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Kim Clijsters Gives TV Commentator a Tennis Lesson

Light-hearted was clearly a reference to the manner in which the conversation took place. As in an acknowledgment that the two people discussing the topic didn't consider it a big deal.

Not sure where the idea that you should modify your life because of my belief system came into play.

Rather than insulting me, how bout explaining why you think talk about a woman's breast size at a sporting event - by the person you are paying to see - is acceptable behavior.

posted by MW12 at 10:46 AM on January 22, 2011

Kim Clijsters Gives TV Commentator a Tennis Lesson

I'm not looking for fault. I am certain none was intended. But that doesn't make a public reference to the size of a woman's "boobs" in front of a family audience ok.

On review, however, I rescind my reference to sexual harassment, as I mistakenly considered the feelings of a third party observer to fall within that category - and now know by legal definition it does not. I looked it up, and admit my mistake. But I'm still entitled to believe that my four year old shouldn't be hearing light hearted banter about a woman's breast size from a potential role model when I take her to a tennis tournament.

posted by MW12 at 09:54 AM on January 22, 2011

Kim Clijsters Gives TV Commentator a Tennis Lesson

The relationship between Clijsters and Woodbridge is relevant only in that she wasn't offended. But to borrow phrasing from rcade, I am surprised that anyone could watch that video and not see the similarity between this here exchange and the lap dance incident from the lacrosse game the other day. What may be perfectly reasonable behavior between friends (and/or consenting adults) is not necessarily reasonable to be shared with a family audience. Certainly not when that conversation references the size of a woman's breasts.

posted by MW12 at 08:48 AM on January 22, 2011

Kim Clijsters Gives TV Commentator a Tennis Lesson

See and I think the issue here is Woodbridge was talking to one woman about the size of another woman's breasts. In most workplaces that could be considered a form of sexual harassment, regardless of the context.

posted by MW12 at 07:06 PM on January 21, 2011

Team Apologizes for Fan Lap Dance Contest

Perhaps I'm alone here but when I first saw the subject of this post I thought, "Oh no..." and then when I saw that it was about a lacrosse team I just shrugged and said, "That explains it."

posted by MW12 at 06:28 PM on January 18, 2011

Boy Sent Home for Wearing Steelers Jersey

I'm with bperk and have to wonder if there is a free speech issue at stake here in reverse - ie the school is saying you are free to express yourself thusly on this particular day of the year, but only if you believe in this one prescribed way. Otherwise no free speech for you!

posted by MW12 at 08:07 AM on January 16, 2011

Auburn Tigers Win BCS Title Over Oregon Ducks

1) All these pictures of his wrist being down/not down are interesting and thought provoking but don't fall into the category of conclusive evidence required to overturn a call on the field (in my opinion)

2) Given that the whistle had not been blown, the officiating crew clearly did not believe the play was over and therefore would not have hit Oregon with a penalty if they had played until the whistle and put a hit on Dyer

3) Dyer's forward motion only came to a halt when he stopped running. That in and of itself is no reason to call the play dead

posted by MW12 at 12:22 PM on January 11, 2011

Ravens Steamroll Chiefs

Time to rethink that Jason Whitlock article the other day about the Chiefs?

posted by MW12 at 05:46 PM on January 09, 2011

Obama Praises Eagles Owner for Giving Vick Second Chance

That being said, I will agree that Vick might not been the best example for Obama to cite, just too fresh of a case, and it's pretty obvious that Vick is an exception to the rule.

This content of this thread, save for a few unnecessary personal attacks, is precisely what I like about SpoFi, and why I think Obama is an absolute genius. A sports blog that spends two days (and counting) debating the merits of the American penal system!

posted by MW12 at 07:05 PM on December 28, 2010

Patriots Embarrass Jets 45-3

You don't want to give them any confidence or feeling that they have the slightest chance if you meet again.

This. And this:

But if they kick the field goal in that situation, wouldn't that be cited as an example of running up the score?

The field goal would have been the easy choice, and statistically the more sure fire way of putting points on the board.

As for me - I've got two young kids and sleep is a premium these days, so it's rare that I get to see the end of a game, any game. But I stayed up til the score was 44-3 (didn't bother to watch the extra point), cuz up til then I knew there was always the chance that the Jets could put a couple quick scores on the board - which would not only make things more interesting with ~10 minutes left in the game, but also give the Jets the aforementioned confidence that, coupled with the ass-whooping they put on the Pats earlier in the season, could spell trouble for the team heading into the post season.

posted by MW12 at 08:25 PM on December 07, 2010

Mascot Charged with Disorderly Conduct During Game

video here

posted by MW12 at 07:53 PM on December 05, 2010

LeBron James Bumps Heat Coach

I hope Spoelstra did that on purpose, and I hope Lebron gets benched/fined. Has anybody seen this (my apologies if it was already posted):

MJ on Lebron

(presumably a spoof but it's pretty good!)

posted by MW12 at 06:03 PM on November 28, 2010

Jim McMahon Can't Remember 1985 Games

Always was a fan, but thought it was exposure to a different type of blow, among other recreational pursuits, that contributed to his poor mental health (at least in part).

posted by MW12 at 08:49 AM on November 13, 2010

Should We Watch Football?

My question is will this increase in awareness about the violent nature of the sport have an impact on the decision to increase the number of regular season games?

posted by MW12 at 07:03 AM on October 24, 2010

Rypien suspended indefinitely by NHL

Grum - I was being facetious. Thought that was implied but perhaps not. My (tongue in cheek) point was that the fans of a sport which encourages violence might benefit from first hand experience that'd make them think twice about engaging in inflammatory conduct.

posted by MW12 at 08:25 PM on October 20, 2010