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March 31, 2012

Knicks Starting Point Guard Suffers Linjury: New York Knicks point guard, Jeremy Lin, will be out approximately six weeks with a small chronic meniscal tear in his left knee, missing the rest of the regular season.

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NFL Players Get Serious About Protection: NFL stars are taking matters into their own hands to ensure better protection in pile-ups.

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March 30, 2012

Ryan Leaf Arrested on Drug, Burglary Charges: Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf, 35, was arrested Friday in Great Falls, Mont., on drug, felony burglary and misdemeanor theft charges. Details are not yet available on the cause for the arrest. Leaf, a native of Great Falls, has been doing a media tour for his new memoir 596 Switch and the Focused Intensity Foundation, a charity Leaf is starting to tackle drug addiction and other causes. Leaf pleaded guilty in 2010 to eight felony drug charges and said he had been addicted to prescription painkillers after being given them for football injuries. He was sentenced to 10 years probation.

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Profile of John Carlos: who, together with Tommie Smith, performed the black power salute on the podium of the Mexico City Olympic games. "In life, there's the beginning and the end," he says. "The beginning don't matter. The end don't matter. All that matters is what you do in between whether you're prepared to do what it takes to make change. There has to be physical and material sacrifice. When all the dust settles and we're getting ready to play down for the ninth inning, the greatest reward is to know that you did your job when you were here on the planet."

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Why All of Your Fantasy Baseball Picks SUCK: Joey Votto: hit below his career average last year and saw his strikeouts increase to a career high for the fourth consecutive season with 129. In spring training he’s hit .214 with Ks close to every other at-bat. Buy high on this guy! Worst of all: Joey Votto is Canadian. Do you want a Canadian on your baseball team. Of course not. Hanley Ramirez: Intangibles aren’t a measured fantasy stat, but players who actually try tend to put up better fantasy numbers.

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The Toughest Team in the Federal League: The movie Slap Shot, which recently turned 35, is "the only movie I trust to understand what sports is really about," writes Will Leitch. "Sports is not a series of storylines, or an Olympic clash of athletes at their peak, or some sort of allegory for how we should all live our lives, a set of role models representing the best our world has to offer. ... It's a sideshow, a carnival, and one that, at the end of the day, has enough sentiment attached that some rich owner can write it off as a tax break and it all goes away."

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March 29, 2012

McNabb: RG3 Not Good Fit for Washington: If Washington head coach Mike Shanahan makes Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Robert Griffin III the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft, he won't be a great fit, predicted Donovan McNabb on ESPN. "Here's a guy coming out who's very talented, mobile, strong arm, we've already heard he's intelligent -- football mind. Are you going to cater the offense around his talents and what he's able to do? Or are you going to bring the Houston offense with Matt Schaub over to him and have him kind of be imbedded in that?"

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March 28, 2012

NFL Extends Playoff Overtime Rules to Regular Season: By a 30-2 vote, NFL owners have approved the use of the new playoff overtime rules in the regular season. No longer can an NFL game end in overtime when the receiving team marches down the field on the first possession and kicks a field goal. In another change, too many men on the field becomes a dead ball foul.

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Women's Volleyball Players Get Bikini Reprieve: In order to respect and accommodate the cultural beliefs of various countries, women volleyball players will be given more of a choice in clothing at the London Olympics this summer. Instead of having to wear bikinis, the International Volleyball Federation has announced that women will be allowed to wear shorts and tops with sleeves. The new rule permits “shorts of a maximum length of (1.18 inches) above the knee,” so I doubt we’ll be seeing any board shorts on the beach.

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Magic Johnson-led group is picked as Dodgers' next owner: Johnson, who guided the Lakers to five NBA championships during the "Showtime" era of the 1980s, is a partner in the group along with longtime baseball executive Stan Kasten and movie executive Peter Guber. The controlling owner would be Mark Walter, chief executive officer of Guggenheim Partners, a Chicago-based financial services company. The winning group paid $2 billion for the team -- a record for a sports franchise.

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March 27, 2012

Why You Should Always Use Protection: New Zealand cricket batsman Kane Williamson suffered a broken box during a match today against South Africa when a throw by an unapologetic Dale Steyn hit him "flush in the groin region." "You do want your box to break rather like the front of a racing car," said the announcer. "If it smashes up then it disperses the energy."

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March 26, 2012

Only Two Number One Picks in History Have Never Made the Majors: For 2004 number one pick Matt Bush, this summer would be when he finally joined his peers in cracking the major leagues. His long-standing battle with alcoholism, however, had other ideas.

