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February 28, 2009

On The Road Again: Because winter can last until May in northern Maine, Presque Isle routinely plays its entire season on the road. With their campus 400 miles north of Boston, the Owls have not played a home baseball game since 2005, when there were two.

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Kansas City here I come: The Patriots have traded away recently franchise-tagged backup quarterback Matt Cassel to the Chiefs. Former Pats offensive coordinator and recently hired Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels offered Pro-Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler in an attempt to get Cassel. Now from Denver, Cutler is pissed and demanding to be traded. Clearly, McDaniels doesn't buy into the rankings. HilarityDrama ensues.

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February 27, 2009

Chicago Bulls: Longtime announcer Johnny "Red" Kerr dies after long battle with prostate cancer.

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Mud, sweat and beers at Britain's maddest football match: Category: Soccer/Running of the Bulls/Bunol Tomato Fight "The ball can go anywhere. Last night it went through a pub, in the front door and out the back. "There's an honour to playing this game. People train from Christmas to get ready. It's the heritage of Derbyshire. We have to fight all the time to keep it going. "It makes you proud to be British."

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February 26, 2009

Phillies help reliever: The Phillies have advanced some of reliver Scott Eyre's salary after he experienced financial problems related to the Stanford investigation.

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Legendary Wrestler linked to slaying of 97 year old man: Amateur and pro wrestling legend Verne Gagne was involved with an incident that lead to the death of 97 year old Helmut Guttmann. According to several accounts Gagne shoved Guttmann who was then hospitalized and later died. Minneapolis police are ruling Guttmann's death a homicide. Gagne's family, who say he is suffering from Alzhimer's, think any charges pressed againt Verne would be inhumane.

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Guess who's back?: Meow.

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February 25, 2009

NFL Commissioner to take a 20% pay cut: reducing his $11,000,000 salary and bonuses that he was to receive.

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Corey Koskie’s clear head: In light of recent discussions here and elsewhere which have shown us just how little we know about the effects of concussion, Gordon Edes writes an account of Corey Koskie's recovery process: a small step towards a proper diagnostic and treatment process for head injuries.

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Colts Release Marvin Harrison: The Indianapolis Colts have released wide receiver Marvin Harrison, freeing up $13.9 million under their salary cap for the 2009 season. The move followed an unsuccessful attempt to renegotiate his contract and was at his request. During their 11-year association, quarterback Peyton Manning and Harrison led the Colts to 117 regular-season wins, nine playoff trips and a win in Super Bowl XLI.

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February 23, 2009

Weird Times in Shaq Land: "Shaquille O'Neal is not retired, but currently plays for the Phoenix Suns." -- correction in today's New York Times. "The jabbawockeez didn't have to highlight shaq's big ass, but they did. the fact that a sick group like them put the lime light on someone else, who isn't a professional dancer, shows a lot about them." -- comment on YouTube. "To all twitterers , if u c me n public come say hi, we r not the same we r from twitteronia, we connect" -- Shaq on Twitter

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February 21, 2009

Yahoo Fantasy H2H Baseball League: League # 125770...............Password is: spofi

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Jerry Jones Slaps Muzzle on Head Coach: Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips is under orders not to discuss football matters with the media. When reporters approached Phillips on Thursday at the scouting combine in Indianapolis, he responded, "Can't talk. Against the rules." Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw's take: "to plug some of the leaks at Valley Ranch, Jones continues to emasculate his head coach."

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Great Unravelling under way in Montreal: As if a raft of injuries, a soul-crushing losing streak, whispers of excessive partying and the temporary banishment of a star player weren't enough, it has emerged three Habs players are friendly with a gangster who was recently arrested on suspicion of cocaine trafficking and importation. The latest revelations, contained in La Presse,indicate that Belarusian brothers Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn, as well as Czech defenceman Roman Hamrlik, had social ties with 38-year-old Pasquale Mangiola, who stands accused of conspiracy, drug and weapons charges. Mangiola is alleged to have been a key figure in a cocaine ring involving high-profile Hells Angels and members of Montreal's violent Syndicate street gang.

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February 20, 2009

Utah Jazz: owner and business mogul Larry H. Miller is dead at the age of 64 from complications of diabetes.

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February 19, 2009

The most anonymous men on the ice.: They are the first skaters on the ice before a period starts and the last to leave when it is over. They are in motion for all 60 minutes of play.

