January 09, 2007

The music is in the mail: I just dropped three CDs to various places in the US and one to god knows where in China in the mail. I sure hope someone can interpret that address that I wrote, because except for the recipient's name and CHINA none of it makes any sense to me. Here's hoping it gets there!

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Mine will be out by the end of the week. Someone mentioned that you could print out a playlist right from in itunes? I gave it a cursory glance and didn't see it, where is it exactly? Speaking of playlists are we going to list them somewhere?

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I'm pretty sure if you just put the recipient's name and CHINA on your mailing, it will get there. If I've learned anything from watching tons of movies from the 50's it's that the Chinese are inscrutable, so maybe they have an awesome postal service. For the record, I'm not sure I know what "inscrutable" means. Has anyone else sent out their CDs? You have six days left before face punches begin. Otherwise, I know a guy who will totally inscrute you.

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With an inscruted face I bet I could clean up on the profesional poker circuit.. hm.. tempting.. tempting..

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Speaking of playlists are we going to list them somewhere? you can submit your playlists to the spofiswap email address. i'll start posting them next week. please include your spofi name and team name. cause i'm lazy. and i don't want to have to look things up. also, re: printing a playlist in itunes, on a mac the option is in the "print" window. i assume it would be similar on a non-mac.

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Non-Mac, go to the playlist... File, Print...

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Non-Mac, go to the playlist... File, Print... Wow, how did I miss that?

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oh, and here's a site on international mailing address formats that may or may not be helpful.

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I'll have mine out by the end of the week. Or Monday. Probably Monday. I'm like that.

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You have six days left before face punches begin. Sweet. Five whole days before I need to start worrying.

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Don't forget to factor in travel time. You might even have six and a half. Maybe even more if the face puncher travels on a budget. Greyhound can take a long time..

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Sweet. Five whole days before I need to start worrying. Okay, my bad. I need to clear some things up. You have some time before face punching begins. Face punching begins on the 25th, and all CDs should be sent out by the 15th. Inscruting, on the other hand, may or may not have already begun.

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So I'm in? I've not been given a list of names to ship to. My address is here and your best bet is to print it and tape it to the envelope. If I am more than a recipient someone please let me know. I'll get busy on my playlisting/burning. Some real Chinese treats for y'all. Probably unknown to most of you, an earthquake near Taiwan back around Christmas severed communication cables with the mainland and the internet has been unusably slow for weeks. It may be several more weeks before the repairs are finished.

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I finally got my playlist small enough to fit on a CD. I ended up using 79 out of the 80 minutes. All of the CD's have been burned, now I'm just working on cover art. I have every intention of going to the post office on Saturday and putting them in padded envelopes and sending them to the four lucky recipients.

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So I'm in? I've not been given a list of names to ship to. My address is here and your best bet is to print it and tape it to the envelope. Too late for that now. I wrote out the roman-character version. Like I said, hope it gets there. If not, someone in the Chinese postal system is gonna have a funky good time.

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Will the faces punching guy bring my AOL CDs?

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So, geeky guy, that looks like two different addresses. Should I use the one on the left or right?

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oh, and here's a site on international mailing address formats that may or may not be helpful. posted by goddam Ooh, nice. Thanks goddam.

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I finally got my playlist small enough to fit on a CD. My 'maybe' list started at 79 songs and I still need to cut one unlucky song. -calls song into office- "This is the hardest job a manager has..."

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I am almost done with the cover art. I just need to think of a title.

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I hear timing is everything, well at this time my CD-R drive has crashed and burned. Unfortunately before I got the chance to burn my CD’s. Hopefully a simple fix, if not I’ll replace the damn thing. Not being a computer guru I may have to take the tower to the shop that built it for me. Either way I will get the music out ASAP, bruised face or not. Of course this only effects TEAM PATRICK EWING.

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As the flip-mode of Mr Frisby, I have a title, but am still working on the cover. Clickedy to see the big pitcher

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Damn, my cover art's not that impressive. Actually it's just a CD label. I should have printed it as a cover...

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US Postal just got ahold of my four yesterday, hopefully they will all show up in good order. All hip-hop, and while mostly boasting rhyme skills, should be good to load onto an ipod for workout accompaniment, a little aggresive like that.

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Playlist: George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People - The Legendary K.O. It's Gettin Hectic (featuring Gang Starr) - The Brand New Heavies Just Walk Away - Rehab Verbs of Power - X-Clan Sofa King Remix - DANGERDOOM N.Y. State Of Mind - NaS Winners Take All - Aesop Rock Poisonous - Dilated Peoples Battle For Asgard - Cannibal Ox The Guidelines - Aceyalone Poet Laureate II - Canibus Take Advantage - Thesis and Verbal Seed Track15 - Unknown Artist Fuck The World - Insane Clown Posse

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ICP? For reals? Vito, how could you?

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Well shoot man. I threw it in there at the end. I can't help but like two songs off that cd. And this one is the balls when you're doing that last set at the gym and you're drag-assing. You know, it wouldn't be a bad one for Sammy to listen to when he sets out to do some face-punching.

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I've heard of the Brand New Heavies and ICP but not actually heard any of their music so your disc ought to be a treat for me, Vito. Mine went out this morning to four lucky folks, I'll post the iMix URL when Apple sends it along.

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Owlhouse, just found your CD in the mailbox. You are a champ for getting it out so quick. (I, on the other hand, am seriously flirting with four punches in the face.)

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Now that I think about it, that might actually make me look a lot like Don Mossi.

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My four CDs will, for sure, go out tomorrow. Here's the cover for my mix: Yeah, kinda crappy, but I'm a busy dude these days 'n nights. The cover holds a clue as to what kind of music you'll be getting from my mix.

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My iMix (couldn't figure out how to print to text from iTunes without getting every last metadata field)

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vito's just arrived. yay! mine will go out on monday.

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The post office is closed on Monday.

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oh, shit that's right. i guess it's face punches for me then. they'll go out on tuesday.

posted by goddam at 10:46 AM on January 11, 2007

Don't think the face punching guy is going to go easy on you just because you are a girl.

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The cover holds a clue as to what kind of music you'll be getting from my mix. Surreptitiously-recorded Mike Ricci at karaoke night?

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I'll be in the lab this Saturday, so the mix should be mailed out Tuesday morn. New Shins, if you like that sort of thing.

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Surreptitiously-recorded Mike Ricci at karaoke night? Dammit! Now I have to come up with a completely new playlist.

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Surreptitiously-recorded Mike Ricci at karaoke night? Holy smokes that's funny. I wish it were so, smithers.

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I would wake up to the dulcet tones of Mike Ricciat karaoke every morning if I could. Talk about starting a day off right.

