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Just dropping in to say hi

Yo JG.

Sawx are in first place, so all is right with the world

Had to go there, didn't ya.

posted by justgary at 08:46 AM on July 28, 2013

I Have Six Chances to Consider as Popesquatter

This made me as big a celebrity as the Virgin Mary viaduct stain -- but it only lasted 36 hours. Just when I started getting used to all the attention and began making plans to hire a publicist and have my teeth capped, a woman fell on the ice singing the National Anthem and sucked up all my fame.

Fame is such a fickle mistress.

posted by justgary at 03:31 PM on March 15, 2013

MetaFilter Presidential Prediction Contest

Saw this too late. I was pretty close.

posted by justgary at 09:42 PM on November 07, 2012

Costanza Trophy

Costanza Trophy

Or do you need an original without inscription?

posted by justgary at 09:42 PM on November 07, 2012

Favorites or Likes for comments?

At least it'd show that people are reading the thread/comments.

True. Hadn't thought of that.

posted by justgary at 05:58 PM on October 17, 2012

Comment Editing

The part I didn't like was the editing out and then the use of part of the edited portion in italics to fuel the moderator's response.

Yeah, that was a mistake on my part. Yankee threads have always been a problem, and I knew that in creating the thread. So I was hoping to keep the thread going in a positive direction.

I didn't delete the entire post because the first part was fine, and had nothing to do with the line I deleted. I did not use an actual quote because I did not want to call out hincandenza. That wasn't my purpose. In fact, the reason I only used 'HAHAHA' was simply to demonstrate what wasn't going to fly on Sportsfilter without quoting hincandenza.

Those were my thoughts, and again, it was a bad decision. We're having a conversation in this thread about what the correct method would have been, but it's obvious I chose the worst option.

The "something along the lines of" approach shows a further disregard for what the poster originally posted, as if to reinforce its illegitimacy in the moderator's eyes.

There was no disregard for what the poster originally stated. I simply can't remember the exact quote word for word, and in order to have this conversation, which is not only how we edit, but what we edit, the content of what was actually edited is important.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'reinforce its illegitimacy'. Again, we can discuss how the edit should be done, but the line was legitimately against site guidelines, period. There's nothing to reinforce.

The casual "I threw it in the trash and now I can't remember exactly what it said" approach is dismissive of both the membership at large and the record.

You have a problem that I may be a word or two off what was actually said, but you have no problem taking what I said in this thread and rewording it to fit some malicious intent that you seem to be imagining.

Again, I have no problem admitting that I didn't handle the edit in the correct manner, but telling me I'm dismissive of the membership at large after doing this for years is, frankly, insulting.

The edit, even if done incorrectly in your eyes, was done with an eye to the membership at large, which includes Yankee fans, and the hope of better discussion, which also is what I'm sure most members would prefer.

Why invest even 5 minutes of my time to comment, when it could just be deleted because someone didn't have their morning coffee?"

I mostly disagree with your opinions on moderation, Hincandenza. Mainly because of all the sites I've participated in I've never known one that worked using the style your suggesting. But I respect your opinion, and I'm listening, and open to change. But if your view of my moderation is that I delete comments (very rare) because I didn't have my morning coffee, which is nonsense, I can see why you have a problem with moderation in general.

And, as Nerf pointed out, the thread could have just as easily been focused on the surprising Orioles or surging Rays.

Which is what makes Sportsfilter different than most other sports sites. The members control the content. So if you or anyone else believes the Yankees are getting too much attention, you're free to create your own thread discussing the "surprising Orioles or surging Rays".

Not only that, but threads aren't static, they're alive. Anyone that thought more attention should be given to the non-Yankee teams could have easily added those links in the comments.

posted by justgary at 04:01 PM on September 07, 2012

Comment Editing

For the record, the line I deleted was something along the lines of:

"as a fan of the Red Sox the past two seasons can I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

When the site first started we had a good number of Yankee fans, and over the years many have vanished. I know for a fact that some left because every Yankee thread turned into a Yankees hate fest.

There's nothing wrong with commenting that you're enjoying a certain team losing. People have done so in the thread. But I thought hincandenza's comment was a little over the top.

I enjoy the Yankees losing, but I didn't make the post to bash them. I posted it because it's an interesting story.

I disagree that by enforcing that particular guideline we're making the site less fun. you often have enlightening comments hincandenza. In my opinion, that's where the fun is.

posted by justgary at 07:51 PM on September 05, 2012

Comment Editing

Wow, I'm not really not cool with the comment editing- chide me if you must, but if you're going to rewrite comments (and without clear indication, to boot), this site just became a whole lot less friendly.

