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Chris Horner, age 41, becomes the oldest winner of a Grand Tour

I'd like to believe, but I've become jaded by all past events. He's always been a good climber, and this course was tailor made for him (with only one short individual time trial), but the guy is still 41! Fresh legs or not, you don't recover as quickly at 41 as you do in your 20's.

So call me skeptical. I just hope we don't have another American grand tour winner taking a walk of shame.

posted by BikeNut at 02:47 PM on September 17, 2013

Lance Armstrong Admits Using PEDs, Destroying People

No surprises at all in his "confession". Disappointed, but not surprised that he is not naming others - that will come when and if he testifies under oath to USADA or WADA. Too much legal risk to do it here.

As for his lack of contrition, not really surprised. He was a prick before he took PEDs - they didn't make him one. I saw a quote from a former teammate of his saying this is all new turf for Lance. He's never apologized to anyone for anything before, so he literally doesn't know how to act.

Too bad he didn't come out immediately after his cancer diagnosis and come clean. He never would have won the TdF, but he would have retained some credibility and dignity. He has none now, he could never do enough to repay all the damage he has done to other people and the sport.

I'd like to see some of the companies and individuals who supported Lance in his "reign of terror" on accusers get some heat. Will Trek admit they trashed Lemond's bike business in support of Lance? Will any of media (other than David Walsh and Paul Kimmage) admit they dropped the ball in not questioning Lance and his performance more forcibly? Will UCI take responsibility for anything?

Personally, I grew tired of Lance at least 10 years ago. I wish he would just go away.

posted by BikeNut at 03:14 PM on January 18, 2013

College Player Scores 138 Points In A Game

I wonder if he has to ice his shooting arm after the game?

posted by BikeNut at 09:19 AM on November 21, 2012

Jeter Fractures Ankle in Yankees Game 1 Loss

He's been playing hurt on that ankle for some time. Wonder if previous injury played any part in this fracture.

posted by BikeNut at 12:52 PM on October 14, 2012

Yankees Blow Up Jim Johnson, Win Game 1 Over O's

As an Oriole fan, I liked the ending of the 1983 World Series a lot more!

posted by BikeNut at 05:26 PM on October 09, 2012

Yankees Blow Up Jim Johnson, Win Game 1 Over O's

Orioles returned to form last night with their typical one run win. These teams have played 20 games now this season and are dead even. I'll be surprised if this doesn't go 5 games. Orioles have won every regular season series they played in NY, so I don't think home field is that big an advantage for Yankees. Should be a fun, nerve wracking, series to watch!

posted by BikeNut at 09:24 AM on October 09, 2012

Greg LeMond smiles

Frankly, as a former bike racer, I really don't see the sense in pursuing alleged doping infractions that are over 10 years old. Does anyone really believe Jan Ulrich was clean in all the TdF that he finished second to Lance?

What bothers me is USADA, WADA, and others have transitioned from proving doping infractions conclusively prior to taking action (e.g. Landis) to looking a "trends in data" and drawing conclusions based on these in the absence of any clear doping test infraction (Lance). When several other organizations, including the DOJ, look at the evidence and say there's not enough here to charge Lance, and then USADA takes the same data and claims "conclusive proof", something looks wrong in checks and balances in this process.

I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this story, even though Lance claims to have dropped all opposition. I just wish cycling could turn page and focus on current and future riders, rather than continue to discuss events that happened 10+ years ago.

posted by BikeNut at 11:06 AM on August 24, 2012

Tebow & Broncos best Roethlisberger & Steelers

Lifelong Steelers fan - but Steelers did not deserve to win last night.

Ike Taylor was horrible. Pass rush was non-existent - agreed Hampton and Keisel going down played big part in that, but next guy up has to deliver. Ben was still only 50% and practically immobile for most of first half.

Denver capitalized on almost all Steeler's mistakes, so hats off to them.

If that's all the better Steelers can play with players they can put on field - I'm glad they don't have to face Pats. It would be ugly.

posted by BikeNut at 01:06 PM on January 09, 2012

Sandusky Was Teaching Boys How To Shower

I think makes it clear how weak his defense position is. You've got so many accusers I've lost count, and his defense is going to be they are all unreliable witnesses and liars and misunderstood how I was trying to help them learn valuable life skills like showering.

posted by BikeNut at 01:22 PM on December 16, 2011

An Offensive Survey!

