May 01, 2006

NFL Draft Recap: How did your team do, who was the best/worst and who forgot to tell the Bears that no matter what, you're only allowed 11 defensive players on the field at one time?

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The Lions are getting hammered in the local media and by some nationals as the team the passed up Lienart for a concussion friendly, undersized LB. In all honesty, it was a no win. Detroit already has 4 QBs coming to camp with a former top 3 pick QB making 5 if we can't dump him fast enough. Adding another QB would have brought as many moans as cheers, but if Lienart becomes a Montana type leader, the Lions front office will live in infamy if they don't already.

posted by gradys_kitchen at 01:04 PM on May 01, 2006

I'm with Michael Irvin when I say "my football eyes can't see" passing on Reggie Bush at the first pick.

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The Lions are getting hammered in the local media... The funny thing is, they were joking about this very thing on the local radio station. Everybody was bitching that they had better not pick up a QB unless it was for trade-bait. I for one would have loved to see Leinert in the Honolulu Blue. But of course, if that would have happened, the media would have skewered the Lions for picking him up...

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Okay, I'm not that skilled in the language or trade of football, but I know this; If the best player is available to you, no matter what, you pick that player, then worry about how to fit him in or if that cannot be done, trade/negotiate for a different player(s)! This reminds me of two NBA drafts, the 1984 and 2003 selections. We all know about the 1984 draft (SB over MJ) and 2003 (Darko over Melo)! WTF?!?

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The Bills --- When they made there first two picks I, and everyone else for that matter - including ESPN announcers, were like WTF? Everyone knows our O-line is horrible. (at least they didn't draft another wr) After thinking about it though, what wins games? Defense (prime example is Ravens and Bucs) So maybe the Bills will just roll with a stacked D and hope the offense can kick 3 or 4 field goals a game to win it....

posted by Stealth_72 at 01:27 PM on May 01, 2006

Simply put, the Lions are very gun-shy at this moment. Name one first-rounder that has done well for the Lions in the past fifteen years. I would stretch it and say maybe seven out of the last fifteen -- that's not even 50% (46.6%)!

posted by wingnut4life at 01:27 PM on May 01, 2006

I am pleased with the Steelers moves.

posted by scully at 02:24 PM on May 01, 2006

Were the Redskins even there?

posted by Hugh Janus at 02:35 PM on May 01, 2006

What's gonna be real funny is when the Texans still suck balls on offense even if their D gets better. They blew it big time passing on both Bush AND Young. If there's ever a Titans/Texans or Saints/Texans game on, I'm watching it to see Houston get their asses handed to them.

posted by shadyboy15 at 02:39 PM on May 01, 2006

Raiders picking a CB at 7 instead of Leinart or even Cutler shows that Al Davis is past his sell by date and needs to turn over control before the team has a 1-15 season. LenDale White and especially Winston Justice falling to mid-2nd round really surprises me despite the rumors about drug tests or personality. Both of those will be big winners once play starts which annoys me because I despise the Eagles and don't want to see White behind Vince Young in the backfield. Frostee Rucker and Domininque Byrd deep in R3 and Darnell Bing in R4 are steals.

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shadyboy- Oct 29th and Dec 10th....The Texans and Titans are in the same division so they play twice a year.They won't play New Orleans this season unless it's in a pre-season game (the schedule hasn't come out on those yet.) It'll be funny to see and hear the reaction from all us Texan fans the first time Vince jukes Mario Williams out of his shoes.

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Ditto that Shadyboy, I posted earlier about how stupid Houston's pick was and the lunatics came out of the woodwork saying otherwise. I likened it to the Oiler's meltdown in Buffalo back in 92 and the armchair boys couldn't quite make the connections. You gotta live here to understand the football demons. I still say it sucks today, tomorrow and forever. Vince Young grew up here and wanted to play here, Hollywood couldn't have written a better script, except that the moronic Texans think they know better than fate. Vince Young was the Exorcist baby! God help the Texans, this draft pick will go down as one of the all time worst. Either Young or Bush, and we passed on BOTH!!! Now watch it come out that Mario is on roids, that would just about be perfect, another Mandarich story.

posted by crimsonblood at 03:40 PM on May 01, 2006

I'm with terrapin...kudos to the Steelers for drafting Santonio Holmes! The kid is a beast, and we loved watching him play at OSU. We're even more thrilled to be able to watch him play for Pittsburgh. Here's to hoping he fulfills the spot left vacant by Randle El's departure!

posted by Rino23 at 05:01 PM on May 01, 2006

I seriously have no idea if the Chargers were improved at all I hope so but from the sounds of things they really didn't

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I think the Bears drafted well bears fans will get to know some of them really quick on defense during preseason and the regular season GO BEARS

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I question the Raiders choice of Huff over Leinart. I think it's not a wise decision to rely on Aaron Brooks to lead us to the promise land. All I can think is that the last time the Raiders spent a first round pick on a quarterback things didn't turn out so great (the guy was from USC and his name was Todd Marinovich.) Also, I'm just gonna throw this out there but I think it was a smart move The Texans didn't draft Bush. He didn't want to sign unless he had a contract that broke the bank -- and this is before he even proved he could be as good at the pro level as he was in college. If I'm Texans management, I'm thinking when his rookie contract is up, he's going to want to be the highest paid player ever OR will jump ship for a larger market. In any case, none of us-- including me -- will know anything certain about these draftees for another three years.

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I'm sure that Lienart is giving thanks to every god he can think of right now because the fact is, if he had been drafted by the Lions he most likely would be a bust. Am I glad the Lions passed on him, hell no! Of course, it was just another shitty piece of trash draft by the ever wonderful Matt Millen. Also, what the fuck did they take a running back in the third round for? Damn you Millen!

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I seriously have no idea if the Chargers were improved at all I hope so but from the sounds of things they really didn't. Well, that all depends on whether or not Cromartie can play at the level that is expected, same for McNeill. Both have issues, Cromartie had 3 knee tendons repaired and McNeill has spinal stenosis. Both were medically cleared by SD docs. All the other choices are irrelevant to 2006. The only Charger holes are LT and CB (forget the Rivers thingy). Drafting these guys is a gamble that could payoff big...or not.

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Charlie Casserly should be fired...NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I could not believe the stupid ass Bills passed on Cutler and Leinhart. Then drafted some kid no one here has ever heard of until they picked him leaving every person in Buffalo thinking..WTF. Arizona by far had the best draft making for what could be an actual Arizona turn around. Now as for the Bills, I smell 3-13 with the first overall pick. Wow another unwatchable Bills year how exciting!

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