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Sammy Sosa Tested Positive for Performance-Enhancing Drugs in 2003

Get everyone on the juice. At least then it will be a level playing field.

posted by docshredder at 12:23 AM on June 18, 2009

Iranian Soccer Players Wear Green Protest Arm Bands

I don't know docshredder. These people are actually attacking Baseej HQ buildings. They ain't taking anyone's shit this time.

That may be true, but it didn't stop the militia from shooting into a crowd of protesters...

posted by docshredder at 12:22 AM on June 18, 2009

Donte Stallworth Gets 30 Days Jail for DUI Manslaughter

No one has mentioned the fact that Stallworth told police that he flashed his lights and honked his horn to warn the guy... How did he have all that time and still end up running the dude over? That part of the story just doesn't pass the smell test.

posted by docshredder at 12:21 AM on June 18, 2009

Donte Stallworth Gets 30 Days Jail for DUI Manslaughter

I happen to think the outcome was fair for a first-time offender; you likely don't. And that's understandable, too.

Let's hope a drunk driver never kills one of your family members... Killing someone is killing someone. Unless the guy jumped in front of the car to commit suicide, it's a murder. Rich people get away with murder, literally. It has a lot to do with, as stated multiple times above, that rich people can afford better, and more highly trained attorneys. While poor people get stuck with the guy who barely passed the bar and couldn't get hired by a real law firm. 30-days in jail is a slap in the face to this guys family and his memory, no matter how much Stallworth paid his family.

posted by docshredder at 08:40 PM on June 17, 2009

Sammy Sosa Tested Positive for Performance-Enhancing Drugs in 2003

If you're shocked by this, you must have been hiding under a rock for the last 10 years (at least).

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Iranian Soccer Players Wear Green Protest Arm Bands

I wonder if they'll actually step on a pitch again, or if they'll conveniently go missing in the near future.

Sadly, I'm going to guess option #2...

posted by docshredder at 08:32 PM on June 17, 2009

Lakers Win NBA Championship

"You spelled "douche bags" wrong."

That's probably because unlike you, I don't live at still home and run errands for my mom...

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Lakers Win NBA Championship

If you were expecting a pat on the back for quoting yourself, uh, sorry we're all out of that. We have plenty of snark left if you're interested, though.

I wouldn't expect anything less from you deuche bags... But, to quote myself again, "Redemption is sweet!"

I respect Kobe. I like him more than I used to, but there's still not a ton of love there, I must admit.

It's hard to like a guy when he's ripping your heart out on a nightly basis. I don't know who your hometown team or favorite team is, but if Kobe was on it, you'd be worshipping the dude on Sundays.

posted by docshredder at 04:28 PM on June 15, 2009

Lakers Win NBA Championship

As a Laker fan, I am saddened by this news. I was looking forward to revenge in the finals. Beating the Cavs will not be nearly as satisfying. I also have a lot of respect for KG and I hope this is not a career ending type of injury, especially considering that it was a non-contact injury. Hopefully, he will recover and be ready to go next season, so that we can get our revenge in 2010 along with our back-to-back t-shirts and hats.

posted by docshredder at 03:32 PM on April 16

I took a lot of crap for that post...but it was worth it. I guess I was wrong about the opponent, but I don't think anyone truthfully thought the Magic would be in the Finals. The thing is, I, along with a lot of people I talked to, were just waiting for the Cavs to lose it. They OVERACHEIVED more than any other team in the league this year and LeBron deserved the regular season MVP by leading that cast to the best record, but I am sure he would trade places with Kobe in a heartbeat. Anyone who participated in one of the ridiculous "Kobe Sucks" chants this postseason should be barred from ever attending another NBA game. All the other teams in the league need to come up with a better chant than "BEAT LA", that shit is so stale... Hopefully the Lakers will be back next year. If Bynum gets back to the way he was playing before his injury and can make it through the whole season, no one will have a chance to stop the back to back.

