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Michelle Wie Hits the Green

she sucks and gets uglier each year. That and the fact she has no short game, and apparently now no long game! Good! She is an insult to all the really talented female golfers like Anikka and Lorena Ochoa who go out and prove they are the best by WINNING GOLF TOURNAMENTS!!! Win something in the LPGA Michelle! Or get out!

posted by bluekarma at 05:58 PM on January 17, 2007

Benny Parsons dies from Lung Cancer

BP was the Keith Jackson of Nascar. The homespun style and grandfatherly folksyness made him a legend. It is a great loss and reminds me that more and more we are losing these great commentators and they are being replaced by loudmouths or the geek squad!

posted by bluekarma at 05:53 PM on January 17, 2007

Lefty Yearns To Make It Right.

shedded pounds, new muscle?? Sounds like we may have another David Duval on our hands. Say it aint so Ms. Doubtfire!

posted by bluekarma at 05:50 PM on January 17, 2007

NHL#s > NBA #s. So says Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban

oh, and hockey sucks. The way they fake injuries reminds me of soccer.

posted by bluekarma at 05:48 PM on January 17, 2007

NHL#s > NBA #s. So says Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban

Dr. Jerry Buss is the most brilliant owner in basketball. Before him, there were no cheerleaders, no celebs at games, no showtime! Buss transformed the NBA, not Mark matter how many free tacos he gives away!

posted by bluekarma at 05:48 PM on January 17, 2007

Ripken, check. Gwynn, check. McGwire, not so much.

what a crock of crap! Mark retired BEFORE the rules changed! How can they keep him off the ballot if THE WRITERS follow the rules too? These same idiot baseball writing hacks,(who KNEW that Mark and Sammy were on steroids) were HAPPY to glorify these guys for saving the game back in the late 90's, but now are condemning them for not playing the game pure? Gimme a break! If you want to get all moral about it, most of the guys in the HOFame, are guilty of all kinds of crap from adultery to wife-beating to gambling to playing dirty(ty cobb) yet there they are in the Hall of Shame! It reeks of hypocrisy. Writers should be consistent and apply the same rule of law to players as we do in public life. Mark played the game PURE for 10 solid years, putting up good numbers and probably would of gotten in had he never done steroids, and maybe played a few more seasons as the training and extra weight he carried wore out his knees. But to be such hypocrites as these writers are and to keep out McGwire is a shame in itself greater than the steroid era.

posted by bluekarma at 10:33 AM on January 10, 2007

Nuggets-Knicks brawl ends with 10 players ejected

it was a bitch slap, not a closed-fist punch. That is why it sounded loud. Collins fell backwards because he was being pulled and there was someone on the floor behind him. He got up faster than Ali when he got clocked by Frazier! And then MarshMelo runs away and was saved from a real fight when Collins was held back right before getting to Marshmelo!

posted by bluekarma at 10:44 AM on December 19, 2006

Suspensions Handed Out

I totally agree that Melo completely embarrassed himself by throwing a punch (that looked more like a slap) and then running away. But, the guy he hit certainly didn't help his masculinity after the way he collapsed. watch the video! The guy he hit was being pulled back by one of the suits and actually tripped over someone on the floor behind him! He IMMEDIATELY GOT UP! That punch must of really done alot of damage eh? Melo is the pusss...hit and run..the damage done to his reputation is far worse than a fine or missed games. See if his jersey sales go up..i doubt it.

