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The Complicated Relationship Between Latinos and the Los Angeles Dodgers: A new Smithsonian book and an upcoming exhibition, ‘¡Pleibol!,’ recounts the singular importance of baseball in Latino history and culture

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Roy Halladay performed stunts and was on drugs before fatal plane crash: Halladay had amphetamine levels about 10 times therapeutic levels in his blood along with a high level of morphine and an anti-depressant that can impair judgement as he performed high-pitch climbs and steep turns, sometimes within five feet of the water, the report says.

posted by rumple to baseball at 11:58 AM on April 16, 2020 - 2 comments

Harlem Globetrotters' legend Curly Neal dies at age 77: After a 6,000 game (!) career. A great collection of his finest moments can be seen in videos tagged with his name at the Globetrotters youtube channel.

posted by rumple to basketball at 09:22 PM on March 26, 2020 - 6 comments

A very analog hobby finds a way to thrive in the digital age: How Baseball Cards Got Weird : The Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani appeared on at least 2,700 distinct rookie cards manufactured by just two companies, Topps and Panini. That might not sound much like scarcity, but nearly all of the variants were produced in limited runs—the more limited, the more valuable the card. The rarest, most coveted Ohtani sold for $184,056 last September, before his rookie season was over.

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BIRGing and CORFing: The Unique Neurology of the Sports Fan’s Brain or, why we get off on the game—and are better off for it.

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Peyton Manning Will Host Revival of 1950s Game Show

I've never really thought of Manning as having much personality, how will he do in this role?

posted by rumple at 12:18 PM on April 13, 2021

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

WTF Buffalo, I thought they'd be good this year. In the last week I've dropped Dahlin and Taylor Hall from the fantasy team which should be unthinkable yet here were are.

posted by rumple at 08:36 PM on March 20, 2021

NHL, ESPN reach seven-year U.S. broadcast deal

This is good news, but Bettman predicts today the salary cap will be flat or almost so for the next four years, which is really going to affect some teams and perhaps benefit others - though with something of a firm projection maybe players and agents will have to bite the bullet. Maybe another round of buyouts as well will be allowed. Something has to give.

posted by rumple at 05:02 PM on March 10, 2021

NFL Playoff Pickem Champion: Rumple

The Cadenheads are the Donuts' double threat, but I drink your doubledouble!

Ruby is half poodle but she only got the black lab genetic memo, other than the very long legs. My previous doggo Nimbus died right at the start of covid which sucks because he could have had me around 24/7, which would have meant a lot of facetime and sardines for him. Ruby is an awesome puppy though, almost five months old now.

posted by rumple at 08:37 PM on February 16, 2021

NFL Playoff Pickem Champion: Rumple

Oooh thanks everyone. Really backed across the line with just five points in the superbowl round but I'll take it - sorry Howard.

Wait a second, no I won't take it -- rcade, maybe in lieu of the jacket you could donate something to the same animal rescue that Truthhurts directed his regular season NFL pick'em winnings to: A Lending Paw. I got a covid puppy named Ruby a couple of months ago and she is awesome so this would be great to support.

As always, thanks rcade for setting it up, it makes up for going back to back with the Cadenheads in the fantasy hockey league, losing to you last week, and in tough against the Dallas Habitants (hurts to even write that) this week.

posted by rumple at 01:17 AM on February 16, 2021

Edmonton's Ex-Eskimos Have 7 Possible Replacements

You know, I had never stopped to even wonder WTF a "Buckeye" was. I now look forward to discovering that a "Tarheel" is not an ungracious road worker, "Pirates" are not a kind of rodent pie, and that "Cowboys" are not actually young male cattle.

In not doing research for this post, I have discovered the Delta State "Fighting Okra," so all is not lost on the Botanical Nomenclature front.

posted by rumple at 12:28 PM on February 09, 2021

Edmonton's Ex-Eskimos Have 7 Possible Replacements

That's cool, the Tree can "run rings" around the opposition

Are there any major sports teams named after plants? None come to mind, other than the Japanese National Rugby Team, who are the "Brave Blossoms"?

OK actually the Toronto Maple Leafs (duh) though I think that's not exactly the same thing, but objectively it counts, and this will be the only time I ever give that team the credit for anything. They're lucky the LA Clippers aren't a hockey team though.

posted by rumple at 11:08 PM on February 08, 2021

Edmonton's Ex-Eskimos Have 7 Possible Replacements

I'm wondering about Edmonton Electric Eels, for the coveted Triple-E logo possibilities.

Of course, it goes without saying that Edmonton is just down the road from the world's largest Easter Egg, that would work as well. "Stampeders trample Eggs! Argos scramble Eggs!! Roughriders easily-over the Eggs. RedBlacks make Eggs green. Alouettes lay Eggs. Lions lay on Eggs. Blue Bombers drop Eggs;" the headlines write themselves.

I could settle for Edmonton Elephant Seals or Edmonton Ermine or Edmonton Emperor Penguins though. Edmonton Everclears would be more appropriate than Evergreen or Evergold (WTF?? it's the colours I get it but jesus christ, #2 The Larch).

Edmonton Easterners is another wonderful choice.

From the actual list I think Elk (Elks? Elken?) would be best, at least they have a viable connection to Edmonton.

posted by rumple at 08:01 PM on February 08, 2021

NFL Playoff Pickem: Super Bowl 0x37 Edition

Revised picks:

Chiefs by 13 (lock)

posted by rumple at 08:18 PM on February 05, 2021

NFL Playoff Pickem: Super Bowl 0x37 Edition

My picks:

Chiefs by 13
Passer: Patrick Mahomes
Rusher: Fournette
Receiver: Tyreek Hill
Player with interception: Mathieu
Player with sack: Frank Clark
Player with first turnover: Brady
Super Bowl MVP: Mahomes
Tiebreaker: 51

posted by rumple at 08:17 PM on February 05, 2021

NFL Playoff Pickem: Conference Championship Round

My picks:

Buccaneers by 7 (lock)
Chiefs by 10 (lock)
Passer: Patrick Mahomes
Rusher: Fournette
Receiver: Tyreek Hill
Player with interception: Mathieu

posted by rumple at 10:55 PM on January 21, 2021

NFL Playoff Pickem: Divisional Round

My picks:

Packers by 14 (lock)
Ravens by 3 (lock)
Chiefs by 21 (lock)
Buccaneers by 7 (lock)
Passer: Patrick Mahomes
Rusher: Kamara
Receiver: Gronkowski
Player with interception: Mathieu

posted by rumple at 05:40 PM on January 14, 2021

Enter the NFL Playoff Pickem

My picks:

Bills by 10 (lock)
Seahawks by 17 (lock)
Buccaneers by 9
Ravens by 7
Bears by 3
Browns by 6
Passer: Tom Brady
Rusher: Kamara
Receiver: Metcalfe
Player with interception: Jamal Adams


posted by rumple at 12:07 AM on January 09, 2021

NFL Pickem Week 17: Mason Rudolph Edition

I submitted my picks but they aren't being auto-posted here?

Happy new year everyone!! Bars close here at 8.00, not that I'm leaving my coccoon.

posted by rumple at 03:01 PM on December 31, 2020

NFL Pickem Week 17: Mason Rudolph Edition

lol them all

posted by rumple at 03:00 PM on December 31, 2020