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April 30, 2009

From Canada to Australia, and From Rugby to Australian Rules: Mike Pyke's singular journey as a professional footballer.

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When is enough, enough?: Big-mountain skier Shane McConkey - the father of extreme skiing - was killed during a failed ski-BASE that prevented him from utilizing his wingsuit and pulling his parachute. For these athletes, high risk is everything and they leave themselves no room for malfunction and no plan B. Shane is survived by his wife, Sherry, and their 3 1/2 year old daughter Ayla. It was reported that at the funeral, "the kids all had a look on their face like Superman had just died."

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April 29, 2009

Uncomfortable: Quan Cosby, former Wide Receiver from Texas, was put in an awkward position during this year's draft. Sitting alongside Quan, was reporter Erin Andrews and comedic legend Bill Cosby. But the call never came for Quan, leaving Erin and Bill to consider Quan's other options. Bill suggested the CFL. Some call Quan the "steal of the draft", and the Cincinnati Bengals may agree.

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April 28, 2009

Brian Cashman: The Bad Lieutenant: Matt Taibbi rips Cashman as only Taibbi can: They all made a show of preferring some other situation before quietly, somberly almost, taking the big money and going to New York. Basically, Brian Cashman hired a team full of Brian Cashmans, i.e., guys who passed up the girl they really liked to marry the Boss's bucktoothed, cross-eyed daughter.

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One Step Closer: AFC Wimbledon, a club formed by supporters when the League hierarchy moved their team, are promoted again. Now only one division away from a return to the League. Grown men cried.

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2009 Stanley Cup Pick'em Round 1 Standings: And matchups for round 2...

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Vick offered af2 contract: I don't think this is quite what Michael had in mind.

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Congrats to jbou for defeating moi in the spofi basketball league.: We were tied heading into the final day. Good job!

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Florida High School Pitcher Goes for 5th Straight No Hitter: Patrick Schuster, a senior for Tampa's Mitchell High School, will attempt tonight to throw his fifth consecutive no hitter when his team opens the playoffs. He'll be pitching in front of 1,000, including two dozen baseball scouts. ESPNEWS will be providing pitch-by-pitch coverage of the attempt beginning at 4 p.m.

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Frank Gansz Dies : He was an outstanding special teams coach. Such a sad way to go at an early age.

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April 27, 2009

Big Pappy: 87 Years after meeting Babe Ruth, Arthur Giddon returns as a bat boy for Boston. (Video)

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April 26, 2009

NASCAR Race Nearly Ends with Car in Stands: On the final lap of the Aaron's 499 at Talladega, Carl Edwards' car went airborne, flipped and slammed into the catch fence, sending debris into the stands that injured eight spectators -- the most series being a broken jaw. Edwards finished the race on foot. Watch the finish.

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Huey Richardson: Draft Day Bust, Wall Street Success, 9/11 Near Miss: As the NFL Draft finishes today, NBC's rundown of the biggest busts from major schools ought to inject some doubt into the prognostications of the experts about the can't-miss prospects. One of the more inexplicable busts in NFL history is the Pittsburgh Steelers' 1991 first-round pick Huey Richardson (15th overall), who had 50.5 sacks at the University of Florida and registered three career tackles in the NFL. Richardson went on to earn his MBA and was a financial analyst for Merrill Lynch who was at the World Trade Center on 9/11, but was late for a meeting on an upper floor when the first plane struck.

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Tortorella suspended for Game 6: The fan probably deserved it. Probably was his way of telling him he needed a shower!

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April 25, 2009

The most physical non-contact sport in the world: Some NBA players take advice from the NFL to prtect themselves from injury. Had you noticed? Most people have not.

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Lions Sign Stafford to Become NFL Draft's First Pick: With hours to go before this year's NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions began the proceedings late Friday night by inking a six-year $72 million deal with Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, who will become the first overall pick. The deal includes a record $41.7 million in guaranteed money and can end after four years. The signing makes the destination of USC quarterback Mark Sanchez the biggest mystery of the early rounds. The St. Louis Rams are on the clock.

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Super Bowl around President's Day?: NFL Commish Roger Goodell says he can envision a 17- or 18-week schedule with the Super Bowl being played in mid-February.

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April 24, 2009

High School Teams Will Play to Break Tie, 16 Years Later: Sixteen years after they played to a 7-7 tie, the players of Phillipsburg [N.J.] High School and Easton Area [Pa.] High School will be staging a rematch against their bitter rivals across the river for the coveted Fork of the Delaware -- as men now in their early 30s. Ten thousand tickets to the game Sunday were sold in 90 minutes. "When you actually run out on the field for the game and you just see that wall of people, I believe I will act 16 or 17 again," said Phillipsburg player Timmy Flynn. "The next day I think I will feel about 45 or 50."