Yeah, real funny. Wonder if he's still laughing! Moron.

posted by BikeNut at 12:19 PM on November 15, 2011

New York Times: Paterno's Exit Underway at Penn State

With everything that's come out on this sordid affair, it was hard to see this getting resolved any other way. I suspect they will clean house in the athletics department - it didn't sound like anyone handled this situation well.

posted by BikeNut at 02:41 PM on November 08, 2011

Penn State AD Charged in Child Sex Abuse Cover Up

This whole thing is as depressing as possible for someone who grew up in PA about 2 hours drive from Happy Valley.

I feel sorry for all the kids who were abused because no adult who was aware of the situation had the strength of character to step forward and put a stop to it.

I feel sorry for PSU - this will be a stain on the football program, the University, and the community for years to come.

And I feel sorry for JoePa. He probably regrets he didn't do more, but he will forever be linked to this story. This will be as much his legacy as his football accomplishments.

posted by BikeNut at 12:25 PM on November 08, 2011

2011 Pro Bowl rosters announced

I'm glad to see Pouncey get rewarded for his performance. He's been a rare steading force on Steelers O line.

posted by BikeNut at 09:40 AM on December 29, 2010

Landis wore hidden wire to aid doping probe: report

Looks to me like Feds are widening the net they are casting to ensure they land someone. If they can't land the biggest fish in Armstrong, they'll settle for a lot of smaller ones.

Anything based on Landis has to be extremely weak evidence, so they've got to get someone else to corroborate or confess. Certainly tough, but Novitzky did land BALCO.

posted by BikeNut at 04:19 PM on December 20, 2010

Does the Power Balance Wrist Band Work?

Of course not. It's one of the biggest scams out there. Even if you don't understand it, a quick Google search would tell you it's a bunch of crap.

posted by BikeNut at 04:57 PM on November 02, 2010

Tour De France Winner Tests Positive For Steroid

LBB - I agree with you and that was my point. Every other athlete who has tried the "it was a contaminant in my organic supplement" defense has been shot down. And even when they had clear chemical evidence showing the contaminant in an over the counter product they bought at GNC. WADA and USADA have consistently said - if you ingest it, it is up to you to ensure it doesn't break the rules.

As an amateur racer, I find this stance harsh - it's not like I have money to pay for expensive chemical tests on everything I eat and drink. I have to rely on what the manufacturer of any supplement I take tells me (and there have been examples of reputable companies having contamination issues). But then again, I'm not trying to make a living at this, and it's not too likely someone at my level will get tested (unless you are flagrantly doping, in which case USADA will find you and make an example of you as has happened recently to several amateurs in the US).

posted by BikeNut at 10:58 PM on September 30, 2010

Tour De France Winner Tests Positive For Steroid

Looking at this closer, the timing of the positive is troubling for Contador. Stage 17 on July 22 was the big showdown with Andy Schleck on the Tourmalet. Since clenbuterol acts as a bronchodilator, it certainly would be beneficial to have some in your system before this ride. Challenge for UCI and WADA is to determine if amounts found are due to microdosing clenbuterol in a doping program or due to contamination in food as Contador claims.

Unless Contador has some very strong evidence that it came from his steak dinner, I think he's in for a big fight.

posted by BikeNut at 11:17 AM on September 30, 2010

Tour De France Winner Tests Positive For Steroid

It will be interesting to watch how the UCI and WADA handle this one if he truly can document the clenbuterol came from beef he ate. There have been many cases were cyclists were able to prove that their positive came from a contaminated supplement they were taking - but they all were still suspended. USADA has taken the position that it is up to the athlete to confirm that anything he ingests does not contain something on their banned list. That said, I can't recall a case where the positive was caused by something in the food they consumed. If UCI and WADA follow this guideline - Contador will be suspended for two years and his TdF win from this year will be nullified.

posted by BikeNut at 10:55 AM on September 30, 2010

Orioles Pitcher Keeps Hitting Yankees

I'd also suggest that with Guthrie a little below .500 and an ERA below 4.00 for a terrible Orioles team, "spectacularly inept" would fit the profile.

Can't comment on Guthrie specifically - but Orioles have been playing >.600 ball since Showalter took over helm - about 40 games stretch. Admittedly, they were horrendous before then, but they've been one of best teams in baseball over last month and a half.