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Super Punch Out: A slide show featuring action shots of, well...shots.

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February 18, 2009

They Still Raise Them Right In Some Places: Player misses free throws on purpose because it's the right thing to do. A good story to share after a week of obsession with A-Rod's cheating.

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February 17, 2009

A-Rod from a Yankee view: From the Yankees Web site: Alex Rodriguez speaks.

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February 16, 2009

Casino Host and Wingman to the All-Stars: Mr. Jones generally travels with a large group of friends as well as the athletes, and it frequently expands to 20 strong. Mr. Jones always elects one local friend to be his "chief of staff," charged with making sure everyone in the group is trustworthy and preventing stragglers from glomming on.

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FedEx tries to use college hoops for advertising: Federal Express comes close to having Memphis wear its colors for one night.

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Steelers Kicker Strikes Blow for Bathroom Hygiene: Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Jeff Reed was arrested for criminal misconduct over an incident in a convenience store men's room at 3 a.m. Saturday. "Reed caused damage to a towel dispenser as he was infuriated at the fact that there were no towels in it," Trooper Shawn Askins said. Considering the photos of Reed floating around the web -- he was declared the most fun kicker of all-time by Deadspin -- it's a pretty safe bet that alcohol was involved.

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February 15, 2009

Lance Armstrong Rips Reporter Over 'Cancer' Comment : At a press conference Thursday before the Amgen Tour of California, cyclist Lance Armstrong confronted Sunday Times of London columnist Paul Kimmage, who in a September interview called Armstrong a "cancer in this sport" that had been in remission for four years and now was back. More on the confrontation.

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February 14, 2009

Michael Lewis and the NBA's No-Stats All-Star: "Here we have a basketball mystery: a player is widely regarded inside the NBA as, at best, a replaceable cog in a machine driven by superstars. And yet every team he has ever played on has acquired some magical ability to win." Moneyball author Michael Lewis returns to familiar ground with the cover story in Sunday's New York Times Magazine. But this time the sport is basketball and the player he describes -- whose skills required entirely new metrics to properly appreciate -- is Shane Battier.

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February 13, 2009

It's Valentines Day: Six sporting love stories from The Guardian.

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February 12, 2009

Hockey is for Everyone: "More than 96 percent of the enrolled students have matriculated to their next grade, despite coming from neighborhoods where the average is around 45 percent", said Scott Tharp, President of the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.

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February 11, 2009

Do A Little Dance, Lose A Lotta Points: NCAA coaches to look at modifications to the celebration penalties. But are they tuning them in the right direction?

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Robero Alomar's ex-girlfriend suing the baseball star.: She alleges that he has AIDS, and endangered her and her children. Sandy Alomar Sr, Robbie's father, says this is the first he's hearing his son is sick.

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Report: Brett Favre to retire -- again: According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, legendary quarterback Brett Favre has informed the New York Jets he plans to retire. Favre told ESPN he never requested the Jets provide his unconditional release and said the decision to retire was strictly related to his ability to perform on the field. "It's about me not being able to play at the level I'm accustomed to," he said in an e-mail.

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February 10, 2009

Moose coming back?: Scout? Coach? GM? He's undecided for now, but one of the greatest captains ever in the NHL may be making a comeback.

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A Real Display of Honesty Pays Off: Remember that guy who DQ'd himself during Q-School last November? Well, guess what? His honesty is paying off and could very well "pay" off as well. (Update from previous thread)

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February 09, 2009

Oh No, You Di'int!: Alex Rodriguez admits to steroid use. Your move, Selig.

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Sacking Day: Two more Premier League managers have bitten the dust, with Big Phil Scolari getting sacked at Chelsea and Tony Adams losing his job at Portsmouth. Is it surprising that these two lost their jobs, or surprising that it's taken this long for the management to do the deed?

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Don't mess with Bud!: ESPN's Scott Van Pelt was suspended because of comments about baseball commissioner Bud Selig he aired about on his radio show.

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February 08, 2009

Some companies sticking with Phelps: It's good to see some companies accepting Michael Phelps' apology and staying by him!

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February 07, 2009

1,000: with a home-court victory over UGA on Thursday, Pat Summit became the first Div I basketball coach to click the odometer over to four digits.

