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It's All About The Benjamins Baby

look .. so reggies is going to make multi-millions for carrying pigskin? so? look at the CEO's of big corparations? they make more than reggie..hell there's usually a bidding war to get the best CEO working for your company..just like in the construction business, if you know a top notch carpenter are you going to pay him 15 bucks an hour or are you going to let him walk away makin $25 an hour?? i know of several non-union carpenters are makin $40 an hour..almost every thing is bartered,the price of your car,your home,your salary, so if reggie thinks he can stiff benson for lets say 10 mill a year for 10 years ..good for reggie..he has no obligation to N.O,his obligation is only to the Saints/teamates and tom benson.period

posted by ktown at 04:46 PM on July 26, 2006

Steve Nash: End of an Hair-a

Nash looks like a hard core criminal,with the "don't fuck with me" attidude..not the peace loving,tree hugging,pothead paficist type, i wonder if he keeps his new 'do for the season..who knows? maybe he'll do a mvp 3peat and a championship..

posted by ktown at 09:31 AM on July 23, 2006

Barring an improbable scenario of mass crashes,

at least, the tour ain't over yet, unlike the armstrong years, you basically knew who was going to win..floyd still has a chance, which i think, makes this tour the most exciting one in years...

posted by ktown at 10:24 AM on July 21, 2006

Teen with cerebral palsy completes marathon swim

Awesome..another ktowner does a great thing,vicky,simon now jenna...of course this means don cherry will be yakkin about it on hockey night in canada..and great news for those with CP,that even they can accomplish great things...way to go jenna !!!

posted by ktown at 10:15 AM on July 21, 2006

From backup goalie to GM??

wang should be committed...and please re name the team the new york wackos..is it any wonder why pat lafontaine quit???

posted by ktown at 10:11 PM on July 19, 2006

Jeff Krosnoff's Last Ride, 10 Years Later

yes all the saftey stuff is getting out of hand..look at the nascar boys..the new safer barriers are makin the drivers very bold,knowing that puttin a guy into the wall won't kill him..i mean did you see the jeff gordon crash a couple of weeks or so ago?? 5 years ago, he would have died in that crash, yes i believe all the new measures in motorsports are makin drivers fearless and furthermore, reckless..and its a shame because sometime, sooner or later, someone will be killed..but the drivers should know that, on any given weekend ,it could be their last race..

posted by ktown at 03:07 PM on July 13, 2006

Montoya to Nascar. Danica too?

its gonna be awesome with montoya racin in nascar..look out tony..the madman will be chasing smoke....as for danica i'd say in a couple of years will see ya in the truck races..

posted by ktown at 02:36 PM on July 13, 2006

Oilers GM Lowe says Pronger has requested trade

yeah the thought here is thet prongers wife&agent wear the pants..didn't want to hangout with a bunch of roughneckss an their trailerpark culture..unfortunately,chrissy is giving us crazy canucks a bad name when it comes to the wememfolk,ya'll remember janet jones don't ya??the L.a girl who got homesick? pronger ought stand up to the wife,dump her in the tarsands an the agent,sell'em to mike milbury as jr prospect..anybody getting screwed is kevin lowe, the edm org,the fans an pronger,who could have been treated like a god,in that town..but no his wife had to pull a paris, kick everyone in the nuts...ship pronger to columbus, get nash,brule and 3 first rounders, an see if she'll like livin, in the "mistake by the lake"town..but if i were kevin..i'd say Chris,your indefinitely suspended,until futher notice,oh by the way..yer playin here for 4 more years... in the minors..

posted by ktown at 05:01 PM on June 26, 2006

Dale Jr. buys the rights to his name.

its not hard to do..all you gotta do is trade mark it..just like cyber squatters, for 35 bucks you can own "coke.com" it was a lucrative way to make money back in the mid to late 90's..some companies paid over a million bucks to get their name back,because somebody was smart about the net, that it was going to explode in growth,an it did..corporate america and a lot of celebrities,had to fork over piles of money,it was for a time, the best get rich quick scheme ever.. some of the squatters are now multi-millioniares...

posted by ktown at 06:19 PM on June 22, 2006

Tiger's Weekend May Be Cut Short

time for the canadians.. mikey weird and stumpy ames to conquer the us open..lol!!

posted by ktown at 01:17 PM on June 16, 2006

Why this year's French Open is so important

just reading the article.. makes me eager to watch it even more...thx plato..

posted by ktown at 01:51 PM on May 31, 2006

Mad About Ricky

joe"the blow" is trying to make a name for himself,again..i wonder how much pressure did he use to get his kid off so lightly? cocaine is a stimulant,will inhance performance,unlike weed,which is a depressant,decreases performance..if anything,ricky is smokin the wrong stuff..lol!!!

posted by ktown at 09:49 AM on May 31, 2006

Hornish Wins the Indianapolis 500

yes an awesome race by Sam..hey.. he's now the man...for the year..congrats to kasey for winning the coke-cola 600..

posted by ktown at 08:04 PM on May 29, 2006

Waltrip Buys Start for Coke 600

the drivers today have to basically buy their way on team via sponorship dollars,i mean in F1, there was this british doctor,i can't remember his name, who joined a team by giving the team 10 million and a small sponsorship..just so he could drive.. he didn't have the talent,didn't earn it,just bought it..as for mike waltrip,this is shameful,and for nascar,too..you either qualify or go home..that's the way racing should be, just like at the local tracks...

posted by ktown at 12:43 PM on May 27, 2006

Who cares about 714. . .will Albert hit 80?

i remember there was media reports that were suggesting mcguire was using but claimed ignorance and the media accepted it,but then the word got out that big mac was using..he promptly retired...and to say barry and mark playing in 2 different eras is crap..because mark was in a couple of years before barry and mark played in the american league whereas,barry played in the national..as for racism,yes its prevailent still, look at sosa,palemiro,canseco..non-americans are vilified for using roids,but ,oh no, not big mac..he's american,he doesn't cheat,because he's white...well there's barry,he's black,no need to go any further...if you get my drift..the media should be ashamed of themselves, for continuing the stereotypes...barry bonds,will always be a great player,the 7 mvp's speak for themselves...

posted by ktown at 10:31 AM on May 24, 2006