November 02, 2012

Could Alabama beat an NFL team?: According to Ye Olde Ball Coach (Steve Spurrier) the Crimson Tide could beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. ESPN's Mike Golic says no way.

1934-1976 theCollege All-Star Football Classic
was played between the NFL champions and a team of star college seniors from the previous year.

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attempted to place in huddle, not so sure its front page material

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Spurrier is not having a good fortnight, having previously said unkind things about Coach Swinney and Clemson in the aftermath of Lattimore's injury.

Having also been the self-appointed tormentor of Tennessee's Philip Fulmer back in the day, it may be that Spurrier simply hates orange teams, regardless of conference.

Nevertheless, Spurrier is entering Pat Robertson territory -- the older he gets, the more cringe-worthy and detached from reality the commentary becomes.

Perhaps a clinician who was getting paid by the hour would "analyze this" latest Spurrier gem as his way of diminishing what happened to him in Washington. As in, the teams he faces now as a successful coach in the SEC are superior to the teams he faced as a failure in the NFL.

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Good stuff bb. I was honestly hoping he was just being a bit of a smart ass but after listening to him I think he's losing it abit as well.

I've always liked the guy and think he's been great for the SEC but it may be about time to move on back to sunny Florida.

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No chance.

The best of the best high school football players become NCAA Division 1-A college players, and are spread across 120 different teams (albeit not evenly).

The best of the best NCAA Division 1-A college players become NFL players, spread across only 32 teams (albeit not evenly).

Those NFL players the biggest, fastest, strongest, most skilled of the NCAA players. Of the ones that make it, only the best of those get to hang around for more than a season (if they are lucky), before they are being replaced by even better players. The ones that stay are the creme de la creme of the best.

Even the best NCAA team can't compete with the worst NFL team, as the higher concentration of better players are spread out among only 32 teams, instead of a lower concentration of better players spread out among 120 teams.

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Any NFL team could let the Tide start in the redzone on every possession and still win. I guess it's like a winning the lottery fantasy. It's fun to think about. But in all reality, it is not going to happen.

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But if we're just talking about Blaine Gabbert throwing against Bama's pass defense, then it starts looking like more of a fair fight.

Saban always has an all-stud Collector's Edition secondary.

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No doubt correct, just one thing in bama's favor pass defense and a team that has played together in the manner of bama could be somewhat competitive against the lowest of the NFL teams, still not likely to win. however it would be a very interesting exercise. an all star team lacks cohesion and many other factors. I am not a bama fan at all, just want to set the record straight on that. The fairy tale game should be abbreviated 4 ten minute quarters. But what last team in the NFL standings would stand up for that? Even for chairity.

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What I'm thinking Spurrier was somewhat alluding too may be that he thinks this Tide team could be as good as the college allstar teams that did beat the NFL champions on 9 occasions.

The 63 Packers being the last time. Then again I could well be giving him too much credit.

I agree it won't happen again anytime soon, we're a long way from 1976 and the game has and is changing.

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I don't think the NFL team would even have to bother passing the ball. The O-line would obliterate the kids on every run play. They'd just march off a touchdown with almost every possession.

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In the link to the College All-Star Football Classic, I notice the MVP (always given to a college player) for the 1973 game was the punter. Even though that punter was Ray Guy, that must have been an awesome game.

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Not a chance. The best college team has 15-20 NFL caliber players. The worst NFL team has 53 NFL caliber players(for the most part). It is a good point to discuss and fun to think about but the Chiefs would beat Bama by 21.

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A conversation made for sports talk radio. The worst NFL team would beat Bama by 50 points, easy.

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Not to mention that pretty much no football player peaks in college (if they make it to the pros). Even the best college players say that every phase of training and play is harder and faster in the pros.

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Looking back on Spurrier's success as a NFL coach, Alabama probably could beat a pro team he was at the helm of.

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Beat them at what?

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The league has gotten together with the NCAA and reached an agreement on this.

Alabama will play the Denver franchise on an annual basis.

I believe they're going to call it the Bronco-Bama Invitational.

posted by beaverboard at 08:14 AM on November 07, 2012

Well if Timmy T were still in Denver that game would be must-see TV down south.

posted by Folkways at 09:38 AM on November 07, 2012

Bronco-Bama Invitational?????
Is the President the sponsor? Sounds alot like the Barak Obama Invitational......Or was that the point and I am dumb

posted by Debo270 at 12:23 PM on November 07, 2012

Or was that the point and I am dumb

Search for "Bronco Bama" on YouTube, Debo. Doesn't make you dumb, though, for ignoring pop culture when warranted.

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