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The Hoser's NFL Picks, Week Three 2008

Chargers v Jets Monday night?

Before you decide, know that the defense called a players-only meeting this week to fix their nagging problems (secondary with more tackles than the front 7). The last time they had a players-only meeting was just before they ran a winning streak that landed them in the AFC Championship game.

posted by Toad8572 at 01:17 PM on September 20, 2008

Sandlot ball going the way of wooden bats

Yep, I grew up in the late 50's and 60's. In the off-season, we always played baseball at the end of our cul-de-sac. If we couldn't get four or more, we played pickle. When baseball season came around, we all played Little League starting at 8 (Wally Moon's summer baseball camp) through 12, then on to Pony League. High School was next, but then we discovered football, and baseball was moved to the back seat. I can't remember seeing any sandlot/street games in a VERY long time.

posted by Toad8572 at 05:23 PM on July 26, 2008

Have we returned to the days of 'Gladiators'?

I'm not a big fan of the MMA, even though I earned a black belt in my younger years, but it's much more tolerable than hockey. At least in MMA, there is no pretense of any other aim, and they aren't trying to fight on ice. Hockey makes far less sense than MMA! Canadians, rethink your revulsion in light of your own senseless national sport. At least MMA is a fringe sport.

posted by Toad8572 at 04:57 PM on April 19, 2008

Are You Smarter Than a Tenth Grader?

who knows how you can record 4 outs in a half-inning (and why it's important) Score is 0 to 0; 1 out, runners on 2nd and 3rd Batter hits a fly ball The runners both run home (2 to 0) The ball is caught (2nd out) The defender tags 2nd base (3rd out, score is now 1 to 0) At this point, the inning is over. The defense may run off the field and the score will remain 1 to 0, or they can tag 3rd base to record the 4th out and the score will be back to 0 to 0.

posted by Toad8572 at 04:22 PM on March 05, 2008

Michael Turner is ready for his chance to shine.

but at least give the team some sort of impression you want them to win... He was voted the team's offensive MVP. The vote took place after their season was over. If you think that he didn't fully support his team, I believe that the statement that the team made with their vote fully eclipses yours or anyone's suppositions. I've also heard (read) from several of his teammates who feel any animosity directed at LT is just flat wrong. LT said that the doctors did not want him back on the field. He said when he couldn't turn the corner on an aging LB he knew his knee was toast; he couldn't explode. He knew that Turner could do a better job than he could. HE'S A TEAM PLAYER! Again, LT is a warrior who was hearbroken he couldn't play in the biggest game of his life. His teammates fully support him both then and now. The only opinions that matter are those of his fellow Chargers. If they didn't believe in him, or think he didn't have their back, they wouldn't have voted him the MVP. Lastly, don't compare Rivers to LT. Rivers said that he really didn't have to move around much, and that the demands on his knee were very different than the demands placed on the knee of a running back. LT needs no "pass" from anyone.

posted by Toad8572 at 05:24 PM on February 29, 2008

Michael Turner is ready for his chance to shine.

No i wouldnt cut him for lack of enthusiasm but I would be concerned about where he stands as a team player. I feel he took himself out of that game to make a statement to the team about his value. You are aware that his teammates elected him the year's MVP Offense after that game, right? Also bear in mind that you only saw what the TV producers wanted you to see. You didn't see the times that LT was encouraging his teammates, because that didn't fit with the storyline. People at the game saw a totally different LT than the TVland audience saw. LT has played hurt without complaints. He was devastated that he couldn't play during the biggest game of his entire career. However, he didn't sulk or quit on his buddies. He's a current team captain and a quiet but forceful leader on this team. He's a class act all the way. As for Rivers' smack talking...well, we was a linebacker in High School. He's like a LB playing QB. However, if he wasn't a QB, nobody would say a thing about his smack. He should however quit jawing with the opposing team's drunken fans! Norv pointed that out to him; problem fixed.

posted by Toad8572 at 05:20 PM on February 28, 2008

Victory and Ruins - The Story of the 2000 Rose Bowl Champion Washington Huskies

Wow! College "thugletes" at their best. I hope the good folks in Westwood are ready for the new "Nieuheisel Era"! In the NFL, the rediculous amounts of money given to players has required the GM's to pay closer attention to the character of their draftees. It's probably not a coincidence that the most successful NFL teams have the lowest number of off-field incidents and thugletes. See:

posted by Toad8572 at 05:13 PM on January 30, 2008

The Hoser's NFL Picks, Week 10

What's more amazing is that even with 6 picks, Manning had a higher Passer rating than Rivers. Norv! WTF have you done to Rivers?!?