posted by bluekarma at 10:39 AM on December 19, 2006

Miami, FIU have 31 suspended for role in brawl

I grew up in Miami and followed the team from its pathetic teams of the 1970's thru all the glory years of the past 20 since that great game against Nebraska when they won thier first national championship in 1983. What people don't know is that the U of Miami is a great academic school that is actually very hard to get into. The football players they recruit for the most part couldn't get into the school as students. They have to be on scholarship or they wouldnt step foot into the doors of UM! The players are thugs for the most part because most of them come from the mean streets of Miami like Liberty City and Carol City...bad places and high schools that are 100% black. Those places breed bad human beings and they only get recruited because of thier speed and size. What do you expect from these kinds of players? Violence. Plain and simple. You don't see crap like this happening at Notre Dame or Penn State. Miami is a cesspool and they need to clean up the recruiting process that brings in these kinds of thugs. Oh, I's all about winning even if it means people think badly about you school. Too bad because a degree from Miami is actually very difficult to obtain.

posted by bluekarma at 10:27 AM on October 17, 2006

jeff gordon starts second after last weeks bad wreck

admit it, you dont like Nascar, hence the attitude.

posted by bluekarma at 03:26 PM on June 17, 2006

Damon Hits Fan, Hits Dinger

maybe those boos on opening day were from Boston fans at the NY game??? eh?

posted by bluekarma at 10:01 AM on April 14, 2006

Biffle's girlfriend reprimanded for incident

it's WWE. Get with the program. I dont even watch it and I know that.

posted by bluekarma at 11:04 AM on April 13, 2006

Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

and ASSIST? If you are passing to good players who can finish, you have a higher assist average! Get it? Who is Kobe passing too????? Smush? Mihm? Kwame? Lamar? C'mon man! Make a decent point will you????!!!!

posted by bluekarma at 11:03 AM on April 13, 2006

Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

bkdet you are a fool. All round talent??? Lebron??? He plays weak defense. He doesn't play the other teams best players! Kobe will aways guard the other teams best player(usually a guard) even when he is much smaller! Remember how he took on AI? And Lebron plays in the weak Eastern Conference, along with Billups! Yea, don't forget that the West is still the harder Conference to win in.

posted by bluekarma at 11:01 AM on April 13, 2006

Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

you all are so wrong. You and I know that Kobe is the MVP. And I have FACTS to back it up, you just have emotion and popularity to go with your selections. First off, Kobe basically is playing with BENCH players! Other than Lamar Odom, NO ONE on the Lakers is a starter! All these other candidates have bonafied starters and Detroit in itself is an ALL-STAR team! How hard is it to look good when you have Ben Wallace and Co. on the floor with you??? And as for the others like Steve Nash? He has some pretty decent players too. The lakers have a complex system known as the Triangle. It has taken the team all season to learn it and now you see the results are starting to happen. They have won 8 of 11 games and are peaking at the right time. I doubt they get far in the Playoffs. They still have limitied talent and really need a player or two like these other teams, for them to reach the championship. But the main reason Kobe should get it is he plays BOTH ENDS of the floor. He guards the other teams BEST player. Nash and Lebron and Dirk DO NOT! Nash and Dirk are not good defensive players at all. Just bodies. What Kobe has done offensively to keep his team afloat in the playoff hunt, until his team got the triangle is amazing. not just amazing, it hasnt been done since the days of Jordan and his 81 point game is one for the ages. He carried this team on it's back because no one elese could make shots! Now that the team has begun to show life, Kobe has become the TEAM PLAYER everyone says he is not. Jordan was the SAME way until about 1990. It is sickening how you all make this a popularity contest. If that rape charge had never happened, or Shaq had not left, I dare say you all would be singing Kobe's praises. The guy deserves it. There is no better clutch player in the game. No better 4th quarter guy. Kobe has made more important shots and kept his team in games more than anyone! Lebron doesnt want the ball at the end of games and neither does Elton Brand. All of these other nominees have good players around them. I would say if the Lakers add someone like a Kevin Garnett( free agent this coming year and he bought a home here in LA recently), The Lakers will be a threat next year. Kobe is the best and deserves the MVP.

