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Robot Umpires Moving up to AAA Baseball Next Year: Seasonal employees to operate the system are being sought.

posted by rumple to baseball at 02:45 PM on January 21, 2022 - 1 comment

I Investigated Bonds and Clemens. Yes, They Belong in Cooperstown: Friday is the last day for voters in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to submit their 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame ballots. Listed on those ballots are two players in their 10th and final year of Hall of Fame eligibility who truly dominated their era but haven’t been voted in: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. (archive link)

posted by rumple to baseball at 02:50 PM on December 31, 2021 - 4 comments

The Raiders Had More Black Players Than Any NFL Team: Then Jon Gruden Took Over The Roster.

posted by rumple to football at 05:43 PM on October 21, 2021 - 4 comments

‘The Silicon Valley of Turf’: They used to look like quagmires, ice rinks or dustbowls, depending on the time of year. But as big money entered football, pristine pitches became crucial to the sport’s image – and groundskeepers became stars. How the UK’s pursuit of the perfect pitch changed football

posted by rumple to soccer at 09:17 PM on June 15, 2021 - 4 comments

The Complicated Relationship Between Latinos and the Los Angeles Dodgers: A new Smithsonian book and an upcoming exhibition, ‘¡Pleibol!,’ recounts the singular importance of baseball in Latino history and culture

posted by rumple to baseball at 09:59 PM on October 25, 2020 - 0 comments

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CFL Pickem Week 4: Canada Day Edition

My picks:

Redblacks by 10
Tiger-Cats by 9
Roughriders by 11
Argonauts by 8

posted by rumple at 11:18 PM on June 29, 2022

CFL Pickem Week 3: Dunnigan's Beard Edition

My picks:

Alouettes by 11
Blue Bombers by 13
Stampeders by 9
Lions by 7

posted by rumple at 12:42 PM on June 22, 2022

CFL Pickem Week 2: Nathan Rourke is Rolling Edition

My picks:

Argonauts by 10
Redblacks by 3
Tiger-Cats by 12
Elks by 9

posted by rumple at 01:13 AM on June 16, 2022

NHL Playoff Pickem: Stanley Cup Finals Round

My picks:

Lightning in 6
Top goals: Stamkos
Top goalie (save %): Andrei Vasilevskiy
Team scoring 6 goals: Lightning
Game 1 winner: Lightning
Top assists: Kucherov
Conn Smythe: Stamkos
Top penalty minutes: Kadri
Tiebreaker: 38

I too am ahead of rcade ..... by one point

posted by rumple at 06:55 PM on June 13, 2022

Enter the SportsFilter CFL Pickem

My picks:

Stampeders by 7
Blue Bombers by 13
Roughriders by 6
Lions by 11

posted by rumple at 04:33 PM on June 09, 2022

NBA Playoff Pickem: Finals Round

My picks:

Warriors in 5
Top point scorer: Curry
Top rebounder: Looney
Top scoring team: Warriors
Team scoring 130: Warriors
Series MVP: Curry
Top fouler: Green
Three-point shooter: Curry
Winning team points last game: 111

posted by rumple at 08:25 PM on June 01, 2022

NHL Playoff Pickem: Third Round

My picks:

Oilers in 6
Hurricanes/Rangers in 7
Top goals: McDavid
Top goalie (save %): Igor Shesterkin
Team scoring 6 goals: Oilers
Team with shutout: Rangers

posted by rumple at 09:46 PM on May 30, 2022

NHL Playoff Pickem: Second Round

My picks:

Panthers in 6
Avalanche in 6
Hurricanes in 5
Oilers in 7
Top goals: McDavid
Top goalie (save %): Darcy Kuemper
Team scoring 6 goals: Avalanche
Game 1 winner: Avalanche

posted by rumple at 01:14 AM on May 17, 2022

NBA Playoff Pickem: Conference Finals Edition

My picks:

Heat in 7
Warriors in 7
Top point scorer: Butler
Top rebounder: Doncic
Top scoring team: Warriors
Team scoring 130: Warriors

posted by rumple at 06:23 PM on May 16, 2022

Arizona Coyotes Are Moving to a 5,100-Seat Arena

So there are already 3 >15,000 person sports arenas in Phoenix (Gila, Footprint, Veterans)? And the Coyotes will build one more. I don't understand economics at all.

Their average attendance is 11,000, not much less than Winnipeg, but there is always a bunch of skullduggery with those kinds of figures. Anyway if they have 5,000 hardcore fans and they can make a super loud rink with great seats for the next few years it could be a sort of cult thing. If they have to turn away 6,000 people who would otherwise go to the game for the next three years that might be hard to recover from. The Coyotes have a stupid number of draft picks the next year or two and it's possible in three years they will have a great team.

My local junior team seats about 6,000 for hockey and all the seats are great and it's a good atmosphere when it's >5000 present. Other than the optics, it'd probably be a pretty good experience to go see an NHL game in that kind of stadium.

posted by rumple at 10:07 PM on May 01, 2022

Enter the SportsFilter NHL Playoff Pickem

My picks:

Hurricanes in 7
Lightning in 6
Blues in 7
Oilers in 5
Penguins in 6
Panthers in 5
Avalanche in 4
Wild in 6
Top goals: Draisatl
Top goalie (save %): Jacob Markstrom
Team scoring 6 goals: Panthers
Game 1 winner: Hurricanes

Last series should be Dallas vs Calgary, I'm taking Calgary ...

posted by rumple at 09:47 PM on May 01, 2022

NBA Playoff Pickem: Conference Semifinals Edition

My picks:

76ers in 6
Suns in 5
Bucks in 6
Warriors in 5
Top point scorer: Giannis
Top rebounder: Giannis
Top scoring team: Bucks
Team scoring 130: Suns

posted by rumple at 03:01 PM on May 01, 2022

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Ex-Detroit Red Wings Zamboni driver BenjaminLeo fired for peeing into drain

posted by rumple at 09:12 PM on April 20, 2022

Enter the SportsFilter NBA Playoff Pickem

My picks:

Mavericks in 7
Grizzlies in 6
Raptors in 7
Warriors in 5
Heat in 5
Celtics in 6
Bucks in 5
Suns in 5
Top point scorer: Antetokounmpo
Top rebounder: Jokic
Top scoring team: Suns
Team scoring 130: Warriors

posted by rumple at 04:28 PM on April 15, 2022

NBA Pickem Week 25: All the Marbles Edition

My picks:

Bucks by 13 (slam dunk)
Knicks by 10 (slam dunk)
Suns by 15 (slam dunk)
Bucks by 14 (slam dunk)
Warriors by 20 (slam dunk)
Grizzlies by 11 (slam dunk)

posted by rumple at 03:59 PM on April 04, 2022