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November 30, 2002

Guess who's back! Back again!: North Carolina beat Stanford for the Owens Corning Preseason NIT title last night in New York, and are now 5-0 on the season, three wins away from matching their win total from last season. Things don't get easier as they play Illinois and Kentucky next week, but Tar Heel confidence is high right about now, especially after knocking off Kansas.

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November 28, 2002

Relax, it's just a game.: The Canadian Hockey Association launches a brilliant ad campaign to combat boorish behaviour among hockey parents. Watch the ads online. (via Roy MacGregor's column in today's Globe and Mail)

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November 27, 2002

Beat Report: Champion's League

One day early, but all the matches are done and I will be away from the computer on my regularly scheduled day. Yesterday, in the most closely followed match here, Manchester United overcame a lightening fast goal by Basle to win their match. AC Milan triumphed over reigning champion and old champion's league rival, Real Madrid. Dortmund also unsurprisingly beat Lokomotiv Moscow on the frozen tundra of Lokomotiv stadium, and Juventus battles back to earn a draw with Deportivo.

Today's action has Thierry Henry providing a lot of firepower as Arsenal uncharacteristically dominate a team on the continent as the knock off Roma 3-1. Some domination also took place in the game involving the final EPL representative, as Inter Milan hammered Newcastle. Finally, Barcelona beat defending runner-up, Bayer Leverkusen, while Ajax and Valencia play to a 1-1 draw.

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NFL Pro Bowl ballots: are up. Vote for your favorite players. For QBs, I'll vote for Favre, Brooks, and Vick in the NFC; Maddox, Gannon, and Bledsoe in the AFC. Who has earned the trip to Hawaii?

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NHL Weekly Beat Report

This week, the Leafs show signs of a late bloom (maybe). Also, we'll take a look at a few young players to watch this year. (More inside)

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NBA Beat Report: Week 5
Okay, Yao seems to be for real. "He made 31 of 35 shots (88.6 percent) during a six-game stretch ending Thursday, breaking Wilt Chamberlain's six-game NBA record for field goal accuracy." Is it premature to celebrate his skills? Will teams adjust and shut him down in the future? Has anyone seen him play? Also, the Central Division Rules. Detroit, Indiana, and New Orleans were ranked in the top five last week (this week New Orleans dropped a few spots but are still in the top ten). Name a better division. Reggie Miller admits that he could have come back sooner but superstition kept him away. Mavericks continue to roll and are on the verge of making history. Always the Mavericks doubter, I admit that even I am impressed with their start. Of course, now they must collide with the aforementioned Central Division studs (Detroit tonight, Indiana tomorrow).

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The Olympics have gotten too big and need to shrink.: Dick Pound will argue this week that the IOC needs to "begin culling the events before we see gold medals being awarded in mall walking and spelling bees," as columnist Roy MacGregor puts it. While ballroom dancing, cheerleading and chess clamour for Olympic recognition, baseball, softball and modern pentathlon may be on the block. Realistically, which events should go?

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November 26, 2002

"The America's Cup is not like other sports," : says former French Cup Captain Boris Trouble. "You win or you die. When you are about to die, you will do anything to survive." Dennis Connor's Stars & Stripes and Italy's Prada have accused Seattle-based OneWorld (funded in part by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen) of illegally using design information from other teams. OneWorld's response included beating Stars & Stripes in a qualifying round.

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"They don't like us with a passion and we feel the same way about them": Redskins vs. Cowboys (Thanksgiving Day) rates among the longest running blood feuds in the NFL (Packers/Bears beats it in longevity). But you have to wonder how much free agency and rapid roster changes has tinkered with that. It doesn't help when coaches flip teams as well, unlike George Allen who had a maniacal obsession with "America's Team" - you don't exactly see that sort of intensity from Steve Spurrier and Dave Campo. Some highlights from Skins-Boys contests (for Skins fans *ahem*, it's been more low than high the past ten years).

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Will the false weird story, please stand up!: Here are six goofy-as-hell sports stories, one of which is false. Try and pick the wrong one! (I guessed incorrectly.)