posted by bluekarma at 10:56 AM on April 13, 2006

Tiger takes Doral for second straight year

it would be nice to see a real challenger to Tiger BUT it isn't going to happen! This Columbian is just the latest in the pretenders brigade! One hit wonders! The reason is simple. Just like Michael in Basketball, Gretzky in Hockey and Federer in Tennis, the guy has TOO MUCH TALENT! Tiger has shots in his bag that other golfers have not even imagined trying, yet he never is unable to pull of the seeming impossible! Other golfers work on hitting it straight, yet Tiger works on hitting it all kinds of angles and trajectories. His work ethic and his devotion to perfection are unmatched! The other golfers may win now and again, and so will this Vilega kid, but over the long haul, when things are not the norm, they will faulter. Not Tiger. He has won every major at every venue imaginable! He is by far the most talented golfer ever. Even Jack Nicklaus stated a few years back that "Tiger plays a game of which i am not familiar". That is like Jesus Christ himself saying that some preacher is better at spreading Gods word than himself! Enjoy the man while he is in his prime. He will obliterate every record in golf and no one will come along in a 100 years to break them. Good points were made here in previous post about Tiger having no consistent challengers. Trust me, Tiger would love a Jack vs. Tom Watson rivalry but it isnt going to happen. His dominance is too great. His mind and will are too fierce. Tiger loves competition. Look how dissapointed he was when John Daly(the peoples champ) missed the gimme recently. He WANTED the game to go on, but Daly lost his composure(Tigers fault?) and the match was over. That is greatness! That is Tiger.

posted by bluekarma at 10:35 AM on March 06, 2006

Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

sorry about so many post but you all got me fired up with your Kobe hating!

posted by bluekarma at 12:36 AM on January 23, 2006

Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

Kobe is looking to fall into the trap of many talented players, and not realize what the Jordans- yes Jonson, Jordan did make his teammates better RU freaking kidding Jordan did NOT make his teammates better until he got some BETTER teammates! How can you make marginal players better? If you can't hit a shot, you can't hit a shot!!! When Jordoan got Pippen and Kerr and Paxson and Rodman..he started to win titles but that is NOT because he made those palyers better because in fact they were already really good players! People seem to forget that Kobe isnt playing with very good players right now. Lamar Odom is decent but a headcase. How stupid and naive for some people suggest that Kobe doesnt make the other players around him better! He can't will the ball into the basket for someone else! Get a clue! Jordan won nothing until he got a good supporting cast around him. Kobe is a very talented and smart player but he is working with mostly stiffs!

posted by bluekarma at 12:33 AM on January 23, 2006

Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

all I see is Kobe haters. LeBron, the best??? He hasn't won anything yet! He has a slightly better record at this moment? Big freaking deal! He may never win a title either! BUt that doesn't mean he can't try to be the best palyer he can be. Kobe isn't a facilitator like Magic or Larry Bird. He is a scoring machine and he also plays pretty good defense. Kobe had to live ithe shadow of Shaq(who also will not win another title mostl likely!), and when Shaq got all the credit, it wasn't right. Kobe deserves the right to do great things. Yea, it's a team game, but sometimes when you have the mojo going, you let it go for all it's worth. Kobe put on a show no one will forget. Did they call Wilt selfish when he dropped 100????? Or when Elgin dropped 71??? I doubt it. This Laker team isn't good enough to win a title. But the Staples Center seel out every game and the fans love their #8. It's entertainment. Bash away, I still admire Kobe. Many hated MJ too. I doubt any of you bashers has the skill to do anything athletic! Probably bowlers or golfers! LMAo!

posted by bluekarma at 12:25 AM on January 23, 2006

Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

This game was for Kobe and the Fans! When Kobe scored 62 last month against Dallas, he sat out the entire 4th and all anyone could ask was why he didnt play and what he could of scored if he had! Well, that game was a blowout, but this one tonight was not! So when Kobe passed his own record, you can bet that the fans and everyone else WANTED to see what he could do. No one could stop him on Toronto. And we saw that what Kobe can do is the best anyone could ever do. LeBron will NEVER see a game like this unless it is in a blowout or triple OT!. Kobe did this when his team needed him and once he passed the Laker record all everyone in Staples Center wanted to see is him get 80. They deserved it, Kobe deserved the chance and so did the Laker organization! It was entertainment and that is what this game is about. Otherwise no one would even bother to show up for losing teams games. People want a show. They got one!