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Force of Habit: Science, not the scalpel, is the real solution for Tommy John injuries. Too bad few MLB teams are paying attention.

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Bill Parcells Approached About Coaching Saints: Sean Payton has approached his friend and mentor Bill Parcells about serving as interim head coach of the New Orleans Saints during his year-long suspension, several league sources told ESPN. Payton was an assistant for the Big Tuna when he coached the Dallas Cowboys and has frequently sought his counsel since taking over the Saints top job.

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March 25, 2012

Legendary Boxing Writer Bert Sugar Dies: The boxing writer and historian Bert Sugar died Sunday after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 74. Sugar published Boxing Illustrated and The Ring magazine and wrote many books on boxing. He worked in the '60s as a Madison Avenue advertising executive at the agencies McCann Erickson and J. Walter Thompson. While battling his illness In December, Sugar sized up his life this way: "Half the people are rooting for me to recover, half are not. I've been an editor, lawyer, adman, writer, announcer. I've gotten away with things. This has been fun but maybe I'm paying for it. Somewhere, some way, somehow, it's going to come back and revisit you. But I don't regret a step."

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Dynamo's Colin Clark Yells Anti-Gay Slur at Ballboy: Houston Dynamo midfielder Colin Clark, unhappy that a Sounders FC ballboy didn't toss a ball to him for a throw in, called him a "fucking faggot" right next to a field microphone that aired it on the NBC Sports Network broadcast during Saturday's game. "I'd like to offer a sincere apology to everyone who watched the game, especially the ball boy for whom I used awful language towards," Clark said afterwards on Twitter.

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March 24, 2012

March 23, 2012

Jason Smith Clobbers Blake Griffin: The New Orleans Hornets' Jason Smith was ejected for a brutal hip check on the Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin Thursday night during a breakaway. Smith hit Griffin so hard the NFL should investigate the Hornets for a bounty program, then egged on the crowd as New Orleans fans gave him a standing ovation on his way to the locker room. The Hornets went on to win 97-90.

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March 22, 2012

Chipper Jones to retire at end of 2012 season: Next stop, Cooperstown. What I found most interesting is the "yet-to-be-determined role" they are exploring for him. Batting coach perhaps?

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March 21, 2012

NFL suspends Sean Payton, fines Saints, takes draft picks, and more: The NFL has come down hard on the New Orleans Saints over the bounty system of the last three seasons. Head Coach Sean Payton is out for a year, the team GM for eight games, and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams indefinitely. In addition, the team loses its next two second-round draft picks and was fined $500,000.

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Tebow Traded to New York Jets: The New York Jets have acquired Tim Tebow and a seventh-round draft pick from the Denver Broncos in exchange for a fourth- and sixth-round pick, the NFL Network is reporting. There is no joy in Jacksonville.

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PGA Tour Eliminating Qualifying Tournament: The PGA Tour is dropping the National Qualifying Tournament, which awarded tour cards to the top 25 finishers, and putting the top Nationwide Tour players and bottom PGA Tour players into a three-tournament series where 50 PGA cards will be earned. The final qualifying tournament could be the Jacksonville Winn-Dixie Open played at TPC Sawgrass. "A player coming out of college can't go through Q-School and get his card," said golfer Martin Laird, who reacted positively to the idea. "But if he's that good, I'm thinking that he's going to be just as good one year delayed."

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March 20, 2012

Hines Wards Retires 'a Steeler for Life': After being released by the Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver Hines Ward has decided to retire rather than sign on with another team. "Today I am officially retiring as a Pittsburgh Steeler," said Ward, who turned 36 two weeks ago. "And as much as I will miss football, my teammates, coaches and everything about the game, I don’t want to play in any other uniform."

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The Last Second Chance for Manny Ramirez: "it was one act of identity at the end of what may be a lost career. Someone who'd already had a clutch of identities developed for him by his own foolishness and by other people — idiot savant, childlike genius, clubhouse killer, reckless hedonist, drug cheat — when the only real identity he ever had was one of the greatest hitters of the baseball in the past 50 years. "

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March 19, 2012

Report: Peyton Manning Has Picked Broncos: Peyton Manning told John Elway today the Denver Broncos are his choice and he wants to start exclusive negotiations with the team, an NFL source told the Denver Post. Tim Tebow appears to be on the trade block. New Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan said in February there was a "100 percent" chance he would've drafted Tebow if he owned the team in 2010.