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Run Ricky Run: The Miami Dolphins running back also runs his own weblog. [via MetaFilter]

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Champions League: Man Utd vs Basel -- LIVE ... text (1130am PST/730pm GMT).: In about one hour, you can experience the glory of live European soccer from the comfort of your workstation. OK, you'll have to read it, and hit Refresh once a minute. But believe me, it's fun. Let Barry Glendenning of the Guardian split your sides with soccer snark. Email shout-outs to your pals all over the globe. (I'm gonna do one to my SpoFi soccer buddies.) And oh yeah, watch Man U get beaten by the team that kicked Liverpool out off the Champs.

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College Football Report, Nov. 26
All is right in the BCS world, thanks to Ohio State squeaking by Michigan on Saturday. That sets up a Fiesta Bowl matchup with Miami, provided the Canes take care of business against Syracuse and Virginia Tech (they should). more inside...

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Sportsmanship 101. :
In reference to this post about sportsmanship in athletics, here's a display of true gamesmanship. For those of you who saw the MNF Eagles-49ers game, you saw what being a professional is all about. [more inside]

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November 25, 2002

Chunky Soup Curse: check your sources!: If Jawaking or yhbc had bothered to do any research they would have realized that Fistful of Sports and not Dan Lewis's SportsBlog is the proper source for the Curse of Chunky Soup.

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Montreal wins the Grey Cup.: And there's 16 ESPNs and of course it's not on cable. But apparently it was like one below and that's football weather and an exciting game to boot. Congrats to The Football Players Formerly Known As The Baltimore Stallions.

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November 24, 2002

Boston's new GM is my age...: 28. What were the owners thinking? More power to Epstein though. I wish I could claim "GM of the Boston Red Sox" on my resume at this moment in life.

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NFL Week 12 RoundUp (aka That's Why They Play The Game Week)

Welcome to the alternate universe. Up is down and down is up. The madness just never stops - thank you parity.

Danny Freaking Wuerffel over Kurt (I'm Not Marc Bulger) Warner (even weirder: Mike Martz admits mortality, what next, Brian Billick? Nah.)

Ricky "Remember Me?" Williams piles 30 on the slipping Chargers

Here's a note for Mike Sherman: I understand you're unhappy about losing to the Bucs. But if you're going to pick a fight... why would you pick one of the scariest men in football? Next time, pick a kicker (not Todd Sauerbrun, though). I thought Sapp's shot was perfectly legal, by the way.

The Fire Morhinweg movement got ample fodder today, with the Lions braintrust choosing to kick the ball in overtime. Never mind that the receiving team almost always wins. These are the Lions, and they don't make much sense.

The Texans get another notch on their belt against the G-Men (Anybody ready to join the Shut The Hell Up, Jeremy Shockey club?)

Do you remember when the Panthers were 3-0? That was a long time ago.

Uh-oh, the Jets aren't dead yet. Please, don't allow that silly cheer into the postseason. ("I can spell! S-P-E-L-L! SPELL SPELL SPELL!")

There's this team named the Browns. I never see them on tv, but word is they beat the Saints. Good for them.

When you go 15-1 and miss the Superbowl, there is hell to pay. Welcome to purgatory, Vikings fans.

No guarantee from the Bungles Bengals?

Dallas won, Emmett carried the ball. Jerry Jones logic: Bench Him!

Cardinals vs. Raiders: New division, same Cardinals.

The Seahawks will be just fine as long as Jeff George keeps his hands tightly gripped onto that clipboard.

Baseball score 13-12 as Titans drop to the Ravens. Brian Billick polishes "offensive genius" award every night before bed.

Currently: Broncos are up vs. Colts (on the frozen tundra of Mile High Stadium)

Monday: Donovan "Franchise" McNabb to Koy "Mountain Man" Detmer? NFC East may be wide open...

Inside: A Turkey Day Letter from Owillis to Steve Spurrier

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College B-Ball Report: The preseason NIT rolls along, and now it's time for the Maui invitational, and guess what folks the big news this year is the arena they play the games in is finally air conditioned. Oh yeah they're playing a few games too. This one is short, and sweet folks, here's the top 25 results from the past week, and after looking over the final four in the NIT, and looking over the Maui field who do you thinks coming out on top?

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Beat Report: MLS

The MLS announces playoff changes and a new schedule. Plus the US Men's National Team has their first post World Cup friendly. More inside..

