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September 24, 2023

Girl Power: I so look forward to her first sack.

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August 25, 2023

RIP Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt: The wrestling world lost one of its most legendary performers when hardcore innovator Terry Funk passed away this week at the age of 79. This was followed by another blow when one of WWE's most creative and innovative performers, Bray Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda) died of cardiac-related COVID complications at the age of 36.

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July 07, 2023

"Let me make barbecue chicken out of you.": Following the departure of Shannon Sharpe, and the inability of FS1 to find anybody who wants to work with Skip Bayless, the enfant terrible of shock jock sports TV goes after his "dream partner," Charles Barkley, in the most public, most desperate way possible.

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October 05, 2022

Keep it on the front page: Brett Favre is a creep: Really, just a trash heap of an alleged human being.

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March 19, 2022

Cleveland Browns Sell Their Soul for DeShawn Watson: After a grand jury decided not to charge Deshaun Watson, the embattled quarterback auditioned new teams to see who could sink lower in their pursuit of him. The Cleveland Browns won. Or lost, depending on how you look at it.

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January 28, 2022

Ricky Williams is on a Different Plane: As in, the astral one.

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December 14, 2021

Steph Curry Breaks NBA 3-Pointer Record at MSG: Golden State's Steph Curry passed Ray Allen for first on the NBA's career three-point shooting list during the first quarter of Tuesday's 105-96 victory over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Curry also holds the NBA record for three-pointers in a season with 402 (he's set the single-season record three times). At an average distance of 25.6 feet traveled, Curry's 2,978 three-pointers have traveled approximately 14.5 miles.

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NFL Covid Numbers Skyrocket: After several LA Rams players went into Covid protocols shortly before the team's MNF contest against the Arizona Cardinals, the number of players testing positive league-wide rose to 75 over the last two days. The Rams and Browns have been hit particularly hard, while the Dolphins now have only one available running back left on their 53-man roster. Stay safe, friends

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December 10, 2021

Denver Broncos Great Demaryius Thomas Dies: Demaryius Thomas, a standout wide receiver for the Denver Broncos who was on the team's Super Bowl 0x32 winning squad, has died from medical complications following a car accident. He was 33. A former first round draft pick, Thomas had 9,055 receiving yards and 60 touchdown catches for Denver and made five consecutive Pro Bowls. When Demaryius was 11, police raided his home and arrested his mother and grandmother for crack distribution, giving both long prison sentences.

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November 12, 2021

Adam Schefter: Journalist?: Got a narrative you want to pitch? Just call in a Schefty Bomb!

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February 07, 2021

ESPN's Pedro Gomez dead at 58: The award-winning journalist, whose son Rio is a pitcher in the Red Sox organization, passed away suddenly Sunday night. Gomez is survived by his wife, Sandra; sons, Rio and Dante; and daughter, Sierra.

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November 28, 2020

Matt Patricia is gone, and so is the GM who ran Jim Caldwell out of town to give Patricia the job.: Dan Quinn said Caldwell's 36-28 record (with two playoff appearances) wasn't good enough. So, he sent Caldwell packing and brought in Patricia, who went 13-29-1 in three seasons. Quinn and Patricia are now officially unemployed. Detroit OC Darrell Bevell takes over the train wreck that they left behind.

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April 28, 2012

Tigers Fans Owe Inge Better: Yes, it's a Yahoo! article, and yes, it was possibly written by Brandon Inge's little brother, but still.

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August 16, 2011

Delonte West Can Help You Install A Ceiling Fan...: The lockout is hurting NBA players in different ways. Delonte ain't scared to wear an orange apron. Brotha's gotta work, right?

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August 13, 2011

Get Out There And Hit Somebody!: The NFL lockout had to end, because I contacted all players and owners and told them it was time for SpoFi to get it on! The SpoFi Head to Head Fantasy Football League has been reconstituted...all managers from last year should have received invitations already. All are welcome to join! High scoring, drama, action, romance, passion, violence, ennui, lethargy, it's all there...and that's before the draft even happens! Come play with us! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! SpoFi Head Games 2011-12 League ID# 514611 Password spofi2011

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March 18, 2011

Roger Goodell, Pants On Fire?: NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell tries a little PR with players and season-ticket holders, and gets branded "a blatant liar" by San Diego Chargers linebacker Kevin Burnett.

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Fantasy Baseball Reminder: Thanks to ursus_comiter, the 2011 SpoFi Fantasy Baseball League is up and running, but only has six teams. Join America's favorite pastime, and compete for the Jerseygirl Memorial Championship Trophy, or the equally prestigious Costanza Trophy! League ID - 129784 Password - madduxbodycount Do it! Do it now! Thanks again, ursus! And, by the way, The Chuck Norrises are gonna straight up murder your ass.

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Ochocinco Trying to Get His Kicks in KC: Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson-Ochocinco-whatever he's calling himself these days might be playing futbol instead of football this season due to the NFL lockout. MLS team Sporting Kansas City has invited Johns, er, Ocho, er, Chad, who began playing soccer at age four, and played competitively until high school, to a four-day tryout. If he makes the team, Chad will wear jersey number 85.

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Ohio State's Tressel Increases Own Suspension to Five Games: OSU head football coach Jim Tressel, originally suspended two games for not reporting player misconduct to the NCAA, has asked the university to add three more games to his suspension. The university has honored Tressel's request, meaning the Buckeyes will be without their head coach and starting quarterback for the Big Ten opener against Michigan State, who split the conference title with OSU last season. Even with the extended suspension, the NCAA might not be done with the OSU football program.

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March 09, 2010

Fantasy Baseball?: Don't know who's set up our league in the past, but I'll set one up this weekend if there's interest. Gimme a holla, yo!

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February 24, 2010

ESPN Needs Caller ID: Brian Westbrook talks to Scott Van Pelt about...prostate worship? I saw it live last night, and almost choked on my pizza.

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October 16, 2009

Can You Spell FSU?: If you're an athlete at Florida State University, probably not. The NCAA releases nearly 700 pages of its report detailing academic fraud at the university, and could take away 14 of Head Football Coach Bobby Bowden's career 384 wins. One FSU tutor testified that some players read at a second-grade level, and one student was so helpless, she had to read test questions for him...because he couldn't read.

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October 13, 2009

Bad: Your NFL Season Is Ended By A Hit. Worse: From A Teammate.: Cleveland Browns backup running back James Davis is on Injured Reserve, and will undergo season-ending shoulder surgery after being hit after practice by an unnamed teammate. The teammate, a linebacker, was wearing pads; Davis was not. Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini says he's "comfortable" with the situation. The NFL, apparently not so comfortable, is investigating the incident.

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September 17, 2009

Kentucky High School Football Coach Acquitted In Player's Death: Coach David Jason Stinson was found Not Guilty on charges of reckless homicide and wanton endangerment in the death of 15-year-old Max Gilpin, one of his players at Pleasure Ridge Park High School. Gilpin, a sophomore offensive lineman, collapsed while running gassers during practice on August 20, 2008. He died three days later at Kosair Children's Hospital. The temperature that afternoon was 94 degrees. Medical personnel testified that Gilpin's body temperature was 107 degrees when he arrived at the hospital.

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August 19, 2009

Strap it on! Get some! Take a trip to the Hurt Locker! H2H Fantasy Football Awaits!: The 2009 SpoFi Head-to-Head Fantasy Football League beckons to you. Allow it to caress you with the silky cruelty that only fantasy football can generate. Wallow in it, love it, sign the hell up!

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