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"Peyton Manning Will Retire"

Jesus is his career that much in the dumper that he needs to spead Payton Manning rumors to get press?

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:47 PM on January 18, 2012

Bob Costas Asks Sandusky About Penn State Abuse Scandal

So, when he's convicted and gang raped in the jail shower will he still consider it just "horseplay"?

posted by MGDADDYO at 05:33 PM on November 15, 2011

New York Times: Paterno's Exit Underway at Penn State

The fact that the President of the University to Joe Paterno knew of the Sandusky incident and decided to handle it internally (sweep it under the rug) is a truely sad statement. All of them knew Sandusky ran a charity for abused chbildren. By them not coming forward, it allowed this animal to continue to escort his victims in through the front door. It will be interesting to see once the dust settles how many of the board of trustee members who are calling for Joe Paterno's ousting also knew about Sandusky's wrong doings. They all need to go, and now, not at the end of the season.

posted by MGDADDYO at 11:59 AM on November 09, 2011

8% of Fans Leave Sporting Events Legally Drunk

At The Meadowlands where the Giants and Jets play its definetly higher. I use to share season tickets for the Jets but cancelled due to the drunkeness at the games. The last time I went to a game, 5 minutes into the game a guy walking up the stairs stopped next to ours seats and threw up on the steps. A couple of minutes later he walked back to his seat with another beer. Give me the couch and high def.

posted by MGDADDYO at 09:53 PM on January 19, 2011

Brett Favre's Sister, Brandi, Arrested in Meth Lab Raid

Brandi? From Joe Dirt?!?!?

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:38 AM on January 13, 2011

Columbus Fans Claim NHL Ref Flipped Them Off

Good for Paul Devorski! As a fellow referee although not at the pro level, it's amazing how people think just because you've got a striped shirt on they can treat you like a piece of crap. The guy is just doing his job and a tough one at that. At least when I get heckled by a fan or a coach I can can them removed from the rink, Devorski can't do that. I'm sure the Columbus fans got exactly what they deserved. Devorski has now become my favorite ref. And remember all you fans out there in hockey land, the guy with the whistle is always right.

posted by MGDADDYO at 05:26 PM on December 29, 2010

Devils add Kovalchuk

As a Devils fan, I love the move. Hopefully Kovalchuk is more interested in winning and will stick around for a few more years. He's got to know with Marty in goal he'll have a chance every year at the cup. Ranger fans eat your heart out!!!

posted by MGDADDYO at 11:41 AM on February 05, 2010

Calgary Flames deal Dion Phaneuf to Leafs

Terrible move by Sutter. How do you give up on a guy like Phaneuf as young as he is and with that much talent? The Leafs are usually the ones making the bad moves, but they stole one here.

posted by MGDADDYO at 03:53 PM on January 31, 2010

Billy Ripken: I Wrote 'Fuck Face' On That Bat

Now I have to go through all my boxes of common cards to see if I have this one.

posted by mgdaddyo at 10:18 PM on December 17, 2008

Carlos Sastre wins Tour de France

I'd like to hear from someone on the medical side of things. Could some of these guys be getting false positive readings? Is it possible their bodies have a completely different chemistry from your average Joe that allows them to race at top speed every day for 100 miles, thus giving false positives when they are tested? Just wondering.

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:02 AM on July 28, 2008

Carlos Sastre wins Tour de France

If you're going to spend 5 to 6 hours a day racing your bicycle over 100 miles a day, you should be able to take whatever drugs you can get your hands on.

posted by MGDADDYO at 06:53 PM on July 27, 2008

Yankees fan kills Red Sox fan.

People making 30 to 40 grand a year fighting over primadonnas making millions a year, doesn't make much sense. I guess the only good thing about ticket prices being so high, is that the average sports nut guy or girl that might do this kind of thing can't afford to go to the ballpark anymore. Unfortunately, they can still afford to go to the bar.

posted by MGDADDYO at 03:21 PM on May 06, 2008

UFC Fighter Knocked Out in Eight Seconds

I don't know about this sport yet. I've been a big fan of boxing all my life, but a sport that allows you to keep beating on your opponent when he's down? Reminds me of too many bouncers I've seen in action over the years. I am glad to see they've cleaned it up a bit though, when this sport first started it was sickening to watch more often than not. Speaking of bouncers, a little remark about bouncers a comedian made who's name I can 't remember. How to be a bouncer; #1 be a dick #2 stand by a door

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:29 AM on April 04, 2008

Barry Bonds signs with Yankees!