posted by bluekarma at 12:17 AM on January 23, 2006

NBA brawl in the stands repeated

and one other thing..look at all these problems listed below by rogerd.. Players who contract AIDS while screwing thousands of women: role models. * Players who screw around on their wives, visit strip bars, fuck fans, et al: role models. * Players who have drug problems: role models until it impairs their on-court performance. * Players who get huled up on rape charges: role models. * Players who are concerned for the welfare of their families: suspend 'em! Count how many instances we know of where a caucasian is guilty of any of it. Go might count one or two, but the numbers of blacks you can count is 10 times as many. I am just saying that WHY IS THAT??????? Education? Media explotation of bad role models like AI, Shawn Kemp, T.O., artest, Magic, Dennis Rodman,..ect..ect... and why is it racist to point out a problem Brownbat??? You are so PC and liberal, you can't see the truth?? If i say there was a brawl in the stands at a NBA game involving a player, to someone in the streets and I said guess if they were a a black or white...guess? Just saying there is a problem and it goes towards education and discipline. Why do you think only the blacks had a problem with Sterns new dress code at games? Hear any whites bitvhing or moaning??? I stand by my PC types disgust me, But I love giving it back to you..because I can!

posted by bluekarma at 04:04 PM on January 21, 2006

NBA brawl in the stands repeated

hey rcade...we are talking about Basketball here! A white mans creation, and now over run with street thugs and ghetto trash! Have you seen any WHITE NBA PLAYERS go into the stands? And Ty Domi is a frenchmen..who gives a ratz tail! And who started the fiasco with the Dodgers into the stands at Wrigley field? Sheffiled I believe. And look at Milton Bradley last year! And I can suggest whatever I want because I have a right to my opinons, as do you. Don't twist me into a racist because you liberals overuse that word anyway! I am just telling it like I see it!

posted by bluekarma at 03:54 PM on January 21, 2006

NBA brawl in the stands repeated

Why is that the black players always have to react to EVERYTHING with violence or the threat of violence??? Davis went up there to intimidate someone and maybe hurt someone(who knows) and it could of started a brawl. He should be suspended for 10 games. When players leave the bench, they can be ejected and fined. In MLB, if players go in the stands for anything, they get suspended and fined. Note: never see any caucasian players going in the stands, do you?

posted by bluekarma at 11:04 AM on January 19, 2006

Coach of The Year

actually Grum(what a dumb name) I got attention as a kid. I had many friends and still do. And you know why? Because I am honest and not a PC suckup like you. I have friends who like openmindedness. I choose my friends not based on thier acceptance of me or how I am like them, but if they are able to voice an opinion without fear. Unlike you, who probably does sit at home with one hand on the keyboard and the other.....

posted by bluekarma at 11:29 AM on January 09, 2006

Coach of The Year

Whether you PC suckups like me or what I say, there are many who DO agree in whole or in part with what I post. Some of you that choose to criticize me for fear fo being thought of as racist or whatever, are the ones who didn't get attention as a child! You are the ones who are afraid to stand up and say what is obvious! You are the ones who run with the PC crowd in order to be accepted or liked for more than what you are! I am proud to post what i feel and think is correct. I am not here to make friends or be liked! And I STILL think it was PC that Lovee got the award. Personally, I think Saban did the best job because he turned his team around DURING the season and ended up with 6 straight wins! And with 2 average QB's! Some of you are not nearly as smart as you think! Just I said.

