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Yu Darvish May Need Tommy John Surgery

Sprained? Just sprained?

I don't understand how a sprain is already cause for the Tommy John discussion.

"Sprain" means "torn ligament". The severity is what determines how bad it is. In Darvish's case, he has a Level 2 sprain. Given how it's now a recurring injury, they're considering Tommy John surgery.

posted by Jeffwa at 07:35 AM on March 08, 2015

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, World Series Edition

SF in 6




posted by Jeffwa at 09:38 AM on October 24, 2012

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, LCS Edition

New York in 6

San Francisco in 7

Justin Verlander & Matt Cain

Buster Posey

posted by Jeffwa at 09:12 AM on October 13, 2012

Premier League season starts Saturday

What's the fantasy league code? 55086 was not it and I had to sign up for a new account over there after they seem to have deleted my previous account.

posted by Jeffwa at 09:14 AM on August 16, 2012

Spurs Kick Harry Redknapp

I'm a Spurs fan and like Harry, but he was fired for three reasons:

1. Stumping for the England gig since before Capello got stepped down. (He's always ready to let it be known to anyone who asked that he would take the job in a heartbeat if it was offered.) 2. Dropped a 10pt lead over Arsenal in the table and losing a certain CL spot with an awful run of form late in the season. 3. Publicly demanding in the press for a contract extension.

#3 was the final straw, but #1 was the biggest turn off. He always answered that question hypothetically, saying how great of an honor it would be if he was asked but was happy at WHL blah blah blah. Nobody was fooled to think he wasn't just paying lip-service for the job. He's a good manager and he did an amazing job with this squad but if they kept him around he'd be a huge distraction until his contract issue was resolved. And make no mistake, he was never going to be quiet in the media while that was being hashed out, so you can be sure the club's form would suffer as a result.

posted by Jeffwa at 11:22 AM on June 14, 2012

Just like the Lottery...

Rebuilding the Dynasty Yr 12 is in a week late.

posted by Jeffwa at 05:35 AM on September 13, 2011

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, Final Standings

I won last year and finish last this year. Awesome!

posted by Jeffwa at 06:15 AM on November 07, 2010

Tiger Woods Loses No. 1 Ranking

He's good, but never winning a Major doesn't really make him the de facto number one for a lot of people.

posted by Jeffwa at 10:21 AM on November 01, 2010

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, World Series Edition

Rangers in 5




posted by Jeffwa at 07:08 PM on October 25, 2010

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, LCS Edition

New York Yankees in 6 Philadelphia Phillies in 5

AL: Cliff Lee NL: Roy Halladay


posted by Jeffwa at 11:48 AM on October 14, 2010

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, LDS Edition

Tampa Bay Rays in 4

New York Yankees in 4

Cincinnati Reds in 5

Atlanta Braves in 5

Josh Hamilton TEX

NL +8

posted by Jeffwa at 08:27 AM on October 05, 2010

Fantasy Premier League

I'm in again as Buckeye FC.

posted by Jeffwa at 06:04 AM on July 19, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals Pickem 2010

Having family visiting from America and dragging me on a road trip to France (yeah, it sounds better than it is) had me miss my finals picks. Oh well. I feel confident with my winner, sure that my games won't hit and probable about my Conn Smythe winner, which leads me to believe I won't leap into first, but it was fun to play when I was able to get picks in on time.

Next time, no family staying for 16 days in our 1 bedroom apartment.

posted by Jeffwa at 08:29 AM on June 01, 2010

2010 NHL Playoff Pickem Round 3

Shit, I was away this weekend (but not with Spitztengle) and didn't get picks in.

Blackhawks in 5
Habs in 6

If they count, great. If not, that's okay, too.

posted by Jeffwa at 03:10 AM on May 17, 2010

Golfer's honorable loss.

While Whybark may have thought he was doing something sportsman-like, in reality he just said "I'm better than you so I'm going to give you this so you don't feel bad." Completely a self-aggrandizing dick move.