As much as this is a joke, the sad truth is Bonds glove and arm at 1st would be an upgrade over Giambi.

posted by MGDADDYO at 01:33 PM on April 01, 2008

Jose Canseco Has 'Stuff' on A-Rod

The guy gave up a home run that bounced off his head and out of the park. That's the last time Canseco has done anything that I've paid any attention to.

posted by MGDADDYO at 11:17 AM on March 26, 2008

Riders trade QB Joseph to Argonauts

Canadian football? Who cares!

posted by MGDADDYO at 09:01 AM on March 06, 2008

Stuggling Ottawa Senators fire head coach Paddock, Murray takes over

I know this is a move that had to be made, my question is; how did there D get so bad? I don't think this is the last move Murray will make either. I know the trade dead line is over, but there is obviously some chemistry problems in the dressing room. If Emery is causing problems, send him to the minors. Alfredsson not leading in the dressing room? Take the C away from him and give it to Spezza or Heatley. This group is way too talented to be playing like this. Who would have thought at this time of year, the Canadians would be the cream of the crop of Canadian teams playing in the eastern division.

posted by MGDADDYO at 01:00 PM on February 28, 2008

Keyshawn working out, mulls NFL return

Boo Hoo, no one's paying any attention to me waaaaa!! Keyshawn, there's an old saying," As the man gets older, he ran faster as a boy" As a Jet fan, you were never as good as you thought you were, stay in the booth. I also agree with BitterOldPunk, I'll take Keyshawn in the booth over Irvin any day. Can I get an interpreter here!!!

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:55 AM on February 22, 2008

No Jokinen, Zednick's Throat Slashed During Hockey Game.

BoKnows, I like your comment about wearing a turtle neck. Let's bring the Phil Esposito look back!

posted by MGDADDYO at 04:18 PM on February 12, 2008

No Jokinen, Zednick's Throat Slashed During Hockey Game.

Two skates to the head in one week. Earlier this week, linesmen Pat Dapozzo got caught up in a pile and got kicked in the face breaking his nose and requiring 20 stitches. As if that wasn't bad enough, a fight broke out after that and DaPozzo tried to get in and break it up with his nose splattered. Looks like both those guys picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue.

posted by MGDADDYO at 04:16 PM on February 12, 2008

Pedro Martinez, Juan Marichal filmed at cock fight

Pedro is going to enter Don Zimmer in a cock fight. Zimmers ring name will be The Droopy Rooster.

posted by MGDADDYO at 03:09 PM on February 09, 2008

Pedro Martinez, Juan Marichal filmed at cock fight

Hmmmm, if I didn't know better, I'd think SOME of you(or most of you) are getting tanked up at the airport bar.

posted by MGDADDYO at 02:53 PM on February 08, 2008

Pedro Martinez, Juan Marichal filmed at cock fight

The bottom line is this; It's great to be the dominant species. I have no problem with Dominican's watching a cock fight, as long as they don't do it on my front lawn while they're cutting my grass!

posted by MGDADDYO at 01:54 PM on February 08, 2008

Adolf Hitler, Cowboys Fan

This is even better than the skit Monty Python did in subtitles way back having Hitler tell the joke to thousands of troops, "I have a dog with no nose" one of his soldiers yells back "how does he smell" to which Hitler replies "terrible" Stupid joke, but very funny having Hitler tell it.

posted by MGDADDYO at 02:38 PM on January 28, 2008

Jim Brown calls out Tiger Woods

I've always liked Jim Brown because he cut through the bullshit and told it like it is, but I think he's off the mark on this one. If he, Sharpton, and Jackson want to talk about racial sensitivity, maybe they should start with Chris Rock.

posted by MGDADDYO at 09:23 AM on January 25, 2008

Taxpayers will fund Yankees' VIP parking

I've been partners on Yankee tickets with a couple of guys for years now. 4 tickets 16 rows behind the dugout. They've just increased the price of tickets 100% for next year. 4 seats just for the regular season, $83,000! George Stienbrenner and the rest of the Yankee organization can kiss my ass!, which I'm sure is exactly what they want to hear. The Yankees(as well as every other pro sports team) aren't interested in real fans, they want corporate assholes filling the stadium. Guys who wander in in the 3rd inning, and leave at the bottom of the 7th. The parking situation is just another example of how little respect professional sports franchises have for the average Joe. It's time congress forget about the steriod witch hunt and zero in on who they are really suppose to be protecting, real people who continue to be hurt by this kind of bullshit.

posted by MGDADDYO at 02:15 PM on January 02, 2008

Bill Parcells signs a four year deal

The reason the Jets won, Parcells, the reason the Giants won, Parcells, the reason the Cowboys are winning now, Parcells. You can make your Belichick arguments all you want, the bottom line is Parcells builds winners.

