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Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died

Yeah the game was boring and we're all tired of hearing about Manning's lack of a ring, it reminds me of the crusade for Steve Young, same deal, like the NFL owes Young a ring back then, and Manning now. Glad he got it so we don't have to endure anymore of that talk. No one ever whines that they should get "Two Rings" so enough of that. Otherwise could the Bears be any worse, granted the Def was on the field all night, because Grossman was impersonating an NFL QB, was he out partying on Sat night or is he just worthless? I don't know. As for Manning getting MVP, coulda gone either way, but since the NFL and press, and Coke made such a big deal about 2 black head coaches, Manning was the likely choice, kind of like a lifetime achievement award when all true football observers know the running game won it for Indy. Glad it's over, batter up soon!

posted by crimsonblood at 11:57 AM on February 05, 2007

Florida 41, Ohio State 14

How about that midwest football, USC 32-UM 18, LSU 41-NDame14, FLA 41-OSU 14, wow, seems like old times again, 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Bo and Woody would be proud, kick ass in the reg season and get pummeled in the bowl game. Hey did yall hear that Troy Smith is going to melt down his Heisman trophy and cast it into a giant brozne tit? Yeah symbolizing the biggest "BUST" in college football, I love it, go SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by crimsonblood at 09:00 AM on January 09, 2007

Florida Will Face Ohio State in BCS Championship Game

GT, oh yeah those one hit wonders and Clemson another one hit wonder did win titles, but then the ACC did "manufacture" the ACC "football conference", that's a johnny come lately conference, 4 different titles, not too shabby, but still not as deep at the SEC, yeah correction on the math, I was thinking Georgia's title was 81, good catch, still is 5 in 26 years, to 4 for the New-Build conference. New Build is still all about Miami and FSU, and lately they ain't much to brag about.

posted by crimsonblood at 03:46 PM on December 04, 2006

Florida Will Face Ohio State in BCS Championship Game

Cody everyone knows the SEC is the universe of college football. Show me another conference with 5 different teams with national championships in the last 25 years. There's only one, the SEC. Now go do your homework and figure them out.

posted by crimsonblood at 03:02 PM on December 04, 2006

Florida Will Face Ohio State in BCS Championship Game

Lil'Red, you've asked the second most complicated question known to mankind and that is why isn't there a plan for a playoff in Div 1 college football and how would it work if there were. The number one question, why isn't there a plan for peace in the Middle East and how would it work it there were?

posted by crimsonblood at 01:56 PM on December 04, 2006

Florida Will Face Ohio State in BCS Championship Game

Here's the one and only reason OSU should NOT play UM. If they played and UM won, OSU would piss and moan that they should get a "rematch" also for all the marbles since UM got their rematch since both teams would then be 12-1, right? Right! UM had their chance, they lost, end of story. The Big 10 is not the center of the football universe, the SEC offered up the only other viable candidate in Florida, live with it, enjoy it and get over it.

posted by crimsonblood at 12:57 PM on December 04, 2006

Alabama has fired Coach Shula

PubUrinal: If Shula couldn't get er done at Bama, forget it at Miami. You've identified what got Bama in trouble in the first place: thinking the name "Shula" was predestined for automatic winning. It doesn't work that way in football, nepotism works in the real world of politics and business, where you can skate by with no accountability or massive f-ups and still keep your job, i.e. the name "Bush".

posted by crimsonblood at 12:53 PM on November 27, 2006

Alabama has fired Coach Shula

Luckily for Texas they lost to A&M and probably saved Franny's job for another year or two, and they don't want Franny to leave, he's the best weapon UT has, I hope he stays at A&M for a long long time, UT will continue to dominate, in spite of Mack Brown's poor coaching ability.

posted by crimsonblood at 09:50 AM on November 27, 2006

Alabama has fired Coach Shula

Yes he does, he's 0-19 when trailing after 3 quarters, his teams are terrible on the offensive side of the ball and credit goes to joe Kines for the great defensive schemes. Good riddance I say, Mike is no Don Shula!

posted by crimsonblood at 09:33 AM on November 27, 2006

NFL Draft Recap

Ditto that Shadyboy, I posted earlier about how stupid Houston's pick was and the lunatics came out of the woodwork saying otherwise. I likened it to the Oiler's meltdown in Buffalo back in 92 and the armchair boys couldn't quite make the connections. You gotta live here to understand the football demons. I still say it sucks today, tomorrow and forever. Vince Young grew up here and wanted to play here, Hollywood couldn't have written a better script, except that the moronic Texans think they know better than fate. Vince Young was the Exorcist baby! God help the Texans, this draft pick will go down as one of the all time worst. Either Young or Bush, and we passed on BOTH!!! Now watch it come out that Mario is on roids, that would just about be perfect, another Mandarich story.

posted by crimsonblood at 03:40 PM on May 01, 2006

Houston tops losing largest halftime lead in NFL history, this time the NFL Draft

Finally, thank you Weedy, you've injected some logic here, I was beginning to think the other posts were either NCS alums, or Texans season ticket holders, hoping and praying that Mario will be the next Bruce Smith, Butkus, Reggie, LT all rolled into one. And no more replys about Oilers/Texans, I freakin know what team we have, it's about HOUSTON morons, regarless of mascot, there's a stigma here that is clearly alive and well as evidenced by the draft picks. We're supposed to need O line help to keep Carr off his butt and what do we do, draft 2 defensive guys first. Go figure sports experts! But then Kubiak is an Aggie, that fits.

posted by crimsonblood at 03:07 PM on May 01, 2006

Houston tops losing largest halftime lead in NFL history, this time the NFL Draft

Insane or not, check back with me in about 3 years when "no-name" Williams might be having a decent year on the back pages while Young and Bush are dominating the NFL sports news. Houston will never go anywhere with David Carr at QB, print that too.

posted by crimsonblood at 02:36 PM on May 01, 2006