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Name: Gary Winterbotham
Location: Centerville, Ohio
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From my name you can tell I'm a diehard Jaguars fan. Original season ticket holder, even though, I no longer live in Jacksonville. Also, life long Reds fan. I, also, follow the Dayton Flyers, Georgia Bulldogs, and the New York Islanders (various reasons for each, and good stories which we'll save for another time).

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NFL Playoff Pickem: Super Bowl 0x39 Edition

My picks:

It's not letting me type in any of my choices, but it's letting me type here so...Eagles by 7, Lock it, Passing-Mahommie, Rushing-Hurts, Receiving-Brown, Interception-Sneed (KC), Sack-Jones (KC), Turnover-Hurts, MVP-Hurts, Total-55 (31 to 24)

posted by jagsnumberone at 12:32 AM on February 12, 2023

CFL Pickem Champion: Rcade

Congrats, rcade. The ladies of Publix>ladies of Walmart/lol.

posted by jagsnumberone at 08:58 PM on February 11, 2023

NFL Playoff Pickem: Conference Championships Edition

My picks:

Eagles by 3 (lock)
Bengals by 3 (lock)
Passer: Patrick Mahomes
Rusher: Mixon
Receiver: Brown (Eagles)
Player with sack: Hendrickson (Bengals)

posted by jagsnumberone at 11:00 PM on January 28, 2023

NFL Playoff Pickem Week 2: Divisional Round

My picks:

Jaguars by 3
Eagles by 10 (lock)
Bengals by 3
49ers by 7 (lock)
Passer: Trevor Lawrence
Rusher: ETN (Etienne)
Receiver: Kelce
Player with interception: Bates (Cincinnati)

posted by jagsnumberone at 11:19 PM on January 20, 2023

NFL Pickem Champion: Truthhurts

Congrats Truth. I did the opposite of Bender, as I went from the Costanza around the mid way point to finishing third (but still 100 or so points behind, so in no real danger of winning/lol.)

It corresponded with the Jaguars beginning to win, so look out next year, as I won't have that automatic loss each week. (why do I feel like a Cubs fan saying that?lol)

posted by jagsnumberone at 12:24 AM on January 17, 2023

Enter the NFL Playoff Pickem

My picks:

49ers by 16 (lock)
Jaguars by 7 (lock)
Bills by 10 (lock)
Vikings by 3
Bengals by 13 (lock)
Buccaneers by 3
Passer: Tom Brady
Rusher: Cook (Minnesota)
Receiver: Diggs (Buffalo)
Player with interception: Jenkins (Jaguars)

posted by jagsnumberone at 12:37 AM on January 14, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 18: All the Marbles Edition

My picks:

Falcons by 7 (lock)
Bills by 17 (lock)
Vikings by 27 (lock)
Bengals by 30 (lock)
Broncos by 3 (lock)
Packers by 6 (lock)
Colts by 7 (lock)
Chiefs by 10 (lock)
Jets by 3 (lock)
Panthers by 10 (lock)
Eagles by 9 (lock)
Steelers by 4 (lock)
49ers by 17 (lock)
Seahawks by 3 (lock)
Cowboys by 14 (lock)
Jaguars by 23 (lock)

After all these years, I'm "locking" a Jaguars game for the first time since 2017 (I always picked them, I just didn't lock the game). But, "it was always the Jags"!!!! Duuuvvvallll!!!! Are there any games besides the one Saturday night at 8? Man, I hate going the all "lock" route, but the only real chance to catch lightening in the bottle and pull off the miracle of miracles. Oh and did I say, "Go Jags"?!!!!

posted by jagsnumberone at 12:06 AM on January 07, 2023

RIP Pelé

The reason every kid wanted to wear number 10, world wide.

posted by jagsnumberone at 10:18 PM on December 29, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 17: Zach Attack Edition

My picks:

Cowboys by 23 (lock)
Falcons by 3
Lions by 14 (lock)
Chiefs by 7 (lock)
Patriots by 6
Giants by 9 (lock)
Eagles by 10 (lock)
Buccaneers by 3
Commanders by 6
Ravens by 7 (lock)
Jaguars by 10
49ers by 21 (lock)
Seahawks by 10
Packers by 4
Chargers by 3
Bengals by 3

posted by jagsnumberone at 02:07 PM on December 29, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 16: It's a Tie Game Jakobi Edition

Revised picks:

Bills by 10 (lock)
Browns by 3
Texans by 3
Chiefs by 16 (lock)
Giants by 4
Bengals by 13 (lock)
Lions by 6
Ravens by 2
49ers by 10 (lock)
Eagles by 6
Steelers by 7
Dolphins by 13
Rams by 6
Buccaneers by 3 (lock)
Chargers by 7 (lock)

posted by jagsnumberone at 01:19 AM on December 23, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 16: It's a Tie Game Jakobi Edition

My picks:

Jaguars by 13

posted by jagsnumberone at 04:57 PM on December 22, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 15: Homestretch Edition

My picks:

49ers by 7 (lock)
Bills by 3 (lock)
Ravens by 3
Vikings by 10 (lock)
Falcons by 4
Commanders by 6
Eagles by 10 (lock)
Lions by 10
Panthers by 3
Jaguars by 4
Chiefs by 17 (lock)
Broncos by 3
Chargers by 7
Bengals by 13 (lock)
Raiders by 6
Packers by 4

posted by jagsnumberone at 01:27 PM on December 15, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 14: They Play on Thursday? Edition

My picks:

Bills by 6
Bengals by 17 (lock)
Cowboys by 13 (lock)
Vikings by 3
Jaguars by 4
Eagles by 7
Ravens by 3
Dolphins by 4
49ers by 7
Seahawks by 6 (lock)
Chiefs by 19 (lock)
Cardinals by 3

posted by jagsnumberone at 08:23 PM on December 09, 2022

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Thursday night game: Raiders by 6 and Lock it.

posted by jagsnumberone at 03:15 PM on December 08, 2022

NFL Pickem Week 13: Going for 2 to Win Edition

My picks:

Bills by 10 (lock)
Falcons by 3
Packers by 7
Jaguars by 6
Vikings by 4
Commanders by 3
Eagles by 10 (lock)
Ravens by 12 (lock)
Browns by 17 (lock)
Seahawks by 4
49ers by 3
Bengals by 7
Chargers by 4 (lock)
Cowboys by 9 (lock)
Buccaneers by 3

posted by jagsnumberone at 01:29 PM on December 01, 2022