I get upset watching Phil just sit on his high chair and never call timeouts or make any huge adjustments, but I guess you can't argue with results. I think Van Gundy hurt his team with the whole Jameer Nelson debacle. The guy wasn't ready to play and he hurt Alston's confidence by relegating him to being a 1/2 a game player. The Magic are a scary team for anyone, but just like everyone said all year long and have said for years... "Live by the 3, die by the 3." That's exactly what happened. They need to let Turkgoglu go and pick up a real power forward that can actually bang in the paint and help out Howard. He is the only guy on the Magic that can grab a rebound. Turk is good but they just have way too many soft perimeter guys. It was a great season, at least for this Laker fan. Redemption is sweet.

posted by docshredder at 01:34 PM on June 15, 2009

Garnett expected to miss entire playoffs

you've made a bunch of noise about the Angels being a monster team and how great the Lakers are

Did I say that the Angels were a monster team? Sounds like you think the Red Sox are a monster team. You're implying that by saying the Angels would beat the Sox in the playoffs I am saying that the Angels are a monster team? 65-17 is all I have to say about the Lakers. If that indicates that they are not great, please tell me how so. I'm sorry that your beloved Pistons imploded and let their best player leave and got nothing in return.

posted by docshredder at 03:19 PM on April 17, 2009

Garnett expected to miss entire playoffs

Typical Lakers-sycophant.

Next time you try to step outside of your limited vocabulary, use a dictionary. Someone should crack your "egg-bounded" head open.

posted by docshredder at 01:23 AM on April 17, 2009

Garnett expected to miss entire playoffs

As a Laker fan, I am saddened by this news. I was looking forward to revenge in the finals. Beating the Cavs will not be nearly as satisfying. I also have a lot of respect for KG and I hope this is not a career ending type of injury, especially considering that it was a non-contact injury. Hopefully, he will recover and be ready to go next season, so that we can get our revenge in 2010 along with our back-to-back t-shirts and hats.

posted by docshredder at 03:32 PM on April 16, 2009

Red Sox' Beckett Suspended Six Games

A: So you think the Sox are in so much trouble they will make the playoffs? B: I'd be hesitant to predict the Angels beating on anyone in the playoffs, but especially Boston.

The Angels didn't have any trouble beating Boston while missing 3 of their top 5 starters... It's a long season and I guess we'll have to see what happens.

posted by docshredder at 11:29 AM on April 15, 2009

Red Sox' Beckett Suspended Six Games

First he throws at Abreu's head then he comes in and starts talking shit? Josh Beckett = asshat. When suspending a pitcher it should be however many games suspended times 5. That way they actually miss the correct amount of games. The Sox are just in trouble right now and they thought they could get amped up over a brawl with the Angels, who will wind up kicking their asses in the playoffs.

posted by docshredder at 11:54 PM on April 14, 2009

A.B.C. Teams: All But the Championship

Yeah it's hard tol say that the Timberwolves had a shot at the title over those five years and then qualify it with this statement: "But first round playoff exits were a problem; 7 consecutive first round exits to be exact." If you get bounced in the 1st round, you really didn't have a chance to win the championship... Matter of fact, if you don't even make it to the Finals (ahem...Phoenix, Minnesota, Sacramento, Milwaukee, New York), you never had a chance to win a championship. This article is giving too much credit to too many teams.

posted by docshredder at 09:00 PM on April 10, 2009

Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America

I just feel sorry for those people out there who have lost their thumbs and can no longer pray.

Amen to that!

Hey, people are allowed to have their opinions, whether you agree with them or not. I played soccer, baseball, football, basketball, hockey, water polo, and ran track when I was growing up. At some point in my life, I just decided that I didn't like soccer. It can be exciting when adults are playing, but at the youth level, it's usually 2-3 good players passing the ball back and forth between eachother. Also, I can never remember anyone explaining the rules to me, and this was before soccer was ever on TV in America (late 80's). Even though I didn't like playing soccer, I have to admit that it is pretty exciting to watch players at the world cup level. At that level everyone is involved in the game, so no one is just standing around (unlike youth soccer). However, I do have to say that soccer, hockey and baseball are neck and neck in the boring department. I'm mainly a basketball fan, so maybe I am spoiled by all the points that get scored, but 1-0 is not a game that I want to pay to watch.

posted by docshredder at 03:49 PM on March 12, 2009

Steelers Kicker Strikes Blow for Bathroom Hygiene

It is pretty frustrating when there are no towels to dry your hands...

posted by docshredder at 01:53 PM on February 16, 2009

Oh No, You Di'int!