Sorry you feel that way Hincandenza. I should have noted the edit, but this isn't a new thing. From the new user page:

This site is not a place for trash-talking fans to repeatedly proclaim that their team rocks and someone else's team sucks.

I'm all for fun. Trash talking doesn't encourage discussion. And this has been a problem in the past. People either love or hate the Yankees, but if every link about them becomes a discussion of how much they suck, why put the time into created a post about the Yankees.

If you disagree please bring it up in the locker room or email a moderator.

posted by justgary at 05:56 PM on September 05, 2012

The Member Formerly Known as Terrapin

Welcome Rick! You wouldn't believe what being a moderator for a low-traffic sports based website will do for you when it comes to the ladies.

Oh, I forgot... you're married. I've got nothing.

posted by justgary at 04:31 PM on January 20, 2012

Other IM Options?

Facebook, google plus, and twitter definitely. I think delicious is on its way to a slow death, but maybe enough people still use it to make it worthwhile.

posted by justgary at 08:20 PM on January 14, 2012

Other IM Options?

If it has a profile page, it's on metafilter. We can probably set our sight a little lower.

posted by justgary at 07:22 PM on January 14, 2012

Other IM Options?

Do people even use ICQ any longer? I would think google talk, facebook, twitter, would be the obvious choices.

posted by justgary at 07:03 PM on January 14, 2012

Politics and Sports

If justgary and kirk have taken a back seat because they have been too busy to participate then fine, but perhaps you should find new moderators if that is the case.

I guess I don't see the need for more moderation. Just to avoid confusion, I visit sportsfilter multiple times every day, and read just about every thread. The days I haven't been to sportsfilter I can count on one hand. And when I receive emails about mistakes or complaints, I generally answer them (or correct the problem) that day. In that sense, I haven't taken a back seat. There just isn't that much to delete or users to ban these days, which I'm quite happy about.

I meant I had backed away in posting links and commenting on links, and since I helped start sportsfilter, and still love sportsfilter, I should take a more active part in being involved in the front page.

That would probably help Rogers with coding time.

And he's right, the web has changed. But I still think sportsfilter fills a niche that isn't represented very well elsewhere, and I'd like to see it continue. But I don't believe moderation is what's missing.

posted by justgary at 10:33 PM on January 12, 2012

Politics and Sports

To put it in clearer terms, and this is not kissing up, it's the truth: without Rogers Sportsfilter would have closed long ago, and any perceived takeover is due to the other owners own choice not to be as involved.

But I still love sportsfilter and hope to be more involved, even if that mostly means posting links and commentary (as any regular member can do).

posted by justgary at 12:57 PM on January 12, 2012

Politics and Sports

Kirk and justgary, do you feel your voices are heard?

Ever since Rogers was on the Today show he's been unreachable.

Honestly, I haven't been as active in spofi recently. One new years resolution is to change that.

In earlier years trolls were much more of a problem. That doesn't happen as much. So sportsfilter does tend to run itself, at least on the moderator side.

posted by justgary at 12:49 PM on January 12, 2012

Politics and Sports

Sports and Politics often go hand in hand, so I'd hate to see all political comments banned.

But once a member states that he doesn't want to discuss the topic in a historical perspective, but only in regards to the current president, we've obviously crossed the line.

I think we just need to keep an eye on that line.

posted by justgary at 12:28 PM on January 12, 2012

All My Children ... or posts

Not a problem Rogers.

@terrapin I tried to get your interview using the wayback machine, and it got all the way to the actual 'click for interview' page and then 'not found'. That sucks.

posted by justgary at 03:55 PM on December 03, 2011

All My Children ... or posts

I thought the //// problem was licked. Hadn't seen it recently. Guess I was wrong.

I've also noticed it seems impossible to get to older stuff. And while we're making requests, I'd love to seen the window for making comments in the locker room longer. They stay on the page for a very long time, but close after just a little.

FWIW I haven't been able to reach rcade via twitter or email at all recently.

posted by justgary at 07:59 PM on November 25, 2011

Guess No One Else Previews

Yeah, I couldn't replicate this either (Safari 5.1).

posted by justgary at 02:07 AM on July 24, 2011

Do you do that Google+ thing?

Bo, I think it's open for anyone now.

posted by justgary at 09:14 PM on July 08, 2011

Do you do that Google+ thing?

Yeah, I got it NoMich, but they had already closed the door. So when I click on 'learn more' it just takes me to the start page.

Hopefully they open it up again soon. Thanks Nomich and terrapin.

posted by justgary at 09:35 AM on July 02, 2011

Do you do that Google+ thing?

Still waiting for an invite, or for invites to be open again.

posted by justgary at 12:47 AM on July 02, 2011

Why did the Jay Mariotti post get deleted?