Full disclosure - I've been Orioles fan for over 50 years - I'm looking for any ray of sunshine I can find!

posted by BikeNut at 08:57 AM on September 23, 2010

Ohio Mascot Tackles Brutus Buckeye

Hanning is a moron. He's lucky he didn't hurt the other guy. If he did, he'd be facing premeditated assault charges.

posted by BikeNut at 11:00 AM on September 22, 2010

Orioles Pitcher Keeps Hitting Yankees

Are we sure he's really hitting them -especially Jeter?

posted by BikeNut at 10:58 AM on September 22, 2010

19 Oregon Football Players Hospitalized After Camp

I hope the new coach wasn't encouraging excessive creatine use. If he is somehow implicated in this, he could be in trouble.

posted by BikeNut at 05:23 PM on August 23, 2010

Villanova's Corey Fisher May Have Scored 105 Points in a Game

He scores 105 and his team only wins by 8 (138-130)!

posted by BikeNut at 05:18 PM on August 11, 2010

Brian Cushing blames positive test on medical condition.

Science teaches the simplest explanation (e.g. the one with fewest assumptions) is usually correct (see Occam's Razor).

In this case, as is true with all doping cases, the simplest explanation for testing positive for hcG is you injected yourself with hcG. Any other explanation involves a massive increase in complexity and assumptions.

posted by BikeNut at 12:20 PM on August 10, 2010

Brian Cushing blames positive test on medical condition.

As a cycling fan, I thought I'd heard every creative excuse possible for a positive doping test. This guy wins the award for the most lame attempt I've every heard.

He doesn't seem to understand he got off easy when he got to keep his Defensive Rookie of Year award. I sure hope Goodell doesn't fall for this or everyone else is goiing to start using this excuse.

posted by BikeNut at 08:49 AM on August 10, 2010

Jim Gentile Wins 1961 RBI Crown

As a lifelong Orioles fan, that's an interesting story.

Fairly certain its the only award the Orioles will win this year!

posted by BikeNut at 12:34 PM on August 09, 2010

World Sauna Championships End with Death of Finalist

If you're gonna be dumb, you'd better be tough!

posted by BikeNut at 12:32 PM on August 09, 2010

Tiger Woods Has Worst Tournament of Pro Career

Since there is no cut at Bridgestone, it's a judgement call. The way he's playing, if there had been a cut, I doubt he'd have been around for weekend.

Unless something dramatic happens with his game, Whistling Straits will be a big challenge for him.

posted by BikeNut at 10:46 AM on August 09, 2010

Is Don Hutson the Best Wide Receiver Ever?

You also have to realize that when Hutson played, defenses weren't built to stop passing attacks. So the fact that he was a great receiver made it easier for him to pick those defenses apart.

If it was easy, why was he the only wide receiver doing it? The guy was a game changer. He defined what the modern wider receiver would eventually become. And he did it before the rules were changed to protect wide receivers.

posted by BikeNut at 08:37 AM on August 09, 2010

Is Don Hutson the Best Wide Receiver Ever?

Living in Wisconsin, my vote goes to Hutson. There are still a lot of older Packer fans that will tell you he was the greatest Packer ever.

posted by BikeNut at 10:27 AM on August 08, 2010

Angler Caught Hiding Lead Sinkers in Fish

Is this the professional fishing version of doping?

posted by BikeNut at 11:49 AM on August 05, 2010

Columnists: Age Has Caught Up to Joe Paterno

You don't have to sound young, but sounding coherent helps!

I grew up in PA and always followed Penn State and JoPa, but I fear the end of his reign is approaching. I hope this was just a bad day for him.

posted by BikeNut at 11:51 AM on August 04, 2010

LeMond: Federal Probe Will 'End' Armstrong

Lemond actually has proposed some interesting approaches to combatting doping in cycling. Problem is, it always comes across in a bitter tirade against Armstrong and preaching the only Greg was pure and clean in winning the Tour. Problem is there's no more proof that Greg was clean than there is that Armstrong was dirty. So they both end up sounding like a couple grouchy old men.

I believe cycling will always have to combat doping as long as races like the Tour are held. The human body can't recover fast enough to withstand this punishment. Riders have turned to whatever aid was available at the time since the race began. That includes Lemond, Hinault, Anquetil, Indurain, etc.