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Jake Delhomme, a Panther forever: The Carolina Panthers just bestowed a large contract on Delhomme, perhaps defying logic (or at least common sense) in the process.

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Guess Who's On the Cover of Madden 10?: Super Bowl standouts Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals grace the cover of EA Sports' Madden 10, the company announced today. This means, of course, that they are cursed. "I didn't think about the curse," claims Fitzgerald. This is the first time two players have been featured on the cover, which drove Barry Sanders into early retirement in 1999.

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April 23, 2009

"We're being held up" : What do a black sports bra, a skateboard and a pair of sunglasses have in common? Tony knows, so does Richard. But Brandi was on vacation. None seem very happy.

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NEW NHL Confidence Pool!!: Here is the completed table now showing results. All picks were taken from original home page in other thread. If you see any errors, please let me know. (I know the date of the most recent game entered is wrong, but after redo-ing all the picks and entering all the games complete, I wasn't going to refer back to actual dates of games)

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Tony Gonzalez now a Falcon: traded for a 2010 2nd-round pick.

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Goodell's a psychologist?: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Michael Vick will have to show "genuine remorse" for his offense before he decides allowing the quarterback to return to active status.

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April 21, 2009

Quite possibly the world's toughest golf hole: "The hole itself plays as a par 3, albeit the longest par 3 in the world at 587 m."

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April 20, 2009

1945 Heisman Winner Doc Blanchard Dies: Felix "Doc" Blanchard, a fullback who led Army to consecutive national titles in 1944-45 and won the Heisman Trophy as a junior, has died at age 84 after a short illness. After his Notre Dame team played Army in 1944, coach coach Ed McKeever said, "I've just seen Superman in the flesh. He wears No. 35 and goes by the name of Blanchard." Blanchard's hometown has an effort underway to honor their hometown son.

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Rick Pitino Target of Extortion Attempt: University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino has reported to the FBI an alleged extortion attempt by Karen Sypher, the estranged wife of his equipment manager Tim Sypher. "I am devastated by the bizarre allegations that my estranged wife is making against both coach Pitino and myself," said Tim Sypher in a statement. The allegations by Karen Sypher, pictured on Deadspin, are "of a personal nature, not related to his recruiting or coaching," Louisville TV anchor Candyce Clifft told ESPN.

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April 19, 2009

Don't be late if you play for the Natinals: Elijah Dukes reported five minutes late on Saturday after being held up with charity work. He was given a $500 fine and threatened with demotion. But if that's not ridiculous enough, apparently the team also forgot how to spell Nationals.

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Where's the consistency?: Not a suspension. Suspension. No suspensions (cheap hit at 1:24 into the video, injury-causing facewashes at 3:15). Suspension (0:50 into video).

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Everton, Chelsea Reach FA Cup Final: Everton defeated Man United on penalty kicks Sunday, sending the Toffees to the FA Cup Final where they will meet Chelsea at Wembley Stadium on May 30. Anyone else following the most democratic playoff competition in a major pro sport?

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April 17, 2009

ESPN Plans to Bounce Stephen A. Smith: The sports blogs The Big Lead and Deadspin are both reporting that Stephen A. Smith and ESPN couldn't reach a deal to renew Stephen A. Smith's contract, which expires after the NBA playoffs. Stephen A. Smith, who as recently as two years ago had a newspaper column in Philadelphia and a TV show and radio show on ESPN, has lost all three gigs. For fans of Stephen A. Smith who can't get enough Stephen A. Smith, Stephen A. Smith still has a blog.

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April 16, 2009

That's a Bad Call: What do you do if the referee ejects you from the match? You punch him in the face, that's what. Video of event.

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Oshie for Mayor: You want to vote for Oshie? Okay. You want to tell people about it? No problem. You want to take a picture of your completed ballot and post it online? Not fine. (Or big fine, we'll see.)

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Garnett expected to miss entire playoffs: If the Celtics are to fulfill their quest for a second consecutive NBA championship, it appears they will have to go the distance without star forward and emotional leader Kevin Garnett.

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Boston Bruins' Mascot is a Badass: A new series of commercials by the Boston Bruins features the scariest product mascot since the Burger King Guy was introduced -- the Bruins bear.

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Old haunts haunting to Tiant: A wise old woman, her cheeks wet with tears, warned Luis Tiant how much it would hurt to go home. And what a classic picture.

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April 15, 2009

Isiah Thompson Takes Over At FIU: Well, OK, it is actually Isiah Thomas, but he got his name butchered when introduced for his press conference (2:15 of clip). Bad omen?

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Craig MacTavish won't be coaching the Oilers next year: Today Edmonton Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini announced MacTavish had been relieved of his coaching duties after nine seasons behind the bench. “Craig, through his discussions with Kevin (Lowe) and myself, it became quite clear that it was the right thing for Craig and the right thing for the Oilers at this point,” said Tambellini. “We need a new voice, we need a new start, newer expectations, we need a new discipline and it’s time to look forward."