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Why stop at twenty-five?: Peter Gammons lists things that bug him about baseball. So, what did he leave off the list? The biggest omission, in my mind, is baseball's incredibly lousy racial record with respect to front office and coaching jobs.

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November 23, 2002

Ohio State heads to the national championships!: You've called us boring. You've called us lucky. But we're also undefeated and heading to the Fiesta Bowl. A classic OSU vs. Michigan match up came down to the final second today.

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Quarterback Drought?: Mike Celzic says the superstar list is short: Favre, Warner, McNabb, Gannon. It's all downhill from there. Are you okay with a "manager" QB for your team - winning by using defense and minimizing offensive mistakes, or would you prefer a gunslinger who straps the team to his back and wins the big one?

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November 22, 2002

What Are College Games For? : "Surely we are not in the business of making profits from the games of our students. Nor are we willing that they should be in that business either. But in some way or other we have gotten into that business, have built our fields and used them for extracting all the money which the traffic will bear." The Atlantic looked at the commercialization of college sports...80 years ago.

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Leading with your helmet is bad,: mmmmkay? But if you hurt someone, should you be out for the same period of time? The Chunky Soup guy thinks so.

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The Blazers are going to win the NBA championship this year.:

"Guys are starting to buy into the system, learning exactly what we need to do," Wells said. "If we just play hard like this, we should get wins like this consecutively . . . like 10 in a row."

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November 21, 2002

First Sign of the Apocalypse: Kicker Feud! Todd Sauerbrun takes on the Gramatica Brothers: "If he would have said the wrong thing to me there's no telling what I might have done ... that kid is as big of an idiot as his brother, and I'm sure his other brother is, too. It goes right down the line.'' Two kickers enter, one kicker leaves: SUNDAY!

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Beat Report: NHL

This year’s NHL looks a lot different from the league you knew last year. The hurry-up faceoffs and the crackdown on obstruction and interference have made the game a faster, more wide-open, and higher scoring affair.

Many people seem to enjoy the new flow of the game, with the notable and vocal exception of Canada’s answer to Archie Bunker, Don Cherry. Of course, Don may just be upset because some of his favorite guys aren’t going to make the cut in the new NHL. If you’re interested in the day-to-day live of a few of the enforcers that have enough skill to keep playing in today’s NHL, check out the online journals of Matt Barnaby or PJ Stock . Stock, along with being a passably entertaining writer, is also of the league’s 12 dirtiest players. Good for him.

But before you worry that the way that the game is being played now will mean that the NHL of the future will be overrun with non-physical little guys like surprising new star Martin St. Louis (23 points, 19 games) and the rest of Darren Pang’s All-Short Team, take heart in the fact that in one game in the minor leagues last week, 23 players were ejected in what could have been billed as QMJHL Smackdown ‘02.

It seems like the refs can’t do anything right this year. While Don Cherry complains that obstruction calls are ruining the game, others complain that the the crackdown is already fading. And speaking of complaining, the Maple Leaf’s are taking heat for being "whiny divers". It’s hard to respect a team with a winger whose name is an anagram of this.

When it comes down to it, instead of complaining about the differences in this year’s game, maybe we should be thankful for the rule changes that the NHL didn’t make. Well, maybe except the last one.

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I don't know about the sportsmanship....: ....but I'd sure like to know what defender allowed the single basket in a 115-2 basketball game! Seriously, though, should they have been allowed to call the whole thing off once it got to, say, 70-2?

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Beat Report: Champion's League and UEFA Cup.
Not much action this past week in either the Champion's League or UEFA Cup, so I thought I'd follow last week's post about the Champion's League draw with the draw for the draw for the next round of the UEFA Cup. before the games get underway next week. Liverpool, rudely bounced from the Champion's league last week by upstart Basle, have to look here to keep there European cup hopes alive. Also, Celtic struck a blow for the Scottish Premier league last week by elimating a representative to the better regarded league just south, Blackburn.

But how important is Europe's other cup? The Guardian hasn't even updated its page on it from last year. Is this a European version of the NIT basketball tournament, or something that really means something to fans?

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Batter up, eh!: Baseball is back in my town (London) and across the country. It's a very, um, socialist setup as all the teams are owned by the league and there is a strict $60,000/month team salary cap. Since the teams all play in Canada, with Canadian salaries and Canadian expenses, the exchange rate is not an issue.

