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Cowboy's "Crazy Ray" dies.

ray will be missed he was the greatest east texan and the greatest cowboy fan ever

posted by byrdman822 at 02:54 PM on March 18, 2007

Chris Simon cheap shot

man this stuff continues in hockey because its a white boy sport had this sport that was majority blacks like say basketball or football everyone would have been up in arms years ago about the violence that occurs on the ice but hey all we here is that you guys who dont watch this dont understand i understand that swinging a helment at another man with a full armor suit on is not as bad as swinging a wooden stick at an unprotected body part especially someones head or neck

posted by byrdman822 at 03:21 PM on March 09, 2007

Notre Dame makes history

notre dame is bad and we all know it and we also know it had nothing to do with ty willingham but as long as you good ol boys keep standing behind that over rated crap they will continue to get their butts kicked by real talent like LSU, USC, Ohio St., and all the other great teams that employ real coaches and expect believable results

posted by byrdman822 at 02:10 PM on January 05, 2007

Tiki Passes the Torch

being the great cowboy fan i am and also an a fan of the Seminoles since 88 this great guy has caused some of my most unhappy days as a sports fan, yet i would hate to see a good guy go. but at the same time it shows that not all football players depend on football as their life rather as something that was a good thing that helped him reach his real worth

posted by byrdman822 at 04:11 PM on October 19, 2006

T.O. Reportedly Attempted Suicide

this is not a laughing matter. this is sad. i hope the human side of the world and this thead shows up rather than clowns who truly despise real life.

posted by byrdman822 at 10:54 AM on September 27, 2006

Perfection in Losing

man this is great it's nice to see someone doing good on a come back..

posted by byrdman822 at 06:44 PM on March 28, 2006

T.O. in Big D

the fact that you considered just having a winning season a reason not to cry is sad, did you watch what happened to your team in the playoffs it's all about the last game of the year for true football franchises. I.E. =the COWBOYS, 49ers, and the Steelers and the rest of you jokers continue to try and catch up as we all prepare to race for one for the other hand

posted by byrdman822 at 04:31 PM on March 20, 2006

T.O. in Big D

an assault from a bears fan something i can truly respect yet you are nothing but a hater. and mor on your silly answers to my supreme knowledge go live in 1985 and continue to dream of all the NFL championships of the pre-super bowl years and realize since we came in to the NFL in 1960 your Bears have been non participants

posted by byrdman822 at 04:27 PM on March 20, 2006

T.O. in Big D

I'm a Dallas fan, but I gotta ask: Everyone wants to be the Cowboys? Did you just step out of a time machine from 1993? seems as if you rcade are not a true Cowboy fan. the time travel would have occured in the season of 1995 which resulted in our last SB win in Arizona in 1996 Super Bowl XXX

posted by byrdman822 at 01:07 PM on March 20, 2006

T.O. in Big D

eight super bowl appearances 5 wins beat that we are what everyone wants to be champions, trendsetters, we are great.

posted by byrdman822 at 11:55 AM on March 19, 2006

T.O. in Big D

man just like being a Yankee fan it's great being a fan of america's team. U guys hate is what drives us to make the hard decisions your sorry teams want

posted by byrdman822 at 11:53 AM on March 19, 2006

T.O. in Big D

what a great signing for america's team. hey nothing wrong with getting the best, who knows how at least one more super bowl would have felt if we would have picked up Randy Moss it might be one great receiver to late to tell but i applaud Jerry for trying to get it right.

posted by byrdman822 at 11:03 AM on March 19, 2006

T.O.'s not the bad guy the eagles are

The problem with all of this is that these "Professional" athleats are over paid and over glorified. They should all have to go to work for a living for a year or two. these people have worked their entire lives to get to where they are. They are in alot better shape than your on your couch ass. just because these guys get paid to do something that you consider a game it is a job to them. they stay in top shape year in and year out for over a long period of time. people need to stop crying because there dreams of playing ended the day the coach figured out you where a punk who couldn't take a hit

posted by byrdman822 at 02:46 PM on March 17, 2006

T.O.'s not the bad guy the eagles are

Get real TO is in the same mold as M Irwin who is this m Irwin you speak of I know it's not the great Michael Irvin former Cowboy great. If so get your facts straight Mike never cried after he got the ball down to the 1yd line and then watched Emmitt take it in. No he was always the first one over to congratulate him on giving the Cowboys another TD. He was also the leader of the Cowboys in their championship days worked harder than anyone out at the Ranch and the day he didn't get a catch against Arizona that ended his consecutive games with a catch streak he was more concerned with the fact that we didn't win. So as long as you live never compare a champion like Mike Irvin with anyone without championship rings or the true heart of a champion.

posted by byrdman822 at 02:41 PM on March 17, 2006

Report: Commissioner Selig Won't Bail Out Bonds

it's really messed up that you guys are sweating Bonds start sweating the rest of the cheaters.

posted by byrdman822 at 01:11 PM on March 17, 2006