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Album Art: Songs: 25 Minutes to Go (Johnny Cash Cover) - Pearl Jam The Body of an American - The Pogues Gravel Pit - Wu Tang Clan Earthquakes and Sharks - Brandtson Imaginary places - Bus Driver Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest The Dirty Glass - Dropkick Murphy's Jockey Full of Bourbon - Tom Waits Ball And Chain - Social Distortion Rock n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - ACDC Get Out Of Denver - Bob Seger Nineteen Something - Mark Wills Life Is Just a Tire Swing - Jimmy Buffett I'm Going Straight To Hell - Drivin 'n' Cryin Wooden Jesus - Temple Of The Dog

posted by SummersEve at 02:32 PM on January 11, 2007

Oh, man.

posted by chicobangs at 02:37 PM on January 11, 2007

Yes yes y'all Who got the vibe it's the Tribe y'all

posted by jerseygirl at 02:43 PM on January 11, 2007

Wu-Tang is the CD that I travel with Don't go against the grain if you can't handle it

posted by bperk at 02:51 PM on January 11, 2007

Well it's all in the past bitch 'cause now I've got it beat

posted by MrFrisby at 03:28 PM on January 11, 2007

Wow. Summerseve, what team are you on?

posted by lil_brown_bat at 03:33 PM on January 11, 2007

Don't ask, don't tell. I don't care if you're gay, Douche.

posted by jerseygirl at 03:35 PM on January 11, 2007

Well, I do have a man-crush on grum... That would be Otis Nixon's pretty, li'l mugshot on the cover.

posted by SummersEve at 03:58 PM on January 11, 2007

I'm still kind of paring down and working on track order, and I like people to be suprised when it comes in the mail (they'll go out on Tuesday), but I will say that teams Otis Nixon and Patrick Ewing will get discs with Black 47's "I got laid on James Joyce's Grave" on it.

posted by Ufez Jones at 07:19 PM on January 11, 2007

Songs: If I Only Knew - As Fast As Hey Man - Stickfigure Stickshifts And Safetybelts - Cake Rockinitus - Billy Boy Arnold Ashes - Mary's Danish Hey - Chalk Farm Now - The Royal Normans Department Store Girl - The Rosenbergs Wrong Bananas - Rathergood.com Bongo Bong/Je Ne T'Aime Plus - Manu Chao Root Down - The Beastie Boys Real Wild Child - Josie And The Pussycats Commercial Break Do Right - Jimmie's Chicken Shack I'm Wrong About Everything - John Wesley Harding Even When You're Here - The Groundhawgs Todo Me Sale Mal - El Tri Connecticut's For F*cking - Jesus H Christ and The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse This Is What I Do - Rhett Miller Why Girls Don't Like Me - STU Tears In My Beer - The Specials Ninja - 7 Seconds Of Love Creep - Richard Cheese Sadie - Farmer Una Soda - The Refreshments I had Black 47 on it until 2 minutes ago when Ufez called them. Dang. Cover to come. But maybe not as soon as I hoped... I'm looking forward to that one, SummersEve.

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At least you kept Jimmie's Chicken Shack and The Refreshments.

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0Oh wow did I get a revilation today. I hope my team members are Jethro Tull fans. For you Tull afishionato's(sp) you will understad the magnatude of what im about to do. Useing only Thick as as Brick (1971) I am going to compile a disc useing only song from that album. Sound Cool? PS HATER 187, I have following PINK FLOYD: ATOM HEART MOTHER, UMMAGUMMA (both live and studio), WISH YOU WERE HERE, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON,ECHOES, and of course THE WALL. Should you (or anyone else) be interested in any of theses my e-mail is my profile.

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I don't want to ruin it, but I had to look up Jesus H Christ and The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse. Awesome. Can't wait. This is like Christmas all over again. Big thank you the folks that put this together.

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The JHCat4HofA are pretty hilarious. Those unfortunate souls in my group are going to get a different song by them.

posted by apoch at 06:21 AM on January 12, 2007

My track list has been ready for a couple of weeks: Montreal -40°c - Malajube Tous ceux de ma race - Le Nombre No Heaven - DJ Champion Would You...? - Plaster Black Flag - Duchess Says Deux Par Deux Rassemblés - Pierre Lapointe Moisi moi si - Fred Fortin Tout Nu Sur La Plage - Les Trois Accords L'Étage Souterrain (Featuring Yvon Krevé) - Sans Pression Chambre À Gaz Feng Shui - Atach Tatuq Rivière de diamants ft Ghislain Poirier - Omnikrom Retour Aux Bases - Les Robots De La Rime Eeehhh!!! - Galaxie 500 Dale Hawerchuk - Les Dales Hawerchuk Saku Koivu - Gros Mené Détruire - Les Marmottes Aplaties Laissez venir à moi les grandes brunes - Le Nombre Timili-Poulet - Geneviève Et Mathieu Sea Ghost - The Unicorns Étienne D'août - Malajube Le Temps Est Bon - Isabelle Pierre Now I need to get down to manufacturing, handling and shipping. Tomorrow's the day, I swear. I'm on Team Otis Nixon, by the way.

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Still tweaking, here. I just replaced "Laissez venir à moi les grandes brunes" by "Y'a tu kelkun?" from Groovy Aardvark. I'm sure you're all amazed at my mad DJ skills now.

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Isn't anyone using Clint Dempsey's hip-hop alter ego? Sadly I have no rap or hip-hop (or any similar genre) other than what just arrived from Vito.

posted by billsaysthis at 06:54 PM on January 12, 2007

1. Fruitcakes Jimmy Buffett Fruitcakes (1994) 2. What’s Up Non Blonds Bigger Better Faster (1992) 3. The Weight The Band The Last Waltz. (1978) 4. Manish Boy The Band The Last Waltz (1978) 5. Pictures of Matchstick Men Camper Van Beethoven Key Lime Pie (1989) 6. Tubthumper Chumbawum Live from the Music Hall fm101.7 (1994) 7. Don’t Ease Me In The Dead Atlanta 8/19/2004 (live show cd) 8. Boris the Spider The Who Meaty Beatty Big and Bouncy (1975) 9. I Zimbra TalkingHeads Sand in the Vaseline (1993) 10. I Kissed a Girl Jill Sobule Live from the Music Hall fm101.9 (1993) 11. Camelwalk Southern Comfort on the Skids Live at the X-Lounge fm107.7 (1995) 12. Signs Tesla 5 Man Acoustical Jam (1990) 13. Draggin’ the Line Tommy JamesTJ&S Anthology (1988) 14. Cinnamon Girl Neil Young Decade Disc 1 (1975) 15. Maybe Garth Brooks Planet Gains (1999) 16. Mrs. Robinson LemonHeads It's A Shame About Ray (1992) 17. Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost Jimmy Buffett Fruitcakes (1994) 18. Songs from the Wood Jethro Tull Songs from the Wood (1977) 19. Old Time Religion Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie Precious Friend (1980) Thats the list of things I could think of at the time. Playlists 2&3 comming up, only reason I'm doing is because I may yet be late. Got my cd-rw drive to burn for about 12 hours and now its out again. Have about half left to on disc 2 stand also but disc 3 yall should get before the are sent off TEAM PATRIC EWING so when 3 is hear ill have time make changes to it.

posted by Folkways at 11:50 AM on January 13, 2007

what happened to te bold button, was only highlighting each band. Did I mention I really do hate computers!!

posted by Folkways at 11:53 AM on January 13, 2007

Noise From The Rose Bush is now on it's way to the members of Team Ricci, for their listening pleasure. Look for the large white padded envelope in your mailbox. I have my delivery confirmation receipts to prove to the face punching guy that I sent them out on time.

posted by MrFrisby at 12:07 PM on January 13, 2007

Fris: As a fellow Refreshments fan, what's your opinion of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers? Have you heard them? I just recently discovered them, and contemplated putting them on my mix. Una Soda won because, well, it has that drunken end-of-the-night feel that just fits as a closer.

posted by BullpenPro at 05:37 PM on January 13, 2007

Team Otis Nixon will soon get its ears full with my Québec Mix, now in the hands of Postes Canada. Can't wait to hear yours!

posted by qbert72 at 06:31 PM on January 13, 2007

The Iain Dowie Experience will ship on tuesday. i'll start posting playlists on the blog tomorrow. please email them to spofiswap AT gmail

posted by goddam at 11:29 PM on January 13, 2007

and if you want your cover art posted, send that along as well.

posted by goddam at 12:02 AM on January 14, 2007

first round of playlists has been posted.

posted by goddam at 12:01 AM on January 15, 2007

I can't decide if I'm annoyed at the federal holiday for thwarting my plans to ship out at the deadline, or thankful for the extra day of prep time that it bought me. I'll be at the Post Office tomorrow. Dan Brown, eat your heart out.