posted by MGDADDYO at 08:28 PM on December 20, 2007

8-year-olds suspended after hockey brawl

Any time a coach spits in another coaches face it IS that bad, but it's especially bad at the mite level. (8 to 10 year olds) As an ice hockey ref, you wouldn't believe some of the crap coming out of mite level coaches directed not only at their young players, but also at young referees who also use this level for learning. The mite level is suppose to help develop the love of the game for young players. A screaming adult behind the bench can only be a negative for children who at that age don't even know where to line up on face offs. The organizations that handle policing hockey in North America need to set a zero tolerance policy at this level. One incident and your done in coaching for good.

posted by MGDADDYO at 03:12 PM on November 27, 2007

Jets Fans Gather Each Halftime For 'Show Us Your Tits!' Ritual

All these years I entered at gate B, son of a bitch! Banning alcohol at the game will do no good, Jets fans get to the game at least 4 hours early and tail gate. This year, it's the only worthwhile part of the day.

posted by MGDADDYO at 11:37 PM on November 20, 2007

Girardi succeeds Torre in the Bronx

Joe Torre wasn't the best candidate when the Yankees first signed him, and look at what he ended up doing. I like Joe Girardi, and I especially like he doesn't take any crap from the owner. Should be fun to watch.

posted by MGDADDYO at 02:52 PM on October 29, 2007

NBA Offers New Rules For Referees

As long as they don't bet on basketball, I think it's a total non issue. Why should I be the only one getting my ass kicked in the casino! I go to Vegas a couple of times a year, and I see way more NBA players in the casinos than I do refs. The NBA has a lot bigger issues to worry about than this.

posted by MGDADDYO at 02:05 PM on October 26, 2007

Yankees Broadcaster Suzyn Waldman Cries on the Air

As much as I dislike Susan Waldman, I think her partner John Sterling is 10 times worse. Is it me, or when you listen to a Yankee game on the radio, it takes Sterling about 15 minutes to spit out what should take 10 seconds. The Yankees have one of the best announcing teams in Michael Kay and Ken Singleton on TV, They can certainly do a little better hiring job on the radio end. Tthhheeeeeee Yankees win, thheeeeee Yankees win,...SSSSHHHHHAAAADUP!!!!!!

posted by MGDADDYO at 05:57 PM on October 09, 2007

Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy: Leave My Quarterback Alone!

I love what coach Gundy did. Not only for the fact that he went off on a reporter protecting one of his kids,(yes at 21 you STILL are a kid) but that he went off for a prolonged period of time. If I'm one of the other kids on that team and see my coach sticking up for one of his players like that, I'd want to go to war for him. I'm all for freedom of the press, but if you're gonna give it, you'd better be damn ready to receive it too. That reporter got everything she deserved.

posted by MGDADDYO at 11:14 AM on September 25, 2007

Floyd Landis loses arbitration:

I'll bet sometime in the near future, they'll come up with a new test, and realize the tests they're giving now are giving false readings on these incredibly conditioned athletes. Just think about what these guys are doing, riding 100 to 150 miles a day sitting on those skinny ass bicycle seats six hours a day. Not to mention riding at a tempo must humans couldn't tolerate for 5 minutes much less six hours. There has to be some sort of different chemistry going on inside these guys.I've done all the basic sports, baseball, football, hockey, basketball, bicycle racing is by far the hardest sport I've ever competed in.

posted by MGDADDYO at 08:02 PM on September 20, 2007

Yanks' Shelley Duncan Crushes Poor Child's Hopes, Dreams, Future, Then Laughs And Sacrifices A Black Goat To The Dark Lords

As Joe Friday use to say "just the facts mam" the Red Sox DO suck. This lady's worried about Duncan signing the Red Sox suck, yet she took her kid to Fenway where the Red Sox fans language is the worst I've ever heard,...and with that annoying Ted Kennedy accent to boot.

posted by MGDADDYO at 07:39 PM on September 18, 2007

Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

On top of fining the Patriots for cheating, the league should fine the Patriots for allowing Belichik to wear that tacky ass sweatshirt on the sideline. This is suppose to be the primer league, to showcase your best, and he looks like that? It's a total slap in the face to coaches like Lombardi, Landry, and Brown. If you allow your coach to represent your team looking like that, I'm sure you'll look the other way when he cheats too. I guess that's what happens when you start your head coaching career in Cleveland.

posted by MGDADDYO at 08:35 AM on September 12, 2007

Hockey patch checks kids' injuries

Deafoh, You're a frickin genius!