posted by bluekarma at 11:26 AM on January 09, 2006

Vince Young turning pro

like who cares? Vince is just another one of those running back QB's who thinks run first then pass. He will never lead a pro team to victory in the Super Bowl. We already have several QB's like him in the NFL( Culpepper, Vick) who have failed to succeed at the highest level. These guys just end up hurt most the time because when you play the pro game, getting whacked by guys who are bigger and waaaaaay stronger than college boys, you don't get back up so quick and often end up on the IR! Texas won that game on the stupidity of the officials and the inabilty of USC to stop Young those final 2 drives. Defense wins championships. But I still think Young will be an attraction for some loosing team. May sell some tickets but that is it. He ain't no Marino or Elway or Manning.

posted by bluekarma at 11:19 AM on January 09, 2006

Coach of The Year

yea, but he is white and this the year of the black coach and we all know political correctness runs amok in the media! I personally think the job Holmgren has done is more impressive and the Seahawks will go further in the playoffs than the Bears.

posted by bluekarma at 05:35 PM on January 07, 2006

WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

I stand by my comments..try and justify your statement all you 2 want, but you were wrong..plain and simple. That to me, is just as funny as you thinking you missed the point of my statement. And you did..go read it again. I suggested that the Yankees are the draw in the world series and he comes back with more fans during the season..apples and oranges..ehh??? and you confuse color commentary with play by play.. it's all there in black and white..I dont have to be civilized in a public forum. when I read BS I am going to point it out for simpletons like you.

posted by bluekarma at 06:00 PM on October 29, 2005

WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

And that has absolutely nothing to do with their ability to be commentators during a baseball game. Ernie Harwell and Vin Scully have a grand total of zero games of MLB playing experience, and they are/were excellent commentators. Dan Shulman has never played in a MLB game and he's a better choice than McCarver or Morgan. Buck Martinez can't hold a candle to Morgan or McCarver in terms of MLB career accomplishments, but he's a hell of a better person to have talk about the goings-on during a baseball game. another moronic statement where the response completely MISSES THE POINT! Morgan and McCarver were PLAYERS and are now COLOR COMMENTATORS!!! That means, they are there to give INSIGHT to what and why what happens on the field of play! Scully and Buck are PLAY by PLAY analyst..they desribe the actual events taking place on the field. Now go back(grum@work) and read the original post and see how you missed the point! Or go to school!

posted by bluekarma at 11:28 AM on October 29, 2005

WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

Who cares? Ratings matter to a total of like 4 people. ratings matter to advertisers. And I think there are more than 4 of them! Geezzus! Don't let facts get in the way of your opinion bluekarma. and I was talking about World Series ratings, not season attendance! Hello! The lack of comprehension skills here is amazing!

posted by bluekarma at 11:23 AM on October 29, 2005

WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

don't be an idiot! The only team that draws ratings is the NY Yankees! Period! The New York vs Boston ALCS was watched by more people than the World Series last year!

posted by bluekarma at 08:24 PM on October 28, 2005

White Sox Manager Stirs Pride in Venezuela

the top hitters in baseball being caribbean players they are? I thought Todd Helton(white), Michael Young(white), Derek Lee(black), Johnny Damon(white), Sean Casey(white)...all were in the top 5 in each league! So how is it that the top hitters are carribean????

posted by bluekarma at 01:28 AM on October 27, 2005

Move Over, Steve Bartman

White Sox can't win without controversy! They threw the World Series in 1917 and and now they win with bad calls from refs! Can't they win with talent alone or do they need bad calls i the ALCS and WS? It sucks!

posted by bluekarma at 11:22 PM on October 25, 2005

When Fists are Frozen: The Statue of Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

nothing special or great about 2 people(regardless of color) disrespecting the National Anthem and the flag. Nothing. It was wrong and it demonstrates what has gone wrong with sports and society since that period by putting SELF ahead of COUNTRY! Just another liberal attempt to glorify those who can't hack it in the real world! Tear it down!

posted by bluekarma at 11:17 PM on October 25, 2005

Chicago is One Win Away With 8-2 Win Over "L.A."