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first round of playlists has been posted. And Team Otis Nixon jumps to the early lead with 3 playlists out of 5 posted. Come on garfield, go Ufez, we're counting on you.

posted by qbert72 at 10:47 AM on January 15, 2007

My playlist for Team Mike Ricci: - Metallica: "Seek & Destroy" (1982 demo with Dave Mustaine on lead guitar) - AC/DC: "Sin City" - Nazareth: "This Flight Tonight" - Motorhead: "Iron Horse (Born to Lose)" - Alice Cooper: "The Ballad of Dwight Fry" - Blue Oyster Cult: "The Revenge of Vera Gemini" - Queen: "Stone Cold Crazy" - Budgie: "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" - Black Sabbath: "After Forever" - Fu Manchu: "Evil Eye" - Nebula: "Out of Your Head" - The Sword: "Ebethron" - Monster Magnet: "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" - Venom: "Don't Burn the Witch" - Slayer: "Spill the Blood" - Electric Wizard: "Barbarian" - Halfway to Gone: "Holiday in Altamont" - Mudhoney: "Touch Me I'm Sick"

posted by NoMich at 12:10 PM on January 15, 2007

I'd like to apologize to the members of Mike Ricci. After reading the playlist, you'll know why. Double Time 1.The Adventure – Angles and Airwaves 2.Yellow – Coldplay 3.Saturday Night Riot – The Pink Spiders 4.White Flag – Dido 5.LOVE – Ashlee Simpson 6.It's Like That – Mariah Carey 7.Again and Again – Jewel 8.Watch This – Natalise 9.Tremble for my Beloved – Collective Soul 10.On The Radio – Regina Spektor 11.Nothing Better – The Postal Service 12.Try Again – Aaliyah 13.Painted By Numbers – The Sounds 14.Desire – Geri Halliwell 15.Anything – Kinnie Starr 16.Breathe – Michelle Branch 17.Beautiful Intentions – Melanie C 18.Scream – Berlin 19.Black Horse – KT Tunstall 20.Curve of the Earth – Matt Nthanson 21.The Great Escape – Boys Like Girls 22.What More Do you Want – The Plain White T's 23.Get Right – Jennifer Lopez 24.Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers 25.To Know Your Name – Lindsay Lohan 26.Away From The Sun – 3 Doors Down 27.Not Gonna Get Us – tATu 28.Hypnotic Love – Adrienne 29.(Reach Up For The) Sunrise – Duran Duran 30.Fergalicious – Fergie 31.Nothing At All – Kasey Chambers 32.Olympia - Surferosa

posted by apoch at 12:51 PM on January 15, 2007

Despite the fact that I'm reading names like Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan, I'm going to wait to pass judgement on you, apoch. NoMich, I received your CD on Saturday. It f'n rocks! BPP, I have never heard of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. I may have to look them up and sample a tune or two.

posted by MrFrisby at 01:09 PM on January 15, 2007

Damn, Venice...I almost included The Feelies' version of "Everybody's Got Something To Hide..." That is weird, wild, stuff. Ahoy, Fellow Ricci-aniacs! King Missile - Detachable Penis Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill - I Love You Mary Jane Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized Red Hot Chili Peppers - Magic Johnson Beastie Boys - Sabotage Lords of Acid - Rough Sex The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms Dwight Yoakum - Truckin' Black Flag - My War Metallica - Damage, Inc. Public Enemy w/Anthrax - Bring Tha Noize Sir Mix-a-Lot - Swap Meet Louie Lionrock - Fire Up the Shoesaw Black Sabbath - War Pigs (LIVE) The Clash - Know Your Rights Dead Kennedys - Let's Lynch the Landlord Cracker - Don't Fuck Me Up (with Peace and Love) Harry Belafonte - Jump in the Line Forgot all about the holiday, I'll mail out tomorrow. All I ask: go for the body, not the face.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 02:22 PM on January 15, 2007

guess i'll post mine here as well, Basketball Jones – Cheech and Chong Good Girls Don't – The Knack Lithium – The Polyphonic Spree Saturday Night – The Langley Schools Music Project Enjoy Yourself – Doris Day Five Years – David Bowie Danny Says – Tom Waits The Ball Game – Sister Wynona Carr Hallelujah I Love Her So – Ray Charles Common People – William Shatner Side Of The Road – Concrete Blonde I Know Him So Well – Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson Insight – Kramer On The Road – Tom Waits Wait Until Tomorrow – Jimi Hendrix Cap In Hand – The Proclaimers Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas) – They Might Be Giants Careless Whisper – Ben Folds with Rufus Wainwright If You Want My Love – Cheap Trick Take Your Mama Out – Scissor Sisters That's Life – James Brown

posted by goddam at 02:29 PM on January 15, 2007

I'll join the parade as well... 1000 Times a Day - The Early November I Want To Know Your Plans - Say Anything Raindrops - Armor For Sleep Pink Chimneys - The Promise Ring Absolute Zero Drive - Hey Mercedes Fatally Yours - Alkaline Trio The No Seatbelt Song - Brand New Madeline and Nine - Mike Doughty German Engineering - Maritime Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World On My Way - Ben Kweller The Drama Summer - The Starting Line Ballad of Larry Bird - Vermont Snake Oil Tanker - Alkaline Trio

posted by YukonGold at 02:45 PM on January 15, 2007

The "All Your Are Belong To Us" hip hop mix: The Next Movement - The Roots So Fabulous - Little Brother Cali To New York - Black Eyed Peas Above The Clouds - Gang Starr T.R.O.Y. - Pete Rock and CL Smooth Let It Go - The Herbaliser Can't Stand The Rain - Missy Elliott Turntablist Anthem - Rob Swift Ear Drums Pop - Dilated Peoples Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest The Art of Easing - Digable Planets Cold Blooded - Common Head Over Wheels - G-Depp Thieves In The Night - Black Star It Ain't Hard To Tell - NaS

posted by smithers at 03:45 PM on January 15, 2007

The cover for "Coffee Is Rebus Juice": Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Also, I made some minor changes to my playlist. For many reasons, but mainly because I am annoying. I sent the changes via e-mail -- sorry for the trouble, guys.

posted by BullpenPro at 05:50 PM on January 15, 2007

I'd like to start by saying windows media player 11, XP, and Office 2003, REALLY, REALLY, S U C K !!! Well at least for this project. Unfortunatly, right now thats all I have to work with. One CD to burn still, as soon as media player recognizes a blank. Ran out of the one brand of blanks this thing will actually right too, and cases to print. Packaging already adressed and ready to be mailed soon as I stuff-um with finished product. Anybody have a decent Jewel Case Template? PLEASE. Keeping in mind the first half of this post.

posted by Folkways at 07:02 PM on January 15, 2007

BPP, you made Baby Rebus cry.

