March 14, 2006

America's Favorite Player Released.: The man who has given sportsblogs across America things to talk about over the course of the past few months has finally been released and is free to find another team. Even if you're oblivious to everything in the sports world, you can tell something went bad when the team announces his release in a one sentence statement.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia to football at 06:21 PM - 48 comments

Its not like anyone didn't see this coming, but it will be interesting to see where he goes after this. The Cowboys released Keyshawn Johnson which could be to make room for Owens and Miami also seems to be interested. Personally, I think it would be awesome if the Raiders signed him. Having Randy Moss and Terrell Owens lined up opposite each other would be hell on opposing teams. And people, please try to have intelligent discussion and not just bash T.O.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:25 PM on March 14

T.O=Texas Offence.

posted by kosmicdebris at 06:26 PM on March 14

only starting lineup T.O. should be on is top bagger at the local supermarket. he spews discontent every where he goes. Although if he did go to the raiders it would be interesting to see if him or Moss would be the first one to cry to al davis because he wasnt getting all the attention. ( interesting note: most 3rd graders are the same way)

posted by canes09 at 06:34 PM on March 14

YYM, thank you for posting the anti-bash caution. I will try to respect that. Also, I never even considered T.O. going to Oakland. That would be amazing to see! Now they need to get a good QB (current draft projections suggest Jay Cutler) and they're an instant threat for the Super Bowl. Denver is also in the mix...

posted by wingnut4life at 06:39 PM on March 14

problem(Moss + TO) >= problem(Shaq + Kobe)^2

posted by cl at 06:40 PM on March 14

I predict that this thread will rival the Lincoln-Douglas debates in eloquence and civility.

posted by lilnemo at 06:45 PM on March 14

It won't be fun for whoever gets him. I live in Philly and I have seen first hand his emotional rollercoaster on display. He's happy in the beginning and he plays like "the" best WR in the NFL. Then, at the 1st sign of anything negative that either indirectly or directly affects him, his whole psyche falls apart and he WILL find a way to create a crisis.

posted by pauleye at 06:54 PM on March 14

I liked the KC offer of one year laden with "incentives".

posted by irunfromclones at 06:59 PM on March 14

I am trying to follow the anti-bashing edict. My only way to do it is to simply state: I hope not a single team picks up this wonderfully talented athlete. No question he could help every team in the league when it comes to talent. My opinion is he would ruin the locker room of any team he goes to. I don't think he deserves another chance in a team sport. If there were an individual sport he were good at, I'd say have at it.

posted by chuck'n'duck at 06:59 PM on March 14

As a Niner fan I seem to recall getting a lot of abuse from Philly fans for letting TO go. They really believed that he was the only thing keeping them from a Superbowl. They actually got there without him and then lost it with him. I laughed till I cried when I read the first reports of Owens blaming McNabb for losing the Superbowl. Turns out he really was the only thing keeping them from a Superbowl, for the next season as well. We tried to warn the Philly fans and it's so ironic (and funny) that they are now warning everyone else. Owens will never get the same contract he had with Philly, ever. I give him half a season before he explodes about his lack of respect (cash).

posted by irunfromclones at 07:27 PM on March 14

As a Cowboys fan, let me say I hope we get T.O., and may I warn you 49er fans about Antonio Bryant, who acts like T.O. in the locker room but doesn't play like him on the field.

posted by sumokenobi at 07:32 PM on March 14

sumokenobi - thanks for the warning! But I'm just glad we picked up someone in the free agent market this season.

posted by irunfromclones at 07:40 PM on March 14

I believe that grownmen should be able to speak their mind, you have a job, if I don't like you so what, that shouldn't affect how you carry out your duties. I think McNabb had a bad season, everyone knows it, everyone said it indirectly, TO" voiced it out loud and they blew it out the water, we comment on every player in the league, good or bad, never once was anyone kicked off a team, There have been gay players in the league, team mates had plenty to say about to anyone that would listen, we never heard anyone being kicked off a team. No "TO" wasn't right, nor was he wrong, the situation should have been handled in a professional as well as mature manner, growup!!!!

posted by zojoe at 08:48 PM on March 14

T.O. is going to wreck any team he plays with but the NFL is win at any cost--I am a KC fan and can only hope he goes elsewhere---this whole thing is sad--a true talent who ruins teams he plays for

posted by jim222 at 08:48 PM on March 14

T.O. needs to be in a RAIDER uniform, and now all we need is a QB

posted by somoho66 at 09:09 PM on March 14

T.O is good but he complains to much he had most receptions (at time of complain) in the NFL and he was complaining about not getting the ball enough times and he was also complaining about $money$ who ever gets will have to increase salary by about $5M each year of the original contract Im guessing who ever gets him (if N E 1) will pay 1 year $80.0 million I hope he doesnt get signed by the Texans

posted by houston9388 at 09:10 PM on March 14

Put yourself in the shoes of an owner for a moment, it would be tempting, the thought that signing T.O. for one season, might just be enough to get your team further than you've been before, but do you have a coach that would accept him, or players, would you have to put it up to a vote? For my money I'D PASS!