Also, there's not a single quote from the "winner" about the gesture. That pretty much sums it up for me about how he felt about it.

posted by Jeffwa at 06:29 AM on May 06, 2010

2010 NHL Playoff Pickem Round 2

Pittsburgh in 5
Boston in 6
San Jose in 6
Chicago in 5

posted by Jeffwa at 04:29 AM on April 29, 2010

2010 NHL Playoff Pickem

Washington in 4
New Jersey in 5
Buffalo in 6
Pittsburgh in 6

San Jose in 5
Chicago in 4
Vancouver in 6
Detroit in 7

posted by Jeffwa at 08:46 AM on April 14, 2010 DirecTV

He is a sorry excuse for a sports journalist.

Since when has he been a journalist? He's an analyst. It's his job to talk about the things that happen in sports, not report that they are happening. He has always been just a talking head.

That said, his shtick definitely grew tiresome years ago. He used to be interesting to watch, but then he transformed into a caricature of himself and that was that.

posted by Jeffwa at 04:22 PM on February 12, 2010

Report: Gailey expected to be named Bills head coach

One of the positives of living in Europe as a Bills fan is I rarely have to worry about them being on TV, so if they do hire Gailey, I don't have to worry about breaking any valuable home electronics when he invariably calls a draw on 3rd & 8 then punts from his opponents 35yd line.

So I got that going for me, which is nice.

posted by Jeffwa at 06:06 AM on January 19, 2010

USC's Win Over UCLA Ends with Pile-On Touchdown

I'll guess that Neuheisel's glad Carroll did this. He's been trying to talk up his program and bring them back to relevancy since he was hired. Adding some "bad blood" to the USC rivalry does just that. I'm sure he wanted to win, but he'll be happy when people talk about this game next year in the week leading up to it.

posted by Jeffwa at 08:27 AM on November 30, 2009

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, Final Standings

I won? Wow. I guess getting picks in for each round is a successful strategy. Who knew?

posted by Jeffwa at 06:35 AM on November 06, 2009

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, World Series Edition

Tied for first! Woo Hoo! Watch my epic choke to fall from the top 5!

New York Yankees in 6

Alex Rodriguez (NYY)


3hrs 57min

posted by Jeffwa at 11:33 AM on October 27, 2009

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, LCS Edition

Philadelphia Phillies in 6 New York Yankees in 5

Bonus NL: Cliff Lee AL: Sabathia

Super Bonus AL +9

posted by Jeffwa at 10:41 AM on October 14, 2009

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, LDS Edition

Phillies in 5 Yankees in 3 Cardinals in 5 Anaheim in 5

Alex Rodriguez AL +9

posted by Jeffwa at 05:41 PM on October 07, 2009

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, One-Game Playoff Edition

Twins by 4, Joe Mauer.

posted by Jeffwa at 07:32 AM on October 05, 2009

EPL Fantasy 09-10

I score my highest weekly point total of the season and proceeded to dump 8 players. I think there's something wrong with my system...

posted by Jeffwa at 12:23 PM on September 16, 2009

Down on the ground and spread 'em!

In as Ookie Mouth.

posted by Jeffwa at 01:29 PM on August 26, 2009

For the love of the game

As a Bills fan, I particularly liked this line from the Deadspin article:

Since Losman is now the face of the league, I assume they'll be changing the logo to a silhouette of a QB flat on his back.

And is Fassel talking about the same JP Losman from the last 4 years:

"You've got to be blind not to see this guy can play quarterback," the coach said.

Only two teams (Denver & Carolina) gave him a sniff in free agency, and those teams opted for Chris Simms and Josh McCown.

posted by Jeffwa at 01:13 PM on July 22, 2009

Spofi EPL Fantasy League 09-10 Week 0 Update

I missed the weekly updates last season. Watching my scores be blue week after week was so comforting.

Since Spofi has a limit on character count, maybe posting the results as a read-only public spreadsheet on Google Docs as a possible alternative?

posted by Jeffwa at 12:46 PM on July 18, 2009

Ashes Pointscore - First Test Results

owlhouse: That's okay. Thanks, though.

posted by Jeffwa at 12:43 PM on July 18, 2009

Ashes Pointscore - First Test Results

Crap. I forgot to check in before the matches started. I'll stay with who I picked since it was my fault for not following up in a timely manner.

posted by Jeffwa at 04:50 PM on July 16, 2009

Ashes 2009 Pointscore Contest

Australia: Stuart Clark, Michael Hussey, Shane Watson England: Ryan Sidebottom, Andrew Strauss, Stuart Broad