I think HATER said it best. Even if the 104 names are accurate and the total of all players, that means a significant- 1 in 12 or more- number of players were using PEDs. The sample size was only 700 or so. So we are talking 1 in 7, and we already know of multiple league MVPs and record holders, so I am going to guess that most of the 104 were starters or top level talent. It would be nice to know who wasn't taking them so that we can see if anyone was putting up big numbers in spite of playing against all these 'roided out morons. Then they should get a "fast-pass" into the HOF. Does anyone even know how long steroids have been around? Shit, for all we know Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, all could have been on the stuff. After all, baseball didn't start testing people until 2004, right? There are no tests prior to the one that A-Rod got busted on, so how will we ever know who did and who didn't? Was Nolan Ryan on the 'roids? Clemens is the only person who has come within a universe of his K record and we all know how he got there... This could go on and on and on....

posted by docshredder at 08:26 PM on February 11, 2009

Robero Alomar's ex-girlfriend suing the baseball star.

So you can have sex with someone of your own free will for over 4 years and then sue them because you feel like you made a mistake? That's just bullshit. I would feel bad for her if it was a one-nighter and she came-up positive....but it wasn't and she didn't. He forced her to have unprotected sex? For 4 years? How about leaving the SOB? This is where out society is going down the toilet. No one is resonsible for their stupid mistakes anymore. Society creates all kinds of "causes" for stupid behavoir and now people don't have to deal with consequences anymore. Someone should take this womans kids for endangering them with her stupid behavior. If she knew the dude had AIDS and kept playing "hide the sausage" with no jimmy, she is guilty of being a dumbass. No one can force you to do something you don't want to for 4 years unless a) you are drugged and tied up b) they have some serious black-mail on you c) they have one of your family members held hostage d) you are a dumbass. Since I haven't seen any criminal charges filed for a, b, or c, I am going to choose d. She is a dumbass.

posted by docshredder at 08:18 PM on February 11, 2009

Don't mess with Bud!

Also, there are obvious problems with both NBA and NFL officiating. Both display a marked lack of consistency from crew to crew, game to game, and even possession to possession. Stern and Goodell have not yet addressed these problems, while Selig's umpires at least are recognized as providing the best officiating in professional sports.

This is probably true... but mainly due to the fact that there isn't really all that much happening at one time in baseball. Most of the time all 4 umpires are watching the same play. In football, each ref has to watch their own zone on the field because there could be penalties occuring at any place on the field at any time. Same goes with basketball. Maybe even more so because of the size of the players vs the size of a basketball court. It's crazy for someone to think that referees can get it right 100% of the time. Basketball and football are played at a much faster pace than baseball. In baseball the only people in play are, the pitcher, the batter, and any baserunners. So at the most, you would have 6 people to watch with 4 refs.... In football you have 22 people to watch with 4 refs, and in basketball you have 10 people to watch with 3 refs... No disrespect to baseball but everyone knows that it's main problem (besides rampant steriod abuse by its stars) is the fact that it's sooooo slooooowww.

posted by docshredder at 06:58 PM on February 09, 2009

Tabloid Catches Michael Phelps Smoking a Bong

At least not until "Rock Band" is an Olympic event.

That's just funny...

I don't have a problem with Phelpsy tokin' on the bong, but he was pretty stupid for letting a bunch of strangers watch him do it. I mean, he has a potential of making $100 mil off of endorsements and he almost blows it away for some purps at a frat party? Then again during the olympics someone ran a story about Phelps that made it sound like he was borderline "retarded". Maybe that's why his sponsors are backing him, because they knew he had a limited mental capacity before they signed a contract with him.

posted by docshredder at 06:48 PM on February 02, 2009

Billy Ripken: I Wrote 'Fuck Face' On That Bat

"It's pretty goddamn lucky for Ripken that he didn't write "Sloppy Seconds" on the butt of that bat, or there'd be some discussion on this subject on internet sports blogs!"

