November 07, 2002

Your guy didn't win the MVP? Sue 'em!!!: I'm torn between being incredulous that someone takes a minor-league award this seriously, and being glad to see that this kind of lawsuit is not unique to the United States. Anyway, who else should sue to reverse a sporting result? Should Barry Bonds sue the Angels for all those intentional walks? Should Scott Norwood sue the NFL for moving the goalposts to the back of the endzone? Should Bill Buckner sue the Fenway groundskeepers for not having the ground perfectly level behind the bag at first base?

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Man, this is really sad. You've got two really sick angles to this story: The stupid, absurd lawsuit on one hand, and the father (seemingly) being one of those guys that puts way too much pressure on his kid, the team, etc, that ruins the fun of the sport for most everyone around. I played with many kids with parents like that. It's so sad. And $200,000? Even if that is Canadian dollars, that's an awful lot for a amateur league title. And, can't base MVP on scoring, etc. etc.

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Plus, would you even want the MVP award, if this is what it took to get it? If you sued and won, you'd get the hardware but you'd forever know -- in your heart -- that you were not the first choice. What's the point, then?

posted by Jaquandor at 03:24 PM on November 07, 2002

Should Bill Buckner sue the Fenway groundskeepers for not having the ground perfectly level behind the bag at first base? No.

posted by yerfatma at 04:07 PM on November 07, 2002

So, you can sue for disappointment? If this guy wins, any sporting decision that requires judging is open to legal recourse. I'm looking at you, ice skating and gymnastics and synchronized swimming and ballroom dancing ... and oh, wait a minute, that would be any sport! A call didn't go your way? Sue! Didn't think Ronaldo was onside when he scored the match winner? Sue! Thought Shaq shoulda been called for offensive charging instead of scoring the tying bucket and the go-ahead free throw? Sue! I can conceivably see this guy claiming that there are financial losses from not getting an MVP -- say, a college sports scholarship lost or a lower amount, or lower starting wage offer from NFL teams, etc. Extrapolate to the pro level and see the absurdity. I hope they get a big smackdown along with a negative ruling. But, oh wait, they can sue the judge for psychological damage!

posted by worldcup2002 at 06:40 PM on November 07, 2002

Something tells me that this kid had better not get back on the ice, because he'll have a HUGE target on his back!

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It's nonsense anyway. There are a lot of intangibles that go into making an MVP, and sometimes they don't show up on the scoresheet. Is it really that surprising that the kid who was 4th in the league in scoring was chosen MVP? Maybe the kid who won was better on defense, or scored more clutch goals than the whiny lawsuit kid. There are things other than pure points that can make an MVP. Heck, in '97 and '98 Dominic Hasek won the Hart trophy, and he didn't score a single goal that whole time. If I was the King of Canada I'd make sure that the New Brunswick Amatuer Hockey Association could countersue Michael Croteau for "punitive damages" and "being a stupid dick".

posted by Samsonov14 at 08:23 AM on November 08, 2002

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