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March 02, 2004

** Bonds, JG, Sheff on 'roids.: Other baseball players identified were ... former Giants outfielder Marvin Benard and catcher Benito Santiago, and former A's second baseman Randy Velarde. Since Velarde was taking them, we know it's a minimal advantage.

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January 05, 2004

Is JerseyGirl running the Knicks?: DetroitBoy fleeces Suns, and I'll never say another bad word about him. Wow.

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December 02, 2003

The Oregonian's Blazer coverage: is slowly getting better. They've kept it interesting with the "Blazers Blog (a weblog)," and the ongoing tension between "the critic:"

I have yet to make this point, and I promise I'll only make it once. For now. Cops pull over black people. ... That does not mean Zach was not intoxicated.
and "the fan:"
Character is not so much a Blazer problem as it is an NBA problem. I keep trying to hammer this point home. Kidd beat his wife. Marbury drove drunk. Kobe is on trial for rape. Etc. Oh yea...... Tim Duncan shoved a ref to the floor the other night at Golden State.

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If the Yankees get Kevin Brown,: the Red Sox will be back to playing catch-up.

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October 31, 2003

Tabloid Sleaze Expose Kobe's Accuser:

"It is misogynistic and truly exploitative to try to get big sales off of identifying an alleged rape victim. Was a woman dressed inappropriately? Did she ask for it? Is a sexy woman more likely to get raped than a non-sexy woman? These are the anachronistic, horrible ideas that come up because of a cover like that. Morally, it's wrong. It is clearly implied on the cover that maybe she deserved it," Us Weekly's editor in chief Janice Min asked "This is someone's worst nightmare. This is why a lot of sexual assault victims don't come forward."

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June 17, 2003

"Racism is not freedom.": Over at the mothership, i_cola breaks down the history of racism in European football leagues.

When our heroine was called a "Paki" in Bend it Like Beckham, I assumed it was an outrage and an aberration, and the filmmakers clearly expected the audience to react that way as well. I assume that racism exists in South American and African football leagues as well, and it appears that it's being addressed, at least in Ireland, Slovakia [or], London, Hungary, Rome, and Brazil. Football Unites, Racism divides is a website designed to create a forum for some of these issues.

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April 11, 2003

NY1 is the best news television station in the country.: How does one measure such a thing? Quality of reporters, innovative stories and viewpoints, and of course, sports.

The screams emanating from our apartment tonight were not the result of Armando's blown save, or Mo's ever-enlarging girth, but the discovery that "Mens Wearhouse on NY1" Sports Anchor Duke Castiglione has a blog. I'm pleased to report he blogs in the same tone with which he answers calls during the late night call-in portion of the show. I once sat across from him on the F train. Sadly, he's soon moving on to NY1's hated rival, CBS2.

Coincidentally, we went to see a screening of Rosa Luxemburg tonight, and NY1 senior sports anchor Budd Mishkin was supposed to be there, but it turns out he's in Puerto Rico with the Mets.

I've never quite taken to 3rd stringer and "occasional producer" Kevin Garrity, though he has nice eyes. I guess I'll have to adjust.

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November 22, 2002

The Blazers are going to win the NBA championship this year.:

"Guys are starting to buy into the system, learning exactly what we need to do," Wells said. "If we just play hard like this, we should get wins like this consecutively . . . like 10 in a row."

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November 06, 2002

November 01, 2002

Oh my bejeezies:

The Sox must look ahead to the winter of 2004 when Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek all reach free agency at once. It seems impossible that a team looking to manage its payroll more carefully could afford to retain all four, so don't rule out the club shopping around Garciaparra this offseason.
Piazza for Nomar?

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October 16, 2002

Give Bill Buckner a break!: I've always maintained that Mookie would have beaten him to the bag anyway. Finally, someone agrees!

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September 26, 2002


The streaker who so entertained the crowd after jumping out of the stands during Tuesday night's game had one phone call to make after being booked into jail.

Did he call a lawyer? His family? Nope. He called the Mariners postgame show.

Identifying himself only as "Mark from King County Jail," the man told host "New York" Vinnie Richichi he hadn't planned on the stunt before going to the game, but the mood just struck him.