Now that's just funny! He'd be out of a job too. Some people are just too damn sensitive...

posted by docshredder at 09:30 AM on December 18, 2008

Greg Maddux to retire on Monday

I'm sure you will miss seeing him against your team because he hasn't been very good in the last 5-7 years. I guess it just shows you how hard it is to find a decent major league pitcher. Maddux could still find a roster spot if he wanted to pitch for the next 5 seasons, even if he had a losing record each year.

Other than that, I have nothing but great/bad memories of Maddux pitching for the Cubs and Braves in the post-season. He is a definite hall of famer in my book. Even if he did kill and dismember a prostitute or too, who hasn't?

posted by docshredder at 07:19 PM on December 05, 2008

Giants' Receiver Burress Shoots Leg in Gun Accident

Another dumbass wide receiver... What is wrong with these guys? I guess having a mental imbalance is an important part of being good at catching a football...

posted by docshredder at 08:29 PM on December 01, 2008

The Knicks Shed Some Cap

Well it's a good thing that they've got enough coin for two, because if Cleveland's taught us anything the last few years it's, "Lebron can't do it alone." Almost, but no... When all the talk about Kobe being traded was going on before last season, there were talks that the Lakers would get LeBron in 2010. I just don't see LeBron being so ready to jump into an organization that hasn't done ANYTHING since the early to mid 90's. But then again, who thought KG and Ray Allen would want to play for the Celtics? I guess enough money can change anyone's mind.

posted by docshredder at 01:40 PM on November 22, 2008

NFL overtime rules? Don't ask McNabb

That definitely didn't help to fight the stereotype that football players are dumb jocks I thought you had to be somewhat intelligent to play quarterback in the NFL? What's this dude's Q-score?

Is he saying that he would have played harder if he knew the game could end in a tie? Who cares how much time is left in the game? If you're out there, you should be playing at 100% effort, all the time. More so even when you're being paid multi-millions to be out there, PLAYING a game.

"McNabb at the end of games...whether regulation or overtime...things have not gone well more than a few times. Not just the Super Bowl. Don't know if there's a trend there or not." It seems McNabb has his game backwards. You should be playing harder in the 4th quarter and even harder in Overtime. I agree that he seems like he is in slow motion at the end of games. It's one thing to have ice water in your veins; it's another to freeze-up. McNabb has been one of the most prolific passers of the last decade or so, but he just can't seem to win the big the one, especially when he needs to win it. Not that this was a big one...

It may be an ominous sign for Eagles fans that he can't even get it done against the Bengals any more...

posted by docshredder at 08:11 PM on November 18, 2008

Yankees Acquire Nick Swisher from White Sox

I know "internet speak" is not appreciated on this site, but only one thing comes to mind: B-F-D! The Yankees used to trade for and give contracts to OLD washed-up players, now they're going for YOUNG washed-up players. I don't see how this improves their real problem, pitching. They need someone who can pitch next season in the majors. Come on Yankee management, it's so blatantly obvious to everyone else in the world, no matter how much power you have at every position, you can't win without pitching. So when the Yankees make a deal with Sabathia or trade for someone else who is a proven talent, let me know.

posted by docshredder at 08:29 PM on November 13, 2008

Smell The Glove

Just wait until Brandon Marshall realizes that Obama can't make control gas prices...

Why is it that every time a new, great, wide receiver emerges, they totally lose their minds? Did Marshall really want to commemorate anything or did he just want to be splashed all over the news with his Michael Jackson glove? I wonder if he planned on doing the moonwalk too? Maybe a crotch grab or two? Shit!