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Entire Arena Football Team Cut Before Game: Hours before kickoff, the owner of the Pittsburgh Power cut his entire 24-member team during a pregame meal at an Orlando-area Olive Garden. "Mid-statement, all the players got up and left," said former center Beau Elliott. "There were 15 to 20 angry, large individuals." The players union went on strike earlier that day, seeking to raise their salaries from $400 a game to $1,350.

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March 18, 2012

Seattle Seahawks sign quarterback Matt Flynn to multi-year deal : Seattle has signed Matt Flynn, Green Bay's backup quarterback whose stellar New Year’s Day performance made him one of the offseason’s most desirable free agents, the deal is $26 million over three years, with $10 million guaranteed. Flynn hasn’t had many opportunities to show his stuff. He’s started just two NFL games — one against New England in 2010 and the big 1 this past New Year's Day against Detroit. The Packers drafted Flynn in 2008, in the 7th round out of L.S.U.

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Derek Fisher No-Show After Lakers Trade: Veteran guard Derek Fisher has not reported to Houston after being traded by the Los Angeles Lakers to the Rockets on Thursday with a first-round pick for forward Jordan Hill. Fisher's longtime backcourt mate Kobe Bryant was shocked by the trade and didn't seem happy that GM Mitch Kupchak did not speak to him about the deal. The Lakers also dealt forwards Luke Walton and Jason Kapono to the Cleveland Cavaliers and added guard Ramon Sessions and forward Christian Eyenga. ProBasketballTalk claims the Rockets will buy out Fisher's contract.

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SpoFi Fantasy Baseball 2012: I've renewed the SpoFi Fantasy League with the same settings as 2011. Open to any changes in settings. Tentative live draft time: Sat Mar 24 8:45pm GMT League ID#: 146721 League Name: SpoFi 2011 Password: sportsfilter

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March 17, 2012

Fabrice Muamba collapses on pitch during FA Cup match: "Tottenham's FA Cup game against Bolton Wanderers has been abandoned after Trotters midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed and stopped breathing."

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March 16, 2012

Andy Pettitte Returns to Yankees: A year after he left the game, Andy Pettitte has signed a one-year, $2.5 million contract with the New York Yankees. Pettitte, 39, is the all-time leader in postseason wins (19), starts (42) and innings pitched (263) and third among Yankees in wins (203).

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'Where's Your Green Card?' Chanted at NCAA Tourney: Members of the Southern Miss band chanted "where's your green card?" while Kansas State point guard Angel Rodriguez shot free throws during a second-round NCAA basketball tournament game Thursday. Rodriguez, a native of Puerto Rico, had 13 points and 3 assists in his team's 70-64 victory.

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DeltaWing, a Nissan-powered race Batmobile, zooming into Le Mans: Think of it as a Batmobile for the race track.

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March 15, 2012

NBA Store Puts Dwight Howard Nets Jersey On Sale: At the NBA's trade deadline, Dwight Howard has reportedly decided to opt out of his contract early and test free agency after the season, a move that puts the Orlando Magic at risk of losing another dominant big man and getting nothing in return unless they deal him now. On Tuesday, the NBA Store briefly posted for sale a Dwight Howard New Jersey Nets T-shirt. "The player's number is subject to change," the description states, "and will not ship until the official number is issued." Confusingly, the website RealGM reported that Howard told them last night he was not going to opt out and would stay with the Magic through next season. Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo thinks Howard is trying to prevent a trade because he "doesn't want to cost the Nets assets that he'd prefer to play alongside."

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March 14, 2012

Mike D'Antoni Resigns: you may turn on your electronic devices, the bandwagon has come to a complete stop.

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Charles Pierce's 5 March Madness Predictions: "There are so many things you can count on every year that the tournament has lost almost all of its renegade charm. It's a product now. As such, it is required to be safe and reliable, the way we want all our products to be. You make peace with that, or you find another event to love. I choose to stick with this one." -- Charles Pierce previews the NCAA basketball tournament.

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March 13, 2012

Live Soccer for the Sightless: BBC Sport journalist attends the epic Swansea win over, then top of the table, Manchester City with his blind cousin — and wears a blindfold in an attempt to experience the match as a sight-impaired person would.

"Currently, only seven of the 20 Premier League clubs provide blind fans with a dedicated descriptive commentary provided by specialist commentators who describe what is happening, where the ball is, and what is happening off the ball, so they can react with the rest of the fans."

