February 10, 2009

Moose coming back?: Scout? Coach? GM? He's undecided for now, but one of the greatest captains ever in the NHL may be making a comeback.

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Interesting that Brett Hull's name wasn't mentioned among Yzerman, Lowe and Robitaille as former players currently in the team "building" role. I guess that is what Sean Avery will do for you.

posted by BoKnows at 11:31 PM on February 10, 2009

The greatest captain in the modern era of the NHL

Is it just me, or did they forget to include the word "arguably" in there? Not to take away from Messier at all, he was definitely one of the all-time greats, but to borrow from the dude, "That's just, like, your opinion, man."

posted by tahoemoj at 12:44 AM on February 11, 2009

I agree with that too, tahoemoj. I was hoping that my rewording in the FPP was a little more accurate. I'm sure he knows his stuff, but it's always interesting to see if his hockey sense can translate into a different role.

posted by BoKnows at 12:48 AM on February 11, 2009

He was an unmitigated disaster as Captain in Vancouver.

posted by rumple at 03:18 AM on February 11, 2009

Messier in Vancouver? Worst captain the Canucks have seen bar none. I've never understood how a player so respected by the rest of the League could be so divisive and piss off so many people in this town. Came across as a complete front-runner, only able to lead a winning team.

posted by deflated at 12:02 PM on February 11, 2009

Funny you guys bring up Vancouver, because when I was thinking about who might be up among the elite with Messier, Trevor Linden kept coming to mind. There's a guy who, at least in the early 90's, could really be considered a great one. And he was never surrounded by the cast that Messier had.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:20 PM on February 11, 2009

Scott Stevens?

posted by BoKnows at 12:25 PM on February 11, 2009

I thought of him, as well, but being a Devils fan didn't want to expose myself to accusations of homerism. Also came up with Dirk Graham of the 80's Blackhawks.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:28 PM on February 11, 2009

Nothing against Mess, but Stevie Y was the greatest captain of the modern era!

posted by YzermanRulz at 06:11 PM on February 11, 2009

Yeah, he rulz.

posted by BoKnows at 06:26 PM on February 11, 2009

But spelz bad

posted by tahoemoj at 06:28 PM on February 11, 2009

But still rulz.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:31 PM on February 11, 2009

Rulz suck.

posted by BoKnows at 06:37 PM on February 11, 2009

That's a great question: Who would you rather have at their best? Messier or Yzerman? I'd have to go with Messier. Mostly because of an edge in physical intimidation.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:54 PM on February 11, 2009

I'd go with Yzerman, but it is no secret that I'm somewhat biased.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 12:48 AM on February 17, 2009

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