September 15, 2013

Chris Horner, age 41, becomes the oldest winner of a Grand Tour: I really want to believe he isn't doping. What Horner did in the Vuelta was nothing short of incredible - so I guess by definition it hardly seems credible.

posted by sbacharach to other at 03:43 PM - 1 comment

I'd like to believe, but I've become jaded by all past events. He's always been a good climber, and this course was tailor made for him (with only one short individual time trial), but the guy is still 41! Fresh legs or not, you don't recover as quickly at 41 as you do in your 20's.

So call me skeptical. I just hope we don't have another American grand tour winner taking a walk of shame.

posted by BikeNut at 02:47 PM on September 17, 2013

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