posted by Toad8572 at 03:28 PM on November 13, 2007

More Trouble For Vick

He already pleaded guilty to these charges in his federal indictment and can't be charged with the same crime twice. Wrong. He was charged by the Feds and pled guilty to Federal charges. He can also be charged by the State of Virginia. It's not double jepoardy. Each juristiction has the right to bring charges, even if they are identical. Sentences can be served consecutively or concurrently; that's up to the judge. The dog killing charges bring a maximum sentence of 5 years on EACH COUNT. Since he's already stipulated that he participated in the killing of 6-8 dogs, he could get up to 40 years. However, the indictment only listed the single killing charge, so unless they revise the indictment, he's only subject to 5 years on that charge. There are of course other charges. I think at this point, everyone including Vick knows he's seriously screwed. No more NFL, and probably no more football period! What a dumb-ass!

posted by Toad8572 at 10:19 AM on September 28, 2007

Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

Debo, While agree that you're probably right about the past records, by letting the past wins stand, the NFL has defacto rewarded cheating. When everything is settled, BB and crowd can rightly say "it was worth it". I also am not in favor of reducing the cap; it hurts the players on the team who most likely knew nothing of the scheme. I doubt BB & Co. would trust them to keep this quite; players move around.

posted by Toad8572 at 09:40 AM on September 12, 2007

Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

Removing draft picks isn't enough. They can still be active in free agency. More effective, if money is the weapon, is to require Kraft to reduce his next year's cap by $20M, and pay it to the league for distirbution to teams affected by the Patriot's cheating. The teams receiving the money should be able to increase their cap next year by the amount received. However, I'd prefer the following: Let's start with a multiple game suspension for Belichick, and any other involved coaches, for the defensive signals stealing. If it's true that they have modified the audio equipment to enable the stealing of offensive calls as well, suspend Belichik, and any other involved coaches, for the remainder of the season. Next, award the W to the Jets. And after that, the NFL needs to immediately remove all employees of the Patriots from Gillette stadium so that they may send in a team of inspectors to search for any other illegal equipment. Lastly, the NFL needs to review all of the past game films since the beginning of the Patriot's Superbowl runs to seach for evidence of illegal activities. If evidence is spotted, the subject game wins need to be reversed and tainted titles need to be removed. The Patriots are no longer entitled to a presumption of innocence. These actions should provide an effective deterrent to future illegal activities for everyone in the league.

posted by Toad8572 at 09:30 AM on September 12, 2007

The Vick Indictment

What's interesting is the absence of Davon Boddie from the indictment. It's probably because he's one of the four "cooperating witnesses" mentioned in the indictment. He's probably singing his heart out for a reduced sentence or immunity. He'd better be in hiding or in the witness protection program. These aren't nice people.

posted by Toad8572 at 04:51 PM on July 18, 2007

The best athletes ever, by number.

Sorry, but number 60 must go to Tommy Nobis of the Atlanta Falcons via the University of Texas. There should be no debate. Otto Graham was great, but his impact doesn't match that of Tommy's.

posted by Toad8572 at 09:35 AM on July 06, 2007

Asante to Pats: See you midseason

This makes no sense. He's a free agent. He would like to be cut. If you don't think he can make more than the $8 million of his tender offer on the open market, then you haven't been paying attention to what defensive backs are earning these days. The Patriots know that they would have to pay a lot more than that to keep him, that's why they designated him as their franchise player. No doubt that he would make a lot more elsewhere. But, according to the CBA, which the players supported, the team has that right. There are lots of benefits for the players in the current CBA, and unfortunately, this one works against at most 32 of them. If AS was smart (a big IF) he'd negotiate an agreement that the team wouldn't do the same thing next year, and sign the offer and report on time to training camp. His next employer won't look kindly upon a proven disruptive influence in the locker room. However, I highly doubt that he'll not be present and playing in game one. This is just a bit of carping and whining on a legitimate tactic by the Pats. It might also be a harbinger of the "non-contract" to come next year for him. Brady, in his current contract form, is set to earn $14.5 million or a double digit percentage portion of the total allotted to the team for salaries. AS may be a luxury they won't be able to afford, so there's no reason to negotiate a new deal this year.

posted by Toad8572 at 05:50 PM on June 05, 2007

Baseball's lost art of larceny

Well, for those of you who miss the stolen base and associated "small ball", there's good news. Just tune into the Angels (of Anaheim!). The team is built for speed and strong pitching. They've got the best games of small ball around. Stealing, bunting, squeezing and stretching the bags. It's really a lot of fun for real fans who understand the game's strategy. And, don't blame the catchers for lack of put-outs. Almost all of the stolen bases today come at the expense of the slow and deliberate pitcher. The bag is usually stolen before the catcher touches the ball.

posted by Toad8572 at 01:38 PM on May 18, 2007