Australia 3-0

posted by Jeffwa at 06:07 AM on July 01, 2009

EPL Fantasy 08-09 Open for business

Back for a second try as Buckeye FC. Hopefully I can keep my late season momentum instead of matching my decent start then free-fall.

posted by Jeffwa at 02:21 PM on July 09, 2008

Video: Diamondbacks Catcher Chris Snyder Fractures Left Testicle

Fuck this, I'm taking my ball and going home. You're going to have to get it back from Snyder, as he already took it.

posted by Jeffwa at 06:01 PM on July 06, 2008

Updated Fantasy Euro 2008 standings

how the F can the game feed be lost three separate, lengthy times during a single game in this technological age?!?! Lightning doesn't care how technologically advanced this day and age is.

posted by Jeffwa at 05:08 AM on June 26, 2008

Melrose Place now in Tampa

who else is good, quick, knowledgeable and is known even slightly on the American national stage? Darren Pang? Brian Engblom? They've both worked for ESPN before.

posted by Jeffwa at 05:51 PM on June 24, 2008

Did somebody say "Football?"

I would at the very least eliminate receptions. That way the reciever and running back positions are more of an equal value, rather than giving advantages to recievers. I have to disagree, as long as RBs get credit for receptions. If they do, it somewhat negates the gain made by WRs. Not completely, but it doesn't make it an overwhelming advantage. Maybe as an adjustment adjust the points per reception to be fractional instead of one (or lower the value if it's already fractional.) So instead of 1REC = 1PT, make it 1REC = .5PT.

posted by Jeffwa at 05:37 AM on June 16, 2008

Fantasy Euro 2008

I'm in as Buckeye FC

posted by Jeffwa at 08:59 AM on June 06, 2008

Steve Yzerman shows class in front office

As a Blackhawks fan, I've always had tremendous respect for Yzerman. I don't think you could find a better definition of 'class' than him.

posted by Jeffwa at 08:28 AM on June 06, 2008

Manchester United Complete Double

I don't understand why Terry was so distraught after the match. It's not like he isn't used to disappointment in major events. After all, he plays for England.

posted by Jeffwa at 07:42 AM on May 22, 2008

There is an "I" in "Team"?

@lbb: IIRC, qualifying for regionals only required a qualifying time/distance/height, which you only needed to get one time, so you didn't have to participate in all the events you did throughout the season, just at least once during the season. I actually qualified* my freshman year in the varsity 400m by running one race. * Purely by accident. My coach thought he was throwing me into the 400m JV race to give me 4 events and to try and get points since there was only 3 entries. Turns out it was the varsity race (he made a mistake when reading the time schedule). My time was good enough to qualify for regionals, but I didn't know that until ~1wk before, and I didn't run that event again all season (or train for it) so I passed.

posted by Jeffwa at 10:42 AM on May 13, 2008

There is an "I" in "Team"?

This isn't a typical high school meet, though. It's the state finals which has more athletes competing, which means they'll need to spread things out over a couple of days. I know California & Ohio run their state meets over two days, but don't know what their event limits are.* * When I was in high school in the late 80s-early 90s, we were limited to 4 events for a single meet, but don't remember what the restrictions were for the regional & state meets. (I never qualified for enough events for regionals for the limit to ever be an issue :) )

posted by Jeffwa at 12:05 PM on May 12, 2008

Tiger beats God in friendly golf match

Joke: Jesus, Moses & an old guy are playing golf. On the first hole, Moses tees off and slices badly towards the water. He walks out to the lake, parts the water, chips up onto the green for an easy birdie putt. Then, Jesus tees off. He slices towards the water, too, but rather than his ball sinking, it floats on top. He walks out on the water, chips up onto the green for an easy birdie put. Then the old guy tees off. He, too, slices towards the water. Right before the ball hits the water, a fish jumps out and catches the ball. Before it can swim away, an eagle swoops down and grabs the fish and flies off over the green. It drops the fish, the ball popping from the fishes mouth. Just then, a gopher runs from off the green, grabs the ball and puts it in the hole. Jesus turns to the old guy and says, "Dad, you never play fair."

posted by Jeffwa at 10:07 AM on March 22, 2008

PGA Tour player Tripp Isenhour faces criminal charges for killing hawk

While this is loathsome, it's certainly not in the same category as Vick, though it does warrant punishment. I'd be willing to bet he's only remorseful because he's now facing charges.

posted by Jeffwa at 05:56 AM on March 08, 2008

Week 27 update for the Spofi EPL fantasy footie.