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Hit in the Head: A preview from the forthcoming book - Heart of the Game: Life, Death and Mercy in Minor League America - this article takes a look at the frequent close calls and what it is that keeps the issue of ballpark safety in play.

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The end of the line for America's most hated soccer commentator?: No more Champions League color commentary or "analysis" from the man referred to affectionately by some as "the biggest tit on the air."

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Hillsborough Disaster Recalled 20 Years Later: Twenty years ago today, 96 fans were killed and 766 more injured during an FA Cup semifinal between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield, England. Public memorials were held today marking the event that came to be known as the Hillsborough disaster. "Given all the evidence, it's impossible to believe or bear 20 years on no one is held responsible for one of sport's biggest disasters," says Peter Joynes, whose 27-year-old son Nick was among the dead. Some government officials are calling for the release of all government documents related to the tragedy, believing the role of police and rescue officials has never been fully examined.

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Stanley Cup Playoff Pick'em: Since noone else has stepped forward, I'll run it. Details inside...

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April 14, 2009

Red Sox' Beckett Suspended Six Games: Boston Red Sox hurler Josh Beckett has gotten a six-game suspension for throwing at Bobby Abreu's head Sunday and for his "aggressive actions" in the bench-clearing incident that followed. Beckett said he wasn't intending to throw at Abreu, but he had started his motion before Abreu called time. "I know Bobby Abreu," he said he told the Angels at the time. "He knows I'm not trying to hit him in the head."

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Oscar De la Hoya Retires from Boxing: Oscar de la Hoya has announced his retirement from boxing at age 36. De la Hoya, one of the biggest draws in the sport for 15 years, won 10 world titles and a gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics. "When I cannot compete at this level, I have come to the conclusion that it is over," he said. Mark Kriegel of Fox Sports writes that it was time for him to go. "The legacy of Oscar De La Hoya is two-fold," Kriegal writes. "First, he managed to avoid the fate and temptation of all those like Bobby Chacon. This Golden Boy never stepped foot in Palookaville. Second, and most notably, he kept the American fight game alive in the absence of a compelling heavyweight."

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April 13, 2009

Mark "The Bird" Fidrych Passes Away...: Victim of an apparent accident on his farm.

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Sadly, He's Outta Here: Broadcaster Harry Kalas Dies: Harry Kalas, legendary announcer for the Phillies and the voice of NFL Films, passed away today. He was found passed out in the broadcast booth at Nationals Park, and later died. Tribute to Kalas

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Av's fire GM Giguere: Team president Pierre Lacroix will step in for the time being and said a new management structure would be installed. There was no word on the future of coach Tony Granato and whether he will return for the second year of a three-year contract. Giguere promoted Granato last summer after firing Joel Quenneville.

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April 12, 2009

NHL 2009 Playoffs Confidence Pool: Puck Drops in just under three days so get your picks in quick!

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April 10, 2009

A.B.C. Teams: All But the Championship: NBA teams that watched their window of opportunity open and close without a title.

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Don Koharski off to quieter pastures.: The longtime hockey referee's 32 solid seasons are overshadowed by the doughnut incident with Jim Schoenfeld in 1988.

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April 09, 2009

Angels' Pitcher Nick Adenhart Killed in Car Crash: Hours after he threw six scoreless innings as the starting pitcher, Los Angeles Angels' rookie Nick Adenhart, 22, was killed along with two others in a hit-and-run car crash in Fullerton, Calif., when a driver ran a red light. A minivan hit a vehicle carrying Adenhart and three other people, who have been identified as Henry Pearson, Courtney Stewart and Jon Wilhite, who went to a dance club with Adenhart after watching the game. Only Wilhite survived the accident, and he's in critical condition.

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Changing of the Guard: Sportswriter Mark Spector laments the loss of "character" as the torch is being passed from old to new when the core of longtime NHL referees retire over the next couple of seasons.

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April 08, 2009

Dominating: The UConn Huskies (of the female variety) finished off their unstoppable run to the national championship last night with a 76-54 dismantling of Louisville. According the the linked article (from, this team is the first team in the history of college basketball to win every single game in their season by double digits. They did this in a conference that got seven teams into the NCAA field, with four making it to the second weekend and two to the Final Four. So now, is this team the best women's college basketball team ever?

