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CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Grey Cup Edition

puddy tats by 9




go bombers go!!

I believe Argonauts have the most former players, coaches & managers in the game today [12+], that's a lot of talent/knowledge connected to one team.

posted by argoal at 11:21 AM on November 24, 2019

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Division Finals Edition

Edmonton by 6

Winnipeg by 8


that team from southern Ontario

posted by argoal at 02:43 PM on November 16, 2019

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Semi-Finals Edition

Montral by 4

Calgary by 4



posted by argoal at 07:53 PM on November 08, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twenty-One

I like to amend a few pics.

Saskatchewan by 3

Toronto by 3

posted by argoal at 03:53 PM on November 01, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twenty-One

Montral by 3

Edmonton by 3

Hammy by 3

Calgary by 3

posted by argoal at 10:53 AM on November 01, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twenty

cowboy hats by a field goal

the former steel town guys by a field goal

the hog town guys by a converted touchdown

the guys from Prairie land by a field goal and a rouge

posted by argoal at 12:39 PM on October 25, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Nineteen

Argonauts by 2

riders by 11

pussycats by 15

Stampeders by 5

posted by argoal at 01:33 PM on October 18, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eighteen

Toronto by 4

Calgary by 4

Montral by 4

BC by 4

posted by argoal at 04:36 PM on October 10, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seventeen

hammy by 8

Calgary by 4

Saskatchewan by 5

BC by 10

go Argo's go!

posted by argoal at 03:59 PM on October 04, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Sixteen

bombers by 4

Eskimos by 8

riders by 6

Lions by 8

posted by argoal at 10:53 AM on September 27, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fifteen

argos by 2

hammy by four

winningpeg by a pair

Lions by 4

posted by argoal at 12:02 PM on September 20, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fourteen

Lions by 9

Stampeders by four

Montral by a field goal

posted by argoal at 06:56 PM on September 12, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen

blue and red by 7

double blue by 4

blue and gold by 3

green and gold by 1

posted by argoal at 07:14 PM on September 05, 2019

CFL Pick ‘Em, Week Twelve

riders by 3

argos by 3

Stampeders by 3

posted by argoal at 03:00 PM on August 28, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eleven

Eddie by 3

Saskatchewan by 11

BC by 3

Montral by 6

posted by argoal at 07:59 PM on August 22, 2019