posted by smithers at 11:54 PM on January 15, 2007

Got mine in the mail today. Laziness + Martin Luther King = Face Punches. The list Mel Gibson & the Pants - The Shake Up Mel Gibson & the Pants - Reagan's Dead P.O.S. - P.O.S is Ruining My Life Art Brut - Good Weekend The Hold Steady - Hot Soft Light Cadence Weapon - Oliver Square Subtle - Middleclass Stomp Illogic - Birthright Junior Boys - In The Morning LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous Ratatat - Wildcat The Coup - Laugh/Love/Fuck Rhymefest - Fever Girl Talk - Smash Your Head The Rapture - Whoo! Alright Yeah.. Uh Huh Bear Vs. Shark - 5, 6 Kids Tiger Bear Wolf - Something Worth Saving Band of Horses - The Funeral

posted by tron7 at 10:54 AM on January 16, 2007

I'm trading music only with hellamarine, and in deference to all of the "Brady-homos," I'm sending nothing but the Villiage People and Boy George and Culture Club.

posted by hawkguy at 11:41 AM on January 16, 2007

When I sent in my play list I somehow neglected to include "Storm in a Teacup" from Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's the third track for those of you keeping score at home.

posted by SummersEve at 12:17 PM on January 16, 2007

I love that Band of Horses song.

posted by jerseygirl at 12:59 PM on January 16, 2007

Mel Gibson & the Pants This group would be much funnier if Gibson was actually one of members.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:12 PM on January 16, 2007

Or they strictly played Bat Mitzvahs.

posted by jerseygirl at 01:21 PM on January 16, 2007

Generals And Majors, XTC: Waxworks: Some Singles 1977-1982 Fair Exchange, Be Bop Deluxe: Live! In The Air Age Sky High, Jigsaw Magic, Pilot King's Lead Hat, Brian Eno: Before and After Science Freeway Jam, Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow Day Tripper, Jimi Hendrix Experience, BBC Sessions The Wanton Song, Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin: BBC Sessions (What's so Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding, Elvis Costello & The Attractions: The Very Best Of (I Love the Sound of) Breaking Glass, Nick Lowe: Basher Once Upon A Time In The West, Dire Straits, Communique Live and Let Die, Paul McCartney & Wings: Wingspan Substitute, The Who: Live At Leeds Oliver's Army, Elvis Costello & The Attractions: The Very Best Of Lession In Love, Paul Carrack: The Carrack Collection Maid In Heaven, Be Bop Deluxe: Live! In The Air Age Dancing In The Moonlight, Thin Lizzy: Live And Dangerous Get back, Beatles: 1 Not Fade Away, Rolling Stones: black box

posted by billsaysthis at 01:25 PM on January 16, 2007

…so anyway yall, as I sit here at the keyboard this afternoon I have come to the point where I just cant let this fucking machine frustrate me any more. What would have been a breeze back in August, I let overwhelm me. We’re talking Klonopin, Xanax; Valium can’t hide the anxiety levels of irritation I’ve aloud this simple project to create in my head. Once upon a time I had a shop build me a tower specifically for music and on-line game play. All the RIGHT stuff to transfer all my old 33 and a third LP’s and cassettes to CD. Massive storage, memory, and graphics along with a copy of Word Perfect, Ahead Nero, etc..I used the machine for saving old Greatful Dead concert cassettes from shows I did not get to attend as well as transferring my LP’s to CD in order not to have to buy the CD’s. My kids used it for gamming (Everquest, World of Warfare (or something like that.). I’d have 2 or 3 concerts set to DL while the kids played their games (god bless highspeed cable modems. Then in May my oldest of 2 boys graduates High School and heads off to college. When I asked what he wanted for graduation/college entry he says he wants my tower. After about 6 weeks of no, I give in and let him take that tower in exchange for the computer his mother had bought for him. Something called an eMachine, well im still able to reach the net and e-mail (the only other 2 things I do on a computer). Not until I saw the CD swap in the lockeroom had I actually tried to copy music on this thing. I knew nothing about windows media player, Word or Office or what ever this word processing software is called. Already pretty much computer illiterate as most of you have observed (hey I have the e-mail from SpofiSwap to prove it) I quickly found out all software programs are not equal in abilities when it comes to copying music. See it used to be really easy when it was long distance phone calls to message boards and making a request and or filling one for someone else. Course back then we were trading cassettes not CD’s. The passion some of you have for sports, or a sport in particular is similar to my passion for music of all kinds. That’s why I jumped on this train, only instead of following the directions, I got here… well ok it works like this, you hide in the woods at a long bend in the track, wait for the engineer to round the corner and before the caboose comes into sight you jump a boxcar, hopefully unseen. So while I got here in a bassackwards kinda way I do appreciate the leap of faith yall took to let me play. I mean I like SpoFi and a lot of the people here are really cool. I’ve learned lots about sports I knew little about before. Or in the case of Hockey absolutely nothing at all when I got here. I check out what’s going on 2 or 3 times a day for the pure entertainment of it. I dig Jearseygirl and her Guidelines comments to noods, l_b_b’s ability to piss just about anyone off if she feels the need, the wit and humor of several others. BPP’s baseball stuff is fantastic and having once upon a time worked with several manufacturing plants to institute SPC systems Grum and his stats debates are great. Im just not really comfortable commenting on topics very often myself. As that afore mentioned e-mail stated im no writer and spelling and grammar are far beyond my dyslexic semi mush drain cells can comprehend. Knowing (shit reading retorts) I know how important spelling and correct grammar are to the members of SpoFi that I have a lot of respect for. So to avoid de-railing a thread because someone will have to take the time to post one of the “if ya can’t spell and use correct grammar…..” comments. But I digress, now where was I, oh yea the swap situation. Being used to knowing what my target audience wanted a copy of made things easy, but just putting together a CD of music for someone who’s taste’s I don’t know was a bit different for me. First thought was ok ill do this using no Grateful Dead for starters, the thought about also eliminating any cover tunes as well crossed my mind. But then some covers are excellently done. So I dropped that idea. Now ripping the music to this machine was no problem but it refused to record. I’ve used several different brands of blanks as it seems this thing likes some better than others. Set record as slow as possible, shut down anything else running in the background yet still recording has been a bitch. Not at all what I expected and the more I worked at it the worse I made it. Finally a friend of mine had a chance to stop by and he actually got it to record….intermittently anyway. While unable to copy CD’s I kept twisting turning and tweaking my CD set list. Do I go with bands people know? Do I use more than one song from any given band? Blah Blah Blah. Now there are 3 different sets and all are recorded. The second of which is a lazy attempt to just get this done and really isn’t all that impressive, Almost decided not to even send them but then thought what the hell, I fucking fought tooth and nail to get the copies made so I may as well send them. At last the third set of songs I copied I am proud of. Today Ill be making the inserts for the jewel cases one way or another so I can mail them in the morning. If I get the chance Ill post the other 2 set lists. Seeing as 2 are going to Canada set 3 has a very heavy southern U.S. particularly Alabama flavor, some rock, bluegrass, and two guys rollin’ in the hay. Sorry bout the long post but if I didn’t get this shit out of my head and on paper (well computer) there was no way I would be able to move past it. Yea I know im one of the really strange ones you all have met in the past and gone Damn, is that dude all here, on drugs, or what. But that’s ok with me cause I know im not normal according to our social norms in this country. Hell without people like me how would the rest of you know what proper behavior is and isn’t, and I fall far left of the norm. Well time to see if the templates Lorie sent me work with Word, no time for any cutesy covers like some of yall have done but none the less at least there will be a playlist.

