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Name: Gerry Scheetz
Location: Helena, Montana
ZIP: 59601
Gender: Male sports stats geek
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Sports Bio

* Oakland Raiders
* Calgary Flames
* Juventus (Serie A)
* Auburn Tigers (FB and WSoc)

Events I will never forget
* Watching Kick Six on TV (Auburn vs Alabama)
* Attending MLB All-Star game in Seattle
* Attending Spain vs Italy in Euro 2016
* Being in Manaus for US vs Portugal WC 2014
* Reading daily sports page as Calgary Flames won Stanley Cup in 1989

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NHL Playoff Pickem: Third Round

As usual, my Flames are out and I am out. Also, my picks suck. GL all

I dislike all the teams in the west, so am watching the Lightening-Rangers like it is the Cup final :)

posted by prof at 01:22 AM on June 02, 2022

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Courtois had amazing game

posted by prof at 08:45 PM on May 29, 2022

NHL Playoff Pickem: Second Round

My picks:

Avalanche in 6
Hurricanes in 5
Flames in 6
Top goals: Kucherov,TB
Top goalie (save %): Mike Smith
Team scoring 6 goals: Hurricanes
Game 1 winner: Panthers

Puck about to drop on TB-FLA, I pick TB in 7

posted by prof at 07:12 PM on May 17, 2022

Arizona Coyotes Are Moving to a 5,100-Seat Arena

Having lived between Alberta and Arizona for many years, there is a good collection of snowbirds that make that journey. Though, I cannot imagine many would switch allegiance from their northern childhood team to the Coyotes.

posted by prof at 02:31 PM on May 02, 2022

Enter the SportsFilter NHL Playoff Pickem

My picks:

Hurricanes in 6
Maple Leafs in 6
Wild in 7
Oilers in 6
Rangers in 6
Panthers in 5
Avalanche in 6
Flames in 5
Top goals: Nikita Kucherov, TB
Top goalie (save %): Mike Smith
Team scoring 6 goals: Lightning
Game 1 winner: Rangers

Wife and I have tickets to Game 5, if necessary, at MSG

posted by prof at 02:25 PM on May 02, 2022

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Sometimes a team needs a guy on the edge of madness to win a title.
Edge of madness or willing to push team in odd, unexpected directions, which often looks like madness?
Some reason my mind when to the Chicago Bulls, where Rodman definitely filled that roll from 96-98. You could almost say Jordan filled that roll in the 91-93 championships. Not to the extreme of those listed above, but someone who did things the rest of the team did not always agree with. (Last Dance added some great insight into this.)

posted by prof at 12:05 PM on January 03, 2022

10 things we learned from F1's 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

I am a new-ish F1 fan and Sunday's race did not sit well with me. I enjoy the on-trace racing battles and the tire/pit strategy, both of which seemed missing from this race, or at least on the back burner.
I hope the last race is better. I do not have a dog in the fight. My preference, right now, would be someone other than Hamilton or Verstappen wins the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

posted by prof at 04:28 PM on December 06, 2021

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

My college soccer season is over, so I will be back regularly reading and commenting.

I have thought in past about getting a subscription to The Athletic and a twitter ad popped up for 12-months at $1 per month. If anyone is interested, you can see if the link still works.

Otherwise, I have a 30-day Guest Pass to share with 5 friends offer also.

Enjoy all

posted by prof at 02:11 PM on November 29, 2021

Cleveland Ex-Indians Unveil New Name

Watch the video, but ignore the twitter comments

posted by prof at 11:20 AM on July 23, 2021

England Reaches First Final Since 1966

And then said: That's 19 tournaments without a final.

England has not qualified for every World Cup since 1966, missing 74, 78, and 94 in the US.
They also have not qualified for every Euro since 1966, missing 72, 76, 84, and 08.
I think the math then works out.


posted by prof at 07:07 PM on July 08, 2021

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Three Power 5 schools have never won a national championship in a team sport.
That could change today.

posted by prof at 11:11 AM on June 30, 2021

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I can't remember which Euro game and am guessing it was Derek Rae, but...
An announcer was talking about some player's off-the-field good deeds and mentioned he had a meeting with a name I did not initially recognize. A second later, I figured he was talking about Barack Obama. I am not sure if he said his last name, it may have been just Barack.
I am still dumbfounded how you could mess that name up. I understand if you have no idea who the man is, but if you are trying to name drop...

posted by prof at 06:37 PM on June 15, 2021

Enter the European Soccer Pick'em on SportsFilter

In. Forza Italia

posted by prof at 12:19 PM on June 11, 2021

Enter the European Soccer Pick'em on SportsFilter

In. Forza Italia

posted by prof at 12:19 PM on June 11, 2021

Edmonton Ex-Eskimos Unveil New Name

According to Massey Ratings Mascot Search this is the first professional team with the name.
23 high schools use this mascot, including one a few miles from where I use to live and once refereed a basketball game.

posted by prof at 11:18 AM on June 10, 2021