the Chi-Sox are just flat outplaying the hapless Angels! It's just that simple. No offense and no Colon or any consistent pitching is making this series a joke. I havent seen the Angels look this bad since the 90's! Then again, the Sox have a potent offense and solid pitching..much like the Marlins teams that won 2 series. It's over in 5 and I predict the Sox and Astros will make a pretty good World Series with the Sox winning in 6-7 games.

posted by bluekarma at 11:22 AM on October 16, 2005

Playoffs don't need Berman's embellishments

Berman sux. He is loud and obnoxious! He may of created that annoying style of commentating that every espn clone that comes along immitates, but that doesnt make him easy on the ears. God, he is so full of himself. If it wasnt for his tenure at espn, he would be running a bowling alley somewhere telling people to keep drinks off the lanes!

posted by bluekarma at 03:18 AM on October 09, 2005

Kayaks Return to McCovey Cove

Bonds merely has warning track power! That knock last night would of been out last steroids means he ain't breaking no records!

posted by bluekarma at 10:19 PM on September 13, 2005

Saints skip town.

so where should the Saints play their games? Is there a college stadium nearby or maybe they will have to finally move the team to Los Angeles! I think the city is not going to be the same for a long long time..

posted by bluekarma at 06:57 PM on August 30, 2005

Will Tiger Woods Beat Snead's Record

and to those guys here who think they know golf..I have a 2 Handicapp..and I average 310 off the tee and straight. Recently won my district qualifier in the Remax Longdrive Competetion in Beaumont on June 26th.

posted by bluekarma at 10:15 AM on August 30, 2005

Will Tiger Woods Beat Snead's Record

memo to the guy who thinks Tiger is the longest in the PGA. he is not. Several guys outdrive him. He gave up that title several years ago in search of more accuracy. John Daly did the same. And 29 is nothing! Look at VJ Singh, he is 43 and winning at the same clip as Tiger! You actually get better with age. Jack Nicklaus won most of his titles in his 30's!

posted by bluekarma at 10:13 AM on August 30, 2005

Will the NHL succeed?

NHL will succeed because of the rule changes. The game will speed up and the scorers will once again take over the game that has been dominated by the goons over the last decade. The days of Wayne Gretzky, you had prolific scoring and people loved it. It will happen again. And the NHL has a new star in Sydney Crosby..

posted by bluekarma at 10:10 AM on August 30, 2005

Performance fads.

lame topic

posted by bluekarma at 10:05 AM on August 30, 2005

The Mother's Day Massacre

did i use the word "one" for "won"? that's absurd!

posted by bluekarma at 11:31 PM on August 22, 2005

The Mother's Day Massacre

women want a real battle of the sexes?? Yea, right! Bobby was 55 y.o. when he played Billie Jean, who was 31 at the time, or thereabouts. How about, let's say, we put Sharapova up against Andre Agassi or Federer...that would be a slaughter. It's always equal rights as long as you lower the bar for the females. They can't compete with men in any sport at a equal level. In golf, women could never play the longer mens courses. In basketball, the ball is smaller. Track and Field PROVES women aren't equal in that not one woman has a faster time in any event! And swimming? Forget it. The ONLY sport that might have women on par with men is pool. But I never see them play each other! It requires no special strength or coordination. Getting back to tennis. If Billie Jean had played one of the best male players of her time, Jimmie Connors or Illie Nastase..she would of not one a single solitary game.

posted by bluekarma at 11:30 PM on August 22, 2005

OJ unplugged by 18 year old.

why you think you so smart lil brown dingbat?

posted by bluekarma at 02:45 AM on August 16, 2005

OJ unplugged by 18 year old.

why can't you holier than thou types just leave OJ the hell alone! He was found not guilty! In fact, I beleive HE DID NOT do it. Maybe his son did it and he is covering it up for him, or maybe it was a drug deal gone bad.. I met OJ several times at Griffith Park golf course here in Los angeles and he was ALWAYS cool. He and I discussed the Super Bowl the day before the Rams won in 99(which he correctly predicted the winner). Just because most of you OJ bashers are white and he is black and alledgedly killed 2 white people, doesn't mean he is guilty. Maybe you are racist???