But I don't view cycling as any different from most other professional sports. If anyone really believes MLB, NFL, or professional soccer are clean, I think they're kidding themselves. Cycling is more aggressive in trying to identify cheaters, so it gets more negative press. And the penalties in cycling are much tougher - two years off for first offense, lifetime ban fo second. Given that typical rider's career is only 4 or 5 years long, that't a huge penalty. In comparison, NFL or MLB penalties are a slap in wrist.

posted by BikeNut at 07:31 AM on July 20, 2010

Belly Buttons Linked to Running, Swimming Prowess

Pseudoscience at it's finest! I sure hope our tax dollars didn't got into funding this piece of crap research.

posted by BikeNut at 03:52 PM on July 13, 2010

Lance Armstrong: 'My Tour is Finished'

Barring a crash, Alberto Contador will win Tour again. Andy Schelck may outclimb him, but Alberto will beat Andy by at least 3 minutes in final time trial. I think Cadel Evans will finish second - Andy may hang on for third.

Lance just went "one Tour too far". He's never seemed to have the motivation this year - almost like he was going through the motions. Even so, had he not crashed just before the Col de Ramaz, I think he would have finished much closer to leaders - probably close enough to still be in hunt. As it is, I wonder if he will finsh this Tour or if he'll finally get banged up enough or fed up enough to just say the heck with it and go home.

posted by BikeNut at 06:33 PM on July 12, 2010

Petacchi Wins Tour De France First Stage

I guess they don't sell dog leashes in France!

Imagine you've focused your entire season on the Tour, and you get taken out by a dog because some moron doesn't own a leash.

posted by BikeNut at 08:51 AM on July 05, 2010

Nebraska Expected to Leave Big 12

I think you mean join the Big Ten!

posted by BikeNut at 12:26 PM on June 09, 2010

Cyclist Accused of Using Motorized Bike

The device shown has a diameter of 31.4 mm. Cancellara's bike has a seat tube diameter of 27.2 mm. It wouldn't fit, even if he wanted to use it. Plus the device weighs about 900 g according to company literature, which would effectively double the weight of his frame. UCI inspects bikes prior to pro races, and the obvious weight discrepancy of a bike with this device in the seat tube would be easy to notice.

Rumor is the company making these created this video as a marketing tool, hoping that it would go viral. Looks like they succeeded.

posted by BikeNut at 10:18 AM on June 02, 2010

Cyclist Accused of Using Motorized Bike

This video is a joke - maybe not literally, but to anyone knowledgable in bike racing, the things it points out are obvious. He moves his hands to the brake levers to shift gears - that's how you change gears - duh! Anad after doing it he accelerates because he shifted to a bigger gear - big mystery!

If you want to know how he accelerates so fast, take a look at his quadriceps. The guy has been the best time trial rider in the world for the last 3 or 4 years.

posted by BikeNut at 05:25 PM on June 01, 2010

Floyd Landis admits to doping.

So we're to believe Floyd spent 4 years bankrupting himself, wrecked his marriage, and ruined his life - and now comes clean because his conscious is bothering him?? He's either a moron or he sees more financial potential in now coming clean and accusing others. I'm leaning towards the latter.

But with zero credibility and no proof of his claims about others, this seems like a waste of time.

I have no doubt that a large percentage of top riders are still juiced. There have been cases of domestic Masters riders busted for doping - and our races usually have prizes like a gift certificate to local bike shop - so I'm pretty sure when the stakes are high and your career depends on it, a lot of people turn to the medicine cabinet. Same is true in almost any endurance sport - running, cross country skiiing, etc. The benefits of juicing are too big to ignore when the margin of winning a 2500 mile race might be a few minutes.

The only way this stops is if the penalties against suppliers - doctors, teams, etc - are equal to penalties against riders. Currently a bike rider can be banned for two years and forced to forfeit all salary and winnings during period he was doping - that's pretty stiff for someone whose career might only be 5 years. But the team owner, mgmt, doctor who help orchestrate doping just fire the rider and keep on going - no one questions their involvement.

posted by BikeNut at 09:24 AM on May 20, 2010

Lance Armstrong: 'I Have Doubts'

There's very few racers still competing at the highest level at Lance's age. I know from experience as a 51 year old masters racer that it takes longer to recover from hard races as you get older. It's amazing Lance can still compete with the best, but I think he's staring Father Time in the face and realizing the end is coming.

posted by BikeNut at 09:00 AM on May 19, 2010

Bike Race Bib-Swappers Charged with Felony

A felony?? Because the DA decided a felony count was "the only crime that was a fit"? So now these women's lives are ruined for switching bib numbers! And the DA agrees they'll never be prosecuted. Granted, what they did broke race rules, but I don't think anyone who raced against them would agree this punishment matches the crime.

I see this mental pygmy is running for CO state senate. I hope the voters are smarter than he is.

posted by BikeNut at 05:03 PM on May 14, 2010

Is Mike Tyson's pigeon-racing show cruel? PETA says yes.