posted by MGDADDYO at 08:22 AM on September 12, 2007

Hockey patch checks kids' injuries

I hope it works, but I don't know. I've refereed ice hockey for a while now,and sometimes something just seems to snap in certain kids (and pros for that matter) when they get on the ice. Kids are taught from an early age, if you can see your opponents back number straight on, or if you can't see his eyes don't him him, but that doesn't always seem to work. I hope the patch doesn't give them a false sense of security when they go into the corners.

posted by MGDADDYO at 03:55 PM on September 10, 2007

Tulowitzki CLEARLY Best Choice for NL ROY

If he didn't start a month late into the season and lose 3 weeks to an injured wrist, I'd have to put Hunter Pence of Houston right up there too. Power with a great average (323) AND stolen bases. I have to agree with BlueCarp about Bernie though, if you're worst than Woody Paige, that's really saying something, and not a good something.

posted by MGDADDYO at 03:44 PM on September 10, 2007

Rowdy 'Redneck Games' Irk Neighbors

THIS is why the military draft needs to be reinstated. The draft isn't about sending some kid from Princeton over to be killed. It's about weeding Billy Bob (and George W.) out of the gene pool.

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:12 AM on August 10, 2007

50 greatest sporting insults.

I personally like the hockey player, I can't remember who it was that asked Stu Grimson "Why'd your parents name you Stu, didn't they know how to spell stupid?"

posted by MGDADDYO at 07:56 PM on August 04, 2007

Arbour to coach Isles one last time

Great gesture for a great coach. Maybe Nolan and Snow will finally bring back some respect to the Islanders organization.

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:25 PM on July 19, 2007

'Roid rage on the 9th tee

Player IS on viagra, now he hits everything stiff.....I'm sorry, but it was right there,RIGHT THERE!!! I had to say it.

posted by MGDADDYO at 01:29 PM on July 19, 2007

'Roid rage on the 9th tee

Someone slipped into Phil Mickelson's locker, took his steriods, and put breast growth hormones in their place.

posted by MGDADDYO at 05:15 PM on July 18, 2007

Poll: Rooting for Bonds Divided by Race

#1 THX you're beautiful!! #2 I can't wait for Bonds to break the home run record just to watch Bud Selig squirm. I know all about the steriod thing, but even if he was taking steriods, you still have to hit a round ball coming at you 100mph with a round bat. I'd have to be on heroin to get anywhere near that plate with a ball coming that fast at me. Lastly, a couple of years ago I saw Barry Bonds at Disney world, he signed everybody's autograph, and I mean EVERYBODY. Extremely polite too. On a totally different note, as I mentioned above, I saw him in Disney World. Now for the record, I hate the f ing place, but my family loves it. When I am roped into going there, I spend most of my time trying to get in front of peoples video camera's and giving them the finger. I figured I've given the finger to people in over 40 countries. So, if any of you out there have Disney World home movies, check them very carfully for MGDADDYO

posted by MGDADDYO at 12:33 PM on July 17, 2007

Sheffield calls out Torre, Jeter, Bonds in HBO interview

Just for the record, if any of you guys want to pay me 8 or 10 million dollars a year, you can treat me like a piece of shit. I promise, I won't say a word.

posted by MGDADDYO at 07:45 PM on July 15, 2007

Mark Cuban Applies to Buy Chicago Cubs

If Cuban buys the Cubs, I wonder if he'll run out on the field and throw the bases in a temper tantrum with Lou when there is a bad call.

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:01 AM on July 14, 2007

Take Back the Yard

In New Jersey, the Devils and Nets never come close to selling out unless the Knicks,Lakers, Rangers,or Flyers come to town. I like having a full building, even if it is filled with away team fans, it brings some life into the place.

posted by MGDADDYO at 12:41 PM on July 13, 2007

Is ESPN Killing the National Hockey League by Influencing Public Attitudes?

Bettman, the players salaries and the owners are killing the sport, they don't need any help from ESPN. Bettman keeps telling anyone who will listen what great shape the NHL is in. Unfortunely for Mr.Bettman, we the public are a little smarter than he had led us to believe. Why pay $90 to go see a bunch of guys who only show up mentally for half the games when I can pay $5 to go see a high school game where the kids are playing BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE GAME!!, not because they are getting paid millions of dollars. In my opinion, the NHL started going down the toilet the day the made players salaries public information.

posted by MGDADDYO at 12:22 PM on July 08, 2007

The best athletes ever, by number.