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November 20, 2002

Mr. Robinson goes to San Juan.: Updating this tread, MLB has confirmed the Expos or "Los Expos" will play part of their season in Puerto Rico.

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SAILING: Louis Vuitton Cup teams now down to six.: Oracle BMW Racing (US) and Alinghi (Switzerland) are the first through to the semis, and will battle each other in December. In the meantime, four teams get a "second chance" in the repechage round of the Quarterfinals. Team Dennis Conner and OneWorld will be the all-US pairing in one half of the repechage, and the other will be Prada (Italy) vs Victory Challenge (Sweden). Repechage begins this Saturday, Nov. 23. I like saying "repechage."

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Beat Report: NBA Week 4
While Shaq is away, tall skinny men will play. But are Yao Ming (7'5") and Shawn Bradley (7'6") for real? Can they sustain their apparent progress, or will they crumble as the season unfolds? If Bradley disappears, will the 11-0 Mavericks and their newly discovered defense also dissipate? How long before the Mavericks lose? And forget Kobe, is T-Mac the new Jordan? Other thoughts? [See SportsFilter Top Five inside]

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November 19, 2002


Main Story: The big story in golf continues to be the Augusta National vs. Martha Burke debacle. It seems every week something new comes out that brings the issue back to the forefront, and this week was no exception, as no less than the New York Times weighed in with an op-ed piece telling Tiger Woods (the defending champion) that he should skip next year’s Masters unless ANGC admits a woman member. But so far, Tiger’s sticking with his position that he doesn’t agree with the policy, but doesn’t think it’s right to force his opinion on others (unlike, say, the New York Times).

Other Stories:

  • Golf announcer and Golf Magazine columnist David Feherty – arguably the funniest man in the golf business (which may not be saying much) – answers letters from readers, including this gem: "Q: Booze and golf. Why is this such a great combo? A: If you have to ask why booze and golf make such a great combo, you need to drink more the next time you play. You're welcome, that's what I'm here for."
  • Smith & Wesson to make golf clubs. Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Golf shot!"
  • This week: The tours have all completed their 2002 seasons, so it’s time for golf’s annual "silly season" of unofficial events. Up this week: Greg Norman’s Franklin Templeton Shark Shootout, an team event with each team consisting of two PGA Tour players. The tournament will be shown on CBS this weekend.

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College Football Wrap-Up, Nov. 19

Top Teams: A quiet weekend on the BCS front, with the exception of Ohio State's too-close-for-comfort win over Illinois. While some folks correctly projected the Buckeyes would lose ground to Miami (who did not play and hosts Pitt on Thursday) in the BCS standings, the difference is so slim it could reverse next week. But beware: the Buckeyes would throw the BCS standings for a loop if they lose to Michigan on Saturday.


  • Big 12: Texas Tech ran Texas out of the Big 12 championship race on Saturday with its spread offense and aims for Oklahoma this weekend. A win would put the Red Raiders in the conference title game on Dec. 7, despite four losses. Their opponent? Colorado, who behind a tremendous running game is also something of a bounce-back team this year. Buff fans might rather a second crack at Oklahoma, but that could be riskier from a bowl standpoint. Staying in the Big 12 for a moment, it has gotten this bad at Nebraska: the school is pushing punter Kyle Larson for all-conference honors. And he's the only NU offensive player that has a shot.
  • Big Ten: Iowa (11-1), the season's newest darling, blasted Minnesota to finish unbeaten in the Big Ten for the first time since 1922, but won't play Ohio State this year -- unless, as Andrew Bagnato points out, they meet in a bowl game. That would require some help from the PAC-10, but it could happen. Also, Michigan has to beat the Buckeyes this weekend (but don't say "spoiler").
  • ACC: Isn't it basketball season? Florida State, despite what October told us.
  • PAC-10: A bizarre attempted coup in Arizona fizzled and the Wildcats got their first conference win this year. The only teams that matter now are Washington State and USC, both of which face rivalry games.

Look Ahead: Aside from Michigan-OSU, this week has some good matchups. There's the Apple Cup, where host Washington State is favored over Washington for just the sixth time in 46 seasons. UCLA's seniors have one last chance to beat USC. Or see how a wounded Auburn team recovers from losing to Georgia when it travels to Birmingham for the Iron Bowl. All Alabama did last week was dominate the nation's top defense against LSU. And all Georgia did was finally win the SEC East.