Where was PETA when Tyson was biting off Holyfield's ear?

I sure hope the NY prosecutors ignore this.

posted by BikeNut at 03:35 PM on March 22, 2010

Tyson vs Holyfield 3?

Will they be using walkers or wheelchairs?

posted by BikeNut at 10:35 AM on March 05, 2010

E-mails in support of Mike Leach

Looking past James and how he was treated, seems to me that Leach's biggest problem was he forgot the Chancellor always has the last word. No matter how important a head coach thinks he is or how much the alumni love him, if he forgets this, he's on a track for a quick departure.

Although we'll never know, I'd bet Leach would still be coach if he'd met with the Chancellor and AD on Tuesday!

posted by BikeNut at 09:53 AM on December 31, 2009

NFL's Dirtiest Player: Hines Ward

So defensive players don't like Ward cause he hits back, and that makes him dirty?

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

posted by BikeNut at 08:55 AM on November 06, 2009

Doctor Who Struck Cyclists Guilty in LA Road Rage Trial

As my name suggests, I am a cyclist, so you may consider me biased on this subject. I'd hope that majority of public recognizes that the events Dr. Thompson instigated involved intentional assault.

I'll be first to admit some cyclists act like jerks and cause antagonism between drivers and anyone on a bicycle by their actions. On the other hand, drivers regularly pull bonehead moves as well. I've been involved in two accidents with cars in last 3 years - both times because a car pulled out in front of me in broad daylight, leaving me no option but to T bone them. I was fortunate in that I wasn't seriously injured either time.

I understand the frustration some cyclists cause drivers, after all, I'm a driver too. But I also recognize that anyone on a bicycle is much more vulnerable in any encounter with a car, so I take that into consideration whenever passing cyclists in my car and also when I'm out riding my bike. The law may say I'm entitled to ride two abreast on my bicycle, but an SUV outweighs me by at least 3000 lbs. So I try to be aware of my surroundings and take appropriate precautions, whether I'm riding my bike or driving my car.

Bottom line is that person on a bike that just aggravated you probably has a family at home. They may have inconvenienced you and may be a jerk - that doesn't mean they deserve to be intimidated or seriously injured. If you observe a cyclist breaking the law, try to get the police involved. Don't take matters into your own hands! And if you are a cyclist, obey traffic laws for God's sake. You're going to lose any battle you pick even with the smallest compact car on the road.

posted by BikeNut at 12:01 PM on November 03, 2009

Intermontane stage results are neutralized after a chaotic day

What a mess! All because one guy decide he "owns" the trail. Feel really bad for Bishop - crashing out on a neutralized stage when he's in the overall race lead.

posted by BikeNut at 09:45 AM on July 31, 2009

Lance Armstrong Rips Reporter Over 'Cancer' Comment

Etagloh left out one important part of Kimmage's background. His journalistic career was encouraged and mentored by David Walsh. The same David Walsh who has spent last 10 years hounding Armstrong and others in cycling about doping and insisting that Armstrong must have doped because he couldn't have achieved what he did clean. That fact makes me question Kimmage's objectivity. I'm no apologist for doping in cycling. I believe WADA and UCI are trying hard to remove it from the sport. What amazes me is how many people are critical of cycling, but blind to drug problems in a host of other sports. For example, Operacion Puerto in Spain has been reported widely as a blood doping ring for cycling. But cyclists only represent 30% of the names associated with Operacion Puerto. The rest came from soccer, track&field, etc. Has anyone been asking the international governing bodies from these sports what they are doing to clean up their sports?

posted by BikeNut at 09:49 AM on February 16, 2009

Tony Mandarich Admits Steroid Abuse

I'm supposed to believe he used steroids through his college career and then stopped when he got to the NFL. Give me a break!

posted by BikeNut at 08:50 AM on October 01, 2008

Lance Armstrong to return to pro cycling

I just don't understand the motivation for this. I don't buy argument money is issue - the guy is still pulling in millions a year in endorsements. And I think while cancer publicity is clearly something extremely important to him, there would seem to be easier ways to get that message out.

I think it all boils down to his need for competition plus still having a chip on his shoulder with anyone who doubts him. TdF Director Christian Prudhomme has already said Lance is welcome back provided he and his team complies with drug testing regulations.

