February 16, 2009

Steelers Kicker Strikes Blow for Bathroom Hygiene: Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Jeff Reed was arrested for criminal misconduct over an incident in a convenience store men's room at 3 a.m. Saturday. "Reed caused damage to a towel dispenser as he was infuriated at the fact that there were no towels in it," Trooper Shawn Askins said. Considering the photos of Reed floating around the web -- he was declared the most fun kicker of all-time by Deadspin -- it's a pretty safe bet that alcohol was involved.

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Let he who has never been piss drunk in a sheetz at 3 am cast the first stone.

posted by Debo270 at 01:31 PM on February 16

It is pretty frustrating when there are no towels to dry your hands...

posted by docshredder at 01:53 PM on February 16

Convience stores at 3 am seem to attract drunks and other strange folks that are wandering around at that time. Maybe they ought to be closed before the drunks descend upon them in the wee hours.

posted by jrr6602 at 02:51 PM on February 16

>>>Let he who has never been piss drunk in a sheetz at 3 am cast the first stone.<<< I have never been piss drunk in a sheetz at 3 a.m. and I will not cast a stone at Jeff Reed.

My comment is the lack of towels is indicative of a general attitude of many establishments toward their customers..... lack of attention to detail, lack of caring, lack of understanding that repeat business is what is going to help keep their jobs in the future. Management has a real tough job in training and changing this culture of indifference. Example: Circuit City. v. Best Buy.

So if I had been sober at 3 a.m. in that Sheetz, I may have been upset also.... but I think a better response would be to get the owner's home phone number and call him then!!!!

posted by Fly_Piscator at 03:40 PM on February 16

Employee's Please Wash Hands Before Returning to Work think of that the next time you get a burger at a fast food place.

posted by thatch at 03:52 PM on February 16

Sticker seen on hot air hand dryer in mens room:

Press button to start hot air. Place hands under nozzle. Rub hands briskly together. Finish drying by wiping hands on pants.

If they closed all the convenience stores early, where else would the drunks have to go? They'd just be driving around aimlessly.

posted by Howard_T at 04:26 PM on February 16

As someone that has first hand experience working/managing in the fast food/convenience environments, let me say this; Never, under any circumstances, let your children, or anyone you love, work in any of these establishments after 10:00 PM. I don't recommend them prior to 10 PM, but afterwards is to truly put your life on the line.

At 3:00 AM, nearly every customer is "piss drunk in a sheetz". Many are armed, some are dangerous. Not to lump everyone into those categories, I know tons of happy, unarmed, only slightly drunk people are buying Slurpees at that time of day, just saying.

As to getting the owner's home phone number and calling him at 3 AM, fat chance, you'll be lucky to get a corporate number.

As to the employees washing their hands...after my time in that industry i know to always check a restaurant's bathroom, it's your best gauge of food safety that you have. A very percentage of food borne illness is due to improper hand washing.

But, on to the story...I hope he receives the same treatment that any other drunk would.

posted by dviking at 08:57 PM on February 16

Dang, he almost got it right. If Reed had damaged a hot air hand dryer instead of a towel dispenser at 3am in a Sheetz store, the headline could have read:

3 Sheetz To The Wind.

posted by beaverboard at 02:05 PM on February 17

Management has a real tough job in training and changing this culture of indifference. Example: Circuit City. v. Best Buy.

Management is usually directly responsible for the culture of indifference - most places with bad culture tend to have bad culture at the top, poor pay rates, poor training, high turnover, as a result of managing to "keep staff costs down" (management salaries excluded, naturally ;).

posted by rodgerd at 03:34 PM on February 17

He could have just used his hair.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 04:45 PM on February 18

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