By the Numbers: Saturday was a big offensive day: Penn State's Larry Johnson ran for 327 against Indiana. It was the third time this year he set the school's single-game record (hello, Heisman voters?). Arizona didn't need the run against California, winning 52-41 despite rushing for -5 yards. "They have an excellent receiving corps," Cal's Jeff Tedford said. Really, coach? But the stat of the week belongs to College of Marin quarterback Geary Davenport, who completed 44 of 64 passes for 781 yards and nine touchdowns. His team lost, 72-69.

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November 18, 2002

Like Shaq, Anelka is a punk, too.: Anelka has decided not to honor a last-minute request to play for France. Unlike Shaq, Anelka may be punished by FIFA for not playing for his country. The punishment? A one-game ban, according to FIFA rules. Or, if the French Football Federation (FFF) get their way, a two-game ban. The funny thing is Anelka plays in England for Manchester City, so it's really up to the English FA. Welcome to the world of international soccer.

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Mike Hampton traded to the Braves.: My guess is that this means that either Glavine or Maddux will not be returning to Atlanta. The fan reaction is mixed. Local columnist's definitely aren't. Glavine's already been offered contracts with the Phillies and Mets, while Maddux's agent, Scott Boras, is looking for a large payday. Do you think this is the right move for the Braves? Or will Hampton continue to pitch the way he did in Coor's field?

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Shaq is a punk.:

There's a pain on the outside of my knee in 2004. So if Phil was not picked, I probably will not play through the pain.


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English Premier League (EPL) Week 14 Report

Arsenal returns to the top, with a 3-0 win in the London derby against Tottenham. The Gunners nudged out my favorite team Liverpool, who contrived a scoreless home draw with Sunderland after peppering the goal with more shots than a band of drunken duck hunters. Meanwhile, Manchester United nearly lost to second-from-bottom West Ham.

Meanwhile, check out Soccernet's cute iconic Team of the Week, which reuses graphics from their Fantasy League.

Other EPL links you may find useful:

  1. My stupendous live EPL Internet radio page (on SpoFi): A list o' links to live radio commentary (some have archived commentary, too) hosted by each of the teams. Most are free, but the greedy pay ones are noted, too.
  2. ESPN's Soccernet is my top soccer read for results, reports, the occasional live text commentary, and stats (top scorers, attendance, fair play, discipline).
  3. The London Times Online's soccer page: Erudite renderings of games, often crossing over into epic poetry, I think. Also has a daily "The Premiership Today" feature that contains snippets on each team.
  4. The Guardian's soccer site is the center of snark soccer, with hilarious, biting sportswriting wit, in the form of ... well, just about all the articles. And live, text commentary of mid-week games (incl. Euro cup games) -- low tech fun that includes emails to the commentators. And, of course, there's Ormondroyd's Virtual Match Report, a smorgasbord of stick figure soccer sass (see also: Ormondroyd's own site).
  5. The venerable BBC's soccer section has news, live scores and game commentary (although the commentary seems to be written by robots, with canned descriptions of gameplay).
  6.'s EPL Injury Table: Counts and lists all reported injured players and their injuries (and estimates of how long they'll be out) from each team. This week's injury leader is Man City, with 10 injured players.

Please feel free to add your favorite EPL links and comments.

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Home Field Advantage.: The Trona (Calif.) Tornadoes played their final game as an 11-man high school football team on Friday, defeating the Boron Bobcats on a field known as The Pit. Why? Because it has no grass on it. "Apart from the football field at Juneau High in Alaska, which is made of glacial silt, Trona may have the only all-dirt field left in the United States." The town is a last-chance stop before entering Death Valley. (NYT link: u: SportsFi, p: SportsFi)

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NFL Week 11 Wrap Up
Did the Raiders shed the demons of last year's "tuck"?

There seems to be a Campbell's Soup curse - Terrell Davis, Kurt Warner, and now Mr. McNabb. Maybe the victorious Strahan & Co. should put out insurance before their playoff run.

Maddox went down, ditto Griese. Peter King thinks the backup QBs aren't looking so bad. (witness Marc Bulger auditioning for a big time contract tonight) -- but weren't we lamenting the decline of QB talent just a year ago and the rise of the "QB as manager"?

