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Name: Gary Winterbotham
Location: Centerville, Ohio
Gender: Male
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From my name you can tell I'm a diehard Jaguars fan. Original season ticket holder, even though, I no longer live in Jacksonville. Also, life long Reds fan. I, also, follow the Dayton Flyers, Georgia Bulldogs, and the New York Islanders (various reasons for each, and good stories which we'll save for another time).

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NFL Playoff Pickem: Super Bowl 0x3A

My picks:

49ers by 3 (lock)
Passer: Patrick Mahomes
Rusher: McCaffrey
Receiver: Rice (Rashee not Jerry/lol)
Player with interception: Ward
Player with sack: Chris Jones
Player with first turnover: Mahomes
Super Bowl MVP: McCaffrey
Tiebreaker: 8/30/2027

So, on the tiebreaker. Does this mean we might not have a winner for quite a while? lol. After all, they are "America's couple" and those always work out so well (sarcasm font). On a serious note, I doubt they will break up in the next 2 weeks (or will they? lol)

posted by jagsnumberone at 10:46 PM on February 09, 2024

NFL Playoff Pickem: Conference Championship Round

My picks:

Ravens by 3
49ers by 7 (lock)
Passer: Jared Goff
Rusher: Lamar Jackson
Receiver: Kelce
Player with interception: Ward (49ers)

I'm one of the players who still needs credit for Hutchinson sack. Thank you.

posted by jagsnumberone at 02:03 AM on January 28, 2024

NFL Playoff Pickem: Divisional Round

My picks:

Ravens by 7
49ers by 23 (lock)
Lions by 3
Bills by 6
Passer: Baker Mayfield
Rusher: McCaffrey
Receiver: Collins
Player with interception: Hutchinson

posted by jagsnumberone at 03:08 PM on January 19, 2024

Enter the SportsFilter NFL Playoff Pickem

My picks:

Texans by 3
Chiefs by 4
Bills by 9 (lock)
Cowboys by 14 (lock)
Lions by 6
Buccaneers by 4
Passer: Dak Prescott
Rusher: Williams (Rams)
Receiver: Ceedee Lamb
Player with interception: Douglas (Buffalo)

With no Jaguars in the playoffs maybe I have a chance at winning/lol.

posted by jagsnumberone at 10:22 PM on January 12, 2024

SportsFilter NFL Pickem Champion: Truthhurts


posted by jagsnumberone at 10:16 PM on January 12, 2024

NFL Pickem Week 18: All the Marbles Edition

My picks:

Bengals by 3 (lock)
Lions by 7 (lock)
Bears by 4 (lock)
Jaguars by 23 (lock)
Texans by 13 (lock)
Raiders by 10 (lock)
Bills by 10 (lock)
Patriots by 3 (lock)
Saints by 13 (lock)
Eagles by 5 (lock)
Cardinals by 7 (lock)
Chargers by 10 (lock)
Rams by 6 (lock)
Cowboys by 3 (lock)
Buccaneers by 17 (lock)
Steelers by 4 (lock)

Much like many of the teams that are playing, I'm pretty much mathematically eliminated. :(

posted by jagsnumberone at 12:00 AM on January 06, 2024

NFL Pickem Week 17: Chief Concerns Edition

My picks:

Browns by 13 (lock)
Cowboys by 3 (lock)
Bills by 7 (lock)
Bears by 3 (lock)
Colts by 6 (lock)
Rams by 10 (lock)
Eagles by 33 (lock)
Buccaneers by 13 (lock)
49ers by 26 (lock)
Jaguars by 16 (lock)
Ravens by 3 (lock)
Texans by 4 (lock)
Seahawks by 6 (lock)
Broncos by 3 (lock)
Bengals by 7 (lock)
Vikings by 3 (lock)

posted by jagsnumberone at 02:46 PM on December 28, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 16: You Never Should Have Cut Me Edition

My picks:

Rams by 7 (lock)
Bengals by 10 (lock)
Bills by 17 (lock)
Colts by 9 (lock)
Titans by 3 (lock)
Lions by 11 (lock)
Jets by 4 (lock)
Packers by 10 (lock)
Browns by 7 (lock)
Jaguars by 9 (lock)
Bears by 6 (lock)
Dolphins by 8 (lock)
Broncos by 7 (lock)
Chiefs by 13 (lock)
Eagles by 23 (lock)
49ers by 4 (lock)

posted by jagsnumberone at 12:53 PM on December 21, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 15: Remember the Titans Edition

Revised picks:

Raiders by 3 (lock)

posted by jagsnumberone at 08:02 PM on December 14, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 15: Remember the Titans Edition

My picks:

Chargers by 3 (lock)
Bengals by 11 (lock)
Colts by 3 (lock)
Lions by 6 (lock)
Browns by 7 (lock)
Falcons by 7 (lock)
Packers by 4 (lock)
Titans by 3 (lock)
Jets by 3 (lock)
Giants by 6 (lock)
Rams by 10 (lock)
49ers by 23 (lock)
Bills by 6 (lock)
Chiefs by 7 (lock)
Jaguars by 7 (lock)
Eagles by 4 (lock)

When I looked at my score from last week, I could hear Bob Uecker's voice in my head. "Let's see. We got zero points. Zero points? Are you kidding me. Zero points?". lol.

posted by jagsnumberone at 01:02 PM on December 14, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 14: Jinxed the Jaguars Edition

My picks:

Steelers by 3 (lock)
Falcons by 6
Lions by 10 (lock)
Bengals by 6
Jaguars by 4 (lock)
Saints by 6 (lock)
Texans by 10 (lock)
Ravens by 7 (lock)
Raiders by 3
49ers by 10 (lock)
Chiefs by 3
Chargers by 4
Eagles by 7
Dolphins by 16 (lock)
Packers by 9 (lock)

posted by jagsnumberone at 01:15 PM on December 07, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 13: Duuuuuuuval Edition

Where? Hamilton or Middletown? Montgomery here. Graduate of Moeller High School and Miami University.

Centerville (just south of Dayton). Proud "Elk" here/lol. I went to college in Jacksonville (Jacksonville University for my undergrad and University of North Florida for my post grad) and lived there after college until my dad was diagnosed with cancer and I moved back to Centerville (he's in remission for the last 15 years, by the way!!)

posted by jagsnumberone at 10:49 PM on November 30, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 13: Duuuuuuuval Edition

My picks:

Cowboys by 7 (lock)
Colts by 4
Chargers by 3
Lions by 6
Jets by 3
Steelers by 3
Buccaneers by 5
Dolphins by 10
Texans by 3
Rams by 3
49ers by 6
Chiefs by 7
Jaguars by 13 (lock)

Duuuuuuvvvvaaaalllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Not many lock type games this week. Except for Monday Night, that is (and just to be clear the Bengals are my second favorite team as I grew up as a Bengal fan--grew up about 45 minutes north of Cincy, and still root for them, except when playing the Jaguars)

posted by jagsnumberone at 10:51 PM on November 29, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 12: Tryptophan Edition

My picks:

Lions by 23 (lock)
Cowboys by 27 (lock)
49ers by 17 (lock)
Dolphins by 10 (lock)
Saints by 3
Bengals by 3
Titans by 6 (lock)
Colts by 4
Giants by 6
Jaguars by 7 (lock)
Broncos by 3
Rams by 4
Chiefs by 10 (lock)
Eagles by 6
Ravens by 10 (lock)
Vikings by 4

posted by jagsnumberone at 11:24 PM on November 22, 2023

CFL Pickem Champion: rcade

Congrats rcade.

posted by jagsnumberone at 07:59 PM on November 21, 2023