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April 07, 2009

Burress gets full bonus: An arbitrator ruled Plaxico Burress must receive $1 million in bonus money the Giants withheld after he accidently shot himself.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!: and part 2 of an interview with former ESPN personality and current Boston Bruins' TV announcer Jack Edwards. Edwards is perhaps the most polarizing announcer in hockey for his homerism (8 minute youtube clip) and his . . . lack of sympathy for the Flyers. It sounds like Jack will be returning to ESPN just as soon as hockey does:

So, for those of you that hope that hockey gets back on ESPN, that’s what you’re gonna’ get. That’s where it belongs in ESPN’s hierarchy, because there are some bozos sitting in the accounting department in a bunker in Burbank, California running Disney, who look at the numbers and completely ignore the passion of hockey fans. They say “Poker gets better ratings because we can attract more compulsive gamblers to the screen than we can passionate hockey fans, so just for the sake of that number, we’re gonna’ run poker instead of hockey. We’re gonna run women’s basketball instead of hockey.”

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Does that make Adalius Thomas Che Guevara?: Michael Felger on the hidden meaning of Thomas' labor remarks last week.

'In reading Thomas’ remarks, I’m reminded of “The Godfather, Part II,” when Michael Corleone witnesses a Cuban rebel blow himself up on the streets of Havana. To his cohorts, it was an isolated incident. But to Michael, it was a harbinger.'

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Sherlock Canseco: 90% sure that Manny Ramirez is on the secret PED list. His evidence? Manny...uh...had a difficult time getting a long-term contract this summer.

Note to kids: this is what happens when you take steroids. It done gone and broke Jose's brain.

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April 06, 2009

Ungentlemanly Conduct: A referee ordered a penalty to be retaken when an opposition player broke wind as the ball was kicked. Manager for the team with the ... offending ... player was quoted as saying that "this has come at a bad time in the season as we don't have sponsor and we are looking for a new sponsor for next season." May I suggest Beano, sir?

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Jamaica's Champs: The nursery of World and Olympic champions like Don Quarrie and Usain Bolt. Asafa Powell, not so much.

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April 05, 2009

Normal Progression: One of the most sought after JUCO transfers in 2008 has now lost his last year of eligibility. Why? Because after getting out of prison and playing a year for the SFL's Florida Kings, he decided to go to college. Too bad he didn't choose to play minor league baseball, if so, the NCAA wouldn't have an issue. (via and The Orlando Sentinel)

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April 03, 2009

In the future, I see...: MVPs, Cy Youngs, playoff contenders, World Champions...I even see things that won't happen this season. Plus, your scouting reports for all 30 teamsand some supporting rationale. Play Ball.

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Giants release Plaxico Burress: Plaxico Burress, who accidently shot himself outside a nightclub during the 2008 season, was released by the New York Giants.

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Sheffield, Mets agree: Gary Sheffield, one home run shy of 500 in his career, and the New York Mets have come to an agreement. All that is left is a physical.

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April 02, 2009

El Tri dump Sven: After his charges lost again, 3-1 to Honduras, and his team sitting fourth of six in WC2010 qualifying Sven Goren Eriksson was given walking papers today by the FMF. Mexico have some decent players who also missed lots of playing time to injuries and suspensions in his 10 months as boss, so is this a panic by the federation or was SGE just unable to connect with the team?

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"OK, I’m going to feed you, and I’m going to get you half-looped, and then we’re going to move this restaurant.": The story of long-time spring training fixture The Pink Pony. It can be yours if the price is right.

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Broncos Trade Jay Cutler to Bears for Two First Round Picks and Kyle Orton: The Denver Broncos traded quarterback Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears for two first-round picks and quarterback Kyle Orton, ESPN is reporting. Cutler has been unhappy since reports surfaced of private attempts by new general manager Josh McDaniels to acquire Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots. "Mr. Bowlen, I hope you're confident in your new head coach," Jeremy Fleming writes on Denver Sports Blog. "Since Josh McDaniels took over, your team has become much older, lost its best player and alienated many fans."

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McCain Seeks Pardon for Boxer Jack Johnson: Sen. John McCain is seeking a presidential pardon for Jack Johnson, the legendary black heavyweight boxing champ convicted in 1913 of transporting a white woman across state lines. Johnson, who won the the world heavyweight title on Boxing Day 1908, fled the country for seven years after the conviction, only returning after reaching a deal to serve his sentence. "It was his misfortune to be the foremost example of the evil in permitting the intermarriage of whites and blacks," the prosecutor said after the trial.

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April 01, 2009

Tigers Release Sheffield One Homer Shy of 500: Nine-time All-Star Gary Sheffield has been released by the Detroit Tigers with just one home run to go before he reaches 500. The 40-year-old was hitting .178 in 18 spring training with five homers. Any team can sign Sheffield for the $400,000 minimum and Detroit must pay the remainder of his $14 million salary. "I wouldn't say I'm shocked, but I am surprised," said Sheffield. Hitting 500 will put Sheff in the 500-homer, 2,500-hit, 1,500-RBI, 200-steal club with five others. Before following the link, can you name them?

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