Can someone tell me what happened to the Packers?

In the "no shock" category: Dolphins swoon in fall, Christie kicks a winner (that guy covering T.O. got torched though!), Bucs win with defense (AND Crybaby Keyshawn got the ball), Colts stomp "America's (Bad) Team".

Vick may start something special, is Bledsoe still an MVP candidate?

In the "-tons" category: Pennington edges out Harrington

Someone tell the Bungles to stop guaranteeing wins and learn some football.

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November 17, 2002

Will The North Carolina Mens B-Ball Team Get Better?: UNC kicks off their season Monday night when Penn State comes to town for a first round game in the preseason NIT. Matt Doherty has his hands full after a tough off season, there were rumors of layers leaving, and there was Dean Smith's revelation that he wanted Rick Majerous to replace him when he retired. BTW Matt did a fine job recruiting, and they're still UNC. The preseason NIT looks like it's going to be fun, so let the predictions fly, who do you think is winning this thing?

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The Chunky Soup Curse: strikes again. Poor Donovan.

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Barfly Tour Championship: Ever play Golden Tee at your local pub? If you're good...REALLY good...there's a championship for this very popular video game.

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November 16, 2002

Turns out the Greeks did want some freaks. : Modern research reveals that "even Olympic athletes in ancient Greece were not above using aids to enhance their performances."

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November 15, 2002

The NBA's Donnie Brasco
: Great piece from the Boston Globe detailing the incredible story of NBA ref Bob Delaney, who spent two and a half years undercover in the mob.

Ha! I always knew the NBA was fixed. ;)

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Other Ways to Play Golf to Make It Cool for Dudes Like Us : "Golf doesn’t have to suck. It could be cool, if they changed the rules a bit. You know, for dudes like us, if they came up with some other ways to play…"

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Groups set for second stage of champions league. Groups A and B look to be mini groups of death. Group C looks like a clash between Spanish and Italian titans. And everyone's favorite/least favorite English side seems to have an easy road in Group D. Predictions? Thoughts?

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Ha! They only THINK that I'm surly!!: According to this Slate writer, Barry Bonds's legendary antagonism of the media is a carefully-planned act to make sure he gets as much media attention as possible. Gee, ya think?

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November 14, 2002

Making up for lost time. : After a 23-day sniper-induced schedule break, the DC-area Gwynn Park Yellow Jackets played four games in 12 days, finishing the season against a rival team they hadn't beaten in 18 years. They took an undefeated record into the stretch of makeup games...guess how it turned out?

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The silly season.:
This is the time when baseball writers and fans try to pass the time until spring training. Thankfully, a list has been provided of things to do for a fan of each team. Not mentioned: look for ANY baseball articles I haven't read yet. Sigh.

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College Basketball Tips Off Tonight: The Jimmy V Coaches for Cancer Classic tips off the college basketball season tonight, but before the games start who do you think is the best team, Oklahoma, Arizona, Pitt, or Kansas? Or do you know something the experts don't. Who's the best player? Luke Walton(his father annoys me), Hollis Price, or David West? Let's not forget the women, and low, and behold UConn is not number one, "Geno where have you failed", sorry I grew up in CT, and we didn't have much in the way of sports(f##king Whalers), but back to the ladies, who do you love? Please nobody say Natalie Portman, focus gentlemen, who is the best lady in the land? One last question, with some of the best talent jumping straight to the pros is college b-ball in trouble, or does it make it a better, more fun game to watch? A couple of things, I went with ESPN for most of the links because they are the best at covering college b-ball, and I'm no Lupica so be gentle.

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November 13, 2002

SAILING: The race to become the America's Cup challenger continues.: The quarterfinals of the Louis Vuitton Cup 2002 have begun in New Zealand. Eight teams from six countries (Switzerland, England, Sweden, France, Italy and the US) are vying for the challenger's spot in next year's America's Cup. The winner of the Louis Vuitton will do battle against the current holders, Team New Zealand.

The US has three teams in the races: Oracle BMW Racing (led by Oracle CEO billionaire Larry Ellison), OneWorld Challenge (led by telecom billionaire Craig McCaw), and Team Dennis Conner (led by two-time America's Cup winner Conner). Being a Bay Area resident, I'd like to see Ellison win. Not 'cause I like Ellison. But because winner gets to defend the Cup on their home waters.

