November 12, 2002

IU pays it's AD $800,000 to leave.: Michael McNeely ran the IU Athletic program into the ground ($3 Million Deficit) and gets a $800,000 parting gift for doing so. Oh yeah, IU is still paying Bob Knight and Cam Cameron after canning them. Bob Knight is also suing IU for firing him. Good times for IU athletics... At least the basketball team should be good.

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It's outrageous that his severance package is so large, but I'm glad to see him go. It seems the athletic department has made nothing but missteps since he came. First they pay a design firm 3 million for a new logo that looks almost exactly like the old one. I could have made that logo for $20. Secondly, they move the student section at football games to the north bleachers, behind the goal post. The worst seats in the stadium by a large margin. Then last week they shrink the student season basketball ticket packages to six games from the previous ten. Someone in the department sure has it in for the student body.

posted by ttrendel at 03:40 PM on November 12, 2002

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