Did it have it's own thread? I don't remember one. It was linked in one of the daily huddles however.

posted by justgary at 03:46 PM on May 14, 2011

Thanks to all

Glad you're doing okay and you're back folkways.

posted by justgary at 07:35 PM on March 24, 2011

Diaspora - The Friendster Killer

Thanks NoMich.

posted by justgary at 11:55 PM on December 31, 2010

Diaspora - The Friendster Killer

I'll take one if any are left nomich.

posted by justgary at 06:28 PM on December 31, 2010

Turtles in the big bad city

Change New York to New Orleans and I'm there.

posted by justgary at 02:34 PM on October 17, 2010

Toronto Meetup

apparently they can't find titty bars in the Greater Metropolitan New York Area

And they say NY has everything...

posted by justgary at 05:34 PM on August 16, 2010

Discouraging Front-Page Posts

but I don't want to lose the huddle.

No, I don't want to lose the huddle either. I think it's a good addition.

If I'm away for the weekend and come back to sportsfilter with a small link instead of what I use to do, just scan the front page, I have 2 or more huddles to go through also. Just laziness on my part.

posted by justgary at 03:57 PM on July 19, 2010

Discouraging Front-Page Posts

I think something people forget is, even though this site spawned from MeFi, it is not MeFi.

Agreed. Sportsfilter really isn't a perfect sister to metafilter, so comparison generally fall flat.

I think most sports fans are use to discussing the game last night, and sportsfilter doesn't really do that. And i think that's one reason the number of people posting is small.

And as much as I love the huddle, it has it's negatives. When I'm about to post something smaller I wonder if one, this would be better in the huddle, and two, has it already been posted in the huddle. Checking the huddle for links is more difficult than scanning the front page.

posted by justgary at 03:22 PM on July 19, 2010

World Cup Talk

Goddam seems to have lost her ability to post so I'm posting this for her. Her words:

"Anyone in the NJ/NY area looking for a place to watch the US/England game, we're having a watch party at the Kearny Scots Club. Details here."

posted by justgary at 12:48 PM on June 08, 2010

Want to Close the Locker Room?

Last night I took a look at every couple of years of the locker room, and there really isn't much of a difference in topics, just a difference in quantity. Instead of 8 fantasy sports threads, we now have 4, or 2.

In the past it's been used for pony request, site problems, cd swaps, and miscellaneous other questions that still happen, just not as much. Unless we're going months without activity I still think its beneficial to have it.

posted by justgary at 04:00 PM on May 20, 2010

Want to Close the Locker Room?

Didn't we used to have the sidelines?

Yep, I've been lazy. The sideline should be more active.

posted by justgary at 09:39 AM on May 19, 2010

Want to Close the Locker Room?

Vote for keep.

posted by justgary at 11:13 PM on May 18, 2010

Profile, Posting Bugs Squashed

Yep, I can change my profile now. Thanks.

posted by justgary at 04:40 PM on April 18, 2010

Profile Updates

I've logged in an out, different browsers. Hasn't made a difference.

posted by justgary at 02:55 PM on February 12, 2010

Profile Updates

Yep, I've been unable to change my profile for at least 6 months; could be longer. I think I emailed about this over Christmas, or planned to and forgot.

No error, just goes back to profile with nothing changed.

posted by justgary at 04:55 PM on February 11, 2010

SportsFilter Turns 8

Don't make me sorry I reconsidered, Gary!

Don't tempt me java boy.

Honestly, rcade should get a ton of credit. Without his work behind the scences and his 1,234 links sportsfilter would be celebrating 8 years on a godaddy landing page.

posted by justgary at 06:02 PM on January 26, 2010

Book Giveaway: Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours

Sometimes at Barnes & Noble I go by the computer section, find a Cadenhead authored book, and tell my girlfriend 'I know that guy'. She pretends not to be impressed. She's not fooling me though.

posted by justgary at 03:43 AM on December 15, 2009

Matt Haughey's Excellent Hospital Adventure

No Haughey, no Metafilter, no Sportsfilter.

Good thoughts to Matt and his family.

posted by justgary at 09:25 PM on November 15, 2009

Pushing an Agenda on SportsFilter

I realise many people in the US don't want to travel. But you guys are the most affluent, and one of the most educated societies on the planet.

The problem is that many of those in the US that don't travel are not affluent and not educated.

I was in ireland not to long ago as far west as you could travel. Our plane was leaving from Dublin, all the way across the country in the afternoon. We left in the morning and made it easily (4 hours I believe).

I can drive from the gulf coast to visit my brother in virginia and it takes 13-15 hours. And I still haven't left the U.S. South. In that amount of time I could have driven across Ireland several times.

posted by justgary at 03:43 PM on October 08, 2009

The Sidelines are Back

Woohoo. Thanks.

posted by justgary at 05:45 PM on September 10, 2009

Early Predictions for the Upcoming 2009-2010 NHL Season!