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“We’re attempting to find skates and equipment to fit him.” : Tallest-basketball-player-ever Manute Bol is going to be playing hockey with the Indianapolis Ice of the Central Hockey League. Why not, after his recent defeat of William “The Refrigerator” Perry in Celebrity Boxing.

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November 12, 2002

From the penalty box to the luxury box
: Ray Bourque has re-signed in Boston. Only he's not playing hockey, but instead is working to sell box seats for the FleetCenter, and trading on his stock as a local sports icon to do so. Not a bad deal.

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And they're off!: The Dallas Mavericks sprint out of the gate 7-0 (the only undefeated team in the NBA). Nowitzki is named player of the week. But does it really matter? Are the Mavericks doomed to be the Bills of basketball? Has their defense gotten any better? Do they have what it takes to beat the Kings or Lakers during the playoffs (yes, I'm already talking playoffs). Give me your NBA Week Two reports? (Is this post appropriate? Discuss.)

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IU pays it's AD $800,000 to leave.: Michael McNeely ran the IU Athletic program into the ground ($3 Million Deficit) and gets a $800,000 parting gift for doing so. Oh yeah, IU is still paying Bob Knight and Cam Cameron after canning them. Bob Knight is also suing IU for firing him. Good times for IU athletics... At least the basketball team should be good.

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November 11, 2002

Hell, no!: Hootie Johnson, in an interview with the Associated Press held November 4 and released today, says Augusta National will not have a female member before next year's Masters, which will go on, no matter what. (full Q&A text)

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November 10, 2002

So that Bonds guy is going to win the NL MVP award.: But what about the AL? I suppose this could be an annual debate here, but do you give it to the best player or to an inferior player with a better pitching staff? I suppose my framing of the question sort of predicts my answer, but I'm curious as to what others have to say.

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"Beane's departure to be 'a foregone conclusion.'", may be be heading to BoSox. :
Just a few days after the Red Sox announced that Sabremetric pioneer Bill James would become part of the Red Sox front office, the A's have announced that GM extraordinaire Billy Beane is free to talk to other teams- and they fully expect him to leave. Boston is considered the most most likely club for Beane, and he's currently engaged in talks with Beantown.
Could this actually be happening? Is the often mis-managed franchise finally setting itself up to be the smartest-run franchise in baseball, and putting the pieces together for an Impossible Dream Season? Will a Beane GM-ship mean that payroll (tho' sadly not ticket prices) might actually decrease a little as money is spent more intelligently? What's next for John Henry- finagling a deal to put Barry Bonds out by the green monster and A-Rod at short?!? :)

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November 09, 2002

New Zealand lost to England at Rugby today: , so what I hear you say. Small nation beats tiny nation at a game no one has heard of. For New Zealand though, rugby is not even a religion, it is an expression of self, proof of nationhood. A matter of primeval pride. The linked article is good writing and a very good illustration of what the sport means to this small nation. It is truly in the blood.

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November 08, 2002

There is still integrity in NCAA Coaches!: Yeah, I know this in only division 3 soccer. However, having an elite soccer team self report an infraction that they could have gotten away with shows unbelievable ethics. It is also nice to see that W&L gets to move on.

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Clearly, it's time to change the way we talk about fantasy sports. : The Washington Post looks at the history and psychology of fantasy sports. The article's links lead me to a couple of interesting discoveries: you can build a Dream Team of escaped fugitives at Fantasy Fugitive Recovery, or order helmets, jerseys, and other Fantasy Sports Gear.

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Sports Computer Language Unveiled :
For all you XML sports geeks, SportsML should help websites and newspapers satisfy our stat cravings better.

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November 07, 2002

Your guy didn't win the MVP? Sue 'em!!!: I'm torn between being incredulous that someone takes a minor-league award this seriously, and being glad to see that this kind of lawsuit is not unique to the United States. Anyway, who else should sue to reverse a sporting result? Should Barry Bonds sue the Angels for all those intentional walks? Should Scott Norwood sue the NFL for moving the goalposts to the back of the endzone? Should Bill Buckner sue the Fenway groundskeepers for not having the ground perfectly level behind the bag at first base?