I moved up a spot! Red box near the bottom of the table!

posted by Jeffwa at 04:52 AM on March 03, 2008

March Madness

I'm in

posted by Jeffwa at 07:48 AM on February 28, 2008

Week 26 update for the Spofi Fantasy EPL

I'm just happy that etrader picked this week to make a few costly transfers. That combined with a poor outing on my team's part kept me close enough that I could still move up eventually. (From 27 to 26 with an eye on finishing in the top 25. My goals are low but attainable!)

posted by Jeffwa at 05:41 AM on February 25, 2008

The 22 Worst Dunks Ever

A friend of mine from college used to make dunk videos with his friends in middle/high school. He never showed me anything like these videos, though! And that kid ripping his knee up in the hoop made both my (surgically repaired, multiple times) knees ache. But at the same time, if I was there age and didn't see a broken bone sticking out of his leg, I'd laugh at the absurdity of him hanging upside-down from the rim by his leg, too.

posted by Jeffwa at 10:35 AM on February 20, 2008

2007 NFL Playoff Pick 'Em

Patriots by 17 Giants score first on Special Teams Time of first score is 3:02 of the first quarter

posted by Jeffwa at 09:54 AM on January 29, 2008

Adolf Hitler, Cowboys Fan

Is that the most remixable scene ever or what? There have been some really good ones. This one is up there.

posted by Jeffwa at 09:44 AM on January 28, 2008

2007 NFL Playoff Pick'em

New England Patriots by 13 Green Bay Packers by 7 Bonus: NYG Punter for 245yds

posted by Jeffwa at 03:59 AM on January 15, 2008

NFL 2007 Playoff Pick'em

The Games: Green Bay by 4 New England by 10 Indianapolis by 9 Dallas by 3 The Bonus: 1. How many turnovers will there be this weekend? 9 2. Which team will have the best turnover ration? NE 3. What will the best turnover ratio be? +3

posted by Jeffwa at 08:32 AM on January 12, 2008

Second Annual NFL Playoff Pick 'em - Wild Card Round Edition

NFC: Seahawks by 6 Giants by 10 AFC: Steelers by 4 Chargers by 9 Receiving Yards: Santonio Holmes 124yds

posted by Jeffwa at 05:39 PM on December 31, 2007

Spofi EPL fantasy footie Week 12 update.

Ball Booters post best week of season, yet still drop to their lowest ranking of the season. Nice work!

posted by Jeffwa at 05:01 PM on November 07, 2007

Week 8 update for the Spofi EPL fantasy footie.

I'm freeeeee...Free faaaalllliiiinn'!

posted by Jeffwa at 10:50 AM on October 04, 2007

Chicago Blackhawks Owner Bill Wirtz Passed Away......

What WeedyMcSmokey said. You mean I might finally be able to watch my city's pro hockey team on TV? Not so fast. His family still owns the team. I hope they change the way they run the franchise, but I'm betting it's unlikely to change.

posted by Jeffwa at 10:15 AM on September 26, 2007

Spofi EPL fantasy footie

Look out last place, I'm coming for you!

posted by Jeffwa at 01:19 PM on September 23, 2007

Spofi EPL fantasy footie

I've already made 5 transfers this season, which (I think) accounts for a loss of 16pts (or is it 12? 20?) But it was necessary to find the right squad (for now.) I'm sure I'll be using the freebie before January, though.

posted by Jeffwa at 08:11 AM on August 24, 2007

EPL Fantasy Pool 07-08 is open.

I'm in as Buckeyes FC

posted by Jeffwa at 11:06 AM on July 10, 2007

Man beats world hot dog eating record

He's not the champion, just the world record holder. To be champion he has to be Kobiyashi at the Nathan's contest on the 4th of July.

posted by Jeffwa at 09:03 AM on June 04, 2007