posted by Folkways at 04:52 PM on January 16, 2007

Folkways, after a careful analysis of the problem I have determined that your internet connection is, indeed, working. Thanks for the comments. I enjoy your strangeness, for the record, but I suspect you're going to catch hell from the baseball crowd for giving me such high billing.

posted by BullpenPro at 05:15 PM on January 16, 2007

You are my hero, Folkways. By signing up for the swap, you basically promised to make 4 CD's and mail them to people who are pretty much strangers to you. It sounds like circumstances gave you plenty of excuses, but yet you persevered to keep your promise to 4 strangers. That shows you have character. I will never be able to see a picture of a kitten hanging from a clothes line again without thinking of the name, "Folkways".

posted by MrFrisby at 05:56 PM on January 16, 2007

playlists have been updated. if i missed anyone let me know. bill, i got yours today. i almost put "day tripper" from the bbc sessions on mine as well. glad i opted for "wait until tomorrow"

posted by goddam at 08:50 PM on January 16, 2007

Awww golly gee whiz you guys really are neato. I Usually avoid name dropping BPP simply cause it can piss some people off but hey, you can't always do what your sposed to do. Here are the other 2 sets starting with the one that is my fav. of the 3. But then it seems to follow my lifes path a little too close. Smokin' Through the South 1.Miracle Ticket Rollin' in the Hay 2.1st Impression, Pt. 2 (aka Karn Evil #9) Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3.Legalize It Peter Tosh 4.Blister in the Sun Violent Femmes 5.Cocaine Eric Clapton 6.Henry [*] Rollin' in the Hay 7.Mother's Little Helper The Rolling Stones 8.Smokin' Through the South Rollin' in the Hay 9.19th Nervous Breakdown The Rolling Stones 10.Tommy's Down Home Tesla 11.She's a Rainbow The Rolling Stones 12.Alabama Song The Doors 13.Journey to the Center of the Mind The Amboy Dukes 14.That's What I Like About the South Rollin' in the Hay 15.Spill the Wine War 16.Down South in New Orleans The Band 17.Technology/L.A. Story Arlo Guthrie 18.Coming into Los Angeles Arlo Guthrie 19.Jerry and J.B Rollin' in the Hay And here is a lazy ass job that I almost trashed but figured wtf at least they did burn. Costers for the coffee table if nothing else. MENAGE A TRIOS Low Rider War Whose Cadillac Is That War Life's Been Good Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh I.L.B.T.s Joe Walsh Bourée Jethro Tull Songs from the wood Jethro Tull Living in the Past Jethro Tull The Trees Rush Tom Sawyer Rush YYZ Rush Sugar on My Tongue Talking Heads I Zimbra Talking Heads Wild Wild Life Talking Heads Hard Travelin' [Alternate Take] Woody Guthrie I Ain't Got No Home Woody Guthrie Riding in my Car Woody Guthrie Low Rider [Remix] War

posted by Folkways at 09:43 PM on January 16, 2007

I'm big-time lagging (please tell the face punchers to wear gloves). The CDs are going out tomorrow. Here's my mix: 1.) I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Meet Chicks – Bloodhound Gang 2.) No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age 3.) The Man Who Sold the World – David Bowie 4.) Cortez the Killer – Neil Young 5.) Liar – Henry Rollins Band 6.) Hey – The Pixies 7.) Summertime – Janis Joplin & Big Brother and The Holding Company 8.) Waiting for the Miracle – Leonard Cohen 9.) Marla – The Dust Brothers 10.) Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – The Flaming Lips 11.) Why Can’t We Be Friends? – WAR 12.) One of These Nights – The Eagles 13.) Beast of Burden – The Rolling Stones 14.) Winning – Santana 15.) They All Went to Mexico – Willie Nelson and Santana 16.) Highwayman – The Highwaymen 17.) Fire Lake – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band 18.) I Don’t Wanna Grow Up – Tom Waits

posted by forrestv at 12:13 AM on January 17, 2007

I really like my mix, and I want more people to hear it, so there. 1. Choose "Free" 2. Wait a minute 3. Enter the garbled text 4. Download 5. Enjoy!

posted by qbert72 at 10:27 AM on January 17, 2007

thanks q!

posted by goddam at 12:27 PM on January 17, 2007

qbert, that's very... french of you.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:53 PM on January 17, 2007

Here's my song list: I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You / Louis Armstrong Awe Mfana / Hugh Masekela My Melancholy Baby / Charlie Parker Stairway to Heaven / Orchestre National de Jazz Blues March / Art Blakey My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash / Billie Holiday (with Louis Armstrong) Moanin’ / Paul Sottile It Never Entered My Mind / Miles Davis My Baby Just Cares For Me / Nina Simone El Burlón (The Joker) / Yosvany Terry Cabrera A Mayra / Bebo Valdes Watermelon Man / Herbie Hancock Jeep’s Blues / Duke Ellington Senegal-Brasil / Cheikh Lo Take Five / Dave Brubeck Did You See Jackie Robinson / Count Basie

posted by bperk at 01:59 PM on January 17, 2007

I really like my mix, and I want more people to hear it, so there. Awesome qbert, I was going to request a copy anyway. I love Malajube and the Unicorns and have alot of Le Nombre mp3s on my pc. Most of the other bands are new to me or I've only heard of them.

posted by tron7 at 02:37 PM on January 17, 2007

Thanks again for the moral support (was hopeing for a bit of immoral support as well, but hey take what you can get right?) Once again all is right with the world. The Music is in the mail at last. Also, Arlo and family will be in Atlanta 02/04/07 and i'm heading over for the show. Anybody in the area with nuthin better to do on a Sunday evening it is well worth the time to go hear them. Now back to your regularly scheduled SPORTS topics and discussions. That Peyton vs. Brady again thread looks like lots of fun.

posted by Folkways at 03:56 PM on January 17, 2007

Seems like this is the lull before the storm. Everything's been mailed out, and we're all just waiting for delivery. Ooooh, anticipation!

posted by The_Black_Hand at 06:50 AM on January 18, 2007

I received lbb's. I haven't had the chance to listen to it. The cd has a beautiful label on it -- much better than a sharpie.

posted by bperk at 08:37 AM on January 18, 2007

NoMich's Mike Ricci metal mix awaited my return home from work today. Can't wait to let this baby rip...

posted by Venicemenace at 03:31 PM on January 18, 2007

Provided mine weren't on the container ship currently sinking in the atlantic, Team Dowie should all get yours soon. I successfully avoided faces punching.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 04:19 PM on January 18, 2007

I was listening to NoMich's mix while driving the other day. Myself and my two year old liked it. It rocked her to sleep. I put on Noise From the Rose Bush and she started dancing around the country. So far two cd's received, two cd's found to be awesome. Now I feel really bad about putting Lohan and Simpson on my mix. I may have to send out consolation cds.

posted by apoch at 04:32 PM on January 18, 2007

My oldest does have some britney spears lying around somewhere...

posted by apoch at 04:34 PM on January 18, 2007

Apoch, forget Britney and go with something by Hillary Duff or Paris Hilton. That would be hot.

