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Suspected NBA Referee's Games Hit the Over More Often

This whole episode confirms my suspicions all along about officiating in professional sports. Any event where ONE individual has control of the scoring posibilities has to much risk for cheating. It happens pretty much at every NFL game. Look at retired NFL referies, living in Multi-Million dollar homes, is the pay that high or is there other "incentivies"

posted by rockyxgone at 01:14 PM on July 25, 2007

Lineman, dead at 36, Exposes Brain Injuries

I've said it before here and I'll say it again "Upshaw has been a puppet for the NFL" put in as Playeres rep that has never done anything for the players. In the history of conflict of players vs. NFL Upshaw always finds a hole to crawl into. On a plesant note glad to here from "The old man" and obiously doing well, makes my heart feel good, would love to heare some stories.

posted by rockyxgone at 01:01 PM on June 16, 2007

Muscle-rub blamed for athlete's death

So what are we suppose to do? Have our skin checked for "absorbsion rate" before applying.

posted by rockyxgone at 11:41 AM on June 12, 2007

Ricky Williams tests positive for marijuana again

The point about Ricky being "so rich" I think is uninformed, I was under the impresssion that the only reason Ricky was coming back is if he did not return he would have to give back millions he was given to play, as I understand millions he does not have any more. Anyone out ther have the figures?

posted by rockyxgone at 09:18 PM on May 12, 2007

Remedial Parenting 101:

Dad should be arrested and charged with child care negligence and endangerment.

posted by rockyxgone at 06:09 PM on April 24, 2007

"It's not drunken driving in New Jersey if it involves a Zamboni."

Zamboni,,,Peragallo,,,,Falcone,,,Porfido,,,,Sambuca,,,, Hey,, shutuppa-ya-face!

posted by rockyxgone at 01:54 PM on April 04, 2007

Mailman coming back for one more delivery:

The SAD thing about this STORY is that Malone fans like 'self', believe it at first because they/we think it's not that far fetched,,,GULP.

posted by rockyxgone at 11:30 PM on April 01, 2007

Why Beckham is not Pele.

As far as I'm concerned European "FOOTBALL" will never be popular in the USA untill they elliminate faking injuries that was rampant in the workd cup.

posted by rockyxgone at 10:23 PM on January 15, 2007

Florida 41, Ohio State 14

To me it looked like one coach did a marvelous job or preparation, whereas the other was completly befuddled, unprepared, and worse could not come up with any counters to what his players were seeing on the field. Of course not to mention the friendly pressure from the Gator basketball team didn't hurt.

posted by rockyxgone at 02:21 AM on January 09, 2007

2007 NFL Draft.

just goes to prove "another list compiled by dead brain cells", Who in their right mind would pick a QB that had a mediocre season, lost soundly to any top rated team, just because he is 2 or 3 inches taller than the QB that went undefeated against top rated teams. Maybe ND or boosters have deep pockets to "buy" Quinn these positions. Only thing I can figure.

posted by rockyxgone at 07:06 PM on December 27, 2006

USC-Pete gone?

I would think that anyone that is "ON TOP OF THE MTN" would KRINGE at the thought of going back to somewhere he was struggling to stay 1 gurgle above water. igottheblues, u got it.

posted by rockyxgone at 09:15 PM on December 25, 2006

Florida Will Face Ohio State in BCS Championship Game

Losing to FUCLA hurts, but a win against notre dame, makes the season good, BTW that call for a cheer, Hail Mary full of grace who the h-eck's in second place!

posted by rockyxgone at 01:30 PM on December 04, 2006

Bryant Gumbel in Trouble With NFL Network?

Like many above, not a fan, but at the same time, got to hand it to a guy that will stick his neck out and "tell it like it is", throughtout the years of NFL "CONFLICTS" with the players, when has Gene been out front of the players. Seens to me Gene has always looked like a big bad bear, but in reality is just a little pussycat.

posted by rockyxgone at 03:09 PM on August 21, 2006

Brian McBride's 42nd Goal Lifts U.S. over Ghana, 110-109

Soccer? It's all part of a communist plot, first they'll get us to understand it then they get rid of the NFL!

posted by rockyxgone at 03:02 PM on June 19, 2006

T.O. in Big D

Would love to see THOUSANDS of footballs hurled at T.O.'s first dropped pass, THAT would be better than waiting to see what he does after his first TD.

posted by rockyxgone at 02:29 PM on March 19, 2006