November 01, 2002

Oh my bejeezies:

The Sox must look ahead to the winter of 2004 when Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek all reach free agency at once. It seems impossible that a team looking to manage its payroll more carefully could afford to retain all four, so don't rule out the club shopping around Garciaparra this offseason.
Piazza for Nomar?

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Piazza for Nomar? Crazy talk; Piazza has little business catching any more, so the Sox would be replacing the second best shortstop in the majors with another slow-footed gimpy slugger. Traiding marquee players, though- this may not be the worst idea in the world. The Sox have not been able, despite ludicrous ticket prices and a payroll second pretty much only to the Yankees, to reach even the ALCS. The Mariners were in a similar boat- the trio of Griffey, Johnson, and A-Rod were easily on par with this Red Sox quartet, yet it wasn't until they broke these players up that they really started winning. The Red Sox could reasonably adopt a similar strategy- Martinez is the best pitcher in the majors when he's healthy, but is going to completely break down eventually; for all his talent Nomar is second only to A-Rod- when he isn't injured; Manny is a hitting machine, but a streaky sensitive one-dimensional hitting machine at that; Varitek is a near 1st tier catcher, but getting along in years and hitting his injury phase; Lowe had a phenomenal year last year but anyone expecting a repeat would be foolhardy- he's excelled as both closer and now starter, but seems to lack that certain something that would allow a manager to rest easy every time he penciled Lowe's name in. Right now, at least one if not two of these players would have far more value being traded to a short-sighted GM for 3-4 good players and terrific prospects (like with Randy Johnson, the package they'd get for Pedro would probably include players that immediately or within a couple of years would collectively contribute perhaps more than Pedro did by himself). I'd hate to see Pedro go- you know that other teams were terrified at the thought of facing Pedro twice in a short series- and likewise Nomar, but Manny will be hard to move and Lowe/Veritek probably won't get terrific offers, at least worth trading them for. The real problem the Sox face is not their onfield club, which played well enough to win this year (damned Pythagorean record!), but their complete lack of depth in the minors. There's an old saying; better to trade a player too early, than too late. That said, I'd be sad to see either Pedro or Nomar leave.

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Coming off my Red Sox hiatus briefly... I can't worry about 2004 just yet. I'm still anticipating 2003. We need to find a GM. We need to get some pitching, and Hal is right, the minors desperately need some restocking. I'll be looking to see if Lowe can bring his game again in 2003 and if Pedro's arm holds up. I don't fancy myself a die-hard Nomar fan, but I can see his value as a damn good ballplayer and frankly, I'd prefer he was on my team instead of anyone else in the AL. But... if they trade Varitek, I may have to move to the West Coast. But really, if they all perform and hold up, can we afford them come contract time next winter? Maybe. I'm not completely sold on the whole "Red Sox must cut payroll drastically this season" theory. No official word has come from the ballclub about the official payroll for next year. "There's been speculation that it's going to be dramatically reduced. I don't subscribe to that speculation. It's going to be a sizable player payroll.'' -- Larry Lucchino (Boston Herald, 10/30/02)

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I love all of the Massachusetts sports teams, but it's heartbreaking to be a fan. I've given up on the Red Sox. And recently the Patriots. I played the New Jersey Mega-millions last night in the hopes that I could buy one of our teams. Sadly, I didn't win. Looks like we Massholes have to resign ourselves to another season of mediocrity. Oh wait, Go Bruins! I hope I didn't jinx anything there.

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Please tell me why I should think that any team coming out of Boston could win anything. I need that. We all do.

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I've given up on the Red Sox. And recently the Patriots. Okay, the Red Sox I can understand- the love/hate dance Red Sox fans have with their team is legendary. But geezus, man, the Patriots won the Superbowl last year- could you at least cut them a little slack, oh, every time they win the Super Bowl?! Please tell me why I should think that any team coming out of Boston could win anything Again, while with the Red Sox that makes sense...

  • the Bruins have historical been a pretty reliably decent team (with 5 cups)
  • The Patriots- as I noted above- while normally sad sack have made the Super Bowl twice in the past 10 years, winning it just last year!
  • And the Celtics had a rough 90's but did make the Eastern finals last year- oh yes, and have more championships than anyone else in NBA history.

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Mets fans: Reyes/Ordonez for Nomar? (the idea being we make Boston eat Rey-Reys contract.

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