posted by forrestv at 04:42 PM on January 18, 2007

Apoch I will admit that I almost choked when I read fergalicious on your playlist.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 04:44 PM on January 18, 2007

Britney + Duff+ Hilton + Lohan + Simpson + Aguillera. Yeah. The Pop Princess Collection. YYM, should I be honored by that?

posted by apoch at 04:45 PM on January 18, 2007

My music is on it's way. It would have been embarrassing if I had to have a guy punch me in my faces. Sammy's Idle Threat: The Merry Blues – Manu Chao The Narrator – The Apples in Stereo Tidal Wave – The Apples in Stereo Meija – Porno for Pyros Melting Pot – Booker T and the MGs Brakes on – Air Feet Asleep – Thao Nguyen Half-thought – Bedhead Ball and Chain – Janis Joplin My Friend in a Comfortable Chair – Cats on Fire We’ve got a File on You – Blur Song against Sex – Neutral Milk Hotel We will become Silhouettes – The Shins This Boy is Exhausted – The Wrens I just wanna get along – The Breeders Bandit Queen – The Decemberists Car – Built to Spill Country Yellow Teeth – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Sister in Love – Envelopes How it Goes – Billy Talent

posted by Samsonov14 at 04:50 PM on January 18, 2007

I'm not sure apoch. Personally I'd want to keep parts of your playlist as far away from me as possible. It's nothing against you, I just despise teenage pop singers. And Fergie.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 05:15 PM on January 18, 2007

How can anyone despise the en fuego Fergie, apoch? With her moves she's probably causing prudie Bible Belt housewives to feel more than a bit uncomfortable... down there.

posted by billsaysthis at 05:38 PM on January 18, 2007

No offense taken. There are parts of that playlist I wouldn't listen to normally. In particular the pop princesses. They did fit the criteria I needed for the mix though.

posted by apoch at 05:41 PM on January 18, 2007

Bill: Seriously?

posted by Samsonov14 at 05:50 PM on January 18, 2007

That's dedication holmes.

posted by YukonGold at 06:46 PM on January 18, 2007

All the kids are doin' it. Get wit it.

posted by justgary at 06:49 PM on January 18, 2007

apoch let me know when you want to go lipgloss shopping at the mall. We'll hit Sephora first. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have the Michelle Branch song.... and the Jennifer Lopez song... ok, Ashlee Simpson too on my ipod.. They are all good songs for the elliptical. I'll stand united with apoch and his guilty pleasure of pop music.

posted by jerseygirl at 07:01 PM on January 18, 2007

Apoch, your playlist is fine. We also would have accepted: Sum 41; Good Charlotte; My Chemical Romance; Dashboard Confessional; Fall Out Boy and for nostalgia's sake, NKOTB.

posted by forrestv at 07:24 PM on January 18, 2007

JG, I'll totally go lip gloss shopping with you at the mall. I probably won't buy anything. You can try on different lipglosses, and I'll just sort of watch. You know, like I'll watch you as you slowly slide the gloss across your lips. Maybe you could try on a dark red, or maybe even a bubble-gum pink. I mean, whatever. Whatever you're into. Now that I think about it, maybe I will buy something. Like, for my girlfriend or something. She's an Autumn, like me. I'm not sure what goes with that. Probably a muted brown would perfectly highlight my full lips. Or whatever. I wouldn't actually buy lip gloss or anything. Excuse me, I have to go do something.

posted by Samsonov14 at 07:46 PM on January 18, 2007

I sent mine out early, 'cos I just got back from overseas. I had neither the time nor the talent to think up a good name or design cover artwork. Next time I subcontract to my daughter, who is good at those things. My list fellows should have received theirs by now, and I am looking forward to getting the one from forrestv in return. Playlist for others information: Shark Biscuit Aloha Steve and Dano - Radio Birdman Surf's Up Tonight - Midnight Oil Man Overboard - Deborah Conway You Gotta Love This City - The Whitlams Ghost Nation - Hunters and Collectors Deja Vu - Something for Kate Ten Days - Missy Higgins Morning Star - Wild Zinnias Saturday Night and Sunday Morning - Paul Kelly Under the Clocks - Weddings, Parties, Anything Holy Grail - Hunters and Collectors Warakurna - Midnight Oil Warumpinya - The Warumpi Band Song for a Sleepwalker - Something for Kate Since I've Been Around - The Waifs Scar - Missy Higgins Release Me - Deborah Conway Deeper Water - Paul Kelly Time to Heal - Midnight Oil

posted by owlhouse at 11:24 PM on January 18, 2007

jerseygirl, you'd really like the "versions" I put on the mix if you like 'em for working out. The tempo of every song has been sped up at least 1.5. Some were 1.75, and rarer 2.0. I know Fergilicious is double speed. That's how I was able to fit 32 songs on one audio cd. A lot of stuff does not speed up well. Especially songs with acoustic instruments (I wanted to put Song Noir by John Aiur on the mix, but it sounded like crap at even 1.5). Some singers voices get warbly and suck when sped up (hence no Vienna Teng). It seemed like songs with more production work (like Simpson/Hilton et al isn't mostly production work) sped up the best. So hopefully Team Mike Ricci finds something to like about the mix despite the high quotient of pop on it. As far as lip gloss goes, what is this Sephora place you speak of? I could pick up a flavor combo pack, my daughters seem to enjoy those.

posted by apoch at 02:39 AM on January 19, 2007

TBH, you wouldn't happen to have a list of all the samples you used would you?

posted by apoch at 04:20 AM on January 19, 2007

As far as lip gloss goes, what is this Sephora place you speak of? Dude, seriously, don't ask. Just step away from the Sephora. Imagine all of the perfumes of the world mixed together in your bathtub, and then you have to get in the tub with Nicole Richie. It's a chemical spill, mall-style.

posted by BullpenPro at 11:22 AM on January 19, 2007

They are all good songs for the elliptical. you're gonna need to get Enrique Iglesias "escape" on the ipod for that. I swear they were thinking elliptical when they made it. Oh yeah, Kelly Clarkson "Since u been gone" is another keeper. They're on my shuffle...not ashamed.

posted by YukonGold at 11:39 AM on January 19, 2007

BPP, I'd rather get in a tub of hydrochloric acid.

posted by apoch at 12:28 PM on January 19, 2007

Apoch, on the Techno side, ever listen to The Chemical Brothers, Enigma, or Wink 20 to 20? Just curious. Not as computer savey as qbert72 I 'm not posting my lists for all to hear but if some are intersted here are a few youtube links to songs I used. Arlo Guthrie Commin into Los Angeles (woodstock live cut) Rush The Trees Jethro Tull - Bourree ERIC BURDON & WAR - 'Spill the Wine' (beat club 1970) Peter Tosh - Legalize it And for those into Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull, Lucia Micarelli, here is an awsome version of "Kashmir"

posted by Folkways at 02:24 PM on January 19, 2007

I was late mailing out my cd's as my living situation has changed again. I am back in NY and I am waiting for my NC mail to be fowarded. Anyways my stuff. Under Cover What the world needs now-Mr Bungle (live at the Roseland 2/00) I Started a Joke-Faith No More Boyz N The Hood-Dynamite Hack Have A Cigar-Primus Where did you sleep last night-Mark Lanagan Pearl Jam-Hide Your Love Away Physical-Nine Inch Nails I will Survive-Cake The Nurse who Loved me-A Perfect Circle Stuck In the middle with you-Eagles of Death Metal No Quarter-Tool Something in the air-The Wellwater Conspiracy Hurt-Johnny Cash Change is gonna Come-Spider Nick and the Mad Dogs

posted by HATER 187 at 04:01 PM on January 19, 2007

Here I was getting all excited to hear this sped up pop music, and it turns out apoch sent me a blank CD. My stereo couldn't read it so I stuck it my computer and it says there is 0 bytes on this writeable CD. Bah! At least TBH's 1 track came with a love note.

