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It’s Never Too Late to Pivot From N.F.L. Safety to Neurosurgeon: When Myron Rolle was cut from the Pittsburgh Steelers, he fell into a funk until his mother reminded him of his two childhood dreams: Play football, then become a neurosurgeon. It was time for Plan B. (NYT gift link)

posted by rumple to football at 04:46 PM on October 12, 2022 - 3 comments

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: Rajpreet Heir takes a walk through the Indy 500 infield.

posted by rumple to auto racing at 03:47 PM on October 07, 2022 - 0 comments

The sanctimonious baseball purists want to elevate Aaron Judge. Don’t let them.: But it is not surprising that the keepers of the sport have not made this clear [that Bonds holds the record]. They rarely do. Over the years, they’ve selectively disguised dishonesty in baseball under the cloak of folklore and corrected the record only under duress. (WaPo gift article link)

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Robot Umpires Moving up to AAA Baseball Next Year: Seasonal employees to operate the system are being sought.

posted by rumple to baseball at 02:45 PM on January 21, 2022 - 1 comment

I Investigated Bonds and Clemens. Yes, They Belong in Cooperstown: Friday is the last day for voters in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to submit their 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame ballots. Listed on those ballots are two players in their 10th and final year of Hall of Fame eligibility who truly dominated their era but haven’t been voted in: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. (archive link)

posted by rumple to baseball at 02:50 PM on December 31, 2021 - 4 comments

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NFL Pickem Week 13: Going for 2 to Win Edition

My picks:

Patriots by 3
Falcons by 12 (lock)
Bears by 3
Jaguars by 7
Vikings by 13 (lock)
Commanders by 10 (lock)
Eagles by 9
Ravens by 17 (lock)
Browns by 3
Seahawks by 10 (lock)
Dolphins by 3
Chiefs by 9
Raiders by 3
Cowboys by 13 (lock)
Buccaneers by 10 (lock)

posted by rumple at 01:45 PM on December 01, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 12: Turducken Edition

My picks:

Cowboys by 17 (lock)
Vikings by 13 (lock)
Browns by 3
Titans by 7
Dolphins by 13 (lock)
Jets by 9
Commanders by 12 (lock)
Panthers by 6
Ravens by 13 (lock)
Cardinals by 3
Seahawks by 14 (lock)
Chiefs by 21 (lock)
49ers by 9
Eagles by 15 (lock)
Colts by 7

posted by rumple at 12:33 PM on November 24, 2022

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The South Korea starting lineup for tomorrow poses ... challenges for the play by play teams

posted by rumple at 09:45 PM on November 23, 2022

CFL Pickem Grey Cup Edition

My picks:

Blue Bombers by 14 (lock)
Grey Cup MVP: Collaros
Top rusher: Oliveira
Top receiver: Schoen
Tiebreaker: 59

posted by rumple at 09:06 PM on November 19, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 11: Jeff Sunday Edition

My picks:

Falcons by 6
Bills by 13 (lock)
Eagles by 14 (lock)
Patriots by 7
Rams by 7
Giants by 3
Ravens by 13 (lock)
Commanders by 6
Raiders by 6
Vikings by 11
Chiefs by 14 (lock)
Bengals by 13 (lock)
Cardinals by 3

posted by rumple at 08:59 PM on November 19, 2022

NBA Pickem Week 3: Round Mound of Rebound Edition

My picks:

Pelicans by 9
Kings by 11
Celtics by 6
Warriors by 10 (slam dunk)
Bucks by 9
Warriors by 14 (slam dunk)

posted by rumple at 11:46 PM on November 14, 2022

CFL Pickem Playoff Finals Edition

My picks:

Argonauts by 10 (lock)
Lions by 11 (lock)
Top passer: Rourke
Top rusher: Butler
Top receiver: Hatcher

posted by rumple at 05:11 PM on November 12, 2022

NBA Pickem Week 2: Lottery Lakers Edition

My picks:

Nets by 6
Clippers by 9
Celtics by 13 (slam dunk)
Grizzlies by 11 (slam dunk)

posted by rumple at 08:34 PM on November 08, 2022

CFL Pickem: Playoff Semifinals Edition

My picks:

Alouettes by 13
Lions by 12
Top passer: Rourke
Top rusher: Stanback
Top receiver: Rhymes

Yes I googled some players

posted by rumple at 02:56 PM on November 05, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 9: Lost Vegas Edition

My picks:

Eagles by 17 (lock)
Chargers by 7
Dolphins by 9
Bengals by 13 (lock)
Lions by 3
Patriots by 14 (lock)
Bills by 13 (lock)
Vikings by 10 (lock)
Jaguars by 6
Seahawks by 7
Buccaneers by 7
Chiefs by 13 (lock)
Ravens by 9

posted by rumple at 03:29 PM on November 03, 2022

Enter the SportsFilter NBA Pickem

My picks:

Nets by 10
Suns by 11 (slam dunk)
Cavaliers by 9
Grizzlies by 6
Celtics by 13 (slam dunk)
Bucks by 10 (slam dunk)

That's the most halloween story ever, rcade

posted by rumple at 12:58 AM on November 01, 2022

CFL Pickem Week 21: Nothing to Clinch Edition

My picks:

Blue Bombers by 10
Argonauts by 12
Redblacks by 11
Stampeders by 13

posted by rumple at 08:24 PM on October 27, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 8: Retirement Looking Pretty Good Edition

My picks:

Buccaneers by 3
Jaguars by 4
Panthers by 6
Cowboys by 7
Dolphins by 9
Vikings by 13 (lock)
Saints by 3
Patriots by 4
Eagles by 17 (lock)
Titans by 10 (lock)
Colts by 7
Rams by 6
Seahawks by 3
Bills by 14 (lock)
Bengals by 3

posted by rumple at 03:06 PM on October 27, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 7: Drag Russell Wilson Edition

My picks:

Bengals by 10
Cowboys by 13 (lock)
Titans by 9
Packers by 7
Buccaneers by 10
Jaguars by 13 (lock)
Ravens by 14 (lock)
Jets by 3
Raiders by 12 (lock)
Seahawks by 3
49ers by 3
Dolphins by 15 (lock)
Patriots by 13 (lock)

posted by rumple at 01:23 AM on October 22, 2022

CFL Pickem Week 20: Crossover Rule Edition

My picks:

Tiger-Cats by 10
Elks by 11
Alouettes by 10
Roughriders by 11

posted by rumple at 04:01 PM on October 21, 2022