posted by rockyxgone at 09:16 PM on March 14

Having Randy Moss and Terrell Owens lined up opposite each other would be hell on opposing teams. That'd be nothing compared to how it'd be on the Raiders. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that locker room if that's what goes down. (My money's on Dallas, from what is said, though who's to say.)

posted by chicobangs at 09:26 PM on March 14

He's happy in the beginning and he plays like "the" best WR in the NFL... pauleye I agree we got a good yr out of him...but downhill after that... I suggest to any team that signs him...make it a 1 yr deal & take the cap hit...get your 1 good yr...any more than that & you will have a wouldn't surprise me if he does end up in Dallas or any nfc east team just to play the Eagles twice next season...

posted by phillyolhead at 09:52 PM on March 14

Oh what a waste....God given Talent and T.O.'s own hard work have created the prototypical WR. Too bad he has be so "All about T.O." Carl Peterson hit it right on the nose with the one year incentive laden contract. As a Raider fan I'm glad that's how KC is thinking. He won't be in KC, because some team will pay him too much. He'll help them win a few more games....for a while. Then he'll turn right back into T.O. I sure hope it's NOT the Raiders, the one thing we don't need is another WR, especially this one. Go ahead Mr. Jones, step right up and get yourself a BIG Time WR.

posted by raiderfan922 at 10:38 PM on March 14

I say give this guy another chance. Maybe he has learned a valuble lessen. I hope Dallas picks him up.

posted by peyton backer at 10:53 PM on March 14

Anything longer than a single year contract is just asking for trouble with this guy. I kind of hope he doesn't get any offers but I'm sure someone will figure he's worth at least a half season of his skills. But I would also expect any contract to have a whole bunch of incentives rather than outright cash. And just for fun I would enjoy seeing Randy Moss lined up across from TO.

posted by fenriq at 11:31 PM on March 14

As a Steelers fan, I personally don't care where he goes, because I don't think he'll end up in Steel Town. I just want him to play next year so we all can have the privilege of watching the show known as "T.O.". You have to admit, it was entertaining as hell. I kinda hope he ends up in Dallas so we'll see him celebrate his TDs on the big star at midfield as the crowd cheers on, or maybe KC and after every score, we can all sing "Hail to the Chief". No matter where he lands, it will certainly be great havin' TO back in the league.

posted by headgames at 02:06 AM on March 15

No Bashing, eh? Hmmm.... How about this: Maybe Vince McMahon should try again... If ever a player was perfectly suited to change leagues and add some legitimacy to the XFL, it's Owens... The only question is if they could fit "Y'all are blessed just to be watching me play" on the back of his jersey...

posted by don-peyote at 05:37 AM on March 15

I hope that bigmouth stays out of Dallas, if he does end up here, i will burn all my dallas gear and go buy seahawks!!!!!! cmon Oakland, you usually pick up the garbage.

posted by BHAWK172 at 05:53 AM on March 15

I think whatever team picks him up just needs to give him an incentive-laden contract with lots of ladders to meet. I imagine that the contract will have some good-behavior language as well. My prediction is that he will be on his best behavior for at least a year to show Philadelphia what he can do when he feels appreciated.

posted by bperk at 07:54 AM on March 15

I'm with you, bperk (well, not WITH you - right hunnybunny?). I think he was seriously surprised when Philly told him to stay home. I think he thought that given his talent there was pretty much nothing he couldn't say or do. My bet is he is on his best behaviour for at least training camp and the first six weeks. I see him as a Chief (that would be a good fit) or Cowboy (no QB - that honeymoon lasts about 3 quarters).

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 08:09 AM on March 15

bperk hit it on the head: behavior incentives will be far more important than performance incentives. Force the man to behave himself to protect his own financial well-being.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 08:39 AM on March 15

Having Randy Moss and Terrell Owens lined up opposite each other would be hell on opposing teams. this would be hell on the Raiders and the person unlucky enough to be the quarterback of that duo.

posted by byrdman822 at 08:41 AM on March 15

Dallas, Denver... When "handled with care" by a coach who garners respect, I say TO will be a perfect gentlemen - if only to rub Philly's nose in it. TO may be an unbelievably arrogant, self-aggrandizing son of a bitch, but he could be the first three pro- sport athlete in history if he were so inclined (and had the time) to pursue baseball and basketball in addition to football all at once. He's that gifted. As for Oakland - no way. Neither he nor Randy Moss could hack being on the same field as one another. Me, if not Dallas then I like Miami for TO. He'll just chill out with Ricky on off days... and that'll make it all ok...