posted by MrFrisby at 07:51 PM on January 19, 2007

I was scrolling through the thread, and I have to say that photo of Fergie is one of the most unflattering shots of a celebrity I have ever seen (all candid photos of Matt Damon excluded.) Still...I have to say I find her commitment endearing. Or maybe I have a lingering crush on her back to her days on Kids Incorporated (relax, we're the same age.)

posted by forrestv at 08:35 PM on January 19, 2007

Sorry. Ever so sorry. I've been slacking in two groups. May god bless my soul. Work's been whacking me around like Earhardt in the Caribbean. I've got my master ready and envelopes addressed. Plus, I've got a bonus Kinky for Governor button for everyone in my two groups as penance. Tracklist: 1 - The Vandals - Change the world with my hockey stick 2 - Black 47 - I got laid on James Joyce's grave 3 - The Business - Sabotage the hunt 4 - The Smoking Popes - Not that kind of Girlfriend 5 - The Old 97's - Victoria (live) 6 - The Be Good Tanyas - the littlest birds 7 - Badly Drawn Boy - Once around the block 8 - the Theatre Fire - Valentwine 9 - The Von Ehrics - Any Road 10 - James - Laid 11 - Cannibal Ox f/ Jean Grae - Swing Blades 12 - Aesop Rock - Babies with Guns 13 - Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Rock 'n Roll is Shit 14 - Mission of Burma - Wounded World 15 - Descendents - Bikeage 16 - DeVotchKa - The Enemy Guns 17 - Saxon Shore - This Shameless Moment 18 - Ad Astra Per Aspera - Flannery's Coming Home Cheers to my swapmates, and sorry for being late.

posted by Ufez Jones at 12:28 AM on January 20, 2007

Your kidding write Fris? Alright. I'm buying more blanks today. I'll make you a new one. Sorry 'bout that.

posted by apoch at 05:02 AM on January 20, 2007

I'm still trying to find the title to the untitled Twins and Wang Rong songs. Yeah, I know but I think it matters. I hope to have an answer in the next day or so. Coincidentally, I hope to have the English language companion finalized, burned and ready for release. Yeah, that's right, a double-CD from China. I can't seem to ship anything to my family so if I'm going to the post office it is with significant contents. Cheers to lil_brown_bat whose CD I have already received. Funky, indeed. 01 - Wang Lee Hong - Zai Mei Bian (Near The Tree) 02 - Wang Rong - Ai Ya 03 - Will Wuha - Just When I Needed You Most 04 - Liu Ruo Ying - Fen Kai Lu Xing 05 - Will Wuha - Tai Xiang Ai Ni (I Want To Love You) 06 - S.H.E. - Bo Si Mao 07 - Wang Lee Hong - I'm Lovin' It 08 - Will Wuha - Wo Bu Shi Guang Dong Hua 09 - Wang Rong - Wo Bu Shi Huang Rong 10 - S.H.E. - Super Star 11 - Wang Lee Hong - Rang Kai 12 - Twins - Track 01 13 - Jay Chou - Bu La Ge Guang Chang 14 - Wang Lee Hong - Wang Mei Da Hu Dong 15 - S.H.E. - Remember 16 - Will Wuha - Do That To Me One More Time 17 - Wang Rong - Track 2 18 - Will Wuha - X Spy 19 - S.H.E. - I.O.I.O. 20 - Zheng Yuan - Hui Xin Zhuan Yi Y'know, I heard that Taco Bell Fire Sauce packets make excellent padding. [nudge nudge wink wink]

posted by geekyguy at 05:56 AM on January 20, 2007

back to her days on Kids Incorporated Wow! Seriously? OMG, yes seriously. Don't click this

posted by YukonGold at 07:43 AM on January 20, 2007

Eek. Forgot a song. Throw Big Boys - Which Way To Go in there betwixt Aesop Rock and P&TTB. Stoopid alcohol.

posted by Ufez Jones at 10:40 AM on January 20, 2007

Don't click this Of course, I clicked. Please, take Yukon's advice.

posted by qbert72 at 10:51 AM on January 20, 2007

I got q's mix yesterday and it is awesome as advertised. Never heard French rap before. And they mean it when they say don't click that. If you do, mute will be your friend.

posted by SummersEve at 11:16 AM on January 21, 2007

Thanks, SummersEve! It's more joual rap (Kiss mon black ass du Nord!) than French (as in "from France") rap, by the way. There is also some Haitian Creole in "L'étage souterrain".

posted by qbert72 at 12:05 PM on January 21, 2007

Sammy, anyone can have a bad photo taken and that angle only amplifies the probability. Doesn't mean she isn't en fuego, especially while dancing.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:38 PM on January 21, 2007

Bill... she was pissing her pants. That's not a bad photo angle, that's urine on her trousers, sir.

posted by jerseygirl at 02:17 PM on January 21, 2007

All four mixes recieved from my Mike Ricci hombres. Hopefully mine have reached their destination by now, as well. Looking forward to getting all four up and running on my iPod for the long, cold morning commutes!

posted by Venicemenace at 02:46 PM on January 21, 2007

I received your CD yesterday, Venicemenace. I now have all the CD's from Team Ricci*. For a limited time only, send me a blank CD and I will send it back with Noise From the Rose Bush Vol II. 1. Your Love--The Outfield [Big Innings] 2. Ana's Song (acoustic remix)--Silverchair [Best of Silverchair] 3. Possession--Sarah Mclachlan [Mirrorball] 4. I Can't hold back--Survivor [Greatest Hits] 5. Head Over Heels--The Go-Go's [VH1 Behind the Music: Go-Go's collection] 6. You Might Think--The Cars [Complete Greatest Hits] 7. Don't Stop Believin'--Journey [Greatest Hits] 8. Sit Down--James [The Best of James] 9. Anytime--Eve 6 [Out Cold Soundtrack] 10. Washin' + Wonderin'--Stroke 9 [Nasty Little Thoughts] 11. Tyler--Toadies [Rubberneck] 12. One in a Million--Trixter [Trixter] 13. Desperate--Babylon A.D. [Babylon A.D.] 14. Stranger Than Paradise--Sleeze Beez [Screwed Blued & Tattooed] 15. Seein' Red--Unwritten Law [Elva] 16. Doesn't Matter--Killer Dwarfs [Dirty Weapons] 17. Swing, Swing--The All-American Rejects [The All-American Rejects] 18. Man on the Moon--Sugar [Copper Blue]

posted by MrFrisby at 04:01 PM on January 21, 2007

Yukon, that site is gold. And that photo of Martika, Cory Feldman and Ferguson is money. I'll tell my little brother and sister (the main reason we watched the show) about that Kids' site.