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5 Years of NBA Shots Visualized: A Michigan State professor has mapped five years of NBA shots, producing a visualization of points-per-attempt from every spot on the court. "My eventual goal is to establish a spatially informed baseline and to map every shooter in the league against an average shooter," writes Kirk Goldsberry. On his website he identifies the worst scoring spot in the NBA, which is "on the left side of the court about 13 feet from the basket at an angle of about 45 degrees."

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March 12, 2012

The Valencia Trap: "There's something unremittingly dull about fulfilling your objectives every season. A tangible target that is not a trophy loses its charm, provoking a sense of anticlimax and a lack of competitive tension."

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NCAA Brackets: NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em through Yahoo! Group: Sports Filter and Password spofi.

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Tiger withdraws from tournament: The future of Tiger Woods takes another turn not far from the Masters.

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March 11, 2012

Knicks Continue Slide Since Carmelo Anthony's Return: The New York Knicks lost 106-94 to the Philadelphia 76ers Sunday, their fifth straight loss and seventh in nine games since Carmelo Anthony returned from injury. Anthony scored 22 and Jeremy Lin scored 14, but he was 5-for-18 from the field and had six turnovers. "The furor surrounding why this isn't an elite team in the league has once again reached a fever pitch," writes Matt Moore of ProBasketballTalk.

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Why Peyton should go to Arizona: The football folk will probably discuss other things, but non-football issues may come into play.

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March 10, 2012

Skier Nick Zoricic Dies in Skicross Crash: Canadian skier Nick Zoricic, 29, died after crashing in a World Cup skicross event in Switzerland Saturday. On the final jump of a race, Zoricic went off the course and struck safety nets, suffering "severe neurotrauma," according to the International Ski Federation. He's the second top Canadian skier to die this year, following Sarah Burke's death in January after a training accident on a halfpipe in Utah.

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Saints' bounty system via Taiwanese animation: It's had cool productions about Tiger Woods' fight with his wife and the 2010 Tea Party candidates, but NMA of Taiwan has reached a high with this animation about the New Orleans Saints' bounty system and some hypocrisy within the NFL.

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March 09, 2012

Rams Trade #2 Overall Pick to Washington: Washington is expected to use the pick to select Quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Rams receive three first-round picks, (2012, 2013, 2014), as well as this year’s second-round selection.

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Peyton Manning Visits Denver: Peyton Manning has flown to Denver to discuss the possibility of playing for the Broncos next season. "Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is prepared to do whatever it takes to land Manning," claims Mike Klis of the Denver Post. Columnist Woody Paige doesn't expect it to happen, thinking instead he'll end up in Miami.

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Does Tennis Need a Shot Clock?: Novak Djovokic and Rafael Nadal played a 5-hour, 53-minute final at the Australian Open in January. Both players averaged more than 30 seconds between points, above the 20 seconds allowed in Grand Slam play, and still took too long after an umpire's warning. According to USA Today, the match "would have run roughly an hour shorter had they stayed within the rule." Andy Roddick and some other pros would like to see a shot clock. "I think that would be a good idea," said Robby Ginepri. "You have the radar gun there. Why not have it right above that?"

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March 08, 2012

Messi Nets Five as Barça Reach Final Eight: Lionel Messi became the first player to score five goals in a Champions League fixture as Barcelona crushed Bayer Leverkusen 7-1 (10-2 agg) to cruise into the last eight.

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Musher Gives Fallen Iditarod Dog CPR: Iditarod musher Scott Janssen, an Anchorage funeral home owner, was making his way down the Dalzell Gorge Monday night when one of his dogs collapsed. A nine-year-old husky named Marshall fell during what was planned to be his last race. "I know what death looks like, and he was gone. Nobody home," said Hanssen, who began chest compressions and breathed into the dog's nose to attempt CPR. "I'm like c'mon dude, please come back."

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March 07, 2012

Colts Will Release Peyton Manning Today: Indianapolis Colts owner Bob Irsay will announce at a noon press conference today that the team is releasing quarterback Peyton Manning after 14 seasons. Irsay was due to pay Manning a $28 million bonus Thursday that would trigger the final four years of a five-year, $90 million contract, but the team is expected to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. Manning, the only four-time MVP in NFL history, led the Colts to 11 playoff appearances, two Super Bowl appearances and one championship. "It had to happen," writes Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. "Irsay's calculation was a simple one: Do I toss a lot of money at a severely injured 36-year-old quarterback when I have a rookie No. 1 pick coming on line?"