posted by docshredder at 11:03 PM on November 07, 2008

Pistons get Iverson for Billups, McDyess, Samb

I would ask, "Why", but MeatSaber already answered the question. The Pistons finally realized that their run had come to an end. They have no chance of beating the C's or anyone of the top 4-6 playoff teams in the West, so they are throwing in the towel for this season and hoping to pick up a big time free agent in the offseason. Sorry for you Detroit fans who have become accustomed to having a shot at a title... AI is not the man he was in Philly, and it's not necessarily a good thing although a few of you seem to think so. First off, Iverson has never played good on ball defense (the Pistons are known for tough D), 2nd Iverson is replacing Billups, a point guard, we have all seen that AI is not a point guard. Further, AI can't score like he used to. Sure he can put up 40 on a given night, but he can't do it in back-to-back games anymore, let alone 10-15 in a row. This trade would have made more sense last year when the Nugs had Camby, but now? Billups is a great floor general, but he's going to need a miracle to make the playoffs in the West with the current Den squad.

posted by docshredder at 07:27 PM on November 03, 2008

Dodgers win their first playoff series in 20 years.

I was seven years old when I saw Kirk Gibson win Game 1 of the world series with his memorable home run. It's hard to believe that was the last time we had a competitve team. I have never been the biggest baseball fan (I prefer hoops)which allows me to root for the Angels and Dodgers. I was hoping to see a real free-way series, but the Angels are going to have to pull something out of their butts to make that happen.

It's a little strange that the Dodgers, with the worst record of any playoff team, sweep the Cubs, and the Angels, with the best record in baseball, are down 2-1 after winning in the 12th last night?

posted by docshredder at 05:23 PM on October 06, 2008

High School Hazing Rears its Ugly Head Again

"That's all he needs to be to insert a reality check on the "if anyone tried that I'd" claims."

If you could read, you would see that he stated he was neither a victim nor a witness...

Plus, no matter how big someone or some people are, nobody can make anybody take some shit in their ass. I would be floppin around like a fish out of water, throwing elbows, knees, kicks to the groin, gouging out eyes etc. And yes, if they somehow managed to "haze" me, there would be some revenge killings.

posted by docshredder at 09:31 AM on September 26, 2008

High School Hazing Rears its Ugly Head Again

"And for those guys who say "If anybody ever tried this to me, I'd [insert macho-ism here]", let me just remind you that these are FOOTBALL players. In our case it was Lineman and Linebackers. Meaning if 6-8 of the biggest/strongest guys on the team decide they want to do something, there's not much you're going to do about it. Unless you're ready to get a gun and come back with a little revenge killing, you wouldn't be doing much as even 1 of these guys could kick your ass...much less 8 of them working together."

Sounds like you have some bad memories...

posted by docshredder at 08:33 PM on September 25, 2008

High School Hazing Rears its Ugly Head Again

Back when I was in high school, if you tried to mess with another dudes "rectum" you would be labeled a "fag" and you would be subject to ridicule and possible beatings. No one ever really cared about the people who everyone knew were gay, it was the ones who were potentially hiding it that were the most detested. I'm definitely not saying that it was right, but that's just the way it was.

Why do these "hazing" incidents always turn into some type of homosexual acts? What makes these dudes want to assrape eachother? I'm sure glad that we didn't have any of these types on my high school teams, cuz if someone tried to violate my rectum they wouldn't live to tell anyone about it.

This is why rape (along with child molestation) should be punishable by death.

posted by docshredder at 08:30 PM on September 24, 2008

Josh Howard Disrespects National Anthem

"What I was trying to get at was that Howard sounded like a dumbass for not getting into his meaning. If he had looked into the camera and said "I don't respect the national anthem of a country which has treated Afircan-Americans so poorly throughout its history," I would certainly respect that."

It's quite obvious that little Joshy doesn't have the mental capacity to think of something that deep.

Stick to hoops ass-hat.

BTW, has anyone figured out what he said about Obama at the end of this little fit.

posted by docshredder at 11:39 PM on September 18, 2008

Josh Howard Disrespects National Anthem

Sorry if my earlier comments offended anyone, but this type of stuff really pisses me off. The guy makes more money than 99.9% of the country and he has the audacity to disrespect the national anthem? Then he blames it on being black? Wow!