posted by forrestv at 05:08 PM on January 21, 2007

I'm burning them now. The English language companion to the Chinese version. Two songs are on both but in different languages. I can't create fantastic covers or labels but rest assured that the CD's kick ass. 01. Jackie Greene - Supersede (9:57) 02. Buck 65 - Bandits (3:22) 03. Butthole Surfers - The Shame of Life (3:19) 04. Jonathan Coulton - We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions (3:57) 05. Corinne Bailey Rae - I'd Like To (4:08) 06. Classic 70's Porn - Debbie Does Dallas (3:31) 07. Jackie Greene - Just As Well (4:57) 08. David Usher - Black Black Heart (3:48) 09. Editors - Feel Good Inc. (3:24) 10. Randy Vanwarmer - Just When I Needed You Most (4:00) 11. KT Tunstall - Other Side Of The World (3:34) 12. Buck 65 - B. Sc. (2:41) 13. Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed (5:10) 14. Jackie Greene - I'm So Gone (4:13) 15. The Bravery - Fearless (3:07) 16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Phenomena (4:12) 17. Tracy Bonham - Behind Every Good Woman (3:20) 18. Zen Mafia - California (3:29) 19. The Blue Hawaiians - Martini Five-O (3:10) 20. The Moldy Peaches - Goodbye Song (2:13) In fact, there are four hidden tracks on this CD that are Lockerroom related. Cheers.

posted by geekyguy at 09:54 PM on January 21, 2007

playlists are updated. sorry for the delay. i had to refrain from extraneous computer work this week. my finger had a fight with a door. and the door won.

posted by goddam at 12:44 AM on January 22, 2007

I have received all of Team Mike Ricci's CDs and have them piled up on my work computer. I will now go through each one and rock out the day. Thanks guys!

posted by NoMich at 09:08 AM on January 22, 2007

Cheers to lil_brown_bat whose CD I have already received. Funky, indeed. Oh yay, it made it!!! I just got back from a wonderful week skiing in Colorado. As soon as I can manage to get dressed, I'll toddle to the post office to claim my new tunes!!!

posted by lil_brown_bat at 09:42 AM on January 22, 2007

My apologies, guys. We had a double computer crash -- one at work and one at home. My double CD, Take Cover!, will hit the post office either Wednesday night or Thursday morning and should be in hot little American hands sometime the following week. My apologies -- now, can you call off the face punching? Doesn't mean she isn't en fuego, especially while dancing. Well, at least her pants won't catch fire. And remember, when you choose Fergie, urine good company!

posted by wfrazerjr at 09:49 AM on January 22, 2007

Oh, now that just pisses me off.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 11:59 AM on January 22, 2007

TBH doesn't take kindly to pee jokes, nope.

posted by jerseygirl at 02:51 PM on January 22, 2007

TBH is pissed off. Fergie, apparently, is pissed on. Or in. Her pants.

posted by SummersEve at 04:12 AM on January 23, 2007

I just want to thank my fellow Team Mike Ricci CD swappers for an enjoyable day at work yesterday. The CDs that you sent made the day fly right on by. I don't really have a favorite because the music is so good on all them, but I do feel the need to point out that I'm not worthy of apoch's (new word alert) geniusosity.

posted by NoMich at 12:20 PM on January 23, 2007

SummersEve Status: received. Heard. Rocked. Very hard. Injured myself. Wearing large bandage on forehead. Was not previously down with Brandtson or Arctic Monkeys. Like very much. Bus Driver is wiggity. And I'm not sure I mean that in a good way. qbert72 Status: received. Heard the first few songs. Stopped listening only because I had returned home. Musically, awesome. Lyrics, garbled, like they were in some kind of foreign language. Very fun set, I look forward to completing it. Ufez Jones Status: undelivered. Note from his doctor. garfield Status: undelivered. Face punchers may or may not be on alert. goddam Status: bonus CD received. Heard the first few songs. Again, only stopped listening because I got home. Very good so far, though I will say that the song "Saturday Night" sure doesn't get any shorter when it's sung by a school group and recorded on location. The inclusion of "Basketball Jones" was brilliant. I am anticipating the rest of the set with great anticipation. BullpenPro Send status: all CDs are out except for the bonus CD I owe goddam, which will go out presently.

posted by BullpenPro at 01:14 PM on January 23, 2007

Ok, I'll fess up. I haven't completed the mission, and I've avoided coming into this thread out of pure guilt. Hopefully, it will please my team to know that I have resisted opening their glorious CDs, despite overwhleming temptation, until I get my ass in gear, which I hope will happen tonight. I've got a general concept and the meat that goes with, but I need a few garnishes. I went to FP HQ over the weekend, and was given a bye. I think it was due to the free food offering.

posted by garfield at 02:14 PM on January 23, 2007

Careful, man...they tell you hey're not gonna punch you in the face, but then, well, all I'm saying is, free food or no, watch your back.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 02:50 PM on January 23, 2007

Status: received...1 out of 4. Congrats and thanks to bperk for the most excellent grooves. Didja see Jackie Robinson hit that ball? Did he hit it? Yes! And that ain't all -- He stole home! Damn, next time I must come up with at least one sports-themed track.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 03:52 PM on January 23, 2007

That's why I went with "Magic Johnson," by the Chili Peppers. It just felt wrong not having a sports song tossed into the mix.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 05:06 PM on January 23, 2007

Still waiting with great expectation for even one CD. At least I got mine sent out. MrFrisby, not being sure of your age but fully awear of your intelegence, wit, and a general feeling that we just might get along at the right time and or place, Id like to offer to put you togeather a mix of party songs from 1954-1969. Some you will recognize others maybe not. Just a set of shit you may not be familure with but might enjoy. Nothing needed in return. Just let me know if interested. Peace!

posted by Folkways at 06:35 PM on January 23, 2007

The only regret that I have with my mix is that I neglected to put any Celtic Frost on it. Well, maybe mix number three will make up for that mess up. TBH: what software did you use to make your mix?

posted by NoMich at 06:40 PM on January 23, 2007

Folkways, that sounds pretty cool. That era is just a tad before my time, but I still like the music. Shoot me an email, addy's in the profile.

posted by MrFrisby at 07:14 PM on January 23, 2007

That's why I went with "Magic Johnson," by the Chili Peppers. It just felt wrong not having a sports song tossed into the mix. Well, plus the song is freakin' sweet. It just occurred to me that after all my mixing and matching, the only sports-related cut I have is Stickfigure. Talk about losing focus.

posted by BullpenPro at 11:41 PM on January 23, 2007

Well, plus the song is freakin' sweet. Yeah, there is that, too. NoMich, I used Adobe Audition 1.5; it's the updated, Adobe-Owns-The-World version of a program called Cool Edit Pro. You can still get Cool Edit on ebay and some other places much cheaper than Adobe, it just won't have a couple of the bells and whistles, and you won't have access to any tech support (which I've never needed in over a decade of using the two programs). Also, if you're in the market for the program, I recommend 1.5 over 2.0, but that's because all I edit is audio. 2.0 is Adobe's first attempt to convert the program to video editing exclusively.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 04:54 AM on January 24, 2007

Lyrics, garbled, like they were in some kind of foreign language. Ha! You're the funny. It just felt wrong not having a sports song tossed into the mix. Damn straight. In the middle of my Saguenay segment, I've got Saku Koivu, an ode to the Canadiens captain sung and played by Fred Fortin's 3-year-old son, for whom Saku is "big" (perspective, perspective). Just before that, it's Dale Hawerchuk, by the band Les Dales Hawerchuk, on the album Les Dales Hawerchuk. And yes, Saguenay is that region. Hockey is serious business over there.

posted by qbert72 at 10:14 AM on January 24, 2007

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