HRs in a game, goes 6 for 6

Previously mentioned here first. "Bring out the juiced ball theory because I don't think this is the last time this will happen this year." Nor do I think this is the last we will see a four homer game this year.

posted by brent at 10:54 PM on May 24, 2002