posted by MW12 at 09:24 AM on March 15

zojoe-keyshawn got booted from the buccaneers 2-3 years ago under very similar circumstances. he seemed to learn his lesson, though, so lets hope TO did too.

posted by ksb122 at 09:29 AM on March 15

I predict that this thread will rival the Lincoln-Douglas debates in eloquence and civility. You know, I have a transcript of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and I think many of you have only read second-hand information or cleaned-up accounts. Here's one of the more spirited exchanges: Lincoln: So I feel we should be working toward freeing the slaves and making everyone equal in the United States of America. Douglas: I believe we should be focusing on issues more germane to Illinois, like railroad expansion and attracting more residents. Lincoln: Yeah, you would say that, you fat, slavery-loving sack of crap. The next time you lift a bale of hay or an axe will be the first. Douglas: Sure, let's listen to the guy who married a psychotic. Hey, here's a quarter -- take the bus downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face! Lincoln: Oh, it's ON, bitch!

posted by wfrazerjr at 09:43 AM on March 15

MW12, chill out with Ricky on days off? They can afford the GOOD stuff. They probably won't be smoking that stem-laiden shit full of seeds. Ricky only smokes the 'kind'.

posted by Desert Dog at 10:42 AM on March 15

Easy, frazer, you're showing you age...

posted by wingnut4life at 11:07 AM on March 15

WOW, It's amazing to me how EVEYBODY (friends, chat rooms, threads, talk radio, etc....)would talk nothing but trash about T.O. some of you really want him on your team? That's just sad, that's almost as pathetic as fair weather fans or band wagon fans (Isn't strange how I didn't see any patriots caps this year after the 8th or 9th week) T.O. belongs only in one place, RETIRED.....or maybe playing basketball with the washigton generals or baseball with bingo long and the traveling all-stars!!!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 11:17 AM on March 15

Lincoln: As a Titans fan, I want that locker-room–killer T.O. to stay as far away from my team as possible. Not that we're in the running for his services, but I just wanted to make that clear. Douglas: Why you gotta be a hater?

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:33 AM on March 15

Dallas, Denver... When "handled with care" by a coach who garners respect, I say TO will be a perfect gentlemen You don't get much nicer or gentler a coach than Mariucchi, and Owens still turned the Niners locker room into an acid bath.

posted by irunfromclones at 12:40 PM on March 15

Acid Bath should be the name of a band and/or album. Chico - this could be your Experimental Jazz record.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 01:00 PM on March 15

T.O. is talented but the turmoil he creates in the locker room would negate any achievement the team could make . Let him cool off for an entire season and he might calm down .

posted by SidinGP at 01:30 PM on March 15

Mariucchi is a wuss - same w Andy Reid. Neither have the type of commanding presence to take on a TO. Parcells does. Shanahan does. Bellichick does, but wouldn't. And Grrlacher, I wear Pats gear to this day, as does every other New Englander. You obviously have never been to the Northeast.

posted by MW12 at 01:41 PM on March 15

I predict Dallas will be the winner of the 'We don't learn from the mistakes of others' sweepstakes, and T.O. will love the idea of rubbing it in the Eagles collective faces twice per year... The entertaining bit will be that one of those times will be in Philly, Where he'd better keep his helmet on while he's on the sideline (wasn't it Philly where the fans would actually throw batteries at opposing players?)

posted by don-peyote at 01:54 PM on March 15

You don't get much nicer or gentler a coach than Mariucchi, and Owens still turned the Niners locker room into an acid bath. Great Point! Whoever gives T.O. another chance needs to bring back General George Patton to be his head coach. I don't think that Coach Parcells needs or wants this headache.

posted by Termite at 02:03 PM on March 15

I don't think that Coach Parcells needs or wants this headache. I think that Parcells would pretty much put Owens in his place. Bill don't put up with too much shit from anybody. It's a toss-up which would be worse, Parcell's glare or Bill Cowher's chin...

posted by wingnut4life at 02:17 PM on March 15

MW12, chill out with Ricky on days off? They can afford the GOOD stuff. They probably won't be smoking that stem-laiden shit full of seeds. Ricky only smokes the 'kind' Where Im front kind bud means its not dro its pre-tendO

posted by Robb Dubbs at 02:30 PM on March 15

Translator, please?

posted by wfrazerjr at 02:47 PM on March 15

It appears there is some disagreement about what the adjective "kind" means in reference to marijuana.

posted by bperk at 02:50 PM on March 15

maybe T.O will end up in canada,playing the CFL"S Ottawa renegades,Lonnie&Bernie liebermann are true goof balls would have the stupidty of asking...and paying for it....but Bill Parcell would be the Perfect Coach for T.O..Bill benched L.T..when he screwed up...

posted by ktown at 03:29 PM on March 15

I hope he goes to Dallas in as much as I hate the Cowboys. Is there something in the water that wide receivers drink? Go Redskins!

posted by Aggie1 at 05:24 PM on March 15

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