posted by bluekarma at 02:38 AM on August 16, 2005

Hall of Famer denies holding racist views on players

why would I speak for you??? Chicobangs sounds like a mexican to me. If I said "caucasian" would that be better??? Trust me, us whites get the crappy end of everything these days, even though it is us who have made this a better country to begin with. But I still would rather be white than any other color. Period.

posted by bluekarma at 02:21 AM on August 16, 2005

SF Giants Win First Home Series Since May

Krueger is at least partly right. Why does the truth always offend? Because it is true.

posted by bluekarma at 12:50 AM on August 07, 2005

Niagara Falls (1) vs John Daly (0)

Well, it ain't steroids! Actually, I am 6'1, 190..not nearly as big as many of the guys who hit it long. My driver is a 47" Alpha with 6 degrees loft and a Harrison 2.5 shaft. My driver isn't as long, so it isn't that either. I think it really has to do with club head speed and spin. If your ball is spinning less, it will travel farther, especially into the wind. I also throw my right side hard into the ball at impact. It doesn't appear I am killing it, but the clubhead is moving around 125. There are guys with speeds over 150, but because of spin, they lose distance. That is how I qualified recently. What is fun is on most long par 5's(500+yards), I am sitting well under 200 yards on my second shot and usually am hitting a 7-8-9 iron onto the green and putting for eagles. And I actually just learned to properly swing about a month ago, and I already had the club speed, but now I hit all my shots with exactly the same swing, even my wedges. And the old fillipino guy who showed me, can't hit the ball a 100 yards! I was actually bored with golfing on the course and was only hitting at the range but now I am excitied about playing and feel that now I can go from a 7-8 handicapp down to 1-2 in short order!

posted by bluekarma at 11:13 AM on August 05, 2005

Niagara Falls (1) vs John Daly (0)

I have been going thru the qualifying rounds of the Remax Long Drive Contest for this coming November and the 100K first prize and I will tell you that most of the guys who win the District events have been in the 350-370 yard range. Some of the balls have gone further but they have to fall within a 30 yard wide grid. I won my senior division(45-54) with a shot of 351. If there had been water and mist and wind swirling above the fairway, I doubt it would of gone 350! I once saw John do an event for promoting his Invex driver several years back(1998) at the Santa Monic Airport here in Los Angeles and he hit it over 700 yards down the runway!

posted by bluekarma at 11:21 PM on August 04, 2005

Baseball has another Lowe-down cheater

The woman he is seeing is HOT! Hot! Hot! Carolyn Hughes is a babe! That is why she is in LA, the tops sports and entertainment city in the world. All the guys here droll over her, but I would think she could do better than Derek Lowe?

posted by bluekarma at 11:13 PM on August 04, 2005

Oh, yeah, and he TOTALLY looks like he's roiding

lots of players played for the Mariners and ARE headed for the HOF! Ken Griffey, Arod and Randy Johnson and possibly Ichiro! So your feeble attempt at humor completely FAILED dude!

posted by bluekarma at 12:24 AM on August 03, 2005

Voices of the game

Hands down, the finest voice ever to announce baseball on the radio has got to be Vin Scully of the LA Dodgers. He is even recognized as such by other legendary announcers. He talks at the tempo the game is played. He paints a landscape of the field and the players on it. He tells you every move the pitcher or batter is making without being simplistic or repetitive. Much like his late counterpart, Chick Hearn of the LA Lakers, Vin is an artist who paints the game into your mind almost as if you were there in person. I am glad that over the past 15 years I have lived in SoCal, that I have gotten to listen to Vin(and Chick before his untimely death in 2003), and know a bad annoucer when I hear one(which is just about all of them)! Charlie Steiner of the Dodgers actually has a decent announcers voice but not the imagination of a Vin Scully.