My guess is barring injury, he's going to be riding TdF next year. He usually follows through on anything he announces publicly. I wouldn't bet against him winning #8, but it is a very high risk move on his part. I'd put his biggest competition as Alberto Contador - if he signs on with Astana (which is likely), he'll have neutralized him. But there's still a lot of things that can go wrong to derail what looks like a sure thing TdF win - just ask Cadel Evans.

posted by BikeNut at 12:15 PM on September 10, 2008

Landis Loses

Dissapointing, but not surprising. When you start with a "presumption that it (LNDD) conducted sample analysis in accordance with international laboratory standards", its easy to see that CAS never had any intention of considering the Landis arguments based on procedural errors by the lab. With that argument gone, he really didn't have a leg to stand on. I find the imposition of a $100,000 fine strange. Doesn't the athlete have a legal right to pursue an appeal? Why penalize him further when he loses? Was this intended to support potential lawsuit by WADA to recover their legal fees? Now that this has reached its conclusion, I wonder what's in future for Landis. His competitive career is over - I don't think any team would touch him, even after Jan 2009. Could he end up in a coaching role? After all, other highly respected teams have sports directors who have admitted doping in past (CSC with Riis). My guess - I wouldn't be suprised to see Landis linked to Rock Racing in some role in the not too distant future.

posted by BikeNut at 11:21 AM on June 30, 2008

Four-time World Champion admits to using steroids.

Is anyone really surprised by this? And does anyone truly think the '70's Steelers were the only team of their era using steroids? What's really shocking is 30 years later, the NFL continues with a weak policy that really does not provide sufficient penalty and incentive to players and teams to discontinue steroid use. Anyone who thinks today's teams aren't using just as much or more than the '70's Steelers is living in a dream world.

posted by BikeNut at 12:57 PM on June 26, 2008

Pitcher really don't like an ump? Have your catcher duck and hit him in the face!

I hope these guys and their coach get the book thrown at them. This is one of the worst examples of poor sportsmanship I've ever seen. I used to catch a little in college. Although I may have gotten crossed up, I can't remember it ever causing me to drop to my knees and duck.

posted by BikeNut at 02:29 PM on June 18, 2008

Pro Cycling At The Crossroads: Clean Up Or Clear Off.

As a cycling fan and former racer, I'm happy to see the efforts made to eliminate drugs from professional cycling. At the same time, I think cycling gets penalized by the public for the very reason that it is working to clean things up. Every time a rider is caught, the media is full of stories about how "dirty" cycling is. And yet, cycling imposes extremely tough penalties - typically at least 2 year suspension (4 years from the pro ranks). Given the short careers of most pro cycllsts, this amounts to a lifetime ban for most. I've always wondered how NFL, NBA, or MLB fans would react if players caught using drugs in their sports were suspended for 2 to 4 years.

posted by BikeNut at 07:57 AM on May 29, 2008

The Sad tale of Maurice Stokes.

Great post. Thanks!

posted by BikeNut at 07:32 PM on March 12, 2008

Brett Favre Retires

Have you looked at the Orioles roster recently? Ripken could still suit up and be better than most of them, hurt or not.

posted by BikeNut at 11:24 AM on March 04, 2008

Brett Favre Retires

Sorry to see him go, but I don't blame him for hanging them up. I couldn't imagine trying to play the game at his age. All of Wisconsin is going to have a really bad day today.

posted by BikeNut at 09:51 AM on March 04, 2008

Superbowl: Patriots vs. Giants 2.0

I thought he was using one of those pocket warmers. It was a handwarmer. I live in Wisconsin - it was -20 at my home on Sunday morning (actual temp - not wind chill). I can't believe so many of the players went with bare arms - frostbite does not make you macho (or improve your play). My bet is Favre comes back for one more season. He may have blown it on Sunday night, but he had a lot of help (Al Harris on Burress, no running game, dumb penalties on defense that sustained Giant drives). He did lead the Packers to a 13-3 season when most people thought they'd be lucky to go 8-8. With benefit of playing in a weak division, he's got to believe he's got a better than average shot of making playoffs again next year.

posted by BikeNut at 02:32 PM on January 21, 2008

Superbowl: Patriots vs. Giants 2.0

Sorry to see the Packers lose - would have been neat to see Favre make it to one more Super Bowl. Giants defense did great job making Packers offense one dimensional. The Packers gave up on the run very early. Packers also helped out the Giants offense with penalties at key moments that kept Giants drives going. Good luck to Giants against Pats. I think they're going to need to play mistake free and get a few turnovers againts Pats to pull it off.

posted by BikeNut at 08:02 AM on January 21, 2008