"He said he was having a couple of beers and he thought, 'Why not? What the heck? The place needs a spark,' " Richichi said.
Hey Mark - keep on streakin'! (scroll down the for the whole blurb)

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September 20, 2002

With their victory last night, the 3rd game of a 3 game sweep,: the New York Mets now hold a lead in their lifetime series (since 1962) against the Chicago Cubs. This is the first time since 1962 that my Mets have held such a lead against any other team. I cannot find any proof this on-line, I just feel it in my bones.

Assignment to Spo-fi readers (all 5 of you): find proof on-line.

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September 09, 2002

September 05, 2002

I love the Oakland A's:

    The cosmic implications of this performance, and the facts and opinions they cause to well up inside me, have reminded me, as a winning team will often do to a man (or an astute woman, for that matter) of my long-held ties to the Oakland A's. It's always much better to say, "We won," than "They lost." Or don't you agree? Of course you do, unless you're some kind of masochist or a Cubs fan.

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August 22, 2002

755? Now that he has his money, Bonds doubts himself.:
Come on, someone is going to do it this decade. I think I'd prefer A-rod to Bonds, but 755 will fall.'s progressive leader charts (HRs, OPS) give us some historical perspective. If they played today, would Lip Pike or Levi Meyerle have a shot?

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Meet The Mutts!: Clearly the most dissapointing team of the last 5 years. I guess until you get to my beloved Blazers. What is it with me? I mean, what team has let you down the most?

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August 21, 2002

Hotdogging Just Part of the Game:

...To many blacks and Latinos, the dances and the showing off are simply no big deal. In fact, it's kind of funny. The idea that this is some self-destructive thing that ruins sportsmanship is absolutely ridiculous, as if a little dance while running the basepaths will lead to young kids' becoming Enron executives...

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August 20, 2002

Too good to be true! : Shawn Kemp is forfeiting half his salary and will be waived by the Blazers. I'm too excited to proofread. Could Burnitz be next?

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August 18, 2002

Let's Go Strike!: A day after the players union set a strike date of Aug. 30, fans at Shea Stadium did not seem to mind that the season could end in two weeks... BRING IT ON! Though skateboarders have the same issues (are little leaguers next?) and A-rod is worth the money, George Vescey breaks down the disaster that is baseball's upcoming strike, and Murray Chass reminds us (again?) of the Expos history.

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August 16, 2002

You think these owners are corrupt?: Newspapers weren't even allowed to publish standings in the 1880s!

Dear Sirs: I am of the sound opinion that those who would attempt the numeration of their teamís victories are missing the point of the very existence of base ball leagues. It is to get out of doors into the fresh air and buy refreshments for oneself and oneís friends.

B. Mann
Bristol, Conn.

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August 06, 2002

The Quake Report: is a blog by and about the California Quake, a women's pro football team in their second season.

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July 31, 2002

Someone asked Rob Neyer::

David: I understand that there is statistical evidence that pitchers have little control over how many hits result from balls put into play. But doesn't the flipside of that imply that a player like Rey Ordonez, who rarely strikes out, should get more hits than he does simply because of the pure number of balls he puts into play?

Rob Neyer: (4:20 PM ET ) Oddly enough, what's true for pitchers is apparently not true for hitters. It's hard to figure, but the evidence is pretty clear.
That's not me, BTW, but can someone please explain that answer to me?

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July 26, 2002

Baseball in D.C. Being Thrown a Slow Curve: Thomas Boswell is not the analyst he once was, (like when I was 6 and learning to read from his columns) but his advocacy of DC baseball has aways been on point. Come on succa, let us have the Expos!

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July 18, 2002

I loved living near the first baseball field in Long Island: - home of my fantasy namesake, the Brooklyn Superbas. But according to the Park Slope Courier (not online - hello - oppurtunity!), a new Con Ed building means the wall is coming down and being moved catacorner to JJ Byrne park, which was the home of the Brooklyn Excelsiors and the second baseball diamond in Long Island. Shed a tear for Brooklyn baseball.

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