posted by bluekarma at 02:18 AM on July 29, 2005

3K Ks. Maddux bound for HOF?

only a complete moron would even suggest that GM doesn't deserve the HOF! Yea, there are a few borderline cases in there already, but not this guy. His record is amazing both for consistency and dominance. Any writer who votes no, should have his credentials stripped and forced to wear a dunce cap for a year because he or she, knows NOTHING about baseball! Ask the players that batted against him, or played on the field behind Maddux, if he deserves the HOF. Not some geek with a pen or Laptop! Godsakes!

posted by bluekarma at 10:13 AM on July 27, 2005

Officials Overturn Call; Redskins Trademark Might Be Sacked

Dont take down my post again... First Admedment right.... it's not a public-owned forum dude. You get to make the rules when it is operated with private money. learn something about free speech and private ownership. We are guest here.

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Officials Overturn Call; Redskins Trademark Might Be Sacked

who gives a rats ass!! isn't being allowed to own and operate casinos and make hundreds of millions of tax=free dollars payback enough??? Jessus! Who freaking cares? No one except pathetic money hungry PCliberal lawyers, even examine the names of sports teams. We just root for or against teams. Why is it that someone with nothing else better to do, has to dredge up something as tiring as this? Most of these teams were named eons ago, when the whites controlled everything( I think when you own stuff, you get that right), and most people alive today do not know or CARE why or how a sports tean got it's name. Not at least, until these PC idiots pointed it out, just to get themselves in the news and noticed.

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Detroit is the best sports town in America

when all you got in life is bad weather, poverty and unemployment, I guess sports really becomes important. In hellholes like Detroit, that's about all they have. I second that for cities in the midwest, even smaller cities like San Antonio. But if you are talking great athtletes that have played in big sports towns, you can't ignore Los Angeles. Magic Johnson, Kareem, Wayne Gretzky, OJ Simpson, Marcus Allen,USC, UCLA Bruins 10 Championships, Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, Jackie Robinson..ect ect ect The list is too long. And the people here are from all walks of and poor and they all love winners. And when you are a winner, it doesn't get any better than LA!

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The Angels Could Take It All

Angels look like the best team in baseball. Period! They have it all and in droves. They almost always score first and still can come form behind when needed. Thay have an excellent coach and staff. They play in a great faciltiy with an awesome owner who puts his money where his mouth is. Vladimir Guerro is the best player in the game and the biggest threat at the plate and he is followed by another steady longballer in Garrett Anderson. Couple that with speed from Figgins and Erstad, and who can beat then 4 out of 7 games in the playoffs? Who, I ask?

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Hall of Fame Coach Hank Stram Dies at 82

I remember Stram as the coach of the great KC teams from the AFL days, when they had epic battles with the Raiders. I lived and died as a kid pulling for the Chiefs. And I remeber Hank stalking the sidelines and exhorting his team or berating the refs. He was one of the best and his Super Bowl 4 win was truly deserved. That teams with Lenny Dawson, Otis Taylor, Buch Buchanan, Bobby Bell, Mike Garrett, Ernie Ladd..was probably one of the finest ever put on the field. Hank was a guy who told it like it was. He never held back and that is what is sorely missing in todays broadcasting. Madden has some of it but he has softened in recent years. RIP Hank.

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Clueless Lakers

something tells me this kid is the real deal. He has way more skill than Shawn bradley did at 17. He also is filled out and stronger. plus he will be getting better coaching. I think the Lakers should bring in Kareem as a coach to tutor the kid. And there has been a 100 high-schoolers come out and only a few made it(big) but none 7' tall! you can't let an oppurtunity like this walk away. The Lakers have the talent and the resources to turn this kid into a good, maybe great player. I just worry about all the distractions of living in Los Angeles. The clubs, the parties, the celebs, the media..ect

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