I guess shooting him in the face would be little extreme.

posted by docshredder at 11:01 PM on September 17, 2008

Giants & Jets Nix Stadium Naming Deal with Nazi-linked Insurance Firm

The holocaust was terrible... Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it now. Any company that was in existence in Germany during the Nazi party's rule was in some manner linked to the Nazi party. It wasn't exactly a free market. Did these companies have any choice? You either A) support the Nazi party and you live or B) you don't support the Nazi party and you and your entire family get killed. Not a tough decision for me or anyone else I would imagine.

posted by docshredder at 03:47 PM on September 13, 2008

Fan Ejected From Yankee Stadium For Bathroom Break During 'God Bless America'

When nature calls... You better answer. Otherwise you'll be lookin' like a damn fool in front of everyone at Yankee Stadium.

posted by docshredder at 12:46 AM on September 03, 2008

9 year old with a 40 mph fastball, gets the boot.

Every league has an unhitable pitcher. When I was in little league there was a guy that gave up only 1 run the entire year. He shut-out my team for 2 full games and 5 innings of another game (then he hung a curveball and I swatted it into the street). Nobody ever talked about making him go to the next level or disbanding his entire team. We took our ass-whoopins and moved on to the next game. Even though we all knew that we probably wouldn't even get a hit, we still showed up and played hard. THAT'S what sports are all about.

The weird thing about this is that it is a 8-10 year old "instructional league". My nephew is 7 and he plays in a real league (minor b). He played t-ball at 6 and then moved up because he though it was "boring". I guess if this dude is really that good, he shouldn't be playing in an instructional league. However, the kid shouldn't be made to feel bad over being too good. That's just going to confuse him for the rest of this life.

posted by docshredder at 08:31 PM on August 26, 2008

When is enough "enough"?

If the point of the olympics is to prove, "who is the best in the world?", then who cares what their age is? If you are the best, you are the best, regardless of age. However, there is a rule, and if it was broken then there will be consequences. Would the U.S. be arguing about it if they won? Hell no, who would?

Since we are on the topic of inconsistent and just straight-up bad judging...did anyone watch any boxing? That shit is ridiculous. Olympic boxing is a farse, at best...

posted by docshredder at 07:21 PM on August 25, 2008

The USA gold rush is on....

There's nothing wrong with rooting for your country. It's only a problem when you do it once every four years when the olympics roll around. The rest of the time nobody gives a shit about nationalism... Unless it involves terrorism and/or oil.

posted by docshredder at 10:03 AM on August 20, 2008

Olympic Traitor?

I think it's a lot weirder (word?) to see J.R. Holden playing for Russia (for obvious reasons). Hard to believe there are many black russians outside of bars...

posted by docshredder at 08:19 PM on August 18, 2008

Fantasy League Kicks Out Mike Holmgren's Daughter

She probably kicked their asses last year and they needed a reason to boot her...

posted by docshredder at 03:28 PM on August 16, 2008

NBA source says Ron Artest to be traded to Rockets

It's strange that all of the teams mentioned in possible deals for Artest are from the Western Conference. I guess Sacramento doesn't care about winning... If they were smart they would ship him back east where he can't hurt them. But then again, the average educational level of a Kings fan is about 6th grade so what can you really ask of them?

posted by docshredder at 07:32 PM on July 30, 2008

Serena won't play Indian Wells; WTA's new rule won't change it

The only person who ever mentioned any racial issues regarding the whole Indian Wells situation was....RICHARD WILLIAMS. No one else said that they heard anything similar to what RICHARD WILLIAMS alleges. Life should be like Soccer. You only get two cards (race cards) and then your out of the match. Sorry Mr. Williams, you already used your two race cards... To those of you who believe Richard Williams: The Army is looking for people who want to go to IRAQ and look for the weapons of mass destruction...