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Worst to First: Ranking all 30 MLB Uniforms: Thankfully, the 1970s and '80s are over, so there are no truly awful uniforms anymore. Mostly what we have are the great and classic followed by an almost interchangeable array of fine but bland. (Plus a bonus interview with Torii Hunter giving us his rules and regulations for wearing team jerseys! And... the baseball card of the week!)

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March 06, 2012

'1 Nil and You Still Don't Sing': The website Fan Chants, which contains 20,000 soccer chants from 700 teams around the world, is profiled in the New York Times. The site's founder Michael Dennis and his business partner Natalie Ward first compiled the site by traveling to 27 European countries while living out of a van. Premiership ditties include Arsenal's Marouane Chamakh, Manchester City's We're Ruining Football, Sunderland's Niall Quinn's Disco Pants and Stoke's We Only Score from a Throw In.

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March 05, 2012

The LeBron Who Wasn't: In July 2001, Lenny Cooke was arguably the most-hyped high school player in basketball, a 6-foot-6 guard from Brooklyn who fellow prep star Carmelo Anthony compared to Magic Johnson. Cooke came to the ABCD summer basketball camp as the event's reigning MVP with a documentary filmmaker in tow expecting to tell the story of the next NBA phenom. Then he played a younger kid from Akron named LeBron James and it all changed. One year later, Cooke submitted for the NBA Draft and wasn't picked. "I waited, I waited, I waited," he said. "Like on Christmas Day, you think you're getting this toy, and then Christmas comes, it's not under the tree. It breaks you down emotionally. I broke down, realized I got bad advice. But you wonder, why not? Why didn't my name get called?"

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March 04, 2012

March 03, 2012

Parent Aims Laser Pointer at Opposing Team's Goalie: The father of a high school girl's hockey player in Medford, Mass., was caught aiming a laser pointer at the eyes of the opposing team's goalie during a playoff game. The dad was rooting for Winthrop, which beat Medway-Ashland 3-1 and had the victory upheld after an appeal. Medway-Ashland goalie Kathryn Hamer described the effects of the laser: "It's kind of like when you look at the sun and then you look away you see that spot and you can't see for a couple of seconds. You shake your head and try to get it out of the system and just keep focusing, but it's difficult." Another coach said someone flashed a laser at his goalie's eyes during a game against Winthrop a year ago.

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March 02, 2012

Say it Ain'ts So: The NFL has announced that they are investigating reports that players and coaches for the New Orleans Saints paid into a pool that then rewarded players for such things as interceptions, fumble recoverys, as well as "knockouts" and "cart-offs." NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has "advised the Saints that he will hold proceedings to determine potential discipline against the team and the individuals involved, and confer with the players' union regarding the approriate [sic] punishment. That discipline could include fines, suspensions and the forfeiture of draft choices."

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A.J. Burnett Breaks His Face: A.J. Burnett, expected to be the Pittsburgh Pirates' opening day starter after he was acquired from the New York Yankees, broke an orbital bone near his right eye after fouling a ball off his face during a bunting drill Wednesday. After surgery Friday he's expected to miss two to three months. Burnett was excited about the chance to start batting again, he said a day after the trade: "I'm going back to the National League, where I can hit and bunt and get the joy back into the game."

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Clippers Clip Clipper Darrell: "It is with great sadness that I must report to all those in NBA NATION that I have been told by Clipper management they no longer want me to be Clipper Darrell," writes Clipper Darrell on the Official Site of Clipper Darrell, "a name that was given to me by the media because of my unwavering support and team spirit. I am devastated!" The team claims they just wanted him to consult them before making public appearances and engaging in unauthorized commercial activity around the name, which uses their trademark, but he refused. "He is not actually a fan of the Clippers, but a fan of what he can make off of the Clippers," the team said in a statement. "We are no longer interested in that kind of association with him, and that is why we accepted his offer to remove our team name from his stage name."

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March 01, 2012

Butt Ended: Mike Keenan, on coaching the Blackhawks in 1988: So I'm coaching my first exhibition game and I go into the dressing room after the first period to talk, and there's no one in there. I'm wondering what in hell is going on, and take a walk out to the other side of the hallway and the whole team is out there, smoking cigarettes." This is an interesting article on what seems almost unimaginable today - Hockey stars of the 1970s and 1980s, such as Guy Lafleur and Denis Savard, being pack a day smokers, or more.

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