The next SI article will be " 100 GREATEST ATHLETES TO HAVE THEIR HEAD FROZEN" Right now, Ted Williams is numbers 1 through 100.

posted by MGDADDYO at 11:43 AM on July 07, 2007

Centre of attention

The Devils would do themselves some good in going after Sheldon Souray. He's a better score than Rafalski and he's definetely tougher. Losing Gomez to the Rangers is a tough nut to swallow, it's going to be very hard to boo him....but I will. The players leaving NJ are saying all the right things, but the bottom line is NJ has the deadest fans in the NHL, but it's not the real fans fault. My season ticket in NJ 15 years ago was $17. That same ticket is now $90. Folks that are really into hockey can't afford to go, but apparently players think they need 5 million a year, then expect people making $60,000 to $100,000 a year to drop $7500 a year on season tickets. The Meadowlands and now the new building in Newark next year are filled with corporate shmucks who come in 10 minutes into the game, leave with 10 minutes left, and know nothing about the game. Just for your info for those of you that don't live on the east coast, Newark NJ is to hockey what the Jamaican bobsled team was to the winter Olympics. As stated by tahoemoj, just a bit of frustration from a Devils fan.

posted by MGDADDYO at 04:09 PM on July 02, 2007

Report: Woman claims Thomas asked cheerleader to flirt with refs

I didn't think I could like Isiah Thomas any less,...I was wrong. Now, instead of watching Isiah try to make something out of nothing (the Knicks), he'll be trying to make something out as nothing. (referee allegations)

posted by MGDADDYO at 08:19 PM on July 01, 2007

Pardon me, your red underwear is showing.

I couldn't figure out what the heck happened to the second tennis ball that the players were given before a serve. Mystery solved. When I die, I want to come back as one of Golovin's tennis balls.

posted by MGDADDYO at 10:21 PM on June 29, 2007


If I was Basillie, I sure as hell wouldn't buy a frachise that was 21st in a league that doesn't draw to begin with and leave it there. Good for him for pressuring Bettman and those old foggies on the board of govenors into allowing the move. If Bettman payed attention to guys like Basillie, the league would be in a lot better shape, and it would definetely have a better TV deal. If Bettman had half a backbone (which we all know he doesn't) he'd make the next expansion team in Las Vegas and be the first profesional sports franchise in a city with a ton of people and a ton of money. Unfortunetly for hockey, Bettman is nothing more than a lawn jockey wearing a designer suit. If any of you are going to respond, "you can't have a profesional sports franchise where there's legal sports betting" my answer would be look no further the Rick Tocchet, Wayne Gretzky, and Wayne's wife Betzky, you don't have to be in sin city to make a sports bet.

posted by MGDADDYO at 12:04 AM on June 16, 2007

Mark Cuban Cares About Your Colon

Nerfballpro, The semi colon line was very funny. Thank you.

posted by MGDADDYO at 12:38 PM on June 15, 2007

Mark Cuban Cares About Your Colon

When you do a colonoscopy on Mark Cuban, where do you start? He's just one giant asshole! Cuban could have saved a lot of money. Instead of going for the expense of a colonoscopy, he could have just asked his gerbil if he's seen anything unusual lately.

posted by MGDADDYO at 08:22 AM on June 15, 2007

Yashin Laughin' all the way to the bank

Yashin is just another puke that thought he needed to re negotiate his contract in the middle of his existing one, the Islanders should have dumped his sorry ass on the spot then. Blame it on the owners and GM's for caving into these nutless athletes and their agents. Hopefully the cap will make teams more responsible with their payrolls. Obviously, the Islanders haven't learned their lesson, The Black Hand is right on the money about DiPietro, he will certainly be the next albatross for the Islanders. Even the spend crazy Rangers have learned to work within the cap. Until the Islanders do the same, they will be a last place team with a few overpaid ex superstars. The only thing Long Island has going for them is the back page of the Post. (any of you that don't live in the NY area miss some great back page sports headlines)

posted by MGDADDYO at 12:32 PM on June 06, 2007

Man beats world hot dog eating record

Weedy, your body might actually do a whole Kieth Richards reaction. You're putting so much bad stuff into your body, that your body can't register what's happening to it, and nothing happens.

posted by MGDADDYO at 02:28 PM on June 04, 2007

Man beats world hot dog eating record

Ying Yang, I understand the whole stomach acid thing, but with that many hot dogs flying down his throat, it has to send that stomach acid into cardiac arrest!! By the way, I answered my own question, what do you tell the plumber when the toilet is clogged with 59 hot dogs, don't tell him anything, you just show him the trophy!

posted by MGDADDYO at 12:00 PM on June 04, 2007

Man beats world hot dog eating record

The guy is basically swallowing them whole, so you have to figure they come out the same way. What do you tell the plumber when he comes over and your toilets clogged with 59 hot dogs?!!

posted by MGDADDYO at 09:29 AM on June 04, 2007