posted by docshredder at 07:47 PM on July 23, 2008

Serena won't play Indian Wells; WTA's new rule won't change it

Have any of y'all ever been to Palm Springs? They have a very large homosexual population and a very large retired population. People retire there because you can play golf 320 days a year. They have one of the largest gay pride events in the nation. Now I could see a bunch of old geesers calling out racist But then again I could see a bunch of homosexuals calling out racist taunts....nope. If this match were anywhere but Palm Springs, California, I would give it a little more credibility. There just aren't a bunch of skinheads or neo-nazis in Palm Springs or anywhere around there. Also, I highly doubt that skinheads or neo-nazis attend tennis events. and that the fans targeted someone who had done nothing to offend them. I think more than one person has told you why they would be offended. The family fixed the event, period. The older, better sister gave up so that her younger sister could have a shot at the final. What's so hard to understand about that? People paid to see the Semis, they got cheated out of however much money the tickets cost. Now, if you want to go the route of, "Oh, well Serena wasn't the one who withdrew." You are right, however the fact that her and Venus are SISTERS, changes the whole dynamic. Perhaps the fans were booing her because she wasn't the better sister and they wanted to see the best players in the finals? Can you seriously say that what happened in the Semis had nothing to do with what happended in the final? If some Russian had withdrew in the semis and then the fans booed Serena in the final (for no reason), your conspiracy theory would have some teeth.

posted by docshredder at 07:28 PM on July 21, 2008

Pistorius fails to make Olympic team

I still feel that it just isn't right for a guy with mechanical legs to compete against those without (didn't think "normal people" would be very pc of me).

posted by docshredder at 08:37 PM on July 18, 2008

Serena won't play Indian Wells; WTA's new rule won't change it

The only place in professional sport? Evidence, please. Either provide some or I'd have to conclude that you don't get out much. What evidence do you want? How about you provide evidence to the contrary? I've been to literally hundreds of professional baseball/basketball/hockey/football(american) games and have never heard one racist slur before, during, or after the game. I'm sorry that people not rooting for Serena hurt her feelings so badly that she nor her sister can ever play there again... So I guess the minutemen who boycotted English trade and eventually performed the Boston tea party were pansy asses. As well as the entire US for boycotting the Olympics back in the 80's. I always thought that the term 'boycott' was used to describe an individual or group who were abstaining from performing an expected occurence based on political or societial foundations. I guess it is a pansy-like move to use your power as union to boycott merchants who outsource their products and services to other countries as well. Whoa, and I thought this was about sports...guess I was wrong, way wrong. There was also a time when a dime bag only cost a dime... There's a difference between uniting against oppression and throwing a fit because people booed you. Athletes get booed all of the time, and I don't see any other athletes boycotting any other events. All I'm saying is that people that dealt with racism in a way that many of us will never have to deal with (not being able to sit in the front of a bus or being able to sit in a restaurant because the color of your skin) and we shouldn't just dismiss someone who did in fact deal with things of that nature just because you don't agree with his comments no matter how vile they may come across. Wrong! That's exactly why you should just dismiss someone like that. He says things out of his ass. He's like a racial conspiracy theorist.

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Serena won't play Indian Wells; WTA's new rule won't change it

I agree that it would be ridiculous for the WTA to punish them for their decision. Except for the fact that there is a rule in place that requires them to show up... What's that supposed to mean? I've been attending sporting events -- in the South, no less -- my entire life. I don't recall hearing racial epithets from angry fans. I second that. I have never heard any racial slurs at any of the professional sporting events that I have attended. It's not acceptable. The only place that happens is soccer in Europe. If I paid to see the semi-final match and somebody just "gave-up", I would be pissed off too. I don't know if it was right to boo Serena because of it, but the fact that the two are sisters alludes to some type of collusion. Plus, at that point in their careers, Venus was always kicking Serena's ass. So it seemed like she was just "giving" it (the finals) to her kid sister. Lastly, when has running away ever solved anything? Go back and kick ass. Win the tournament every damn year until you get the respect you deserve. "Boycotting" is a pansy ass move. What if Jackie Robinson boycotted every major league stadium that he heard racial slurs in? Standing up for yourself is a lot more respectable than whining and running away.

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Title IX, Curse or Blessing?

I have not looked it up but I don't think football is all that profitable once the expences are paid. Most of the money is from donations from boosters. If the football team does well the donations start coming in. When the team does bad, the donations stop and coaches get fired.

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Landis Loses

The French finally found a way to stop Americans from winning the Tour...Just doctor their test results and call them cheaters...They couldn't make it stick to Armstrong so here we are. Just another of the many reasons to hate the French.