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People may forget Webber's tainted timeout call after this: Michigan bans basketball team from 2003 postseason play . What's more:

The school also agreed to forfeit all games for five seasons, including the 1992 and 1993 Final Fours. The entire 1992-93 campaign, and all the seasons from fall 1995 through spring of 1999 were forfeited by the school. The University has removed four championship banners that were hanging in Crisler Arena, and will excise mention of any victories from all programs and written materials.
Why? Booster Ed Martin detailed $616,000 that he lent to four Wolverine players during the 90's. Big whoops for a big powerhouse.

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Endangered Species:: Is the NHL serious this time? Can anyone imagine a Playoffs called like this? Admittedly, I'm liking the game thus far, despite the Leafs dismal record, and I can see most of the regular season being called/played like this, but the Playoffs...I just can't see it. And what does a Playoff team look like? Enough boo-hooing, enforcers who can play will stick around. I found it somewhat ironic that the best fighters are also some of the more offensively talented....which I guess isn't that ironic. My top 3, Brasher, Domi, A.Roy.

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Ormondroyd's virtual match report is a satirical football (sorry, soccer) cartoon about the English Premiership. Sparkling funny at times, and always worth checking out. Archives here.

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November 06, 2002

November 05, 2002

Posh Spice blocks Peterborough United's attempt to trademark "Posh" and "The Posh".: Victoria Beckham, wife of the David, Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, and latest target of a foiled kidnapping is back in the limelight, as she battles the efforts of Second Division team, Peterborough United to trademark nicknames that they've used since the 1920s.

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November 04, 2002

Who's hotter: Larry Bird or Rod Brind'amour? The answer, of course, is neither. But for my money the ugliest man in sports in my lifetime was Patrick Ewing.

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24 years old. Three Championships.: Kobe Bryant's last two games: (vs Trailblazers) 33 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists; (vs Clippers) 33 points, 15 rebounds, 12 assists. Does a space exist beyond the rarified air of MJ? Is it possible to surpass Jordan?

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Godzilla files for free agency, plans to resurface in U.S.:
Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui of the Yomiuri Giants, Japanese pro baseball's leading slugger and the guy American scouts wanted before settling for Ichiro as the first J'ese non-pitcher in (modern era) MLB, has decided to make the move after all. Fresh off a Japan Series sweep and a great year at the plate (.334, 50 HR, 107 RBI in 130 game season), the 28-year-old is getting attention from the Yankees.

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November 03, 2002

An NBA makeover, bless you, ESPN: "The network that already carries pro baseball, football and hockey thinks it can lure even more viewers to the pro basketball audience. After all, this is a marketing team that made Lee Corso hip." I laughed my butt off when I saw the commercial with David Stern waiting for some bathroom time.

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November 02, 2002

New York is US candidate for 2012 Olympic bid: The Big Apple beat out San Francisco for the right to bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Can New York overcome an IOC still upset with their treatment by Congress over the Salt Lake City bidding scandal and beat out such cities as Paris, Moscow, and London?

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November 01, 2002

Oh my bejeezies:

The Sox must look ahead to the winter of 2004 when Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek all reach free agency at once. It seems impossible that a team looking to manage its payroll more carefully could afford to retain all four, so don't rule out the club shopping around Garciaparra this offseason.
Piazza for Nomar?

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SELF-DESTRUCT: was the strategy of choice to deal with this referee. This is a pretty amusing story, in a 'has anyone ever done that' kinda way.

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Fan-tastic slogans for NBA 2002-'03.: Eric Immerman says this: "When NBA p.r. people gather before the season to carefully plan for the upcoming campaign, one of their most important tasks is to come up with a team slogan. To put it mildly, these are usually annoyingly pedestrian, something like: "Watch us go." Or, "We're on the ball." Or, "One for the ring finger." The Bulls want to clear up any confusion surrounding their new point guard. Because we know they won't -- or can't -- Page 2, as a public service, is happy to provide an honest yet hopeful slogan for every single NBA team. Hey, don't thank us. Somebody had to do it. " Some good stuff in here. My favorite? Utah Jazz: " Greg Ostertag: The Other White Meat."

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Not because it's Friday, but just because. Video hockey, world cup soccer, basketball, and football. Goodbye productivity!

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