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Alex Rodriguez tested positive for testosterone and and Primobolan in 2003. : The same year, Rodriguez won the AL MVP and the home run title.

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February 05, 2009

Top 30 New Extreme Sports: Bored with those age-old extreme sports? Maybe you can try your luck with Human Powered Hydrofoil Water Scooting or Batman Rope Ascending. But before you do, maybe you should get an additional life insurance policy. (Includes photos and/or videos)

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February 04, 2009

Baseball Pitches Illustrated: Interesting look at how to identify pitches, including speeds and pitch movement.

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February 03, 2009

2009 SportsFilter NASCAR Yahoo group started: More inside.

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Clemen's DNA Found on the Syringes Submitted by McNamee: But, Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, told the newspaper on Monday that the DNA tests "won't matter at all. It will still be evidence fabricated by McNamee. I would be dumbfounded if any responsible person ever found this to be reliable or credible evidence in any way."

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Tis nary a beast alive that can choke out a greased Québécois: Vaseline spoils St. Pierre's victory over Penn at UFC 94. St. Pierre's corner man clear rubs Vaseline all over George's shpulders and back, thus negating any chance Penn would have at locking in a submission hold on him.

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February 02, 2009

Arshavin, finally, joins the Gunners: After two weeks of negotiations, deals falling apart and being remade, and one big snowstorm, Andrei Arshavin has actually left Zenit St. Petersburg to join Arsenal. In other news from the closing of the transfer window, Robbie Keane rejoins Tottenham from Liverpool (and Harry Redknapp is excited), and Charles N'Zogbia leaves Newcastle for Wigan.

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Struggling Senators fire Coach Hartsburg: This marks the fourth head coach in a little over a year. While Hartsburg's team was underperforming, he seems to be the latest in a line of coaches who take the brunt for a team that's not as good on the ice as they are on paper. Murray's been at the helm since 1997; they're barely over .500 in that time. When does the finger start pointing somewhere other than the X's and O's?

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Review of Springsteen's Super Bowl Halftime Show: Greg Mitchell's take: "they done good." Should politics be interjected into the halftime show, or should it be just about the music?

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Video: Porn Interrupts Super Bowl in Tucson: A brief porn scene interrupted the broadcast of the Super Bowl for Comcast viewers in Tucson Sunday night. The Club Jenna clip showed male frontal nudity right after the Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald penetrated the Pittsburgh Steelers defense for the go-ahead score. "I just figured it was another commercial until I looked up," viewer Cora King told the Arizona Daily Star. "Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out." Gizmodo has the not-safe-for-work video via ComcastSuperBowlPorn.Com.

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February 01, 2009

Steelers Win Sixth Super Bowl: With an astonishing 100-yard interception return by James Harrison to end the first half and a last-minute touchdown catch by Santonio Holmes, the Pittsburgh Steelers won a league record sixth Super Bowl with a 27-23 win over the Arizona Cardinals. The refs were a huge factor in the game, calling numerous penalties and ending the game without reviewing Cardinals' quarterback Kurt Warner's fumble.

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Tabloid Catches Michael Phelps Smoking a Bong: Fourteen-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps was photographed taking a bong hit at a college party in South Carolina, the British tabloid News of the World reported Sunday. "He looked just as natural with a bong in his hands as he does swimming in the pool," an unnamed source told the paper. "He was the gold medal winner of bong hits." A Phelps marketing rep, Clifford Bloxham, offered Phelps to the tabloid as a columnist for three years if it killed the photo. Instead, it quoted him: "It's seeing if something potentially very negative for Michael could turn into something very positive for the News of the World."

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Stars' Krys Barch Loses Eight Teeth to High Stick: Krys Barch lost eight teeth when he was high-sticked in the mouth by Chris Chelios during the first period of the Dallas Stars/Detroit Red Wings game Thursday. After a short locker room trip he played the rest of the game. "He came back to the bench smiling, and saying, 'I think I lost a few,'" head coach Dave Tippett said.

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Fan's streak will hit XLIII today: Tom Henschel, a native of Natrona Heights (just outside Pittsburgh), is one of only five football fans to have attended every Super Bowl since the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on Jan. 15, 1967, in what then was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Today, when he and his brother Jim walk through the gates to Raymond James Stadium that streak will be extended to 43. "I remember the stadium was half-empty, and I might have been the only fan there who wasn't wearing a suit and tie."

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