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Christian News Site Turns Athlete Homosexual

Let's all be happy and homosexual! No thanks. What is this, the 80's or something?

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You can't do without Shaq!

Has Shaq even been on a team with only one all-star? Shaq's mere presence may create all-stars. So Dwayne Wade would not be an all-star without Shaq?

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Barry Bonds offers to play for free.

This season, a specific era, or all time? If you change favorite teams more than you change your socks...ur probably not much of a fan.

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Barry Bonds offers to play for free.

You know to what fans react well? Producing on the field and helping the team win. If Barry were to put up numbers a little lower than what he did in 2007, and the team he played for did well and made the playoffs, lots of "haters" would become "fans" real quick. Unlike you, I'd like to give fellow fans the benefit of the doubt. The only reason fans were drawn to the Giants games over the past few years is because it was like a chance to win the lottery every time Barry stepped to the plate. Now it's over and the fans are over it and him. As for A and B, I'm therefore shocked that a team like the Phillies (and their fans) would have Brett Myers, or the Red Sox would have Julio Lugo. Unless, of course, fans think alleged spousal abuse (with signed statements from the victim) is more acceptable than alleged steroid use. As far as that comment goes, you might be right. However the truth of the matter is that Barry is like TO in the clubhouse. A cancer. Let me know when TO wins a super bowl...

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Barry Bonds offers to play for free.

Any team that picks up Bonds risks the posibility of losing fans. The fans are the ones that buy the $10 pisswater and $7 franks etc... I just can't see any team's fans reacting well to "their team" signing Barry Bonds. I think Barry pretty much black-balled himself. People don't like cheaters, period.

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You can't do without Shaq!

I just answered my own question, the '94 and '95 Rockets are the only teams in the last 20 years to win a Championship with only one all-star. Shaq has never won a title on a team when he was the only all-star. Neither has Kobe. Neither did Magic or Bird or JORDAN (yes god himself). But Hakeem has? Yup...twice! So he can rap all he wants about whoever he wants...

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You can't do without Shaq!

Ohh, docshredder calling out Shaq with a personal attack. Hmm, sounds like an interesting departure from doc's opinion of Mr. Wade's actions regarding Mr. Chacon in a previous posting, even if he is right. I Shaq now allowed to kick your ass or manhandle you? Your name fits you well... If you check the posting we were talking about profanity...Also, I'm not stupid enough to talk shit to Shaq in a face to face situation. Back to the topic... Regarding the "didn't Shaq win a title without Kobe?" coments. Shaq has never won a title on a team when he was the only all-star. Neither has Kobe. However, Shaq did kill the Suns last year even though he had Amare and Nash (both all-stars), and Kobe made it to the Finals without another all-star on the roster... I asked this question during the Finals post, but no one answered so here it goes again: Can anyone name a team that has won an NBA title with only 1 all-star?

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Candace Parker Dunks As Sparks Top Fever

As a tax professional, I can tell you that the WNBA is just a tax writeoff for the NBA. They just chalk it up as a business expense to lower their taxable income.

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You can't do without Shaq!

Stick to b-ball Shaq...Oh wait, you suck at that too now.

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Astros' Shawn Chacon Suspended After Fight with GM

A general manager using profanity when addressing a player in public could easily be dismissed as everyday speech in professional sport conversations. There's a difference between telling someone to "get your F'in A in the office", and calling them names. I agree that profanity is prevelant not just in sports but modern society in general. I've played sports my whole life and have heard everything, but there is a big difference between using profanity in reference to something as opposed to someone. For example, if someone misses a dunk and yells out "F*ck" it is way different then looking at another player and saying "F*ck you!". I don't know where you're from but where I come from the later will always result in some type of confrontation. The GM was trying to make him look stupid in front of his peers and he got dumped on his A**. That's what happens to normal people in the real world. I agree with you Walt, this GM let his title get to his head. When you're talking to someone who can kick your butt you better be careful what words you choose to use. He should have walked away and released Chacon. Simple, easy, and he wouldn't have gotten beat down. Too many times little people think they can say anything to anyone and not get beat down because it's "assault". As far as I'm concerned, Chacon got verbally assaulted and defended himself physically.

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