It might be because of labor day weekend skydivedad. I'm sure a lot of people are traveling. Of course, I could be wrong.

posted by justgary at 05:40 PM on September 07, 2009

Banhammer Requested

You are correct, sir.

posted by justgary at 03:40 PM on September 01, 2009

Banhammer Requested

Gary, any reason to keep the account around when the person just posted to link to some used car site?

Yeah, sorry. I banned him after I saw this thread.

posted by justgary at 01:32 PM on September 01, 2009

Banhammer Requested

Yeah, for some corolla. I didn't have time to read the article so I just deleted that part of the comment in case it was a joke about something in the article that I didn't know about since I hadn't read the article.

Makes perfect sense in my head.

posted by justgary at 06:20 PM on August 31, 2009

If if looks like a sport, smells like a sport....

I don't think pro wrestling topics should be discussed here, except for the stuff that's clearly 100 percent in the real world

Agreed. I don't think we want a running account of wrestling outcomes, or match previews. But if a topic is sufficiently interesting or meaty enough, I don't think it's a problem.

Unless the story is about the Mongolian Stomper. He's always welcome.

posted by justgary at 11:07 AM on August 25, 2009

If if looks like a sport, smells like a sport....

This past week we had this little gem of post degrade into the whole "is it or isn't a sport" conversation.

Yeah, sorry about that. Shouldn't have happened. Somehow I missed that thread and the derail.

I think we discuss plenty of topics that don't necessarily fit the strict idea of a 'sport'. The rule is simply to not go down that route (is it a sport) no matter the topic (unless, of course, that's the topic of the link).

posted by justgary at 10:12 AM on August 25, 2009


Yeah, I don't think my ability to post to the sidelines has been reinstated yet since the new server.

posted by justgary at 07:57 AM on August 25, 2009

Should SportsFilter Have a Daily Catch-All Link?

the heavy-handed action that I suspect this would require

Yep, had that same thought also.

posted by justgary at 10:50 PM on August 24, 2009

Should SportsFilter Have a Daily Catch-All Link?

I've seen it work other places, so why not.

posted by justgary at 04:10 PM on August 24, 2009

Suggestions Needed for Sidebar Links

Our connection with mefi has dwindled over the years. Many of the first members came from metafilter, some have stayed, some haven't. But that's not the case any longer. And the original code came from metafilter, and that's not the case any longer. So a mention in the history of sportsfilter is probably enough.

Do the mods/admins edit anything there?

They deleted a few threads here and there, but comment moderation is almost non-existent. They simply have so much traffic it would be impossible for mods to force anyone to stay on topic.

Plus, sports fans are so well behaved. ;)

posted by justgary at 10:44 PM on March 04, 2009

Comment Formatting

Same here. The text box doesn't resize like it does at other similar sites, so if the browser isn't real wide words run over the side. And if advertising is on both sides it gets really bad.

Safari 3.2.1 Leopard

posted by justgary at 06:52 PM on February 03, 2009

Comment Formatting

looks like I have to actually make a change for the rest of the line breaks to return after an edit.

Yeah, it's kind of confusing.

And yes, the wiki. A kingdom for a wiki.

posted by justgary at 04:18 PM on February 03, 2009

Comment Formatting

The problem I have is editing my comments. Once saved all breaks go away. So I go back and put them back in, save, and suddenly there's too many breaks.

posted by justgary at 03:19 PM on February 03, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us

It's hard to believe it's been 7 years. Thanks to the members that stuck around through some rough spots, and thanks to rcade for plugging along on the back end without much help (ok, sounds dirty, not suppose to).

Come on baseball season.

posted by justgary at 01:19 AM on January 29, 2009

SportsFilter Under Development

Wiki- not really sure, but definitely not buried. New users could really use it (not that old timers wouldn't find it useful).

posted by justgary at 08:57 PM on January 13, 2009

Is spofi ailing?

Ohh, that's an excellent idea.

posted by justgary at 10:29 AM on July 08, 2008

Is spofi ailing?

I am not a big fan of Twitter, and I only occasionally remember to turn it on. Yeah, I just used twitter bc I could get to it from my phone while I was out of town. But the wiki would be perfect for this, especially in the case of extended downtime. Do we have a place for this already set up? Again I'm away from a computer. I'll check when I get home.

posted by justgary at 09:48 PM on July 07, 2008

Is spofi ailing? I was out of town and couldn't write to several people who wrote me about the downtime. Sorry.

posted by justgary at 02:19 PM on July 07, 2008